IMGT/3Dstructure-DB Flat-files Release Notes


201704-23, April 2017

Release 201716-0

IMGT entry type Number of entries
INN 393
KAB 336
PDB 4078
IMGT receptor type Number of entries
IG 3327
MH 841
RPI 541
RPI-Integrin 2
RPI-MH1Like 127
TOX 38
TR 309
species IMGT entry type IMGT receptor type Number of entries


The documentation files on tape (those ending with a file extension of

) are designed to be easily printable. They have a maximum record length of 80 bytes. Files ending with .html can be browsed whith a WWW browser, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

This release contains the files shown below. File sizes are given as the number of records.

File Number     File Name       Description
----------- --------------- -------------------------------
 1	IMGT3DFlatFiles.tgz		IMGT/3D and 2Dstructure-DB flat files (Renumbered IMGT Files)
 2	IMGT3DNumComp.tgz		IMGT/3D and 2Dstructure-DB numbering comparison files
 3	entries.lst				List of entries
 4	RELEASE					Current Release number
 5	userman_doc_3ddb.html	User Manual
 6	relnotes_3DDB.html		This file (Short description of the contents of the database)
 7	README					Readme file

The continued development and improvement of the database depend to a significant degree on user feedback. If you find errors, omissions, or something you think could be done better, please don't hesitate to contact Patrice Duroux or Marie-Paule Lefranc.