Lysines and cysteines of the Homo sapiens IGHG1, IGKC and IGLC1 and positions in the C-DOMAIN

C-DOMAIN strands, turns and loops IMGT position Homo sapiens IGHG1 Homo sapiens IGKC Homo sapiens IGLC1
A-STRAND 1.5-15 K1.1
K12 K12
B-STRAND 16-26 K16
C23 C23 C23 C23 C23
BC-LOOP 27-38 K38 K38
C-STRAND 39-45 W41 W41 W41 W41 W41
K42 K42
CD-STRAND 45.1-45.5 K45.4
D-STRAND 77-84 K79 K79
DE-TURN 84.1-85.1 K84.1
N84.4 K84.4
E-STRAND 85-93 K88
V89 L89 L89 L89 L89
K93 K93
F-STRAND 97-104 K97
K100 K100
C104 C104 C104 C104 C104
FG-LOOP 105-117 K105
K109 K109
G-STRAND 118-127 D118 E118 Q118 T118 E118
K119 K119 K119 K119 K119
CHS K130
Nb of lysines 6 12 7 8 9

Positions are according to the IMGT unique numbering for C-DOMAIN [1]. For correspondence between the IMGT unique numbering with other numberings, see Correspondence between C numberings.

Sequences are from Homo sapiens IGHG1*01 (J00228), Homo sapiens IGKC*01 (J00241) and Homo sapiens IGLC1*02 (X51755).

In addition to the lysines are shown:
- the five characteristic amino acids of a C-DOMAIN [2,3]. Four of them are highly conserved and hydrophobic [4] and are common to the V domain: C23 (1st-CYS), W41 (CONSERVED-TRP), 89 (hydrophobic) and C104 (2nd-CYS) [5]. These four amino acids contribute to the two major features shared by the V and C domains: the disulfide bridge (between the two cysteines 23 and 104) and the internal hydrophobic core of the domain (with the side chains of tryptophan W41 and amino acid 89) [2,3]. The fifth position, 118 is diverse in the C-DOMAIN and is characterized as being an FG loop anchor (whereas it is conserved in the V-DOMAIN and represented by J-PHE 118 or J-TRP 118).
- the CH2 N84.4 site of N-glycosylation (IMGT Lexique Glycosylation) at the top of the DE turn. The asparagine N84.4 is part of a N-glycosylation motif NXS/T (NST in Homo sapiens IGHG1).

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