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Giudicelli, V., Duroux P., Ginestoux C., Folch G., Jabado-Michaloud J., Chaume D., Lefranc M.-P., Nucleic Acids Res., 34:D781-D784 (2006). PMID:16381979 Abstract Full PDF


AE000663 - Annotation


Accession number AE000663
Sequence version 1
Secondary accession numbers AE000522
IMGT annotation level by annotators
Definition Mus musculus TCR beta locus from bases 1 to 250611 (section 1 of 3) of the complete sequence.
Species Mus musculus (house mouse)
Taxonomy Sarcopterygii; Dipnotetrapodomorpha; Tetrapoda; Amniota; Mammalia; Theria; Eutheria; Boreoeutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus; Mus musculus
Sequence length 250611
IMGT/LIGM-DB dates 17-SEP-1998
  21-APR-2023 (v. 29)


Disease related


Molecule type gDNA
Configuration type germline
Gene type variable
Molecule entity type V-gene
Functionality type pseudogene, functional
Chain type TR-Beta-TRB
Structure type regular
Location type
Other keywords antigen receptor, Immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF), T cell receptor (TR), IMGT reference sequence




V-CLUSTER   1..250611
  chromosome 6
  db_xref taxon:10090
  mol_type genomic DNA
  organism Mus musculus
V-GENE   1..78480
  IMGT_allele TRBV1*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV1
5'UTR   1..13635
  note Position 13500 to 13515 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
REPEAT_UNIT   2072..2215
  rpt_family B1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   3146..3201
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit ATATA
REPEAT_UNIT   5333..5482
  rpt_family Lx9, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   8820..9051
  rpt_family URR1A, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   11710..12162
  rpt_family RMER10A, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   13212..13327
  rpt_family MYS1_PL
L-PART1   13636..13690
  protein_id AAB69045.1
atgtggcagttttgcattctgtgcctctgtgtactcatggcttctgtggctacag M W Q F C I L C L C V L M A S V A T
INIT-CODON   13636..13638
L-INTRON-L   13690..13930
DONOR-SPLICE   13690..13692
V-INTRON   13691..13930
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   13928..13932
V-EXON   13931..14225
  protein_id AAB69045.1
accccacagtgactttgctggagcaaaacccaaggtggcgtctggtaccacgtggtcaagctgtgaacctacgctgcatcttgaagaattcccagtatccctggatgagctggtatcagcaggatctccaaaagcaactacagtggctgttcactctgcggagtcctggggacaaagaggtcaaatctcttcccggtgctgattacctggccacacgggtcactgatacggagctgaggctgcaagtggccaacatgagccagggcagaaccttgtactgcacctgcagtgcaga T P Q * L C W S K T Q G G V W Y H V V K L * T Y A A S * R I P S I P G * A G I S R I S K S N Y S G C S L C G V L G T K R S N L F P V L I T W P H G S L I R S * G C K W P T * A R A E P C T A P A V Q
P H S D F A G A K P K V A S G T T W S S C E P T L H L E E F P V S L D E L V S A G S P K A T T V A V H S A E S W G Q R G Q I S S R C * L P G H T G H * Y G A E A A S G Q H E P G Q N L V L H L Q C R
L-PART2   13931..13938
accccaca T P
V-REGION   13939..14225
  CDR_length [6.6.4]
  clone Cosmid D23
  clone_lib Dennis Loh
  FR_length [26.17.36.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV1*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV1
  strain BALB/c
gtgactttgctggagcaaaacccaaggtggcgtctggtaccacgtggtcaagctgtgaacctacgctgcatcttgaagaattcccagtatccctggatgagctggtatcagcaggatctccaaaagcaactacagtggctgttcactctgcggagtcctggggacaaagaggtcaaatctcttcccggtgctgattacctggccacacgggtcactgatacggagctgaggctgcaagtggccaacatgagccagggcagaaccttgtactgcacctgcagtgcaga V T L L E Q N P R W R L V P R G Q A V N L R C I L K N S Q Y P W M S W Y Q Q D L Q K Q L Q W L F T L R S P G D K E V K S L P G A D Y L A T R V T D T E L R L Q V A N M S Q G R T L Y C T C S A
* L C W S K T Q G G V W Y H V V K L * T Y A A S * R I P S I P G * A G I S R I S K S N Y S G C S L C G V L G T K R S N L F P V L I T W P H G S L I R S * G C K W P T * A R A E P C T A P A V Q
D F A G A K P K V A S G T T W S S C E P T L H L E E F P V S L D E L V S A G S P K A T T V A V H S A E S W G Q R G Q I S S R C * L P G H T G H * Y G A E A A S G Q H E P G Q N L V L H L Q C R
FR1-IMGT   13939..14016
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
gtgactttgctggagcaaaacccaaggtggcgtctggtaccacgtggtcaagctgtgaacctacgctgcatcttgaag V T L L E Q N P R W R L V P R G Q A V N L R C I L K
* L C W S K T Q G G V W Y H V V K L * T Y A A S *
1st-CYS   14005..14007
CDR1-IMGT   14017..14034
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35 are missing
aattcccagtatccctgg N S Q Y P W
FR2-IMGT   14035..14085
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
atgagctggtatcagcaggatctccaaaagcaactacagtggctgttcact M S W Y Q Q D L Q K Q L Q W L F T
* A G I S R I S K S N Y S G C S
CONSERVED-TRP   14041..14043
CDR2-IMGT   14086..14103
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
ctgcggagtcctggggac L R S P G D
FR3-IMGT   14104..14211
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73, 81 and 82 are missing
aaagaggtcaaatctcttcccggtgctgattacctggccacacgggtcactgatacggagctgaggctgcaagtggccaacatgagccagggcagaaccttgtactgc K E V K S L P G A D Y L A T R V T D T E L R L Q V A N M S Q G R T L Y C
K R S N L F P V L I T W P H G S L I R S * G C K W P T * A R A E P C T
R G Q I S S R C * L P G H T G H * Y G A E A A S G Q H E P G Q N L V L
2nd-CYS   14209..14211
CDR3-IMGT   14212..14225
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
acctgcagtgcaga T C S A
3'UTR   14226..78480
V-RS   14226..14264
V-HEPTAMER   14226..14232
V-SPACER   14233..14255
V-NONAMER   14256..14264
REPEAT_UNIT   15104..15155
  rpt_family B4
REPEAT_UNIT   15165..15209
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit CA
REPEAT_UNIT   15373..15402
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TA
REPEAT_UNIT   15496..15541
  rpt_family RSINE2
REPEAT_UNIT   15510..15549
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AC
REPEAT_UNIT   16388..16423
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TTAAA
REPEAT_UNIT   16428..16690
  rpt_family Lx2, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   18476..18511
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AAT
REPEAT_UNIT   19032..19151
  rpt_family L1MA6, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   20516..20641
  rpt_family RSINE1, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   20992..21105
  rpt_family MTE
REPEAT_UNIT   23115..23188
  rpt_family L1M
REPEAT_UNIT   23473..24699
  rpt_family L1
REPEAT_UNIT   24713..24803
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GA
REPEAT_UNIT   24807..25378
  rpt_family Lx9, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   25089..25164
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TTC
REPEAT_UNIT   25465..25661
  rpt_family B3A, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   26018..26378
  rpt_family RMER12, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   26386..27045
  rpt_family L1VL2
REPEAT_UNIT   27040..29262
  rpt_family L1VL2
REPEAT_UNIT   29281..35703
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   35704..35964
  rpt_family L1, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   35996..40500
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   40494..41191
  rpt_family Lx
REPEAT_UNIT   41242..42173
  rpt_family RMER12, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   41613..41655
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TCCA
REPEAT_UNIT   42211..42484
  rpt_family Lx2B, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   43548..43683
  rpt_family B1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   44634..44802
  rpt_family RSINE1
REPEAT_UNIT   44811..45051
  rpt_family MER7A
REPEAT_UNIT   45141..47200
  rpt_family Lx2
REPEAT_UNIT   48182..48233
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AT
REPEAT_UNIT   49127..49170
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit CAAA
REPEAT_UNIT   49418..49470
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TTCTC
REPEAT_UNIT   49470..49502
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TTCTT
REPEAT_UNIT   49489..49691
  rpt_family B3, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   53010..53070
  rpt_family Lx9, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   53199..54652
  rpt_family L1_MM, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   54752..54792
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AC
REPEAT_UNIT   54795..55261
  rpt_family RLTR11, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   55958..55989
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GT
REPEAT_UNIT   55989..56018
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AG
REPEAT_UNIT   56062..56108
  rpt_family RSINE2, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   56104..56134
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TG
REPEAT_UNIT   56745..56819
  rpt_family MTA
REPEAT_UNIT   56820..57499
  rpt_family MT-INTERNAL
REPEAT_UNIT   57503..57676
  rpt_family MERVL, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   57690..58099
  rpt_family MT2B, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   60044..61074
  rpt_family Lx2
REPEAT_UNIT   61129..61194
  rpt_family ORR1C
REPEAT_UNIT   61397..61506
  rpt_family MTE
REPEAT_UNIT   61969..62128
  rpt_family B3
REPEAT_UNIT   63817..64017
  rpt_family B3, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   64131..64283
  rpt_family B1_MM, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   64255..64297
  rpt_family MT2B
REPEAT_UNIT   64859..65192
  rpt_family L1, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   65564..65593
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AAC
REPEAT_UNIT   65726..65869
  rpt_family MLT1A2
REPEAT_UNIT   65966..66307
  rpt_family ORR1A3
REPEAT_UNIT   66400..66453
  rpt_family Lx4
REPEAT_UNIT   67512..70376
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   71090..71273
  rpt_family B2
REPEAT_UNIT   71940..71989
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AG
REPEAT_UNIT   72016..72166
  rpt_family B1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   72853..72937
  rpt_family Lx8
REPEAT_UNIT   72910..73295
  rpt_family Lx8
REPEAT_UNIT   73154..73187
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AC
REPEAT_UNIT   74335..74722
  rpt_family MTE
REPEAT_UNIT   75016..75305
  rpt_family B4A
REPEAT_UNIT   75325..75374
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TC
REPEAT_UNIT   75379..75422
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AC
REPEAT_UNIT   76262..76295
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TG
REPEAT_UNIT   77343..77500
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   77576..78367
  rpt_family Lx2B
REPEAT_UNIT   78385..78673
  rpt_family ORR1A1
V-GENE   78481..170400
  IMGT_allele TRBV2*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV2
5'UTR   78481..169793
  note Position 169684 to 169699 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
REPEAT_UNIT   78688..78876
  rpt_family L1_MM, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   78877..78944
  rpt_family ORR1A1
REPEAT_UNIT   79512..80489
  rpt_family Lx9, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   80016..80064
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GGT
REPEAT_UNIT   80511..80558
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AT
REPEAT_UNIT   81096..81128
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TTGTT
REPEAT_UNIT   81867..81913
  rpt_family B4
REPEAT_UNIT   81936..81970
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GT
REPEAT_UNIT   82522..82611
  rpt_family MTE, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   85634..86736
  rpt_family L1_MM, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   88091..88166
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit CA
REPEAT_UNIT   89276..89332
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   89838..89881
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TC
REPEAT_UNIT   89881..89929
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GT
REPEAT_UNIT   91226..91444
  rpt_family B3A, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   92014..92184
  rpt_family MST-INTERNAL, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   93600..100177
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   100321..103935
  rpt_family L1
REPEAT_UNIT   103956..104209
  rpt_family IAP
REPEAT_UNIT   104209..104604
  rpt_family IAP
REPEAT_UNIT   104605..108404
  rpt_family L1, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   108548..115129
  rpt_family L1_MM, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   116545..116715
  rpt_family MST-INTERNAL
REPEAT_UNIT   117285..117502
  rpt_family B3A
REPEAT_UNIT   118798..118845
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AC
REPEAT_UNIT   118845..118889
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GA
REPEAT_UNIT   119396..119450
  rpt_family L1_MM, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   120574..120624
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TG
REPEAT_UNIT   122472..122838
  rpt_family MTE, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   123664..124021
  rpt_family L1_MM, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   124022..124341
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   124766..125871
  rpt_family L1
REPEAT_UNIT   125926..125976
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AC
REPEAT_UNIT   125984..126226
  rpt_family L1
REPEAT_UNIT   126263..127959
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   128110..129732
  rpt_family L1
REPEAT_UNIT   129733..130011
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   130016..130176
  rpt_family L1
REPEAT_UNIT   130791..130849
  rpt_family RSINE2
REPEAT_UNIT   130810..130870
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AC
REPEAT_UNIT   130880..131361
  rpt_family Lx5
REPEAT_UNIT   131362..131750
  rpt_family RMER1B
REPEAT_UNIT   131829..132177
  rpt_family Lx5, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   132224..132900
  rpt_family Lx5, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   133006..133034
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AACAA
REPEAT_UNIT   134247..134776
  rpt_family RLTR11, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   136325..136659
  rpt_family Lx6
REPEAT_UNIT   137628..137800
  rpt_family MST-INTERNAL
REPEAT_UNIT   138384..138575
  rpt_family B3A
REPEAT_UNIT   141883..141991
  rpt_family ORR1B-INT
REPEAT_UNIT   143014..143229
  rpt_family B3A
REPEAT_UNIT   144114..144158
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit ATC
REPEAT_UNIT   144871..145193
  rpt_family Lx6
REPEAT_UNIT   145438..145932
  rpt_family RLTR1, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   145964..146352
  rpt_family MTA
REPEAT_UNIT   147279..147310
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GT
REPEAT_UNIT   147481..148457
  rpt_family Lx6
REPEAT_UNIT   150488..150545
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TG
REPEAT_UNIT   150970..151072
