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Pig (Sus scrofa) IGK locus on chromosome 3 (3q12-q14)

The orientation of the pig (Sus scrofa) IGK locus on the chromosome 3 (3q12-q14) is forward (FWD).

Locus representation pig IGK

Colors are according to IMGT color menu for genes.
The boxes representing the genes are not to scale. Exons are not shown.

Single arrows show genes whose polarity is opposite to that of the J-C-CLUSTER.

IMGT notes:
  1. (1) The pig IGK locus representation was set up with data from FP312898 (Rel. 201328-1) from clone CH242-227G10
IMGT references:
  1. [1] Schwartz J.C. et al., Immunogenetics, 64, 303-311 (2012). PMID: 22109540
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