IMGT MHC entry from gene to protein for Mus musculus MH1-K2

Citing IMGT MHC entry for MH1-K2

Lefranc, M.-P., Duprat, E., Kaas, Q., Tranne, M., Thiriot, A. and Lefranc, G. IMGT unique numbering for MHC groove G-DOMAIN and MHC superfamily (MhcSF) G-LIKE-DOMAIN, Dev. Comp. Immunol., 29, 917-938 (2005). PMID:15936075 pdf with permission from Elsevier

IMGT gene name and definition

Chromosomal localization

Gene exon/intron organization

Corresponding protein database accession numbers

Allele names Accession numbers Number of coding nucleotides Number of coding amino acids Protein isoform
Nucleotide databases EMBL Protein databases
MH1-K2*01 AF088905 None 1032pb 344aa A
MH1-K2*02 M27134 None 1101pb 367aa A
M63790 606pb 202aa
MH1-K2*03 AF100956 None 1032pb 344aa A
IMGT notes:
  2. (2) Pseudogene due to two out-of-frame DELETIONs at the 3' end of G-ALPHA2 (1332-1333>del(2nt)# and 1397-1398>del(2nt)#) and an INSERTION of one nucleotide in 5' of the TRANSMEMBRANE-REGION (3162^3163>ins^c#).
  3. (3) Pseudogene due to two out-of-frame DELETIONs at the 3' end of G-ALPHA2 (1156-1157>del(2nt)# and 1221-1222>del(2nt)#).

Genomic sequence

Coding region sequence

The coding region (CODING-REGION) sequence starts from INIT-CODON (or its encoded amino acid) to STOP-CODON (not included).
The nucleotide sequence is extracted from cDNA (c) sequences and/or is built by artificial exon joining from genomic DNA (g) sequences. The amino acid sequence is the translation of the nucleotide sequence.

MH1-K2*01: AF088905()

Nucleotide sequence

Nucleotide sequence in FASTA format (without gaps) MH1-K2*01

Amino acid sequence

Amino acid sequence in FASTA format (without gap) MH1-K2*01