  rpt_family MER2
REPEAT_UNIT   151266..151463
  rpt_family B2
REPEAT_UNIT   152741..152809
  rpt_family RMER3
REPEAT_UNIT   155823..155860
  rpt_family PB1D9
REPEAT_UNIT   156149..156367
  rpt_family B3
REPEAT_UNIT   157320..157502
  rpt_family B2
REPEAT_UNIT   157585..157640
  rpt_family Lx4
REPEAT_UNIT   158226..159183
  rpt_family Lx2B
REPEAT_UNIT   159870..159940
  rpt_family ID4, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   159971..160107
  rpt_family B1-F, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   160394..160626
  rpt_family MTE
REPEAT_UNIT   160779..160847
  rpt_family MER20, complment
REPEAT_UNIT   160951..161351
  rpt_family MTA, complment
REPEAT_UNIT   161352..161911
  rpt_family MT-INTERNAL
REPEAT_UNIT   162651..163028
  rpt_family MT-INTERNAL, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   163029..164517
  rpt_family L1_MM, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   164524..164717
  rpt_family MT-INTERNAL, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   164720..165058
  rpt_family ORR1A2, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   165781..165983
  rpt_family B3A, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   167388..167492
  rpt_family L1MD3
REPEAT_UNIT   167763..167900
  rpt_family B1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   168295..168440
  rpt_family B1_MM
L-V-GENE-UNIT   169794..170272
  IMGT_allele TRBV2*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV2
L-INTRON-L   169794..169946
L-PART1   169794..169842
  protein_id AAB69046.1
atgggctccattttcctcagttgcctggccgtttgtctcctggtggcag M G S I F L S C L A V C L L V A
INIT-CODON   169794..169796
DONOR-SPLICE   169842..169844
V-INTRON   169843..169938
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   169936..169940
V-EXON   169939..170233
  protein_id AAB69046.1
gtccagtcgacccgaaaattatccagaaaccaaaatatctggtggcagtcacagggagcgaaaaaatcctgatatgcgaacagtatctaggccacaatgctatgtattggtatagacaaagtgctaagaagcctctagagttcatgttttcctacagctatcaaaaacttatggacaatcagactgcctcaagtcgcttccaacctcaaagttcaaagaaaaaccatttagaccttcagatcacagctctaaagcctgatgactcggccacatacttctgtgccagcagccaaga V Q S T R K L S R N Q N I W W Q S Q G A K K S * Y A N S I * A T M L C I G I D K V L R S L * S S C F P T A I K N L W T I R L P Q V A S N L K V Q R K T I * T F R S Q L * S L M T R P H T S V P A A K
S S R P E N Y P E T K I S G G S H R E R K N P D M R T V S R P Q C Y V L V * T K C * E A S R V H V F L Q L S K T Y G Q S D C L K S L P T S K F K E K P F R P S D H S S K A * * L G H I L L C Q Q P R
L-PART2   169939..169946
gtccagtc V Q
V-REGION   169947..170233
  CDR_length [5.6.4]
  clone Overlap of cosmid D15 and 6.3
  clone_lib Dennis Loh or Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.37.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV2*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV2
  strain BALB/c
gacccgaaaattatccagaaaccaaaatatctggtggcagtcacagggagcgaaaaaatcctgatatgcgaacagtatctaggccacaatgctatgtattggtatagacaaagtgctaagaagcctctagagttcatgttttcctacagctatcaaaaacttatggacaatcagactgcctcaagtcgcttccaacctcaaagttcaaagaaaaaccatttagaccttcagatcacagctctaaagcctgatgactcggccacatacttctgtgccagcagccaaga D P K I I Q K P K Y L V A V T G S E K I L I C E Q Y L G H N A M Y W Y R Q S A K K P L E F M F S Y S Y Q K L M D N Q T A S S R F Q P Q S S K K N H L D L Q I T A L K P D D S A T Y F C A S S Q
T R K L S R N Q N I W W Q S Q G A K K S * Y A N S I * A T M L C I G I D K V L R S L * S S C F P T A I K N L W T I R L P Q V A S N L K V Q R K T I * T F R S Q L * S L M T R P H T S V P A A K
P E N Y P E T K I S G G S H R E R K N P D M R T V S R P Q C Y V L V * T K C * E A S R V H V F L Q L S K T Y G Q S D C L K S L P T S K F K E K P F R P S D H S S K A * * L G H I L L C Q Q P R
FR1-IMGT   169947..170024
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
gacccgaaaattatccagaaaccaaaatatctggtggcagtcacagggagcgaaaaaatcctgatatgcgaacagtat D P K I I Q K P K Y L V A V T G S E K I L I C E Q Y
T R K L S R N Q N I W W Q S Q G A K K S * Y A N S
1st-CYS   170013..170015
CDR1-IMGT   170025..170039
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
ctaggccacaatgct L G H N A
* A T M
FR2-IMGT   170040..170090
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
atgtattggtatagacaaagtgctaagaagcctctagagttcatgttttcc M Y W Y R Q S A K K P L E F M F S
C I G I D K V L R S L * S S C F
V L V * T K C * E A S R V H V F
CONSERVED-TRP   170046..170048
CDR2-IMGT   170091..170108
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
tacagctatcaaaaactt Y S Y Q K L
FR3-IMGT   170109..170219
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 and 82 is missing
atggacaatcagactgcctcaagtcgcttccaacctcaaagttcaaagaaaaaccatttagaccttcagatcacagctctaaagcctgatgactcggccacatacttctgt M D N Q T A S S R F Q P Q S S K K N H L D L Q I T A L K P D D S A T Y F C
W T I R L P Q V A S N L K V Q R K T I * T F R S Q L * S L M T R P H T S
G Q S D C L K S L P T S K F K E K P F R P S D H S S K A * * L G H I L L
3'V-REGION   170217..170233
tgtgccagcagccaaga C A S S Q
2nd-CYS   170217..170219
CDR3-IMGT   170220..170233
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagcagccaaga A S S Q
3'UTR   170234..170400
V-RS   170234..170272
V-HEPTAMER   170234..170240
V-SPACER   170241..170263
V-NONAMER   170264..170272
V-GENE   170401..175800
  IMGT_allele TRBV3*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV3
5'UTR   170401..170631
  note Position 170505 to 170520 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
L-V-GENE-UNIT   170632..171101
  IMGT_allele TRBV3*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV3
L-INTRON-L   170632..170772
L-PART1   170632..170680
  protein_id AAB69047.1
atggatatctggcttctaggttggataatttttagtttcttggaagcag M D I W L L G W I I F S F L E A
W I S G F * V G * F L V S W K Q
G Y L A S R L D N F * F L G S
INIT-CODON   170632..170634
DONOR-SPLICE   170680..170682
V-INTRON   170681..170764
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   170762..170766
V-EXON   170765..171062
  protein_id AAB69047.1
gacacacaggacccaaagtcttacagatcccaagtcatcaaataatagatatggggcagatggtgaccctcaattgtgacccagtttctaatcacctatatttttattggtataaacagattttaggacagcagatggagtttctggttaatttctacaatggtaaagtcatggagaagtctaaactgtttaaggatcagttttcagttgaaagaccagatggttcatatttcactctgaaaatccaacccacagcactggaggactcagctgtgtacttctgtgccagcagcttagc D T Q D P K S Y R S Q V I K * * I W G R W * P S I V T Q F L I T Y I F I G I N R F * D S R W S F W L I S T M V K S W R S L N C L R I S F Q L K D Q M V H I S L * K S N P Q H W R T Q L C T S V P A A *
T H R T Q S L T D P K S S N N R Y G A D G D P Q L * P S F * S P I F L L V * T D F R T A D G V S G * F L Q W * S H G E V * T V * G S V F S * K T R W F I F H S E N P T H S T G G L S C V L L C Q Q L S
L-PART2   170765..170772
gacacaca D T
V-REGION   170773..171062
  CDR_length [5.6.4]
  clone Overlap of cosmid D15 and 6.3
  clone_lib Overlap ofDennis Loh and Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.38.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV3*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV3
  strain BALB/c
ggacccaaagtcttacagatcccaagtcatcaaataatagatatggggcagatggtgaccctcaattgtgacccagtttctaatcacctatatttttattggtataaacagattttaggacagcagatggagtttctggttaatttctacaatggtaaagtcatggagaagtctaaactgtttaaggatcagttttcagttgaaagaccagatggttcatatttcactctgaaaatccaacccacagcactggaggactcagctgtgtacttctgtgccagcagcttagc G P K V L Q I P S H Q I I D M G Q M V T L N C D P V S N H L Y F Y W Y K Q I L G Q Q M E F L V N F Y N G K V M E K S K L F K D Q F S V E R P D G S Y F T L K I Q P T A L E D S A V Y F C A S S L
D P K S Y R S Q V I K * * I W G R W * P S I V T Q F L I T Y I F I G I N R F * D S R W S F W L I S T M V K S W R S L N C L R I S F Q L K D Q M V H I S L * K S N P Q H W R T Q L C T S V P A A *
T Q S L T D P K S S N N R Y G A D G D P Q L * P S F * S P I F L L V * T D F R T A D G V S G * F L Q W * S H G E V * T V * G S V F S * K T R W F I F H S E N P T H S T G G L S C V L L C Q Q L S
FR1-IMGT   170773..170850
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
ggacccaaagtcttacagatcccaagtcatcaaataatagatatggggcagatggtgaccctcaattgtgacccagtt G P K V L Q I P S H Q I I D M G Q M V T L N C D P V
D P K S Y R S Q V I K * * I W G R W * P S I V T Q
T Q S L T D P K S S N N R Y G A D G D P Q L * P S
1st-CYS   170839..170841
CDR1-IMGT   170851..170865
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
tctaatcacctatat S N H L Y
* S P I
FR2-IMGT   170866..170916
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
ttttattggtataaacagattttaggacagcagatggagtttctggttaat F Y W Y K Q I L G Q Q M E F L V N
F I G I N R F * D S R W S F W L
L L V * T D F R T A D G V S G *
CONSERVED-TRP   170872..170874
CDR2-IMGT   170917..170934
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
ttctacaatggtaaagtc F Y N G K V
L Q W * S
FR3-IMGT   170935..171048
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 is missing
atggagaagtctaaactgtttaaggatcagttttcagttgaaagaccagatggttcatatttcactctgaaaatccaacccacagcactggaggactcagctgtgtacttctgt M E K S K L F K D Q F S V E R P D G S Y F T L K I Q P T A L E D S A V Y F C
W R S L N C L R I S F Q L K D Q M V H I S L * K S N P Q H W R T Q L C T S
G E V * T V * G S V F S * K T R W F I F H S E N P T H S T G G L S C V L L
3'V-REGION   171046..171062
tgtgccagcagcttagc C A S S L
V P A A *
2nd-CYS   171046..171048
CDR3-IMGT   171049..171062
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagcagcttagc A S S L
P A A *
3'UTR   171063..175800
V-RS   171063..171101
V-HEPTAMER   171063..171069
V-SPACER   171070..171092
V-NONAMER   171093..171101
REPEAT_UNIT   171677..171745
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TTAT
REPEAT_UNIT   171709..173906
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   174199..174420
  rpt_family URR1B
REPEAT_UNIT   175472..175657
  rpt_family L1MB8
V-GENE   175801..183840
  IMGT_allele TRBV4*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV4
5'UTR   175801..181634
  note Position 181593 to 181608 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
REPEAT_UNIT   177004..177042
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit ATTT
REPEAT_UNIT   177022..177439
  rpt_family Lx4
REPEAT_UNIT   180596..180650
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit CTTC
REPEAT_UNIT   181009..181105
  rpt_family B1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   181501..181555
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GT
L-INTRON-L   181685..181841
L-PART1   181685..181733
  protein_id AAB69048.2
atgggctgtaggctcctaagctgtgtggccttctgcctcttgggaatag M G C R L L S C V A F C L L G I
W A V G S * A V W P S A S W E *
G L * A P K L C G L L P L G N
INIT-CODON   181685..181687
DONOR-SPLICE   181733..181735
V-INTRON   181734..181833
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   181831..181835
V-EXON   181834..182128
  protein_id AAB69048.2
gccctttggagacggctgttttccagactccaaactatcatgtcacacaggtgggaaatgaagtgtctttcaattgtaagcaaactctgggccacgatactatgtattggtacaagcaagactctaagaaattgctgaagattatgtttagctacaataataagcaactcattgtaaacgaaacagttccaaggcgcttctcacctcagtcttcagataaagctcatttgaatcttcgaatcaagtctgtagagccggaggactctgctgtgtatctctgtgccagcagctaaga A L W R R L F S R L Q T I M S H R W E M K C L S I V S K L W A T I L C I G T S K T L R N C * R L C L A T I I S N S L * T K Q F Q G A S H L S L Q I K L I * I F E S S L * S R R T L L C I S V P A A K
P F G D G C F P D S K L S C H T G G K * S V F Q L * A N S G P R Y Y V L V Q A R L * E I A E D Y V * L Q * * A T H C K R N S S K A L L T S V F R * S S F E S S N Q V C R A G G L C C V S L C Q Q L R
P L E T A V F Q T P N Y H V T Q V G N E V S F N C K Q T L G H D T M Y W Y K Q D S K K L L K I M F S Y N N K Q L I V N E T V P R R F S P Q S S D K A H L N L R I K S V E P E D S A V Y L C A S S *
L-PART2   181834..181841
gccctttg A L
V-REGION   181842..182128
  CDR_length [5.6.4]
  clone Cosmid 6.3
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.37.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV4*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV4
  IMGT_note The last codon of IMGT_CDR3 of the V-REGION is a STOP-CODON, which may disappear during rearrangement
  strain BALB/c
gagacggctgttttccagactccaaactatcatgtcacacaggtgggaaatgaagtgtctttcaattgtaagcaaactctgggccacgatactatgtattggtacaagcaagactctaagaaattgctgaagattatgtttagctacaataataagcaactcattgtaaacgaaacagttccaaggcgcttctcacctcagtcttcagataaagctcatttgaatcttcgaatcaagtctgtagagccggaggactctgctgtgtatctctgtgccagcagctaaga E T A V F Q T P N Y H V T Q V G N E V S F N C K Q T L G H D T M Y W Y K Q D S K K L L K I M F S Y N N K Q L I V N E T V P R R F S P Q S S D K A H L N L R I K S V E P E D S A V Y L C A S S *
R R L F S R L Q T I M S H R W E M K C L S I V S K L W A T I L C I G T S K T L R N C * R L C L A T I I S N S L * T K Q F Q G A S H L S L Q I K L I * I F E S S L * S R R T L L C I S V P A A K
D G C F P D S K L S C H T G G K * S V F Q L * A N S G P R Y Y V L V Q A R L * E I A E D Y V * L Q * * A T H C K R N S S K A L L T S V F R * S S F E S S N Q V C R A G G L C C V S L C Q Q L R
FR1-IMGT   181842..181919
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
gagacggctgttttccagactccaaactatcatgtcacacaggtgggaaatgaagtgtctttcaattgtaagcaaact E T A V F Q T P N Y H V T Q V G N E V S F N C K Q T
D G C F P D S K L S C H T G G K * S V F Q L * A N
1st-CYS   181908..181910
CDR1-IMGT   181920..181934
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
ctgggccacgatact L G H D T
FR2-IMGT   181935..181985
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
atgtattggtacaagcaagactctaagaaattgctgaagattatgtttagc M Y W Y K Q D S K K L L K I M F S
C I G T S K T L R N C * R L C L
V L V Q A R L * E I A E D Y V *
CONSERVED-TRP   181941..181943
CDR2-IMGT   181986..182003
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
tacaataataagcaactc Y N N K Q L
Q * * A T
FR3-IMGT   182004..182114
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 and 82 is missing
attgtaaacgaaacagttccaaggcgcttctcacctcagtcttcagataaagctcatttgaatcttcgaatcaagtctgtagagccggaggactctgctgtgtatctctgt I V N E T V P R R F S P Q S S D K A H L N L R I K S V E P E D S A V Y L C
L * T K Q F Q G A S H L S L Q I K L I * I F E S S L * S R R T L L C I S
C K R N S S K A L L T S V F R * S S F E S S N Q V C R A G G L C C V S L
2nd-CYS   182112..182114
CDR3-IMGT   182115..182128
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagcagctaaga A S S *
3'UTR   182129..183840
V-RS   182129..182169
V-HEPTAMER   182129..182135
V-SPACER   182136..182159
V-NONAMER   182161..182169
REPEAT_UNIT   183585..183821
  rpt_family Lx
V-GENE   183841..187200
  IMGT_allele TRBV5*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV5
5'UTR   183841..184600
  note Position 184494 to 184509 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
L-V-GENE-UNIT   184601..185084
  IMGT_allele TRBV5*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV5
L-INTRON-L   184601..184761
L-PART1   184601..184649
  protein_id AAB69049.1
atgagctgcaggcttctcctctatgtttccctatgtcttgtggaaacag M S C R L L L Y V S L C L V E T
* A A G F S S M F P Y V L W K Q
INIT-CODON   184601..184603
DONOR-SPLICE   184649..184651
V-INTRON   184650..184753
