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Selected genes: Sus scrofa IGKV2-8

IMGT/GENE-DB entry for Sus scrofa IGKV2-8
Creation date: 2013-03-12
Last updated: 2013-03-12

IMGT gene name and definition

IMGT gene name: Sus scrofa IGKV2-8
IMGT gene definition: Sus scrofa immunoglobulin kappa variable 2-8

Chromosomal localization

Locus name: Sus scrofa IGK locus
Chromosome: 3
Chromosomal localization: 3q12-q14

Number of alleles: 2

IMGT reference alleles

IMGT allele names for IGKV2-8 IMGT gene functionality R T Pr Strain Clone name Accession numbers Molecule type
IGKV2-8*01 F + + - - FP312898
IGKV2-8*02 F + + - - CU694848
IMGT/GENE-DB reference sequences (in FASTA format)
IMGT allele names for IGKV2-8 IMGT gene functionality V-REGION L-PART1+V-EXON
F+ORF+all P F+ORF+in-frame P with IMGT gaps F+ORF+all P F+ORF+in-frame P
IGKV2-8*01 F nucleotides nucleotides amino acids nucleotides amino acids
IGKV2-8*02 F

IMGT Repertoire links

Locus and genes Proteins and alleles 2D and 3D structures
Locus representation
Gene table
Protein Displays
Alignment of alleles

Annotated IMGT/LIGM-DB cDNA sequences for Sus scrofa IGKV2-8: 13

Table of annotated IMGT/LIGM-DB cDNA sequences (Accession number, IMGT allele name, Sequence length, Sequence functionality, Sequence definition, Specificity)

Annotated IMGT/LIGM-DB rearranged genomic DNA sequences for Sus scrofa IGKV2-8: 0

Annotated IMGT/3Dstructure-DB structures and IMGT/2Dstructure-DB amino acid sequences for Sus scrofa IGKV2-8: 0

External links

Sequence databases
EMBL: CU694848 FP312898
DDBJ: CU694848 FP312898
GenBank: CU694848 FP312898

Created: 2013-03-12
Last Modified: 2013-03-12

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