HERSTAL (Belgium)

Organisation background

EUROGENTEC S.A. is a 100 % subsidiary of the company PHAROS. The group is issued from the "Société Européenne de Biotechnologie (in abbreviate EUROGENTEC)" that started in 1987. This new sub-division was established in may 1995. Founded by scientists from the Genetic Engineering Laboratory and Biochemistry Laboratory, at the University of Liege, the group has two fields of action :

Manufacture and sale of reagent for molecular biology (oligonucleotides, enzymes, antibodies, monoclonal antibodies, PCR and electroporation equipment). EUROGENTEC S.A. has produced in 1994 more than 35,000 oligonucleotides and more than 1,000 polyclonal antisera and 12 monoclonal antibodies. Production in 1995 has been over 65,000 oligos and 2,000 different antibodies. Their main customers in the field of MAb production are big pharmaceutical companies. EUROGENTEC S.A. has started in 1995 a peptide production unit, in collaboration with CNRS lab in Montpellier. Their growth is about 35 % a year.

Research, development, production and sale of pharmaceuticals for Fish Health. cGMP production of recombinant protein and plasmids as sub-contractant.

EUROGENTEC S.A. also developed for and in collaboration with large pharmaceutical companies :

The company EUROGENTEC S.A. is active mainly in Benelux, Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Norway but also in Japan, in the US and in a few other countries. They plan to extend their activities (sales) in the US to counterbalance the present technology flow and allow European scientists to stay in Europe, work with European companies and have the possibility to see their discoveries developed in Europe.

EUROGENTEC S.A. has been and still is partner or coordinator in many European Research programmes (e.g. Brite - BRE-2-0558, Flair - AGRF-CT90-0034, Bridge - BIOT- CT90-0165, ...).

Responsible Scientist

Marc Lemaître (
Production Director
Parc des Hauts-Sarts
82-86 rue de l'Abbaye
B-4040 HERSTAL (Belgium)
Phone : +32 42 40 76 66
Fax : +32 43 85 13 58

Other personnel

Delphine Valette
Géraldine Folch (, LIGM, Montpellier, France)

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