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   184751..184755
V-EXON   184754..185045
  protein_id AAB69049.1
cactcatgaacactaaaattactcagtcaccaagatatctaatcctgggaagagcaaataagtctttggaatgtgagcaacatctgggacataatgctatgtactggtataaacagagcgctgagaagccgccagagctcatgtttctctacaatcttaaacagttgattcgaaatgagacggtgcccagtcgttttatacctgaatgcccagacagctccaagctacttttacatatatctgccgtggatccagaagactcagctgtctatttttgtgccagcagccaaga H S * T L K L L S H Q D I * S W E E Q I S L W N V S N I W D I M L C T G I N R A L R S R Q S S C F S T I L N S * F E M R R C P V V L Y L N A Q T A P S Y F Y I Y L P W I Q K T Q L S I F V P A A K
T H E H * N Y S V T K I S N P G K S K * V F G M * A T S G T * C Y V L V * T E R * E A A R A H V S L Q S * T V D S K * D G A Q S F Y T * M P R Q L Q A T F T Y I C R G S R R L S C L F L C Q Q P R
L-PART2   184754..184761
cactcatg H S
V-REGION   184762..185045
  CDR_length [5.6.4]
  clone Cosmid 6.3
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [25.17.37.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV5*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV5
  strain BALB/c
aacactaaaattactcagtcaccaagatatctaatcctgggaagagcaaataagtctttggaatgtgagcaacatctgggacataatgctatgtactggtataaacagagcgctgagaagccgccagagctcatgtttctctacaatcttaaacagttgattcgaaatgagacggtgcccagtcgttttatacctgaatgcccagacagctccaagctacttttacatatatctgccgtggatccagaagactcagctgtctatttttgtgccagcagccaaga N T K I T Q S P R Y L I L G R A N K S L E C E Q H L G H N A M Y W Y K Q S A E K P P E L M F L Y N L K Q L I R N E T V P S R F I P E C P D S S K L L L H I S A V D P E D S A V Y F C A S S Q
T L K L L S H Q D I * S W E E Q I S L W N V S N I W D I M L C T G I N R A L R S R Q S S C F S T I L N S * F E M R R C P V V L Y L N A Q T A P S Y F Y I Y L P W I Q K T Q L S I F V P A A K
H * N Y S V T K I S N P G K S K * V F G M * A T S G T * C Y V L V * T E R * E A A R A H V S L Q S * T V D S K * D G A Q S F Y T * M P R Q L Q A T F T Y I C R G S R R L S C L F L C Q Q P R
FR1-IMGT   184762..184836
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26, AA 10 is missing
aacactaaaattactcagtcaccaagatatctaatcctgggaagagcaaataagtctttggaatgtgagcaacat N T K I T Q S P R Y L I L G R A N K S L E C E Q H
T L K L L S H Q D I * S W E E Q I S L W N V S N
H * N Y S V T K I S N P G K S K * V F G M * A T
1st-CYS   184825..184827
CDR1-IMGT   184837..184851
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
ctgggacataatgct L G H N A
G T * C
FR2-IMGT   184852..184902
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
atgtactggtataaacagagcgctgagaagccgccagagctcatgtttctc M Y W Y K Q S A E K P P E L M F L
V L V * T E R * E A A R A H V S
CONSERVED-TRP   184858..184860
CDR2-IMGT   184903..184920
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
tacaatcttaaacagttg Y N L K Q L
Q S * T V
FR3-IMGT   184921..185031
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 and 82 is missing
attcgaaatgagacggtgcccagtcgttttatacctgaatgcccagacagctccaagctacttttacatatatctgccgtggatccagaagactcagctgtctatttttgt I R N E T V P S R F I P E C P D S S K L L L H I S A V D P E D S A V Y F C
S K * D G A Q S F Y T * M P R Q L Q A T F T Y I C R G S R R L S C L F L
3'V-REGION   185029..185045
tgtgccagcagccaaga C A S S Q
2nd-CYS   185029..185031
CDR3-IMGT   185032..185045
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagcagccaaga A S S Q
3'UTR   185046..187200
V-RS   185046..185084
V-HEPTAMER   185046..185052
V-SPACER   185053..185075
V-NONAMER   185076..185084
REPEAT_UNIT   186062..186229
  rpt_family RMER13A
REPEAT_UNIT   186324..186631
  rpt_family RMER13A
REPEAT_UNIT   186633..188824
  rpt_family MERVL
V-GENE   187201..197160
  IMGT_allele TRBV6*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV6
  pseudo Pseudogene because of no L-PART1, frameshift in V-EXON
5'UTR   187201..189110
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   189108..189112
L-V-GENE-UNIT   189111..189433
  IMGT_allele TRBV6*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV6
V-EXON   189111..189394
gaaatatggaatctggagtcacacaaacattcagttatgatgttacagacatgggacagaatgtcatttagagatataacacaatttctggtcattttgtcacattttcataccaacagacactaggaaaaggtgtggagtttctggcttcattctatgatacagttcatttggaaagggctgacgttttcagtactcaacagagatgcctgatggattgttctccactctgaagattcagcatgttcagccagagactccactatgtatgccagcagcttggc E I W N L E S H K H S V M M L Q T W D R M S F R D I T Q F L V I L S H F H T N R H * E K V W S F W L H S M I Q F I W K G L T F S V L N R D A * W I V L H S E D S A C S A R D S T M Y A S S L
K Y G I W S H T N I Q L * C Y R H G T E C H L E I * H N F W S F C H I F I P T D T R K R C G V S G F I L * Y S S F G K G * R F Q Y S T E M P D G L F S T L K I Q H V Q P E T P L C M P A A W
N M E S G V T Q T F S Y D V T D M G Q N V I * R Y N T I S G H F V T F S Y Q Q T L G K G V E F L A S F Y D T V H L E R A D V F S T Q Q R C L M D C S P L * R F S M F S Q R L H Y V C Q Q L G
L-PART2   189111..189118
gaaatatg E I
L-INTRON-L   189111..189118
INIT-CODON   189111..189113
V-REGION   189119..189394
  CDR_length [X.X.4]
  clone Cosmid 6.3
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [X.X.X.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV6*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV6
  pseudo Pseudogene because of no L-PART1, frameshift in V-EXON
  strain BALB/c
gaatctggagtcacacaaacattcagttatgatgttacagacatgggacagaatgtcatttagagatataacacaatttctggtcattttgtcacattttcataccaacagacactaggaaaaggtgtggagtttctggcttcattctatgatacagttcatttggaaagggctgacgttttcagtactcaacagagatgcctgatggattgttctccactctgaagattcagcatgttcagccagagactccactatgtatgccagcagcttggc E S G V T Q T F S Y D V T D M G Q N V I * R Y N T I S G H F V T F S Y Q Q T L G K G V E F L A S F Y D T V H L E R A D V F S T Q Q R C L M D C S P L * R F S M F S Q R L H Y V C Q Q L G
N L E S H K H S V M M L Q T W D R M S F R D I T Q F L V I L S H F H T N R H * E K V W S F W L H S M I Q F I W K G L T F S V L N R D A * W I V L H S E D S A C S A R D S T M Y A S S L
I W S H T N I Q L * C Y R H G T E C H L E I * H N F W S F C H I F I P T D T R K R C G V S G F I L * Y S S F G K G * R F Q Y S T E M P D G L F S T L K I Q H V Q P E T P L C M P A A W
CDR3-IMGT   189381..189394
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagcagcttggc A S S L
3'UTR   189395..197160
V-RS   189395..189433
V-HEPTAMER   189395..189401
V-SPACER   189402..189424
V-NONAMER   189425..189433
REPEAT_UNIT   189545..190218
  rpt_family Lx2
REPEAT_UNIT   191093..191392
  rpt_family RMER14
REPEAT_UNIT   191394..191777
  rpt_family ORR1B
REPEAT_UNIT   191430..191454
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AAAAC
REPEAT_UNIT   191778..191864
  rpt_family RMER14
REPEAT_UNIT   191947..192171
  rpt_family MER67C
REPEAT_UNIT   192919..193136
  rpt_family L1MA4
REPEAT_UNIT   193149..193263
  rpt_family RSINE1
REPEAT_UNIT   193317..193484
  rpt_family L1MA4
REPEAT_UNIT   194625..194673
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TG
REPEAT_UNIT   194675..194798
  rpt_family L1ME1
REPEAT_UNIT   194910..194955
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AC
REPEAT_UNIT   194992..195092
  rpt_family L1ME1
REPEAT_UNIT   195084..195142
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AAACA
REPEAT_UNIT   195198..195314
  rpt_family L1MB3
REPEAT_UNIT   195314..195612
  rpt_family Lx2
REPEAT_UNIT   195614..195663
  rpt_family L1MB4
REPEAT_UNIT   195874..196088
  rpt_family RMER15
REPEAT_UNIT   196090..196416
  rpt_family ORR1A3
V-GENE   197161..204840
  clone Cosmid 6.3
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  IMGT_allele TRBV7*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV7
  pseudo Pseudogene because of STOP-CODON in L-PART1, gat instead of ggt in DONOR_SPLICE, Frameshift in V-EXON
  strain BALB/c
5'UTR   197161..202488
  note Position 202397 to 202412 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
REPEAT_UNIT   197373..197862
  rpt_family Lx
REPEAT_UNIT   199352..199499
  rpt_family RMER16
REPEAT_UNIT   199525..199858
  rpt_family RMER16
L-INTRON-L   202489..202599
L-PART1   202489..202537
atgggctgaaaaatgctctgctgtatggccctttgtctcctgggagcag M G * K M L C C M A L C L L G A
INIT-CODON   202489..202491
DONOR-SPLICE   202537..202539
V-INTRON   202538..202592
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   202590..202594
V-EXON   202593..202890
  IMGT_note Frameshift in V-EXON
tgagggctctagcaggctctgtcttctgacttgtgggacctgtaaattccagagtcatgtaacctgaaacctcaaagtcaaagaatagctagcaactatgaaatagtcccttctctctggacacctctctgtgctctggtaccagaagaccctgggccccagttcaatactacaataaagaggagaaaggaagaggaaatgtcctttattcaatttacagcacaccaatttggtgactagcatcctgaattgaatctgagctctctagagccaaaggactctgcactgttcttcacag * G L * Q A L S S D L W D L * I P E S C N L K P Q S Q R I A S N Y E I V P S L W T P L C A L V P E D P G P Q F N T T I K R R K E E E M S F I Q F T A H Q F G D * H P E L N L S S L E P K D S A L F F T
E G S S R L C L L T C G T C K F Q S H V T * N L K V K E * L A T M K * S L L S G H L S V L W Y Q K T L G P S S I L Q * R G E R K R K C P L F N L Q H T N L V T S I L N * I * A L * S Q R T L H C S S Q
R A L A G S V F * L V G P V N S R V M * P E T S K S K N S * Q L * N S P F S L D T S L C S G T R R P W A P V Q Y Y N K E E K G R G N V L Y S I Y S T P I W * L A S * I E S E L S R A K G L C T V L H
L-PART2   202593..202599
tgagggc * G
V-REGION   202600..202890
  clone Cosmid 6.3
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  IMGT_allele TRBV7*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV7
  pseudo Pseudogene because of STOP-CODON in L-PART1, gat instead of ggt in DONOR_SPLICE, Frameshift in V-EXON
  strain BALB/c
tctagcaggctctgtcttctgacttgtgggacctgtaaattccagagtcatgtaacctgaaacctcaaagtcaaagaatagctagcaactatgaaatagtcccttctctctggacacctctctgtgctctggtaccagaagaccctgggccccagttcaatactacaataaagaggagaaaggaagaggaaatgtcctttattcaatttacagcacaccaatttggtgactagcatcctgaattgaatctgagctctctagagccaaaggactctgcactgttcttcacag S S R L C L L T C G T C K F Q S H V T * N L K V K E * L A T M K * S L L S G H L S V L W Y Q K T L G P S S I L Q * R G E R K R K C P L F N L Q H T N L V T S I L N * I * A L * S Q R T L H C S S Q
L A G S V F * L V G P V N S R V M * P E T S K S K N S * Q L * N S P F S L D T S L C S G T R R P W A P V Q Y Y N K E E K G R G N V L Y S I Y S T P I W * L A S * I E S E L S R A K G L C T V L H
* Q A L S S D L W D L * I P E S C N L K P Q S Q R I A S N Y E I V P S L W T P L C A L V P E D P G P Q F N T T I K R R K E E E M S F I Q F T A H Q F G D * H P E L N L S S L E P K D S A L F F T
3'UTR   202891..204840
3'UTR   202891..202929
V-HEPTAMER   202891..202897
V-SPACER   202898..202920
V-NONAMER   202921..202929
REPEAT_UNIT   203134..203172
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit CTAC
REPEAT_UNIT   203359..203618
  rpt_family L1MB1
REPEAT_UNIT   203620..204015
  rpt_family MTA
REPEAT_UNIT   204135..204490
  rpt_family RLTR8
V-GENE   204841..207600
  IMGT_allele TRBV8*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV8
  pseudo Pseudogene because of STOP-CODON in IMGT-FR2 of V-REGION
5'UTR   204841..206905
  note Position 206814 to 206829 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
REPEAT_UNIT   205365..205480
  rpt_family MLT2FB
L-V-GENE-UNIT   206906..207378
  IMGT_allele TRBV8*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV8
L-INTRON-L   206906..207057
L-PART1   206906..206954
atgaacctcagtttactctgcagtgctgcattttgtttcctgcaggcag M N L S L L C S A A F C F L Q A
* T S V Y S A V L H F V S C R Q
INIT-CODON   206906..206908
DONOR-SPLICE   206954..206956
V-INTRON   206955..207049
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   207047..207051
V-EXON   207050..207344
gtccagtgagtgctggtatcattcagactcccaaatcattgatcctaaaggcaggacaacatgtgacaatcaaatgtactcaggatatgaaacatgactccatgctttggtaccgacaagatccatggttagaactaagagtaatctagtattcctatgatgctggaatcattgacaaagaagaggtctctaaggggtacaatgtctccagatcatgcacagaggacttcaccttcactgtggaattggcctctccctcccagacatctgtgtacttcggtgccagcagttctac V Q * V L V S F R L P N H * S * R Q D N M * Q S N V L R I * N M T P C F G T D K I H G * N * E * S S I P M M L E S L T K K R S L R G T M S P D H A Q R T S P S L W N W P L P P R H L C T S V P A V L
S S E C W Y H S D S Q I I D P K G R T T C D N Q M Y S G Y E T * L H A L V P T R S M V R T K S N L V F L * C W N H * Q R R G L * G V Q C L Q I M H R G L H L H C G I G L S L P D I C V L R C Q Q F Y
P V S A G I I Q T P K S L I L K A G Q H V T I K C T Q D M K H D S M L W Y R Q D P W L E L R V I * Y S Y D A G I I D K E E V S K G Y N V S R S C T E D F T F T V E L A S P S Q T S V Y F G A S S S
L-PART2   207050..207057
gtccagtg V Q
V-REGION   207058..207344
  CDR_length [5.6.4]
  clone Cosmid 83.1
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.37.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV8*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV8
  pseudo Pseudogene because of STOP-CODON in IMGT-FR2 of V-REGION
  strain BALB/c
agtgctggtatcattcagactcccaaatcattgatcctaaaggcaggacaacatgtgacaatcaaatgtactcaggatatgaaacatgactccatgctttggtaccgacaagatccatggttagaactaagagtaatctagtattcctatgatgctggaatcattgacaaagaagaggtctctaaggggtacaatgtctccagatcatgcacagaggacttcaccttcactgtggaattggcctctccctcccagacatctgtgtacttcggtgccagcagttctac S A G I I Q T P K S L I L K A G Q H V T I K C T Q D M K H D S M L W Y R Q D P W L E L R V I * Y S Y D A G I I D K E E V S K G Y N V S R S C T E D F T F T V E L A S P S Q T S V Y F G A S S S
V L V S F R L P N H * S * R Q D N M * Q S N V L R I * N M T P C F G T D K I H G * N * E * S S I P M M L E S L T K K R S L R G T M S P D H A Q R T S P S L W N W P L P P R H L C T S V P A V L
C W Y H S D S Q I I D P K G R T T C D N Q M Y S G Y E T * L H A L V P T R S M V R T K S N L V F L * C W N H * Q R R G L * G V Q C L Q I M H R G L H L H C G I G L S L P D I C V L R C Q Q F Y
FR1-IMGT   207058..207135
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
agtgctggtatcattcagactcccaaatcattgatcctaaaggcaggacaacatgtgacaatcaaatgtactcaggat S A G I I Q T P K S L I L K A G Q H V T I K C T Q D
V L V S F R L P N H * S * R Q D N M * Q S N V L R
1st-CYS   207124..207126
CDR1-IMGT   207136..207150
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
atgaaacatgactcc M K H D S
* N M T
E T * L
FR2-IMGT   207151..207201
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
atgctttggtaccgacaagatccatggttagaactaagagtaatctagtat M L W Y R Q D P W L E L R V I * Y
C F G T D K I H G * N * E * S S
CONSERVED-TRP   207157..207159
STOP-CODON   207196..207198
CDR2-IMGT   207202..207219
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
tcctatgatgctggaatc S Y D A G I
L * C W N
FR3-IMGT   207220..207330
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 and 82 is missing
attgacaaagaagaggtctctaaggggtacaatgtctccagatcatgcacagaggacttcaccttcactgtggaattggcctctccctcccagacatctgtgtacttcggt I D K E E V S K G Y N V S R S C T E D F T F T V E L A S P S Q T S V Y F G
* Q R R G L * G V Q C L Q I M H R G L H L H C G I G L S L P D I C V L R
3'V-REGION   207328..207344
ggtgccagcagttctac G A S S S
2nd-CYS   207328..207330
CDR3-IMGT   207331..207344
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagcagttctac A S S S
3'UTR   207345..207600
V-RS   207345..207378
V-HEPTAMER   207345..207351
V-SPACER   207352..207369
V-NONAMER   207370..207378
