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Human (Homo sapiens) IGK locus on chromosome 2 (2p11.2)

The orientation of the human (Homo sapiens) IGK locus on the chromosome 2 (2p11.2) is reverse (REV).

Locus representation human IGK

Colors are according to IMGT color menu for genes.
The boxes representing the genes are not to scale. Exons are not shown.

The IGKV genes of the proximal V-CLUSTER are designated by a number for the subgroup, followed by a hyphen and a number for the localization from 3' to 5' in the locus.
The IGKV genes of the distal duplicated V-CLUSTER are designated by the same numbers as the corresponding genes in the proximal V-CLUSTER, with the letter D added.
Arrows show the IGKV genes whose orientation is opposite to that of the J-C-CLUSTER.

The Human (Homo sapiens) IGKV genes belong to seven subgroups (Gene table: Human IGKV) which are part of three clans (Figure IGKV clans). Clans comprise, respectively:

  • clan I: IGKV1 subgroup genes
  • clan II: IGKV2, IGKV3, IGKV4 and IGKV6 subgroup genes
  • clan III: IGKV5 and IGKV7 subgroup genes

Alternative representation of the Human (Homo sapiens) IGK locus

This representation is taking into account the polymorphic duplication in the locus (see references from Zachau's group below).
Small triangles indicate parts which are absent in the proximal or distal V-CLUSTER when considering the duplication in the human IGK locus.

Locus representation human IGK

Locus representation with only the functional genes: Human (Homo sapiens) IGK

Gene localization is according to data from IMGT/LocusView.
This locus representation with only the functional genes is used with IMGT/GeneFrequency.

Locus representation human IGK

* When needed, indicate the presence of allele(s) with another functionality: see above Human (Homo sapiens) IGK locus

Zoom for IGKJ genes


Chromosomal orphon set IGKV/OR22 on chromosome 22 (22q11)

The orientation of each gene is in reverse (REV) orientation on the chromosome.


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