Table of alleles: Emerald rockcod (Trematomus bernacchii ) IGHV

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.

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Germline genomic sequences are needed to confirm if the nucleotide substitutions result from somatic mutations or correspond to allelic polymorphisms.

IGHV gene name Fct IGHV
allele name
Accession numbers Confirmed
Description of mutations
1 IGHV1S1 (F) V1S1*01 AF094531    
IGHV1S2 (F) V1S2*01 AF303538    
IGHV1S3 (F) V1S3*01 AF303558    
IGHV1S4 (F) V1S4*01 AF303540    
IGHV1S5 (F) V1S5*01 AF303555    
IGHV1S6 (F) V1S6*01 AF303565    
IGHV1S7 (F) V1S7*01 AF303563    
IGHV1S8 (F) V1S8*01 AF303550   t290  ,V97  |t303  |
(F) V1S8*02 AF303566   t290>g,V97>G|t303>g|
IGHV1S9 (F) V1S9*01 AF303561    
IGHV1S10 (F) V1S10*01 AF303564    
IGHV1S11 (F) V1S11*01 AF303562    
IGHV1S12 (F) V1S12*01 AF303569   a72  |t138  |t158  ,c159  ,I53  |g160  ,c161  ,t162  ,A54  |a248  ,N83  |g259  ,V87  |
(F) V1S12*02 AF303557   a72>t|      |t158>a,c159>t,I53>N|g160>c,c161>g,t162>c,A54>R|            |g259>c,V87>L|
(F) V1S12*03 AF303573                                                                           |g259>c,V87>L|
(F) V1S12*04 AF303567        |t138>c|                                              |a248>g,N83>S|g259>c,V87>L|
(F) V1S12*05 AF303568                                                              |a248>g,N83>S|g259>c,V87>L|
IGHV1S13 (F) V1S13*01 AF303541   t83  ,F28  |c160  ,g161  ,R54  |a178  ,c179  ,T60  |t191  ,I64  |a239  ,N80  |
(F) V1S13*02 AF303574              |c160>g,g161>c,R54>A|                                |a239>g,N80>S|
(F) V1S13*03 AF303542   t83>a,F28>Y|c160>g,g161>c,R54>A|a178>g,c179>g,T60>G|t191>g,I64>S|a239>g,N80>S|
IGHV1S14 (F) V1S14*01 AF303552    
IGHV1S15 (F) V1S15*01 AF303544    
IGHV1S16 (F) V1S16*01 AF303556   g159  |a240  |
(F) V1S16*02 AF303560   g159>t|a240>g|
IGHV1S17 (F) V1S17*01 AF303553    
IGHV1S18 (F) V1S18*01 AF303548    
IGHV1S19 (F) V1S19*01 AF303559    
IGHV1S20 (F) V1S20*01 AF303547    
2 IGHV2S1 (F) V2S1*01 AF303551    
IGHV2S2 (F) V2S2*01 AF303572    
IGHV2S3 (F) V2S3*01 AF303534    
IGHV2S4 (F) V2S4*01 AF303539   c288  |
(F) V2S4*02 AF303554   c288>t|
3 IGHV3S1 (F) V3S1*01 AF303571    
IGHV3S2 (F) V3S2*01 AF303570    
IGHV3S3 (F) V3S3*01 AF303537    
IGHV3S4 (F) V3S4*01 AF303543    
IGHV3S5 (F) V3S5*01 AF303535    

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