V-GENE   207601..212880
  IMGT_allele TRBV9*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV9
  pseudo Pseudogene because of no L-PART1, STOP-CODON in V-REGION
5'UTR   207601..210227
REPEAT_UNIT   208910..209062
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   209886..209943
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TC
REPEAT_UNIT   209943..209975
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GT
REPEAT_UNIT   209945..210181
  rpt_family RSINE2
REPEAT_UNIT   210019..210046
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TTTG
REPEAT_UNIT   210036..210181
  rpt_family B1_MM
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   210225..210229
L-V-GENE-UNIT   210228..210564
  IMGT_allele TRBV9*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV9
V-EXON   210228..210525
acctcactagtgctgaattctcccaatatcccatgtacagagttacaaagaggggataagatgtagttattaagtgtgacacaatttctggtcctactggactttattgctactgacagaactcaagatgaggcccagtgtttctggtgaatttccagggtgagtttatatccaccaaatctggaatgcccagtgaccatttctctgcagtgaggcccgagggctccttctccatgttgaagagccaatcaacacatcaagaagacttaggcatctatctctgtgccagaagcttagc T S L V L N S P N I P C T E L Q R G D K M * L L S V T Q F L V L L D F I A T D R T Q D E A Q C F W * I S R V S L Y P P N L E C P V T I S L Q * G P R A P S P C * R A N Q H I K K T * A S I S V P E A *
P H * C * I L P I S H V Q S Y K E G I R C S Y * V * H N F W S Y W T L L L L T E L K M R P S V S G E F P G * V Y I H Q I W N A Q * P F L C S E A R G L L L H V E E P I N T S R R L R H L S L C Q K L S
L T S A E F S Q Y P M Y R V T K R G * D V V I K C D T I S G P T G L Y C Y * Q N S R * G P V F L V N F Q G E F I S T K S G M P S D H F S A V R P E G S F S M L K S Q S T H Q E D L G I Y L C A R S L
L-PART2   210228..210235
acctcact T S
L-INTRON-L   210228..210235
INIT-CODON   210228..210230
V-REGION   210236..210525
  CDR_length [5.6.4]
  clone Overlap of cosmid 83.1 and 47.2
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.38.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV9*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV9
  pseudo Pseudogene because of no L-PART1, STOP-CODON in V-REGION
  strain BALB/c
agtgctgaattctcccaatatcccatgtacagagttacaaagaggggataagatgtagttattaagtgtgacacaatttctggtcctactggactttattgctactgacagaactcaagatgaggcccagtgtttctggtgaatttccagggtgagtttatatccaccaaatctggaatgcccagtgaccatttctctgcagtgaggcccgagggctccttctccatgttgaagagccaatcaacacatcaagaagacttaggcatctatctctgtgccagaagcttagc S A E F S Q Y P M Y R V T K R G * D V V I K C D T I S G P T G L Y C Y * Q N S R * G P V F L V N F Q G E F I S T K S G M P S D H F S A V R P E G S F S M L K S Q S T H Q E D L G I Y L C A R S L
V L N S P N I P C T E L Q R G D K M * L L S V T Q F L V L L D F I A T D R T Q D E A Q C F W * I S R V S L Y P P N L E C P V T I S L Q * G P R A P S P C * R A N Q H I K K T * A S I S V P E A *
C * I L P I S H V Q S Y K E G I R C S Y * V * H N F W S Y W T L L L L T E L K M R P S V S G E F P G * V Y I H Q I W N A Q * P F L C S E A R G L L L H V E E P I N T S R R L R H L S L C Q K L S
FR1-IMGT   210236..210313
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
agtgctgaattctcccaatatcccatgtacagagttacaaagaggggataagatgtagttattaagtgtgacacaatt S A E F S Q Y P M Y R V T K R G * D V V I K C D T I
V L N S P N I P C T E L Q R G D K M * L L S V T Q
C * I L P I S H V Q S Y K E G I R C S Y * V * H N
1st-CYS   210302..210304
CDR1-IMGT   210314..210328
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
tctggtcctactgga S G P T G
FR2-IMGT   210329..210379
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
ctttattgctactgacagaactcaagatgaggcccagtgtttctggtgaat L Y C Y * Q N S R * G P V F L V N
F I A T D R T Q D E A Q C F W *
CONSERVED-TRP   210335..210337
CDR2-IMGT   210380..210397
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
ttccagggtgagtttata F Q G E F I
P G * V Y
FR3-IMGT   210398..210511
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 is missing
tccaccaaatctggaatgcccagtgaccatttctctgcagtgaggcccgagggctccttctccatgttgaagagccaatcaacacatcaagaagacttaggcatctatctctgt S T K S G M P S D H F S A V R P E G S F S M L K S Q S T H Q E D L G I Y L C
P P N L E C P V T I S L Q * G P R A P S P C * R A N Q H I K K T * A S I S
H Q I W N A Q * P F L C S E A R G L L L H V E E P I N T S R R L R H L S L
3'V-REGION   210509..210525
tgtgccagaagcttagc C A R S L
V P E A *
2nd-CYS   210509..210511
CDR3-IMGT   210512..210525
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagaagcttagc A R S L
P E A *
3'UTR   210526..212880
V-RS   210526..210564
V-HEPTAMER   210526..210532
V-SPACER   210533..210555
V-NONAMER   210556..210564
REPEAT_UNIT   211016..211053
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AACT
REPEAT_UNIT   212817..213246
  rpt_family Lx
V-GENE   212881..222720
  IMGT_allele TRBV10*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV10
  pseudo Pseudogene because of no L-PART1, no 1st_CYS, no 2nd_CYS
5'UTR   212881..214172
  note Position 213890 to 213905 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   214169..214173
V-EXON   214172..214465
caggagatggtggaatcacccagacacctagatactggatcacacagacctcaagaaagataatcctgaactattctcaggatatgaaccactatcggatgttctggtatcaacaagatgcagggcaggggttgaagctgatccattactcagtaggcactgacagaactaccaaaagtgatgtccctgaagggtacagtgccttcagaaatgagatacagagctttcccctgacattagagtcaaccagttccaaccagacctccatgtacttctgggccagcagtgaacaaa Q E M V E S P R H L D T G S H R P Q E R * S * T I L R I * T T I G C S G I N K M Q G R G * S * S I T Q * A L T E L P K V M S L K G T V P S E M R Y R A F P * H * S Q P V P T R P P C T S G P A V N K
R R W W N H P D T * I L D H T D L K K D N P E L F S G Y E P L S D V L V S T R C R A G V E A D P L L S R H * Q N Y Q K * C P * R V Q C L Q K * D T E L S P D I R V N Q F Q P D L H V L L G Q Q * T
L-PART2   214172..214176
L-V-GENE-UNIT   214173..214504
  IMGT_allele TRBV10*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV10
L-INTRON-L   214173..214176
INIT-CODON   214173..214175
V-REGION   214177..214465
  CDR_length [5.6.5]
  clone Overlap of cosmid 83.1 and 47.2
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.37.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV10*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV10
  pseudo Pseudogene because of no L-PART1, no 1st_CYS, no 2nd_CYS
gatggtggaatcacccagacacctagatactggatcacacagacctcaagaaagataatcctgaactattctcaggatatgaaccactatcggatgttctggtatcaacaagatgcagggcaggggttgaagctgatccattactcagtaggcactgacagaactaccaaaagtgatgtccctgaagggtacagtgccttcagaaatgagatacagagctttcccctgacattagagtcaaccagttccaaccagacctccatgtacttctgggccagcagtgaacaaa D G G I T Q T P R Y W I T Q T S R K I I L N Y S Q D M N H Y R M F W Y Q Q D A G Q G L K L I H Y S V G T D R T T K S D V P E G Y S A F R N E I Q S F P L T L E S T S S N Q T S M Y F W A S S E Q
M V E S P R H L D T G S H R P Q E R * S * T I L R I * T T I G C S G I N K M Q G R G * S * S I T Q * A L T E L P K V M S L K G T V P S E M R Y R A F P * H * S Q P V P T R P P C T S G P A V N K
W W N H P D T * I L D H T D L K K D N P E L F S G Y E P L S D V L V S T R C R A G V E A D P L L S R H * Q N Y Q K * C P * R V Q C L Q K * D T E L S P D I R V N Q F Q P D L H V L L G Q Q * T
FR1-IMGT   214177..214254
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
gatggtggaatcacccagacacctagatactggatcacacagacctcaagaaagataatcctgaactattctcaggat D G G I T Q T P R Y W I T Q T S R K I I L N Y S Q D
M V E S P R H L D T G S H R P Q E R * S * T I L R
W W N H P D T * I L D H T D L K K D N P E L F S G
1st-CYS   214243..214245
CDR1-IMGT   214255..214269
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
atgaaccactatcgg M N H Y R
* T T I
FR2-IMGT   214270..214320
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
atgttctggtatcaacaagatgcagggcaggggttgaagctgatccattac M F W Y Q Q D A G Q G L K L I H Y
C S G I N K M Q G R G * S * S I
CONSERVED-TRP   214276..214278
CDR2-IMGT   214321..214338
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
tcagtaggcactgacaga S V G T D R
Q * A L T
S R H * Q
FR3-IMGT   214339..214449
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 and 82 is missing
actaccaaaagtgatgtccctgaagggtacagtgccttcagaaatgagatacagagctttcccctgacattagagtcaaccagttccaaccagacctccatgtacttctgg T T K S D V P E G Y S A F R N E I Q S F P L T L E S T S S N Q T S M Y F W
L P K V M S L K G T V P S E M R Y R A F P * H * S Q P V P T R P P C T S
Y Q K * C P * R V Q C L Q K * D T E L S P D I R V N Q F Q P D L H V L L
3'V-REGION   214447..214465
tgggccagcagtgaacaaa W A S S E Q
G Q Q * T
2nd-CYS   214447..214449
CDR3-IMGT   214450..214465
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 109
gccagcagtgaacaaa A S S E Q
Q Q * T
3'UTR   214466..222720
V-RS   214466..214504
V-HEPTAMER   214466..214472
V-SPACER   214473..214495
V-NONAMER   214496..214504
REPEAT_UNIT   214542..214605
  rpt_family MLT2G
REPEAT_UNIT   215815..216246
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   216243..216377
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   216349..216376
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TAA
REPEAT_UNIT   216418..216476
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AAGA
REPEAT_UNIT   216765..216990
  rpt_family L1ME, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   217060..217219
  rpt_family B3A, complement
REPEAT_UNIT   217221..217548
  rpt_family ORR1B
REPEAT_UNIT   217557..217584
  rpt_family ORR1A-INT
REPEAT_UNIT   217672..217773
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TC
REPEAT_UNIT   217773..217816
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GT
REPEAT_UNIT   217779..217850
  rpt_family RSINE2
REPEAT_UNIT   217907..218038
  rpt_family B3A
REPEAT_UNIT   217953..218038
  rpt_family B4
REPEAT_UNIT   218300..219295
  rpt_family L1MC1
REPEAT_UNIT   219294..219360
  rpt_family Lx8
REPEAT_UNIT   219426..219850
  rpt_family RMER10A
REPEAT_UNIT   220581..220977
  rpt_family Lx2
REPEAT_UNIT   220993..221088
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AG
V-GENE   222721..232080
  IMGT_allele TRBV11*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV11
  pseudo Pseudogene because of frameshift in V-EXON
5'UTR   222721..229042
  note Position 228935 to 228950 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
REPEAT_UNIT   223198..223240
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TC
REPEAT_UNIT   223276..223345
  rpt_family MTD
REPEAT_UNIT   223878..223903
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit AC
REPEAT_UNIT   223903..223973
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GA
REPEAT_UNIT   224706..224761
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit CT
REPEAT_UNIT   224797..225183
  rpt_family MTD
L-INTRON-L   229043..229282
L-PART1   229043..229096
atgccacggacaccaggcacttctgatatgtggcctctcacttcctaggggcag M P R T P G T S D M W P L T S * G Q
A T D T R H F * Y V A S H F L G A
INIT-CODON   229043..229045
DONOR-SPLICE   229096..229098
V-INTRON   229097..229273
REPEAT_UNIT   229125..229167
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit CTGT
REPEAT_UNIT   229167..229207
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit CT
REPEAT_UNIT   229207..229255
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GT
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   229271..229275
V-EXON   229274..229541
  IMGT_note frameshift in V-EXON
tctcctactcataggatcaccaaaaagtgaaaggatgtatgtttcagggtgatctaatttcaggacacaatcccctttactggtatcgacagatcttggggcaagagccatggtttctaacttatttacagaatggagctccaccagacaaatcaggatttcctagtcatcactttactgttgagaggcttgaaggatcctactctattctgaagacccagactgtgaagcgggactcgacagagcacctctctttcagtggcttagc S P T H R I T K K * K D V C F R V I * F Q D T I P F T G I D R S W G K S H G F * L I Y R M E L H Q T N Q D F L V I T L L L R G L K D P T L F * R P R L * S G T R Q S T S L S V A *
L L L I G S P K S E R M Y V S G * S N F R T Q S P L L V S T D L G A R A M V S N L F T E W S S T R Q I R I S * S S L Y C * E A * R I L L Y S E D P D C E A G L D R A P L F Q W L S
S Y S * D H Q K V K G C M F Q G D L I S G H N P L Y W Y R Q I L G Q E P W F L T Y L Q N G A P P D K S G F P S H H F T V E R L E G S Y S I L K T Q T V K R D S T E H L S F S G L
L-PART2   229274..229282
tctcctact S P T
V-REGION   229282..229541
  clone Cosmid 47.2
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  IMGT_allele TRBV11*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV11
  pseudo Pseudogene because of frameshift in V-EXON
  strain BALB/c
tcataggatcaccaaaaagtgaaaggatgtatgtttcagggtgatctaatttcaggacacaatcccctttactggtatcgacagatcttggggcaagagccatggtttctaacttatttacagaatggagctccaccagacaaatcaggatttcctagtcatcactttactgttgagaggcttgaaggatcctactctattctgaagacccagactgtgaagcgggactcgacagagcacctctctttcagtggcttagc S * D H Q K V K G C M F Q G D L I S G H N P L Y W Y R Q I L G Q E P W F L T Y L Q N G A P P D K S G F P S H H F T V E R L E G S Y S I L K T Q T V K R D S T E H L S F S G L
H R I T K K * K D V C F R V I * F Q D T I P F T G I D R S W G K S H G F * L I Y R M E L H Q T N Q D F L V I T L L L R G L K D P T L F * R P R L * S G T R Q S T S L S V A *
I G S P K S E R M Y V S G * S N F R T Q S P L L V S T D L G A R A M V S N L F T E W S S T R Q I R I S * S S L Y C * E A * R I L L Y S E D P D C E A G L D R A P L F Q W L S
3'UTR   229542..232080
V-RS   229542..229578
V-HEPTAMER   229542..229548
V-SPACER   229549..229569
V-NONAMER   229570..229578
REPEAT_UNIT   230095..230126
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TA
REPEAT_UNIT   230141..230184
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TA
REPEAT_UNIT   230238..230421
  rpt_family L1M4
REPEAT_UNIT   231414..231899
  rpt_family L1
REPEAT_UNIT   231898..233055
  rpt_family Lx
V-GENE   232081..237119
  IMGT_allele TRBV12-1*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV12-1
5'UTR   232081..235804
  note Position 235708 to 235723 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
REPEAT_UNIT   234192..234377
  rpt_family L1M4
REPEAT_UNIT   234666..234850
  rpt_family B2
L-INTRON-L   235805..236020
L-PART1   235805..235883
  protein_id AAB69050.1
atgtctaacactgtcctcgctgattctgcctggggcatcaccctgctatcttgggttactgtctttctcttgggaacaa M S N T V L A D S A W G I T L L S W V T V F L L G T
V * H C P R * F C L G H H P A I L G Y C L S L G N
INIT-CODON   235805..235807
DONOR-SPLICE   235883..235885
V-INTRON   235884..236012
REPEAT_UNIT   235926..235965
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TGC
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   236010..236014
V-EXON   236013..236305
  protein_id AAB69050.1
gttcagcagattctggggttgtccagtctccaagacacataatcaaagaaaagggaggaaggtccgttctgacgtgtattcccatctctggacatagcaatgtggtctggtaccagcagactctggggaaggaattaaagttccttattcagcattatgaaaaggtggagagagacaaaggattcctacccagcagattctcagtccaacagtttgatgactatcactctgaaatgaacatgagtgccttggaactggaggactctgctatgtacttctgtgccagctctctc V Q Q I L G L S S L Q D T * S K K R E E G P F * R V F P S L D I A M W S G T S R L W G R N * S S L F S I M K R W R E T K D S Y P A D S Q S N S L M T I T L K * T * V P W N W R T L L C T S V P A L
F S R F W G C P V S K T H N Q R K G R K V R S D V Y S H L W T * Q C G L V P A D S G E G I K V P Y S A L * K G G E R Q R I P T Q Q I L S P T V * * L S L * N E H E C L G T G G L C Y V L L C Q L S
