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Relative position (order) of a gene, in a locus from the 5' end of a locus to its 3' end. The number '0' indicates that the relative position is unknown.

Rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) TRG locus

IMGT gene name IMGT locus gene order IMGT gene orientation in locus Copy Number Variation (CNV)
TRGV1 1 direct
TRGV2 2 direct
TRGV3 3 direct
TRGV6 4 direct
TRGV8 5 direct
TRGVA 6 direct
TRGV9 7 direct
TRGV10 8 direct
TRGVB 9 direct
TRGV11 10 direct
TRGVC 11 direct
TRGVD 12 direct
TRGJ1-1 13 direct
TRGJ1-2 14 direct
TRGC1 15 direct
TRGJ2-1 16 direct
TRGJ2-2 17 direct
TRGJ2-3 18 direct
TRGC2 19 direct
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