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House mouse (Mus musculus) TRB locus on chromosome 6 (6B1)

The orientation of the mouse TRB locus on the chromosome is forward (FWD).

Locus representation mouse TRB

Colors are according to IMGT color menu for genes.
The boxes representing the genes are not to scale. Exons are not shown.

A single arrow shows the most 3' TRBV gene whose polarity is opposite to that of the D-J-C-CLUSTER.

TRBV genes are designated by a number for the subgroup followed, whenever there are several genes belonging to the same subgroup, by a dash and a number for their relative localization. Numbers increase from 5' to 3' in the locus.

Locus representation with only the functional genes: House mouse (Mus musculus) TRB

Locus representation mouse TRB

* When needed, indicate the presence of allele(s) with another functionality: see above House mouse (Mus musculus) TRB locus

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