Proteins with known 3D structures
Classification by CDR-IMGT lengths: Human Immunoglobulins
Reference of this table: Ruiz, M. and Lefranc, M.-P., Immunogenetics, 53, 857-883 (2002) PMID:11862387, LIGM:259

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Human IGHV
CDR-IMGT lengths IGHV gene name Protein name PDB codes
8.7.7 IGHV4-59*01 M3C65 1dl7
8.7.10 IGHV4-59*01 or IGHV4-59*02 HULYS11 1bvk
8.7.11 IGHV4-59*04 Newm 7fab
8.7.14 IGHV4-34*01 or IGHV4-34*02 Kau Cold Agglutinin 1qlr
8.8.7 IGHV3-11*01 or IGHV3-11*03 or IGHV3-21*01 or IGHV3-21*02 Mak33 1fh5
8.8.8 IGHV3-23*01 Undefined 1hou
8.8.9 IGHV7-4-1*02 9E 1dx3
8.8.14 IGHV3-30*18 IgmRf2A2 1dee
8.8.14 IGHV1-3*01 Iga1 1iga
8.8.14 IGHV3-23*01 Pot 1igm
8.8.14 IGHV1-3*01 Tr1.9 1vge
8.8.14 IGHV3-33*01 or IGHV3-33*04 Hil 8fab
8.8.16 IGHV3-9*01 Rf-An 1adq
8.8.16 IGHV3-30*01 or IGHV3-30*04 or IGHV3-30*07 or IGHV3-30*11 or IGHV3-30*14 or IGHV3-30*16 or IGHV3-30*17 or IGHV3-30-3*01 B7-15A2 1aqk
8.8.16 IGHV7-4-1*02 Fab-12 1cz8
8.8.16 IGHV3-30*10 Mez 1dql
8.8.19 IGHV3-9*01 3D6 1dfb, 1obe
8.8.19 IGHV3-33*01 or IGHV3-33*04 Kol 2fb4, 2ig2
8.8.21 IGHV1-69*02 or IGHV1-69*04 17B 1g9m, 1g9n, 1gc1

Human IGKV
CDR-IMGT lengths IGKV gene name Protein name PDB codes
6.3.7 IGKV1-5*03 3D6 1dfb
6.3.8 IGKV1-17*01 Mez 1dql
6.3.9 IGKV1-33*01 or IGKV1D-33*01 Rei 1ar2, 1rei
6.3.9 IGKV1-33*01 or IGKV1D-33*01 Bre 1b0w, 1bre, 1qp1
6.3.9 IGKV1-27*01 HULYS11 1bvk, 1bvl
6.3.9 IGKV1-33*01 or IGKV1D-33*01 Reiv-T39K 1bww
6.3.9 IGKV1-33*01 or IGKV1D-33*01 Fab-12 1cz8
6.3.9 IGKV1-39*01 or IGKV1D-39*01 IgmRf2A2 1dee
6.3.9 IGKV6-21*01 or IGKV6D-21*01 or IGKV6D-41*01 Mak33 1fh5
6.3.9 IGKV1-13*02/1D-13*02 Iga1 1iga
6.3.9 IGKV1-33*01 or IGKV1D-33*01 Pot 1igm
6.3.9 IGKV1-13*02/1D-13*02 Tr1.9 1vge
6.3.9 IGKV1-33*01 or IGKV1D-33*01 Wat 1wtl
6.3.10 IGKV3-11*01 9E 1dx3
6.3.11 IGKV3-15*01 or IGKV3D-15*01 17B 1g9m
7.3.9 IGKV3D-20*01 Kau Cold Agglutinin 1qlr
11.3.10 IGKV2D-29*01 Undefined 1hou
12.3.9 IGKV4-1*01 M4L/Y(27D)D/T94H Mutant Of Len 1eeq
12.3.9 IGKV4-1*01 M4L/Y(27D)D/Q89D/T94H Mutant Of Len 1eeu
12.3.9 IGKV4-1*01 Q38D Mutant Of Len 1efq
12.3.9 IGKV4-1*01 Rec 1ek3
12.3.9 IGKV4-1*01 Len 1lve, 2lve, 5lve
12.3.9 IGKV4-1*01 Undefined 1qac
12.3.9 IGKV4-1*01 Len (mutant) 3lve, 4lve

Human IGLV
CDR-IMGT lengths IGLV gene name Protein name PDB codes
6.3.9 IGLV3-25*02 Hil 8fab
6.3.10 IGLV3-1*01 Cle 1lil
6.3.11 IGLV3-21*02 Rf-An 1adq
6.3.11 IGLV3-21*01 Loi 2loi
8.3.9 IGLV6-57*01 Jto 1cd0
8.3.9 IGLV6-57*01 Wil 2cd0
8.3.11 IGLV1-44*01 Loc 1bjm, 3bjl, 4bjl
8.3.11 IGLV1-44*01 Kol 2fb4
8.3.11 IGLV1-36*01 Rhe 2rhe
9.3.9 IGLV7-43*01 or IGLV7-46*01 M3C65 1dl7
9.3.9 IGLV1-40*01 Newm 7fab
9.3.10 IGLV2-8*01 Mcg 1a8j, 1dcl, 1mcb, 1mcc, 1mcd, 1mce, 1mcf, 1mch, 1mci, 1mcj, 1mck, 1mcl, 1mcn, 1mco, 1mcq, 1mcr, 1mcs, 2mcg, 3mcg
9.3.10 IGLV1-40*01 B7-15A2 1aqk
9.3.10 IGLV2-8*01 Mcg-Weir Hybrid 1mcw
9.3.10 IGLV2-23*02 Mcg-Weir Hybrid 1mcw

Created: 11/06/2001
Last updated: 11/07/2011
Author: Manuel Ruiz

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