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Unproductive transcript from MOPC21 cell line

Frequent amplification of the unproductive rearranged kappa variable IGKV-J gene from MOPC21, is observed during PCR of V genes from hybridomas.

References and accession numbers for the sequence of the unproductive rearranged IGKV-J from MOPC21:

This unproductive rearranged IGKV-J transcript is found in the MOPC21-derived fusion partners (mouse myeloma cells) such as NS-1, P3-X63-Ag8.653, SP2/0 and P3U1 (P3X63Ag8U.1).


H+ and L+ indicate the expression of the productive Ig heavy and light transcripts in MOPC1 and P3-X63-Ag8. H- and L- indicate the absence of expression of the endogenous productive transcripts in the MOPC1 derived fusion partners. However the unproductive rearranged kappa transcript is still found.

Different approaches have been proposed to eliminate the unproductive transcript:

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