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House mouse (Mus musculus) TRB locus on chromosome 6 (6B1)

The orientation of the mouse (Mus musculus) TRB locus on the chromosome 6 (6B1) is forward (FWD).

Locus representation mouse TRB

Colors are according to IMGT color menu for genes.
The boxes representing the genes are not to scale. Exons are not shown.

A single arrow shows the most 3' TRBV gene whose polarity is opposite to that of the D-J-C-CLUSTER.

TRBV genes are designated by a number for the subgroup followed, whenever there are several genes belonging to the same subgroup, by a dash and a number for their relative localization. Numbers increase from 5' to 3' in the locus.

Locus representation with only the functional genes: House mouse (Mus musculus) TRB

Locus representation mouse TRB

* When needed, indicate the presence of allele(s) with another functionality: see above House mouse (Mus musculus) TRB locus

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