L-PART2   236013..236020
gttcagca V Q
V-REGION   236021..236305
  CDR_length [5.5.4]
  clone Overlap of cosmid 47.2 and 67.2
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.38.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV12-1*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV12-1
  strain BALB/c
gattctggggttgtccagtctccaagacacataatcaaagaaaagggaggaaggtccgttctgacgtgtattcccatctctggacatagcaatgtggtctggtaccagcagactctggggaaggaattaaagttccttattcagcattatgaaaaggtggagagagacaaaggattcctacccagcagattctcagtccaacagtttgatgactatcactctgaaatgaacatgagtgccttggaactggaggactctgctatgtacttctgtgccagctctctc D S G V V Q S P R H I I K E K G G R S V L T C I P I S G H S N V V W Y Q Q T L G K E L K F L I Q H Y E K V E R D K G F L P S R F S V Q Q F D D Y H S E M N M S A L E L E D S A M Y F C A S S L
I L G L S S L Q D T * S K K R E E G P F * R V F P S L D I A M W S G T S R L W G R N * S S L F S I M K R W R E T K D S Y P A D S Q S N S L M T I T L K * T * V P W N W R T L L C T S V P A L
F W G C P V S K T H N Q R K G R K V R S D V Y S H L W T * Q C G L V P A D S G E G I K V P Y S A L * K G G E R Q R I P T Q Q I L S P T V * * L S L * N E H E C L G T G G L C Y V L L C Q L S
FR1-IMGT   236021..236098
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
gattctggggttgtccagtctccaagacacataatcaaagaaaagggaggaaggtccgttctgacgtgtattcccatc D S G V V Q S P R H I I K E K G G R S V L T C I P I
I L G L S S L Q D T * S K K R E E G P F * R V F P
1st-CYS   236087..236089
CDR1-IMGT   236099..236113
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
tctggacatagcaat S G H S N
W T * Q
FR2-IMGT   236114..236164
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
gtggtctggtaccagcagactctggggaaggaattaaagttccttattcag V V W Y Q Q T L G K E L K F L I Q
W S G T S R L W G R N * S S L F
CONSERVED-TRP   236120..236122
CDR2-IMGT   236165..236179
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61, 62 and 63 are missing
cattatgaaaaggtg H Y E K V
L * K G
FR3-IMGT   236180..236293
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 is missing
gagagagacaaaggattcctacccagcagattctcagtccaacagtttgatgactatcactctgaaatgaacatgagtgccttggaactggaggactctgctatgtacttctgt E R D K G F L P S R F S V Q Q F D D Y H S E M N M S A L E L E D S A M Y F C
R E T K D S Y P A D S Q S N S L M T I T L K * T * V P W N W R T L L C T S
E R Q R I P T Q Q I L S P T V * * L S L * N E H E C L G T G G L C Y V L L
2nd-CYS   236291..236293
CDR3-IMGT   236294..236306
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagctctctcc A S S L
3'UTR   236307..237119
V-RS   236307..236344
V-HEPTAMER   236307..236313
V-SPACER   236314..236335
V-NONAMER   236336..236344
V-GENE   237120..240000
  IMGT_allele TRBV13-1*02
  IMGT_gene TRBV13-1
5'UTR   237120..238273
  note Position 238188 to 238203 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
L-V-GENE-UNIT   238274..238745
  IMGT_allele TRBV13-1*02
  IMGT_gene TRBV13-1
L-INTRON-L   238274..238420
L-PART1   238274..238316
  protein_id AAB69051.1
atgggctccaggctctttctggtcttgagcctcctgtgtacaa M G S R L F L V L S L L C T
W A P G S F W S * A S C V Q
INIT-CODON   238274..238276
DONOR-SPLICE   238316..238318
V-INTRON   238317..238412
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   238410..238414
V-EXON   238413..238706
  protein_id AAB69051.1
aacacatggaggctgcagtcacccaaagccctagaaacaaggtgacagtaacaggaggaaacgtgacattgagctgtcgccagactaatagccacaactacatgtactggtatcggcaggacactgggcatgggctgaggctgatccattactcatatggtgctggcaaccttcaaataggagatgtccctgatgggtacaaggccaccagaacaacgcaagaagacttcttcctcctgctggaattggcttctccctctcagacatctttgtacttctgtgccagcagtgatg N T W R L Q S P K A L E T R * Q * Q E E T * H * A V A R L I A T T T C T G I G R T L G M G * G * S I T H M V L A T F K * E M S L M G T R P P E Q R K K T S S S C W N W L L P L R H L C T S V P A V M
T H G G C S H P K P * K Q G D S N R R K R D I E L S P D * * P Q L H V L V S A G H W A W A E A D P L L I W C W Q P S N R R C P * W V Q G H Q N N A R R L L P P A G I G F S L S D I F V L L C Q Q *
L-PART2   238413..238420
aacacatg N T
V-REGION   238421..238706
  CDR_length [5.6.4]
  clone Overlap of cosmid 47.2 and 67.2
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.37.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV13-1*02
  IMGT_gene TRBV13-1
  strain BALB/c
gaggctgcagtcacccaaagccctagaaacaaggtgacagtaacaggaggaaacgtgacattgagctgtcgccagactaatagccacaactacatgtactggtatcggcaggacactgggcatgggctgaggctgatccattactcatatggtgctggcaaccttcaaataggagatgtccctgatgggtacaaggccaccagaacaacgcaagaagacttcttcctcctgctggaattggcttctccctctcagacatctttgtacttctgtgccagcagtgatg E A A V T Q S P R N K V T V T G G N V T L S C R Q T N S H N Y M Y W Y R Q D T G H G L R L I H Y S Y G A G N L Q I G D V P D G Y K A T R T T Q E D F F L L L E L A S P S Q T S L Y F C A S S D
R L Q S P K A L E T R * Q * Q E E T * H * A V A R L I A T T T C T G I G R T L G M G * G * S I T H M V L A T F K * E M S L M G T R P P E Q R K K T S S S C W N W L L P L R H L C T S V P A V M
G C S H P K P * K Q G D S N R R K R D I E L S P D * * P Q L H V L V S A G H W A W A E A D P L L I W C W Q P S N R R C P * W V Q G H Q N N A R R L L P P A G I G F S L S D I F V L L C Q Q *
FR1-IMGT   238421..238498
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
gaggctgcagtcacccaaagccctagaaacaaggtgacagtaacaggaggaaacgtgacattgagctgtcgccagact E A A V T Q S P R N K V T V T G G N V T L S C R Q T
R L Q S P K A L E T R * Q * Q E E T * H * A V A R
G C S H P K P * K Q G D S N R R K R D I E L S P D
1st-CYS   238487..238489
CDR1-IMGT   238499..238513
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
aatagccacaactac N S H N Y
* P Q L
FR2-IMGT   238514..238564
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
atgtactggtatcggcaggacactgggcatgggctgaggctgatccattac M Y W Y R Q D T G H G L R L I H Y
C T G I G R T L G M G * G * S I
CONSERVED-TRP   238520..238522
CDR2-IMGT   238565..238582
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
tcatatggtgctggcaac S Y G A G N
FR3-IMGT   238583..238693
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 and 82 is missing
cttcaaataggagatgtccctgatgggtacaaggccaccagaacaacgcaagaagacttcttcctcctgctggaattggcttctccctctcagacatctttgtacttctgt L Q I G D V P D G Y K A T R T T Q E D F F L L L E L A S P S Q T S L Y F C
F K * E M S L M G T R P P E Q R K K T S S S C W N W L L P L R H L C T S
S N R R C P * W V Q G H Q N N A R R L L P P A G I G F S L S D I F V L L
3'V-REGION   238691..238706
tgtgccagcagtgatg C A S S D
C Q Q *
2nd-CYS   238691..238693
CDR3-IMGT   238694..238706
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagcagtgatg A S S D
Q Q *
3'UTR   238707..240000
V-RS   238707..238745
V-HEPTAMER   238707..238713
V-SPACER   238714..238736
V-NONAMER   238737..238745
REPEAT_UNIT   238931..239041
  rpt_family B1-F
REPEAT_UNIT   239030..239083
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit CT
REPEAT_UNIT   239730..239872
  rpt_family Lx10
V-GENE   240001..242880
  IMGT_allele TRBV12-2*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV12-2
5'UTR   240001..241101
  note Position 241009 to 241024 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
L-INTRON-L   241102..241317
L-PART1   241102..241180
  protein_id AAB69052.1
atgtctaacactgccttccctgaccccgcctggaacaccaccctgctatcttgggttgctctctttctcctgggaacaa M S N T A F P D P A W N T T L L S W V A L F L L G T
V * H C L P * P R L E H H P A I L G C S L S P G N
INIT-CODON   241102..241104
DONOR-SPLICE   241180..241182
V-INTRON   241181..241309
REPEAT_UNIT   241223..241259
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit TGC
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   241307..241311
V-EXON   241310..241602
  protein_id AAB69052.1
gttcagcaaattctggggttgtccagtctccaagatacataatcaaaggaaagggagaaaggtccattctaaaatgtattcccatctctggacatctctctgtggcctggtatcaacagactcaggggcaggaactaaagttcttcattcagcattatgataaaatggagagagataaaggaaacctgcccagcagattctcagtccaacagtttgatgactatcactctgagatgaacatgagtgccttggagctagaggactctgccgtgtacttctgtgccagctctctc V Q Q I L G L S S L Q D T * S K E R E K G P F * N V F P S L D I S L W P G I N R L R G R N * S S S F S I M I K W R E I K E T C P A D S Q S N S L M T I T L R * T * V P W S * R T L P C T S V P A L
F S K F W G C P V S K I H N Q R K G R K V H S K M Y S H L W T S L C G L V S T D S G A G T K V L H S A L * * N G E R * R K P A Q Q I L S P T V * * L S L * D E H E C L G A R G L C R V L L C Q L S
L-PART2   241310..241317
gttcagca V Q
V-REGION   241318..241602
  CDR_length [5.5.4]
  clone Cosmid 67.2
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.38.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV12-2*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV12-2
  strain BALB/c
aattctggggttgtccagtctccaagatacataatcaaaggaaagggagaaaggtccattctaaaatgtattcccatctctggacatctctctgtggcctggtatcaacagactcaggggcaggaactaaagttcttcattcagcattatgataaaatggagagagataaaggaaacctgcccagcagattctcagtccaacagtttgatgactatcactctgagatgaacatgagtgccttggagctagaggactctgccgtgtacttctgtgccagctctctc N S G V V Q S P R Y I I K G K G E R S I L K C I P I S G H L S V A W Y Q Q T Q G Q E L K F F I Q H Y D K M E R D K G N L P S R F S V Q Q F D D Y H S E M N M S A L E L E D S A V Y F C A S S L
I L G L S S L Q D T * S K E R E K G P F * N V F P S L D I S L W P G I N R L R G R N * S S S F S I M I K W R E I K E T C P A D S Q S N S L M T I T L R * T * V P W S * R T L P C T S V P A L
F W G C P V S K I H N Q R K G R K V H S K M Y S H L W T S L C G L V S T D S G A G T K V L H S A L * * N G E R * R K P A Q Q I L S P T V * * L S L * D E H E C L G A R G L C R V L L C Q L S
FR1-IMGT   241318..241395
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
aattctggggttgtccagtctccaagatacataatcaaaggaaagggagaaaggtccattctaaaatgtattcccatc N S G V V Q S P R Y I I K G K G E R S I L K C I P I
I L G L S S L Q D T * S K E R E K G P F * N V F P
1st-CYS   241384..241386
CDR1-IMGT   241396..241410
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
tctggacatctctct S G H L S
FR2-IMGT   241411..241461
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
gtggcctggtatcaacagactcaggggcaggaactaaagttcttcattcag V A W Y Q Q T Q G Q E L K F F I Q
W P G I N R L R G R N * S S S F
CONSERVED-TRP   241417..241419
CDR2-IMGT   241462..241476
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61, 62 and 63 are missing
cattatgataaaatg H Y D K M
L * * N
FR3-IMGT   241477..241590
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 is missing
gagagagataaaggaaacctgcccagcagattctcagtccaacagtttgatgactatcactctgagatgaacatgagtgccttggagctagaggactctgccgtgtacttctgt E R D K G N L P S R F S V Q Q F D D Y H S E M N M S A L E L E D S A V Y F C
R E I K E T C P A D S Q S N S L M T I T L R * T * V P W S * R T L P C T S
E R * R K P A Q Q I L S P T V * * L S L * D E H E C L G A R G L C R V L L
2nd-CYS   241588..241590
CDR3-IMGT   241591..241602
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagctctctc A S S L
3'UTR   241603..242880
3'UTR   241603..241641
V-HEPTAMER   241603..241609
V-SPACER   241610..241632
V-NONAMER   241633..241641
REPEAT_UNIT   242144..242196
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GT
V-GENE   242881..248400
  IMGT_allele TRBV13-2*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV13-2
5'UTR   242881..243631
  note Position 243546 to 243561 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
L-V-GENE-UNIT   243632..244107
  IMGT_allele TRBV13-2*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV13-2
L-INTRON-L   243632..243782
L-PART1   243632..243677
  protein_id AAB69053.1
atgggctccaggctcttcttcgtgctctccagtctcctgtgttcaa M G S R L F F V L S S L L C S
INIT-CODON   243632..243634
DONOR-SPLICE   243677..243679
V-INTRON   243678..243774
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   243772..243776
V-EXON   243775..244068
  protein_id AAB69053.1
aacacatggaggctgcagtcacccaaagcccaagaaacaaggtggcagtaacaggaggaaaggtgacattgagctgtaatcagactaataaccacaacaacatgtactggtatcggcaggacacggggcatgggctgaggctgatccattattcatatggtgctggcagcactgagaaaggagatatccctgatggatacaaggcctccagaccaagccaagagaacttctccctcattctggagttggctaccccctctcagacatcagtgtacttctgtgccagcggtgatg N T W R L Q S P K A Q E T R W Q * Q E E R * H * A V I R L I T T T T C T G I G R T R G M G * G * S I I H M V L A A L R K E I S L M D T R P P D Q A K R T S P S F W S W L P P L R H Q C T S V P A V M
T H G G C S H P K P K K Q G G S N R R K G D I E L * S D * * P Q Q H V L V S A G H G A W A E A D P L F I W C W Q H * E R R Y P * W I Q G L Q T K P R E L L P H S G V G Y P L S D I S V L L C Q R *
L-PART2   243775..243782
aacacatg N T
V-REGION   243783..244068
  CDR_length [5.6.4]
  clone Cosmid 67.2
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [26.17.37.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV13-2*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV13-2
  strain BALB/c
gaggctgcagtcacccaaagcccaagaaacaaggtggcagtaacaggaggaaaggtgacattgagctgtaatcagactaataaccacaacaacatgtactggtatcggcaggacacggggcatgggctgaggctgatccattattcatatggtgctggcagcactgagaaaggagatatccctgatggatacaaggcctccagaccaagccaagagaacttctccctcattctggagttggctaccccctctcagacatcagtgtacttctgtgccagcggtgatg E A A V T Q S P R N K V A V T G G K V T L S C N Q T N N H N N M Y W Y R Q D T G H G L R L I H Y S Y G A G S T E K G D I P D G Y K A S R P S Q E N F S L I L E L A T P S Q T S V Y F C A S G D
R L Q S P K A Q E T R W Q * Q E E R * H * A V I R L I T T T T C T G I G R T R G M G * G * S I I H M V L A A L R K E I S L M D T R P P D Q A K R T S P S F W S W L P P L R H Q C T S V P A V M
G C S H P K P K K Q G G S N R R K G D I E L * S D * * P Q Q H V L V S A G H G A W A E A D P L F I W C W Q H * E R R Y P * W I Q G L Q T K P R E L L P H S G V G Y P L S D I S V L L C Q R *
FR1-IMGT   243783..243860
  AA_IMGT AA 1 to 26
gaggctgcagtcacccaaagcccaagaaacaaggtggcagtaacaggaggaaaggtgacattgagctgtaatcagact E A A V T Q S P R N K V A V T G G K V T L S C N Q T
R L Q S P K A Q E T R W Q * Q E E R * H * A V I R
G C S H P K P K K Q G G S N R R K G D I E L * S D
1st-CYS   243849..243851
CDR1-IMGT   243861..243875
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36 are missing
aataaccacaacaac N N H N N
* P Q Q
FR2-IMGT   243876..243926
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
atgtactggtatcggcaggacacggggcatgggctgaggctgatccattat M Y W Y R Q D T G H G L R L I H Y
C T G I G R T R G M G * G * S I
CONSERVED-TRP   243882..243884
CDR2-IMGT   243927..243944
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61 and 62 are missing
tcatatggtgctggcagc S Y G A G S
FR3-IMGT   243945..244055
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 and 82 is missing
actgagaaaggagatatccctgatggatacaaggcctccagaccaagccaagagaacttctccctcattctggagttggctaccccctctcagacatcagtgtacttctgt T E K G D I P D G Y K A S R P S Q E N F S L I L E L A T P S Q T S V Y F C
* E R R Y P * W I Q G L Q T K P R E L L P H S G V G Y P L S D I S V L L
3'V-REGION   244053..244068
tgtgccagcggtgatg C A S G D
C Q R *
2nd-CYS   244053..244055
CDR3-IMGT   244056..244068
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 108
gccagcggtgatg A S G D
Q R *
3'UTR   244069..248400
V-RS   244069..244107
V-HEPTAMER   244069..244075
V-SPACER   244076..244098
V-NONAMER   244099..244107
REPEAT_UNIT   244443..244540
  rpt_family Lx2
REPEAT_UNIT   245803..246365
