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Antibody engineering

Combinatorial libraries & phage displays

Reagents monoclonal antibodies

Antibody glycosylation and effector properties

Antibody humanization

Alemtuzumab CAMPATH-1H (Humanized antibodies)

K20 (Humanized antibodies)

  • Protein display V-DOMAIN:
  • Colliers de Perles:


Antibody camelization

Bispecific antibodies

Antibody drug conjugates (ADC)

Transgenic animals for human antibody production

  • Transgenic animals created for the production of human antibodies include :
    • Medarex�s UltiMAb Human Antibody Development System� transgenic mice [1]
    • Minilocus transgenic mice [2]
    • Abgenix's XenoMouse� transgenic mouse [3]
    • Double trans-chromosomic mice [4]
    • TransChromo Mouse [5]
    • VelocImmune� mice technology [6]
They are reported, if known, in IMGT/mAb-DB, in �Development technology�. For a review and future developments, see [7].

Monoclonal antibodies with clinical indications

Fusion proteins for immune applications (FPIA)

External links and resources

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