  rpt_family L1
REPEAT_UNIT   246363..246925
  rpt_family L1_MM
REPEAT_UNIT   247240..247284
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GTTTT
REPEAT_UNIT   248356..248747
  rpt_family L1M4
V-GENE   248401..250611
  IMGT_allele TRBV12-3*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV12-3
  pseudo Pseudogene because of frameshift in IMGT_FR1 of V-REGION, STOP-CODON in IMGT_FR3 of V-REGION
5'UTR   248401..249826
  note Position 249736 to 249751 conserved 16 mer; possible promoter
L-V-GENE-UNIT   249827..250344
  IMGT_allele TRBV12-3*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV12-3
L-INTRON-L   249827..250026
L-PART1   249827..249905
atgtgtaatactaccctccttaattttgcctggggcaccaccctgctttcttggattactgtctttctcctgggaacaa M C N T T L L N F A W G T T L L S W I T V F L L G T
V * Y Y P P * F C L G H H P A F L D Y C L S P G N
INIT-CODON   249827..249829
DONOR-SPLICE   249905..249907
V-INTRON   249906..250018
REPEAT_UNIT   249943..249969
  rpt_type TANDEM
  rpt_unit GCT
ACCEPTOR-SPLICE   250016..250020
V-EXON   250019..250311
gttcagcaaattctggggttgtccagtctccaagacacaaaatcaaagaaaagggagaaaggttcattctgaaagttattcccacctctctgaacatagccatgcggtccggtaccaacagactcgggatcaggaactaaagttcctcattcagaattatgaaaaagctgagggagagaaaggaaacctgcctggttgatttttaatccaacagttcaacgacttttactctgagattaacctgagtgccttggacctagaggactttactgtgtacttttgtgccagctcac V Q Q I L G L S S L Q D T K S K K R E K G S F * K L F P P L * T * P C G P V P T D S G S G T K V P H S E L * K S * G R E R K P A W L I F N P T V Q R L L L * D * P E C L G P R G L Y C V L L C Q L
F S K F W G C P V S K T Q N Q R K G R K V H S E S Y S H L S E H S H A V R Y Q Q T R D Q E L K F L I Q N Y E K A E G E K G N L P G * F L I Q Q F N D F Y S E I N L S A L D L E D F T V Y F C A S S
S A N S G V V Q S P R H K I K E K G E R F I L K V I P T S L N I A M R S G T N R L G I R N * S S S F R I M K K L R E R K E T C L V D F * S N S S T T F T L R L T * V P W T * R T L L C T F V P A H
L-PART2   250019..250026
gttcagca V Q
V-REGION   250027..250311
  CDR_length [6.5.3]
  clone Cosmid 67.2
  clone_lib Kai Wang
  FR_length [X.17.38.G]
  IMGT_allele TRBV12-3*01
  IMGT_gene TRBV12-3
  pseudo Pseudogene because of frameshift in IMGT_FR1 of V-REGION, STOP-CODON in IMGT_FR3 of V-REGION
  strain BALB/c
aattctggggttgtccagtctccaagacacaaaatcaaagaaaagggagaaaggttcattctgaaagttattcccacctctctgaacatagccatgcggtccggtaccaacagactcgggatcaggaactaaagttcctcattcagaattatgaaaaagctgagggagagaaaggaaacctgcctggttgatttttaatccaacagttcaacgacttttactctgagattaacctgagtgccttggacctagaggactttactgtgtacttttgtgccagctcac N S G V V Q S P R H K I K E K G E R F I L K V I P T S L N I A M R S G T N R L G I R N * S S S F R I M K K L R E R K E T C L V D F * S N S S T T F T L R L T * V P W T * R T L L C T F V P A H
I L G L S S L Q D T K S K K R E K G S F * K L F P P L * T * P C G P V P T D S G S G T K V P H S E L * K S * G R E R K P A W L I F N P T V Q R L L L * D * P E C L G P R G L Y C V L L C Q L
F W G C P V S K T Q N Q R K G R K V H S E S Y S H L S E H S H A V R Y Q Q T R D Q E L K F L I Q N Y E K A E G E K G N L P G * F L I Q Q F N D F Y S E I N L S A L D L E D F T V Y F C A S S
FR1-IMGT   250027..250103
aattctggggttgtccagtctccaagacacaaaatcaaagaaaagggagaaaggttcattctgaaagttattcccac N S G V V Q S P R H K I K E K G E R F I L K V I P
I L G L S S L Q D T K S K K R E K G S F * K L F P
CDR1-IMGT   250104..250121
  AA_IMGT AA 27 to 38, AA 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35 are missing
ctctctgaacatagccat L S E H S H
L * T * P
FR2-IMGT   250122..250172
  AA_IMGT AA 39 to 55
gcggtccggtaccaacagactcgggatcaggaactaaagttcctcattcag A V R Y Q Q T R D Q E L K F L I Q
R S G T N R L G I R N * S S S F
CDR2-IMGT   250173..250187
  AA_IMGT AA 56 to 65, AA 59, 60, 61, 62 and 63 are missing
aattatgaaaaagct N Y E K A
L * K S
FR3-IMGT   250188..250301
  AA_IMGT AA 66 to 104, AA 73 is missing
gagggagagaaaggaaacctgcctggttgatttttaatccaacagttcaacgacttttactctgagattaacctgagtgccttggacctagaggactttactgtgtacttttgt E G E K G N L P G * F L I Q Q F N D F Y S E I N L S A L D L E D F T V Y F C
R E R K E T C L V D F * S N S S T T F T L R L T * V P W T * R T L L C T F
G R E R K P A W L I F N P T V Q R L L L * D * P E C L G P R G L Y C V L L
2nd-CYS   250299..250301
CDR3-IMGT   250302..250311
  AA_IMGT AA 105 to 107
gccagctcac A S S
3'UTR   250312..250611
V-RS   250312..250344
V-HEPTAMER   250312..250318
V-SPACER   250319..250335
V-NONAMER   250336..250344

Literature references

[1] 1-250611
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Submitted to the ENA/GenBank/DDBJ databases (20-JUL-1997)
Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Box 357730 University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195, USA

Database cross-references

Database Identifiers Relation
ENA AE000663


Length : 250611 BP
Composition : 76083 A; 48929 C; 49967 G; 75632 T; 0 other

     gatcacagcc cctgaagctg tgatatggag tttgctgaaa tcatattctt gattatcagg        60
     agattaagat accctaccaa acaccttggt acacccaagg taggggatgc cttctagaag       120
     atataatgag tagctcattt catagattgg caaagtaact ttaaatctag ctgagaattc       180
     atagacatga tttccataaa ataccaaata aactcactct tctggacttt taataataac       240
     tgaaactcca caaaatattt gttcttagtc tctgttcttt cccccacaga attcttagac       300
     aagccttgtg ctacaaggat aagaacttgc ttttctctag tttgatttta cttattctca       360
     gagctcaatt caccttgggt ttccagatag attcttcatt ctaagtgact cacatgtggc       420
     aatataactt gatttaggat aaacaaagac catccaacag tagaaactcg ggtgtagaga       480
     acaaggatgg catattgcat gttgtatttg gggcaaccaa atcttcctga tgctttaagc       540
     tgataattca agagacttcc aagctgcttt tcctggacca aagactcaaa tgaaagagac       600
     tgccaaagga agcaagttga attctattta atgtgatact tagaaatttt atctctatgt       660
     acacagagtc ccttccttta tcaaaaatta ccctttattc tctagtatat ctatatagcc       720
     tactcacatt gctctgaaaa gactggacac aaactatcat taaaatagag aagtaatgcc       780
     ttctccaggg ccacgtacat gccaaggggt ttaccatgat ctccctctgt actaaagctc       840
     catcttactc atagcatcaa tttgaaagaa agcaggacac tagaattctt ggagagtgga       900
     tccaccatct aacactcagg cttagaggca gaatttctca taaaacatgt gattctatta       960
     atggtcctga aaccttaaga gtgatttgga cagtaaattg tggataaaaa cctagaacct      1020
     gtagtatcat ggtttcggtt atggaaagtg tcaaaaggac acttagaggg gtcaaattgg      1080
     caagctgttt ttgtagctca tgataaggga gtaagtatca tgaggagaca gaatcatact      1140
     ccagtctgca gcattgcaag gagacacgag aggctaccct gcaggaacag tacagcaatc      1200
     atgggcaggg gcctcagagt agcagtattg gagccagaga gggccagtgg tacagccctg      1260
     aagcctgccg gggtattgtc ctgaggttcc accttgcctc cagtagactc taagcatggt      1320
     cctcgaggag ttggtataat atcaggaatc caacctgttg tattttctac ttcttcctgt      1380
     aggagataga aagaaatgga gtagattcag aaatatccct accatctttc catttcttga      1440
     aactttactg tgccacccca cccttacaag ctaaactggg agactgcaac agcctctaca      1500
     atgcaggaaa gcagcagctt gcctttcttc ttcctgtgac tccctctccc aattcacact      1560
     tcctatcttt gttatttgct gccatcatcc tttgtgtgtc tttgccttgc ccagtgccat      1620
     ccctcaacct tgcagggtgg cttctactgt gacacgcaca tcaatggtct tgatcaatac      1680
     tgtctgctgg gactccttgc aggctttctc agctttctta atgttctctg gagtccactc      1740
     cacattatcc aggaccatca ggttctccat gggattcctg tggttagaag ggttaaggta      1800
     ggggcatggc aataattgat gttgacttat agctcagacg aaattgtgaa agaacacctt      1860
     cagttttgat tctgcactaa tataaacctt tcacactagt ataagtcaca tagaatgttg      1920
     tttaactaag tggaaattct tagtgagttt ggtaagaaaa ataaatatca gagaggactt      1980
     aggacataga aaaaaggatg ctctttaagg acataggcac catagggtct gagagctggt      2040
     tgaattagct tctgtaaatc tgcaattatt tgtggtggtg cacaccttta atctcagcat      2100
     ttaggaggca gaggcctgaa gacctctgtg agtttgagga caacctggtc tacagagcaa      2160
     gttccaggac agccagggat acaaagtaag aaatcttgtc tcaatagaag agagagatag      2220
     agatagagat agagatagag atagagatag agatagagat agagatagat agagatagag      2280
     attagagata gagatagata gagagacaaa gaaacaaaga aacaaagaaa gaaaaatctg      2340
     aatttgccct gaaattgtat atgtgtctgt taagaaagat gtttacaacc tcttattaga      2400
     atcacacaaa agtggccatt tacttatagg ttgtgatatg aatgcaaata agtttttgag      2460
     tgaagcctga aagataggaa tttatgacaa gggatctgac tttcaagggt cagatacaga      2520
     aactttcaag gacaacttct gttttcagag ctttttgaat caacactgaa tggaacaggg      2580
     tgagaatggt gaggtgtgat tcgcccagcc cctgacgagg tcccttccca tgcacgtgtg      2640
     ggcttttgat gttagactga ctcactctga tgcttcttcc cccagctcat tggtcacata      2700
     gatgatatca gggtatccca tgcaactgga gatgttaatt ctgggatagt agaagaagaa      2760
     gatgaggcac atctcattaa tggtgctggc acctccctgg agaaggtgag agagggagag      2820
     acaagtacac aaaagcatgc agagagggaa aaggcaaaca acaaactgtg aaagttgtca      2880
     ctgtttcata gtgctctttc tcttcccctc gagtccagtt caccacacct taccagatca      2940
     cttcctttct cctcagtttc ctgccattga acaagtattg atattatttc taaagaatta      3000
     ttctttagag tattctacat atctttctaa tcctttacat tttcactgtt accctctggt      3060
     gtgggttaga ctccctactt tgcccgtgtc agccagcccc ctggctttat tacattctcc      3120
     tctccctaaa gtcgctgatc atttatatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat      3180
     aatataatat aatataatat acgtgtgata ctttattcta aggcagatta tttgattatg      3240
     tacaggaacc cttagcctat ctatgaatcc ctctatcatt gagctagcaa atacaatttg      3300
     agaattacac cctgctatct aagagttgtg ggtaggacag catcttttct gctttgagaa      3360
     ctcttcctag ccaaaaatgt cttcccatgt tctttaatcc cacctgagct catttttctt      3420
     catgtatact gaaaacattc cttgctgatg gatggctttg tcatttctgt cctccagaac      3480
     tcagcattgc tattgtctag aaccatacct atgtactgtt atcatatgat gaatgtgttg      3540
     tcttatgatt cctgaaatag tcctaaacta taatcctatt tttccatttt tatgtctcct      3600
     atcttgactt tacaataaca tgtatggttg tgtttccttc cttgaaagcg tgcaatcctt      3660
     tctgaagcac tgaattggtc tctatataaa attattgggt tttttttgta atcatggtaa      3720
     caatagttag ctctaagtga tcatcttcta taaggtaagg atatggtccc attgtccttt      3780
     atgtggtaat tatggtaaca atagttagct ccaaatgagc atctactata aggtaggtga      3840
     tggtcccatt gtcatatatg tggtaaccaa ttatttcaat aatcttatga gtgggtagca      3900
     ttattttttc cttatgaatt tagactgaag ccaagatttt gaatactttg tctagataat      3960
     aaagctgcta aatgattatg ctggcattcc aatccagggc agttatgact ctaagttcat      4020
     taatggtgct gggaagatga gagatagaga taccataaca catgctctta tggtcttagt      4080
     ggatcaccga tagaaagtgt acagaatctc tatcttggat gcatggaatt gtaagaaaaa      4140
     gcctcacaga agagaggaaa acataagctg gaagaaagag ttataagaca gttaaagcta      4200
     gtatataact ttcttcaaag gctaaaataa ttgctactgc tgtggagaaa gccacttaca      4260
     aaagtcatga agtcacgatc cagtgtctgg taatgacatt ctatcagcag ttcatccccc      4320
     tattcacagt gaaatatgag agcagagagt aagtcaaaga gaaactgcta cagtcttaga      4380
     gctgtctggg ctaacaatga gctacagtct ctttgtgctc ccccttgctc cagccgttat      4440
     gcctctccag catcctaccg gcttaatcac cacaggatga ggtaagtccc gagactcttg      4500
     cagattgaaa tcataggaaa aatctttaca tactacttgg agttgggttc catttctaga      4560
     ggaagagaag agcagaagga cagaaatgag aagatgaagc agagaaggcc agaccaataa      4620
     agatgcagta tgtatcctca ttcaggaaat gcaaatgaaa taaacctaaa agattcttct      4680
     ttcagtctat tccactctag tttagcttct tctattctta aacgaggata acatcttgca      4740
     gaagtagtaa ctattgccat acacagaagg aaaaggttca aggtttttaa ttacctgtat      4800
     tgcagagctt gcagtgaccg cccagctaag tgggtgtgga gcaggcaggc tgatatatat      4860
     atgtcagata ctggagcccc attcagctgt aacaggaagg catacaggat tggtcaagaa      4920
     ctcaagcttt atttttcctc cattgatgct gattgcatct ttttcttgat ctagtaaaga      4980
     actgctctct taactttttg tgtttagatt tcattgagtt ttctttgaca atttcataca      5040
     tgaagtgtat tctggtaact atcccactcc ctttaatctc tttgctaagc ctattaccca      5100
     cccttttcca taaagccccc ttcccatatt caaaattttg ctattttatt ttggtgtgct      5160
     gtgtggcatc cactgagttt aaactggatc acctgtgtga ccatgggttt ggaactagct      5220
     ggtcgatcgt gctgggatca ttggtgaatt cacaatgatt tttcttctcc cacaacccat      5280
     cagtaaccaa tactttagca aggaaaggcc catttttaat ccccaactga gagttgatag      5340
     gaccagtctt gggttggctt actgcaggca gccatagcta ctatgaagtc atgactgcat      5400
     tgactgtgtc ataccatacc aagaagacaa catttccaac ccttctctct gcctcctgac      5460
     cattatattt tgttttctgt cttcccatat ggatgttctc atttactcta ttcccactga      5520
     accattctgt ctcacttttc acccaagttc tttgccctta aaggcctgac atatttctct      5580
     ctggcagaat gtgtgcttgc cacttttctg agcaacaggc tttagtcatc ttttttcaca      5640
     tctgtggctc aggctgtgaa ttttggaatt agaccagaac tctgatggaa aacaagaaac      5700
     ttcagagaat ttatgtgtct cagcttcacc tcttcaaact tgtctgtttt gcatagtcca      5760
     taggacaaga aagcctctgc acccgggggt ataaagtgaa tagggaaaac tgagatgccc      5820
     agctggagga ctcccatgtc atatttgcga aggtgcgagg tgtagaacag ccgcatccct      5880
     gaggtatcac ggatacctag agtacaaaga aaatattctc ctcagacggt gggagtgggt      5940
     cacaatgttc aggaaagttg aaatgggctg tgattaacag catccagcat gtatgccata      6000
     gatcttccat atccagcaga accagttgcc tctaccagct gccctctcac atgtcctttg      6060
     gatactcacc aggaaggttc tgaaaattgc tgtagtgaat ttccagtctg atccactgag      6120
     ggtcaaaggg ggttccaata gagatgccca catcatctgg aaactggtaa ctctgtgaag      6180
     attgaaaacc atggcagtga tgtgagaaag ggtagagaca aactctggct ctgccctggc      6240
     tttctaacct ttcttttaga acttctatgc ccccagttct tctattagcc catggcctaa      6300
     cagcatgtac ccctttgtca caaaatgcct tcatctcatg actcacaagg cccccgacag      6360
     cccagcccgc gatgacgtgg gagcagagag agaaggcagg gtctgatcca tagcattcgc      6420
     cgatgcctgt ggggagcaca ctagaattgc cacatgcata cacgagaacg tgatgcacca      6480
     tcgtctcatt gcgttccacc aatataggtt caaactggac agagaaagga gggcagatga      6540
     tagttaagat tatgtgtcat atctttattc tctccaatcc ttcctgcctc ccaaagctat      6600
     gccattctct gcttctctga gtttgtcctc ttctgtttct cttccttaaa cctatcattt      6660
     cccctaaact ctactagact cttctgtcaa cccccatctc tttaaaaaca tttcttggga      6720
     gcacagctca cagtgctcga tcaccaggga gctgtcttta gtgacctcag tcagtttaca      6780
     atttgcataa ggtgtccaca ttcttttgaa acccattttt taaatgcccc acccccccat      6840
     accttggaac ttgcaaagtt atattcttgt acttggccta aagtaaaaac agtttaaaaa      6900
     aatagaagac tgattttgag ttcattctga cttgattctc tttttggctg acagtgcata      6960
     gccacatcct tttcttgctt tttctagctc tattgctaaa agagaacaat tctgtgatca      7020
     tgatgggact tgcaattgct attttcaaaa acatactaat tactatcttc tgttagaata      7080
     cccttcactt gaataaagtg ctttgggtag ttatagttct ggccccagaa attatgtggc      7140
     ttccaaccct ataaaactcc acctggccct accccacatt tccttccctg ttatttcctc      7200
     atagcaacct tttcaatctc cagaatccaa catgcccatt gctttgctac agtgacttcc      7260
     ttactttggc agactttgtc tcttggttca cataccttgt agatgtgatg ctttttgctg      7320
     acaataggga gtgggagaaa ggtacaggca tatgtggtat catcctctgg aatgatgaac      7380
     tggggaaaga tgaaaaaaaa atacctgagt ggaatgggaa tgagggttcc ctaaaattag      7440
     ggaaatagac aggttaggaa gcaggggtta tcttagggct agattgggac ttctcacagg      7500
     gtcaagggaa ctcatagtaa cttttctcta aggaatgtgc aggtattggg tgcaagatga      7560
     agggtctggg atgagtgagg agatggaaaa aggtggaggc agatagatgg tatggtgggg      7620
     tcttacatta ctgatcttca agtcatggat gatggtgtct tcaggggcat cttgatcatc      7680
     atattgtagc atttgaagca agaagatgga cttgacaaaa gtatgctccc gactcatctt      7740
     tggtatgtca tccgggccat aggcagccag gaccctcatg gtatcactct atgggtacca      7800
     cggacattga aggcctgaca tttaacagca atttttattt acctatattt aatttctttt      7860
     ttgtgccatt catctacact gtggaatgag aataacttga gacaagatta gtgtggcttt      7920
     agttctacct ctgaggttaa ctcatttgtc atgcttaatc ctttcccatt ctttctttat      7980
     acacctgcag aataagaagg ttgaaccaaa cttgaactca aaatattgat attcaatgga      8040
     attggttaga gttctttaat atgggaagaa taaaatgggt aggcacttag tcattgggtg      8100
     agatcatgcc aagaaatcat tgcagatttc aagaggtgat acagttgggc agtgcccaaa      8160
     aagaccaatg gatacaagtt ccatgaatta tgactggatg cctgactcag ggtaactata      8220
     tctttccagg agaaactgat tgtgactaaa tatttttccc tcttccacat cttaccgtaa      8280
     tgtcacgatc atgtggatca caggttctga aaggcctgga aaagcgcatg gtggtcgaga      8340
     cagcatcttc tgtgagcctt aggagttcag catcctggct cccatcctgt tctagagtgt      8400
     cttcatccag aaggtgctga tcctggggac cagtgatcat taagaagtaa gaaccaggat      8460
     cccaaacaat taagctttgg gacagcaggt atatgctaaa gtgtcagaag ccagctacct      8520
     acattgcaca aatggatgtg ttcctgagat agacacagct gttggagatt cacaacctgg      8580
     ctttattatt ttcacttcaa atgttagctt cataaattct aataatcctt caatgcaatc      8640
     tttaggaaaa cctgttctct aaattatcta ttatttttca tgatgctttg attatacatt      8700
     tttgtgaact gtaatgagca gaacactata taactgcagt tcacagatgt gattgtgagc      8760
     ttagaatgtg tgagtctgag gagacaaatg aactattatt tcatttgtaa aaggcagatt      8820
     atagcagagg ttctcaacct gtgaaatgtg accgcttagg gctatcagag gacactttca      8880
     caggggtgac atatcagata tcctggatat tagatattta cattacaatt cataacaata      8940
     gcaaaattac agttatgaaa tagcaacaaa aataattcta tgcttgggta tctccacaac      9000
     atggggaagt gtgttaaagg atcacagcat tagaaaggtt gagaaccaat gaattatagt      9060
     aatccctctt ggtgatgtta gaggttaaaa atgaaaagaa tttggaacaa aagcacaatt      9120
     ttgcttcttt ggctgccgtt gttcttatta gaaaatttca aactgaagta tagctgagtg      9180
     ggtggaaagg acattggagg cagagattat tctaataact gaatttcttc actgaccttc      9240
     atttactctg ctcctagaaa gtaagttgta ttagactctt acagtataaa acctcttctc      9300
     tcttataagt ctgacagaca agtggcctag aagacagatt gaaatacttg aacatttttg      9360
     aagggagaaa tctgcagtca actagagttc agtatgcttg gctgtatttg cagaagaaaa      9420
     gttcttttcc agactcaagg caccctcagc ccagtaaagg agctcttttg tggtggattg      9480
     gagcttagag actatggatg tgaagccatc ttcaactcaa cacatgttgc ttatccctag      9540
     acttaccgaa aagtagacat tgccattggg taggactcct ccaactacca gatcacttcc      9600
     cacaaaggtg taccggtctg tgatgcccag gccaacccag ccagttgttt ggacttggag      9660
     ctcaaatgtg attatctcag cctcatagtc aaagtcccag cgcaggaaaa cagcacggga      9720
     aggatctagg aacctggaat aacgaagggg agatgtagga cccaggcgct tgccttgaga      9780
     aaaggctgcc aggaccaaaa gtaagaaaag tctgaagagt agaacacagg ccatggttcc      9840
     tggggcccag aacagcttcc ctgcagacag acactcaaga gccctggact tatatgtatc      9900
     tatacttgtg ccaggcacag tgccatgtgg ggagggacag gttggtattc ttctgatctg      9960
     attatccact gtgtacagag tggtgccact tatataactt gagccacaag tgtccaggga     10020
     ggacacagag taggattgtc tcaattgaat tcaggaacct aatgtgaaat tgtaagcctg     10080
     gtgcaaacct gtaaagtcaa ggaggttctc agtcaccgcc cccccccctt cctccatatc     10140
     taccctacct ctgttatatc cttagcaaat aacattcctc tggaatacac cctttccctc     10200
     cccagttttg tggtctttca ccattgtgtc catgtgtaga atggagacag tggaacgtaa     10260
     gcacatcctt ttgacttcct ggtatagtgg aggagggagg tgttaagggg aaagacgata     10320
     atataatttc agtctcctgc aggaacctgt gtttctaatg ctaggaagaa catttagaga     10380
     tgaatgactt ctagaaaggt ggacagctta gcaattcata cagaggagca tgaagtgagg     10440
     ggaagaaaag gggaggggat gagaaacaga tgtgaatttg cctgtgggac agtttgtgct     10500
     ttactcttct gtgctgcaaa tgtgagtggc ttttcaaaga aatcacagtt cagttattct     10560
     cccctccagg tttagccaag tttttttgct ttcaagtgcc ttggtattat gtaaacatct     10620
     aaagctgaaa aaggaatatt tgaatagtag atcataatga aacgggtctg tttaattgca     10680
     cggtgattcc agctcattta atttttagat aagtgaggac aggaaggaga aacatcagta     10740
     gtgtgtggtc acacactctg accatggtgg agttgaatga cagactacaa gaaagcctgt     10800
     ctcatcttca cactttgtct tccttcctca agccactgac actcccagaa tagcagaccc     10860
     ctgagtgctt tgatatgatc gtgtattata gcagaaggaa ttagtgtcat ttgcttatta     10920
     cttctcaggg aagaagaaat ctgcactgta caagacttaa tgtctcttga cttgaggagg     10980
     taaatctttt ttcattggat ccccattgca tggcctgaag ttcactagac aacagagagg     11040
     acacataccc ctaagatcta agttgaatta cttattgaaa tcaaaagcta ctaaagttgt     11100
     tggctactgt tgtgtgcact ttgagtaatg attaagatgc attgggacag ggggtggaga     11160
     aatgtcccaa ggaggtagcc atgacctcca acactggtcc tgtggaggcc ccgaggagct     11220
     agctagccat ctgatctgga aacaagaggc ttaacctggc tcagtactga aagctggtca     11280
     agataagagg gggcaggcag atacctggag gcactgacct tgggaggcag gaaggttagc     11340
     aagggagata actggagtgt gagagacatt ctgatcccaa tcttgttaga ggattaggct     11400
     gaagagggtt cagtgtgaag ctcagtaaac tgagaagggc ctaggtttcc ttctcctgga     11460
     gtctgcttgg ctggacagag cacactgtcc ttagaaaagc aacagagctc tcctggagga     11520
     gctaggagcc actgacttca gacccaggga atatcttctc taccctcttc cttctggctc     11580
     ttaaggaggc tcacagggag cttatttagc tttttaagga gatttataga ggctggagga     11640
     acttgttttt tcaaaagtaa atgctctaga aaaatgaagg ttgaaggtgt tatcaaactt     11700
     gtgggtcaaa gctaaatgaa aaaaaaaatc aaaagaagga catgtctatt cccaacataa     11760
     gcagaagact tttattataa atatggtggg agaccatagt cagagacaga gacagctggg     11820
     aaaggccagc atgaacttga ccctgagcct ggacatctga ggacttgggg gagcaggtgg     11880
     gagaaagaag agagaaaaga gagaagaggg gagaccagga gagtaaagag tagacaaaag     11940
     gacagcatag caaaaatagc tggatttata ggggaaggta gctggggaaa aggcagccca     12000
     tcccctgggc tggagaagtt tagattagag ggtctgtatt ctggccatat catatactag     12060
     gtagggacta aggaatgctg agtgaagctg gcatccaggt ccacaatgac atgttaaata     12120
     agaacttcag ttagccattt gctttgggat tgaggcataa taaacgccag taccccaagc     12180
     cagctctgtc cacttgtcct cagtaagtga acttaaacag ccaaaccagt aatctaaata     12240
     actaactaac taactaacta aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aataaaagta gaaaagattt     12300
     tttcagtgta aacacattgg taacatggaa aaagatccag agatccagta aactccctgt     12360
     gtcagtcttg ggggtcctga agcaagatgg aagtttagag ggccaaggat aagcaatcta     12420
     gctcaaagta tggtcctgcc ctgcattgac ccattgccta ggcttgttaa agctgtgtga     12480
     aatctctttc caggagatac attcccactc tcgctggtgc ctttcctttc ttccatgttt     12540
     tcctggggaa atttctcttt ctttggggtc acttttatca atagcctgct gttcagattg     12600
     aaagactgtc tctttagaat gtctttattt ctgccaggtc agttatagaa agtggcatgt     12660
     tttcctttat tcaggacaaa actcccattt tgattttctg cttgcattcc tggagtcaga     12720
     cagatgagta ttcactgcat acagcctcgt ataaccctgc aaccacctcc acatgttcac     12780
     ttaaatggag acattttact ctcttgcaag agcttgaaac tcaaactcag atctgtgaaa     12840
     actataaatc cagttttcct tccatccctg ctcctggagt gatgaccctg agactaatta     12900
     tcaataaatg cctagagcat aagctccagc tagttctctg acttgctctc aacttattat     12960
     gccttttatt ctaacccagc tttagctaca tggctggttt cctctccttg tcttcttact     13020
     tcagtctcct cagcattaca gctcgaatct ctgttctatt tctcaagttc ctctacctgc     13080
     tggattatgt ccttttcctc agtgttccag gcgaatctct acttttattc tatcttgagt     13140
     gactagttac ttctgctcag ctcccatgat tctgacctcc tgtgttttca ggcaaatctt     13200
     ccatgccctc tcctactatt tcccagaatt ctctctattc ctgctggatg tcccacctac     13260
     ttcctgcatc agctcattgg ccataagctt ttttattgac aggtgatact taacacatat     13320
     cacttccagg aatatctgtt caccactgag aagatgcagg ggcccagtca ctgcactcag     13380
     ttctgtagtg agtgtacaat gtgcatgagt gtggatgaga gagcattgct cagaccacag     13440
     gaaagggtgc aaaccttcag tttgaggttt tcactttaga ggaaagctta gtcagtttcc     13500
     tgaggaagtc acaccctttg gaacctcagc cccaagactt aagtttctcg ttaccacctt     13560
     actggtttgg attctcttct cttgcctgat gccctgcatg ccccacagag atagagagaa     13620
     cctgaggtct cagagatgtg gcagttttgc attctgtgcc tctgtgtact catggcttct     13680
     gtggctacag gtcagatgga aaatgaggaa gccagtgggt agagggagag agagaggcag     13740
     ggctcttcag cttagaaagc agagaagcca ccccaagtcc tttaagacag ctatctggca     13800
     tagccactct ccctactcaa ggatttccac agctttctat ctgcataact cgtggatttt     13860
     cttcttcagg atgtagctaa gttggctata catgagattt gctagttttt ctcctttcgt     13920
     cttgtttcag accccacagt gactttgctg gagcaaaacc caaggtggcg tctggtacca     13980
     cgtggtcaag ctgtgaacct acgctgcatc ttgaagaatt cccagtatcc ctggatgagc     14040
     tggtatcagc aggatctcca aaagcaacta cagtggctgt tcactctgcg gagtcctggg     14100
     gacaaagagg tcaaatctct tcccggtgct gattacctgg ccacacgggt cactgatacg     14160
     gagctgaggc tgcaagtggc caacatgagc cagggcagaa ccttgtactg cacctgcagt     14220
     gcagacacag tggtaaactc tgcaggcgca ttgaaacaaa aaccacacac agactaccct     14280
     gccttccaag ccttgctcct ctgcaagccc ttctgagctt tcttccttcc tacccagact     14340
     tccccatcac cttgtgctag ctgatttacc acttattctt tttgtgcatg agttataagg     14400
     tgacttaagg tcaggttcta gagagctcag agcatagact ttggttcttc cacttgtgag     14460
     attggaagac atcttttatc ctcctatact gcagttttct attttggatg tagacagcta     14520
     atgtggccga cccagcaggc agctgagcaa cacagttcag gtgcactctt tggtacaata     14580
     tgatgcagag caccattgaa accatcgatc ggcattagct cttccttcca caatatgggt     14640
     agtgaatagc aggttgcatg tggtgcctga atcagttccc agtgtgaggt tggattaaaa     14700
     ccaagacaag ttctgagagc tcatataaac actgactgaa ttgctgaatg tgcagctctg     14760
     actacaccct ttaaataaac acccttattt ccataatgcc caagttttta ttacccacac     14820
     ccacattgac ctcacaaact caattgtaaa agagtctttg tgtcctttta ttagtccaat     14880
     ttattttgta ttaattatgc tctttaaaat gtttcaatat ttcaatatgc catttaacat     14940
     agcaaaataa atttaaaaga aaactaaatc tctttcccat atcaaacttc tgagctcaaa     15000
     actattaaac ctaattcact ttttgccaat tatcagctta gtcaaagcag ttaaagaaaa     15060
     ctatgcctaa agaaaaactt taaataagaa aatcatgttg agatggggaa atggctcaga     15120
     agataaagca tgttttacaa gcttgaaacc ctgaggacat gggttcacac acacacacac     15180
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag agtacacaca catgtacaca tgtatacaca     15240
     caacacacat gcacacaaaa atacttacat ataatatata cacacattca cacacaatat     15300
     acacacacac aatacacaca tacccacata cataaacatg tacatatata caatatatac     15360
     atatatgtat atgtatatat atatgtatat atacatatat atgcccactc aagacacaat     15420
     acatacatac acagagatag acacaatata tgcacataca catatacacc atatacacac     15480
     ataaatgcag acactcatga atgtgcgtat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     15540
     acacacacag aggaagggag acacttgcta aaaatccaaa atatattcac tgtagatcta     15600
     atttgatcac acgtttcaga aaataagccc cttaaaaaca tttaagtgtc tagaattggc     15660
     attcaaggag cagtaaatgt tatactagaa agctctgaat tagaattcga tttgcaatct     15720
     gaggaaggcc atgcctagag taaagaacag agcaagaaga ctgcccaaaa accaggcaaa     15780
     tagctagaaa tcaacaaggc tggtttggac agtggggagg aatggaagga gaaaagggag     15840
     gagagtggat cagggaagga gagagggaaa ggagtgggga gggggaggaa gaaggaacgg     15900
     agatgacaga aagtgagcta tcatgaagca ctggatccgg aaccaggtct gaggaagatt     15960
     gtgggcaact gaaagccatg ggagtgagga attgccaaga caaattaaaa ctttttggtt     16020
     gagatactgc tgccttagcg ctgtggagaa tgaagggtct ttccaccagg gggcaccatt     16080
     tgcccataat tcttcatggt gctgccgttt atttggttac ccagaaaggt cttccttgct     16140
     ccctcacctg tctctctcat cttcttcgga tcttcagaag tttatctgtc tgagtccttg     16200
     acttgcctca tgctggagct gcaagctaac cttggcccca aaggcttggc cgcgcgttgc     16260
     tttctgttta tgaacaagag ccactagtct catcttaaaa ccattgtaaa acaaaggacc     16320
     agagaagaag tttttgttag ttatttaaac tggaaatcgt ttttggaagg tgagatgtta     16380
     tgagcttttt aaattaaatt aaattaaata attaaattaa attttctatt agatattttc     16440
     ttcatttaca tttcaagtgt tattcccttt cctggtttcc cctccaaaaa ccccctattc     16500
     cctcctgcct ctccctgctc accaacacac ccactcccgc atcctggcac tggcactccc     16560
     ctacactggg gcgtagaacc ttcacaggac caagggcctc tcctcccatt gatgactgac     16620
     taggccatcc tctgctacat atgcagctag ggccacgagt cccttcatgt attttctttg     16680
     gttgatggtt atgagcttaa tactacttgt ttctttcata atttaaatgt catagttcac     16740
     acttagcaag tcacacacag ttttggttcc aggaaatctt gggcgaggct tggataactt     16800
     ggaggtttta ggacctcttt gaggacaaga tttggcctca gaaacttttt gtactcaaag     16860
     gctccagtga tctacttgta gtctttgtgc tgctttttaa acctttagtc aactggccaa     16920
     agaaaattcc ccatgacaac ctgtcagttt aaactaagcg gccattaatg aagctgttca     16980
     agaaagcaga aaagtggaga aaggatactt gagtgataac caaaatgaag tagagttccc     17040
     gaggcagctg atgttagtgc atgaaagcaa tgtatgagct gaatgtgtga ggatgtggtg     17100
     atgaaaccca ttactctgaa tattcacctc aaaacattaa ttgcatgaat aggcagatat     17160
     acactgggaa aattaattct tcaaccctgt ttgtctgctg ttataagcac taatgaactt     17220
     tgacctttaa cattatgttg caagaacaca ttccgaatga gtgactaagc tttaaccatg     17280
     tctggtatta gagttgtatg gataggagac ttaatgcagt gccttttaca gttcctatct     17340
     ttaaatcctt cctccaactg atacccctat tagctcattc actccttcac tgtcagtcaa     17400
     catcttccca agctaagtgt ttaactttct gaaaacatgc ctagcaagtt tgataacccc     17460
     aaatgattgt gaagtgacac ctttaactag ttctatcagc tgggttgaga aatgacaagc     17520
     cttctgcttc ccattctctg agacagaggg agaaagggtt gtatgtgtgt gactactaaa     17580
     tcactgactc cacagacgtg agccggtgtg cctcgcacgg tctaatgagc ccatttcctt     17640
     taattgtgag ggtgtggatg tgccttgtca catgtttcag aattcctcct gttgtgggag     17700
     ctcagttatt tttcatggta tcttcaatcc agggcaagta gtgaaagatg ctagcataga     17760
     tgccaacatc agctctcaaa acacagccat ctgcataaga caagattcca taaagtaccc     17820
     cgttgcagac tgctggggca gccgtgactt cctatggaga aagaaaacca ggtcatcttt     17880
     caggcaacag ataaggaatc caatgaggaa aggagggcat taagagtcca ttaccttgca     17940
     aggcagcctc cgccctggca cgatgcctac gcagatcatg ttttctgtga tgtcaaaggc     18000
     tttataggca ttacggcact cagccttaga gattacagtg acattcacgg tctgcagtga     18060
     gtcagggtct ttggctagaa gaaaaaggaa aaccatattt cccatgagat tttctaaata     18120
     tcaaagcttc ctttgctttc ctcctttttt tttcaatatt tgttctatta tcaggaaagg     18180
     aattcaaatt ttgagaaatg aaaaccaaga agtttaaaca ataagtatac aggagattat     18240
     caaattaaca acttgtcata atgcaaaagt ccatcccctt aggtgggtgg ttgaaatatg     18300
     tgaggcattc ttgcaacaaa atgaaatgaa attgcttaaa tttttttctg gaaatttaaa     18360
     catttataga gtgtcttttt ctatgcaaat tttagacctt gaggcaactt acaacttaca     18420
     aatatataga ctaatttctt atttgtcata tggcaaaact aattaattat ctggtaaata     18480
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata aataacaaca acaataataa tagaaccacc     18540
     taagacacta gtaaaagtaa agaagaaaaa acaactagac tatgtggtac agtacaattt     18600
     aatactgtgt cttctggtct ctaattcaag ctgtttcttt tacatcaaag tctcataata     18660
     agaaaggttt tctaatttgt caagcaaaga gaatcgggaa accagagtac tatttgtcta     18720
     cagatgctcc ttttttaagg attcttgggc aaaagttcta tactttgaga tttttacttt     18780
     tttaatttaa atacgtattt acttctaaat ctttatttga aaatatgaca ctaatttttt     18840
     caaagttaaa tattgacttc tttgccgtac tttctagtat aacaatacac tcatagctct     18900
     gcatgtcttt tgagagtaat ttcataaatg tttacttcat gagttagact aaaataaggt     18960
     acatggcggc gggggggggg gggggcaggg aagtcacttt tcttttttat atccagtgag     19020
     agtgacccag gttataattt tctggtgttg ataagaatac tcaaaattta ttcttttatg     19080
     aagttttgtg ttttgaagta tacaatatta ttacttatta taatcacttt attgttcact     19140
     caaacaccag actatataca tcacttgatc aacttctttc cattctccct ctctttagtc     19200
     ttcagggacc ttttttcagt cttacatagt aatgctctac cttatttgcc acaatattat     19260
     agattgatct tatacttgat atcttatgta tttctaattt caagaatttg agctcattca     19320
     ttgcttgaaa tggtttgaaa acttttgata gtatgttgta tttcatttta gagtgaagaa     19380
     aattgaagct ctgagacgaa aatagagtcc tgttacacat tactaggtat tctgttgaaa     19440
     ctatttttta tatttataag caaaagatag aaagatatat cagagaaaag acttgaaaaa     19500
     aatcttccaa tgaggtaaaa gaaaaggaaa cagtgaaagc agaaacttga agaaagtccc     19560
     atgaaagcag aattattgaa gctcagggaa gagtcctcag agaatgccag caaagtcaga     19620
     caccatcact taatggtttg aactcactga cgtcacatag attgtaggcc caggtagaca     19680
     cggagcacat ggcattcaca gacacgatgt gttgaggcag tttgacagct tttgcgtagt     19740
     tactatgttt aatccgtctt ttcagtttga ttaacaggag gtcatgtgaa atagaagaga     19800
     ccaagaagtt tggatgatgg aatatttttt catagtcaga cacctccaca tccctttcca     19860
     tgggatctgc tggatttgtt atcccaagaa tcacttgaag gttcctagaa tgatagaggg     19920
     atattgatta aaaatagttt atcaattttc tgtaacattc cctgaagatc ttccatgaat     19980
     catttattga gagttatata caagttgctg ggtctatgtg tgacctgaga actcaaagag     20040
     taaaaccatc tgaagttctt atcactcacg gtaaattgca gtgtgcagct gtgatcaccc     20100
     acaaaggatg gatcaggact ccagtgcagg gcaagtaatc agacttcagg tagaccaagt     20160
     aggggggcgt ggtgccagct atgtgatctg gattataggc aaaggtacct ggaaagaaaa     20220
     ggataggttt cttttcatta atcactaaga aaaacattga aataaaacca aaaagttcaa     20280
     aagtataaca gcaaagtaaa aaaaaagggg ggggggcagg gaatatattt cactagcttc     20340
     aacttattga acctcttctt catcactttt aaattgtaag ctaaatcttt aaagtgactt     20400
     atttttttct gaagacaatg acagttgata gaaatagata ctttaaaatt ttaaaaagtg     20460
     ttcatccttt taattgtaaa gaaatattct tctacttgaa ttatgagttc tcttaggcct     20520
     gtgagccgag ttcagtgggt ggaacagttg ttgagcaagc ctgacaacct gagttgattc     20580
     ttccagaacc caaagatgaa aggagaatac ctacctcaca aagtagccta caacttttac     20640
     aaatgtacaa atgcgcatgg acaccctcat cttacatata caataataaa ggaatgactt     20700
     taaaaagaaa cacaagttcc ctcattttat acaattaagt ggaatttgtt agactagcta     20760
     attactaaac cattttacca atgttaaatt gttgctaaca tttgcacgta aaatgcccca     20820
     cacagtatca tgtctttgaa cacttgaata ccggctgatg atgatgtttg gcgaagtaga     20880
     tctctaggga gcaagctttg aggttgttag cctattccac ttcctgtcta gcctctgatt     20940
     tgcataaatg tgagcaaata accacatgtt tctgctacca attcagaggt tgctcttgtc     21000
     atcatggctt ccctacctta atggaatgtt ctctcaagtc ataagccaag tgagcctttc     21060
     tcttttatgt tgctgcttgt cagttatttg tcataacaat gggaatagta cgtgatacaa     21120
     agactttcac aagttatctc tctcttccaa caactgtacc atgaacaatg aaagccagta     21180
     ccatgacaag aacagggcaa atgctttcag agtctaagga caacaaggga gtaaataaaa     21240
     acatcaatta atgtcatact agtatatgcc aggctctgtt taggagtttg agttagcttc     21300
     tgagtgaaac agatagccat gctcttaaac atctgaatct gtaaacatat ttaaaaataa     21360
     taaacccaag taaataaaat agcatgttga atagtgatta aagctgtggg gatagagtta     21420
     ggccagttaa agatgtaaaa taccagttgt gtgtgttggg gtctgggggt tgtgggtgga     21480
     tgttagatca aaaagtaaaa catcatgcat cagtggccag ggttgggtaa cagcaaagag     21540
     caaagtcatg gagacagagg atttagatta tcagatgtgt ggagccagag attccagaaa     21600
     gaggaaacag ctacagacag aatatgaagt ctaggtcctg tctaaggaat atcatagagg     21660
     ccagtgtggc tgacatggca tgaggtaagt aaggatggtg gtggtagaga ataatgtaca     21720
     agggatagtg cattttgtgt gatgttggag ttatgcaaac ttgtattcta agtggaagtg     21780
     ggacctcttc aagatttaaa gtcatggcat catcttctta gaaaccctgg aagaagaaca     21840
     tgtagaaatg gagggaacta ttggcaagta aatgaatatt ccagtgaaga gatgctggtt     21900
     tggagtatca tgaacagtaa atgtagtgag atgtgattgg acgtaggata tatttagaag     21960
     acagaacaac taacattttc ctaacacagt gatcatagag tgtggggagc tgagccatgt     22020
     caaaagttta tacctttaag tctgatgctg cactctttag ttgaattcct cttttaacct     22080
     gggccttctc tttcctgttc ctaggccaca atatctatca tgttccagat aggttcaaaa     22140
     taagctccta atatggaatg gatatcttgt agatgtgtta atgtccacgc ctccttcaaa     22200
     gtacataagc aatcaatttg aagcgcagaa ggcaggtatt cttatgggaa gtaactaaaa     22260
     ttgatatgtg ctgtggcagt gctgagagag aaacagtcag gtactaagtt tcaaatgatg     22320
     cctctatcat ttttctatct tccatgcctt ccctaggact cctctggcaa atagtgaaag     22380
     aagtgaagat actcacgaag cagggttgaa agaatgcaga ggaaggctaa cttcattatg     22440
     atgttgaaag ctgttttgag atgggtttta gctcagtgtc tctgtaaagc ataaagacga     22500
     gagaatgaga taaaatactg atgaattact tcagcggtgg gatttacttt atgaaaagct     22560
     ctccccatca gagtataaag tggtgtcaga gtgaggaaat tacttgtaac aaacctgatc     22620
     actcacgctg tctagatctc aattttgtct tcttttgaag aagttactta atccaagaga     22680
     gatgttcaca aagtctccac agcctcctgc tctttgactt gtgcaggaag gctgctctct     22740
     gggctgcaca catgatgcag acccctccca cctctatgat gatgcccatc ccatttgtgt     22800
     gactctggca tttatctgta ctctggcact gacagtaacc acttgcttgg cactcagtgt     22860
     ctctttgaag tactttagtt atcttcttta tgacccaaac caggcatcat ttaaaaccat     22920
     gcaaacctta ccagagctgg aatatgtgtt tttgttgggt acccatatat ttaaagtttc     22980
     catttctatc ttcaaggagt tcccaagctg gaagaagtga tagtgaaaca aataggtgct     23040
     accaaaagta cccagacaca aacacactgg tatatagatt aagtaaatca tatctgttaa     23100
     aatatatgca ccccaaaata taaggaaata ttaaaactca acaagcatca aggaacctga     23160
     tttgaatgtg ggtctaagat ctgagcaggt ggtcccctta ctgagtgttt tgtcttcttg     23220
     gattgacaaa ataaatagca tagtctagtg ccatgagcaa cacacattag tcttcttata     23280
     gatctggagt ttgtaactca gttctccaat tactgacaaa tttggtgata gtggctgata     23340
     gacaggtacc ctcttctgga ggttcacttg gcttttccca tatatgtata tgcacagcaa     23400
     aagggagcga atagagtatt atttttctta caagaatcta atacttagag agttcctaaa     23460
     atatggaaca gaaattgctg agaaacaaat ttaaaatgtg caacatccat agtcatgagt     23520
     aattaaaatt actttgagat tttatcttat ttaagtcaat ggtcaaggta attaaacaaa     23580
     tgctagcaca tgctagtgaa gatgtgagag aaggggagaa gggggacact tactcatttc     23640
     tgatgggagt gcaaactagt acagccactg tggaaatcat tgagggggtg cttctcaggc     23700
     atctggtaat gggtctgcct caatatctac ttatatcgct cttgcgcata tacctaaaag     23760
     actttatgac ctactagaga aatacttgct cacccatgtt cattgctgct ctctttataa     23820
     tagccaaaaa ttggaagtag tacatacatc cttcaagtga tgaatggata atgaaatgtg     23880
     gcacatttac acaatggaac attattccac tgttaagaaa aagaaccatg aaatatgaag     23940
     aaaaatagat ggaggtagaa aaaaaatcct tccaagtgag gtaaccccca cctaaaaaga     24000
     caaatactgc atgttttttt ttcttatatg aagatgttag tttttaagct tcctttgtat     24060
     gctttaatat gcagatgtga gtacccagca agggacagga ggtagtggtc caaggaaggg     24120
     gaactagaat atagtgttat aatgagataa gggtaactag aataggatga ttaaatggta     24180
     agggggatgg gagggaagga taaatgaggg aatatgacaa gaacaattaa cattaaaggc     24240
     ctttagaaaa ataacgaaaa aatactaaaa catattcagg tattaaagga atataaatga     24300
     aatcatcatg taacagaaaa gatcctgccc tatttagatg tcttgtacca tcaagtcagt     24360
     gtttcagtaa taggaatagt ttacagaatt tggaatcatt gagtaaaggg atcccatagt     24420
     acccttgaaa catcatggat tattaccacg gctattggtt actctctgaa atctaatggc     24480
     aaggacttat tgctgaaaac agtactcacg tatgtcatca aattggagca atgaagctgg     24540
     cacacaaata gaagcttcac accctactgt ctagcattgt acttgaagag aaaattaatc     24600
     attaatcact gaaaggcaaa tactctggcc tataacacaa ttctgattat aagatatact     24660
     gatgtaatac tggcaaaaat gtcataagag taaccaacca cattttaaat gatgagagag     24720
     aaagagagag agacagagag agagagagaa agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     24780
     agagagagag agagagagag agacttccaa aattgagaac tgtgaaaatc tatttggtta     24840
     aatatattta gaatgtagaa acatgaccat ttagcaaaaa caacattaga ttcctctatc     24900
     atgtcattcc ctagcctagg gcttttgact aggtttatag tagcatgaat caattatctc     24960
     tgaaatgtgc tttagataca atcagaaaca agttgtttat ccccacagaa gttatgtcat     25020
     tattgtacca atggcaggtt agtactgtag catgcaaggt acagcattgg gtaagatcac     25080
     tgataaattt tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     25140
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcctgaat ggcaacttct ggcacagtta gcatttagaa     25200
     gattatcctg atcaatttga aattgatttc tctatgtcat tcaccaaagt gtgtgacaaa     25260
     gtgaagtaga gtcttaacat atagctgtgc tgagaaatca agggtatggc aagtctgtgt     25320
     aactttggtt gcctgaggct ttcctgacca atagcttata ggaaggtaac ccatgtctcc     25380
     cttctttcca acaaattccc cctcttgttt tcacatttaa aacatttatt ttattaagta     25440
     tatgtaggtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtt tatgtgtgtg tatgtatgtg tgtgtgtttg     25500
     tgtatgcaga tgtagcatgt gtgaatgcag gttcctgtgg agatccattt gatccatggg     25560
     agcttaagtt atagttgtaa accacctgta agaagtgttg ggtgaactca ggtcctctgg     25620
     aagagcagaa tatgcactta atgtctgaac catctttcca gtttttactt tcacattttt     25680
     tgtgtggtat tgatgagttt aaatgagtgt ttctcaaata agcatctata gtgaagttat     25740
     taattataat aactataagc atctatagtg aagttattaa ttataataac tataagcatc     25800
     tatagtgaag ttattaatta taatgtgagg aactaattgg tggctagctc actaaggaaa     25860
     ctttgaggag agagatgctt tgaaattaag agttgctatg gcgaattaca attaaatgta     25920
     atgtatgatc atcaagtgct gaagatgtta tttaagaatt atggaaatct ctggcacaaa     25980
     cataattaag tatggcagca gggagcacta ccaaggtcca tctaggagta ggtaaaaact     26040
     agcaggtgct cttcctgaga tggttcacca tggaccaaaa tctatgacag atttgcttct     26100
     ctaggaaagg ctaaaaagat taaacctgag gaaagatttc tgctattaat atgcttctcc     26160
     tgttattatt aaatatgtaa caaccactag gtattgatgt acccttttga gcagatatct     26220
     acagacctac gaagatatag tgatgctata cagacaaata gataatgatt ctacagaatt     26280
     cctggtttga ttcaaataat ttttagaaga atgtttttag agatgctctt agttgcgaga     26340
     aagatgtagt aaagataaaa tcaagaatag aatgtacctg ggtctacctt gagtgcaaac     26400
     tcagaagcag tgagccccac aggccccaga ggaggctcca ctcccaggca ccataccaca     26460
     cccaggatct tagggtcagg ggtgaagaga acacaacatc cctcccaaaa gcaccaatag     26520
     taactgggac cagcaggatc cagggactca ggaaccccgc ccaaaaaaat ggctcaggtt     26580
     ccttccttgg atgccaactc agggcagcag ccagtcctac agcccctaga gaaggctcca     26640
     ctcccaggtg atctagcaag accatgatct gaggatccca ggatcccagg atcccaggtg     26700
     cttggtcaca ccaggatctc aaggtgtcag aggcagcttg actcccagga actctgacaa     26760
     aaccagaatc tcaggatcac aggatcctgg aatcacagga tcacagagac agctcaactc     26820
     tgaggagctt tgactcaacc aggagtacag gaaggacagg cttcagtcag atatagtgag     26880
     ggcaggaaac actagagata atcagatggt ggaaggcaag cataagaaag gaagtaacag     26940
     aaactaaggt tactgggcaa catcagaacc caattcttcc agcataagaa gtcctggata     27000
     cactatcaca ccagaaaagc aagattcgga tctaaggtca ctccttctat tgctttaggt     27060
     gatatgggac tgtttagatc attaatctga tcctgattta actttggtac atggtatctg     27120
     tatagaaaat tgtccattgc atccagattt tccagttttg ttgagtatag cttcttgtag     27180
     taggatatga tgatgttttg gatttcctca ggttctgatg ttatgtctct cttttcattt     27240
     ctgattttgt taattaggat actgtccctg tgccctctag ttagtctggc taagggttta     27300
     tcatcttgtt aattttctta aagaatcagc tcctggtttg gttctttgta tagttctttt     27360
     tgtttccagt tggttgattt cagccctgag tttatttcct gccatctaat ccttttcgtt     27420
     gaatttgctt ccttttgttg tagagctttt aggtgtgctg tcaagctgct agtgtgtgct     27480
     ctctccagtt tctttttggc agcactcaga actatgtgtt ttcctcctag gactgttttc     27540
     attgtgtccc ataagtttgg gtatgttgtg gcttcattta cattaaactc taaaaagtct     27600
     ttaatttctt tctttatttc ttccttggcc aagttgtaat tgagtagagt gttgttcagc     27660
     ttccacgtca atgttggctt tctattatct atgttgttat tgaaggtcaa ccttagtcca     27720
     tggttatctg ataggatgca tgggataatt tcaatatttt tctatctgtt gaggcctgtt     27780
     ttgtgactga ttatatggtc aggtttggag aaggaaccat gaggcgctga gaagaaggta     27840
     tatcgttttg tcttaggata aaatgttcta taaatatctg ttaaatccat ttgtttcata     27900
     acttctgtta gtttcaatat tcctctgttt agttcctgtt tccaagttct gtctattgat     27960
     gagagtggga tgttgaagtc tcccactatt atgtgtgagg tgcaatgtgt gctttgagct     28020
     ttactaaagt ttttttaatg aatgtggata cccttgcatt tggagcatag atattcaaaa     28080
     ttgagagttc atcttggaag attttacctt tgatgagtat gaagtgcccc tccatgtctt     28140
     tttgtgataa ctttaggacc gaagtctatt ttattcaata ttagaatggc tactccagct     28200
     tgtttcttcc aactgcttgc ttggaaaatt gttttccagc cttttactct gaggtagtgt     28260
     ctgtctttgt ctctgaggtg gatttcctgt atacagcaag atgttgggtc ctgtttgtgt     28320
     agccagtctg ctagtctatg tctttttatt ggggaattga gtccattgat attaagagat     28380
     attaagaaaa agtaattgtt gtttcctgtt atttttgttg tcagagttgg gattctgttc     28440
     ttgtagctat cttcttttag gtttgttgaa ggattagttt cttgcttttc ctagggcata     28500
     atttccctcc ttgtgttgga cttttccctt tattatcctt tgaaggacta gattcatgga     28560
     aagattttgt gtgaatttgg ttttgccata gaatactttg gtttctcaat ctatggtaac     28620
     tgagagtttt gctgcgtata gtaacctggg ctgtgttctc ttagggtctg tataacatct     28680
     gtccatgatc attgtctctg gtgagaagtc tggtgtaatt ctaataggtc tgcctttata     28740
     tgttacttga cctttttcca ttactgcttt taatattctt taatattctg tctttattta     28800
     gtgcatttgt tgttctgatt attatgtgtc aggaggaatt tcttttctgg tacagtctat     28860
     ttggaggtct gtaggtttat tgtatattca tgggcatctc tttctttagg ttagggaagt     28920
     attcttctat aattttgttg atcttggatg gttttgttca attccatcac ctgtttagtt     28980
     gttttcctgt aattctttca gggattttta tgcttccttt taatggtcta ctacctgttt     29040
     agcagtgttc tcctgtattt aagtgagtta ttaatgtcct tcttaaaatc ctctaccagc     29100
     atcatgagat gtgattttaa atccaaatct tgcttttcag gtgtgttggg gtattcatga     29160
     ctcgctgtgg tggacatact gggttctgat gataccaagt ggtcttgttt tctattagta     29220
     agatttttac ttttgccttt caccatctgg aaatctctgg tgtgagaagt tctagctgca     29280
     cacaagtccc ttccgctcga ctcgagactc gacacccggg ctaccttgcc agcagagtct     29340
     tgcccaacac ccgcaaggcc cacacgggac tccccacggg accctaagac ctctggtgag     29400
     tggaacacag catctgcccc aatccaatcg cgcagaacct gagactgtgg tacataggga     29460
     agcaggctac ccgggcctga tctggggcac aagtcccttc cgctcgactc aacactcgag     29520
     ccccaggcta ccttgccagc agagtcttgc ccaacacccg caaggcccac acgggactcc     29580
     ccacgggacc ctaagacctc tggtgagtgg aacacagtgc ctgccccaat ccaatctcgc     29640
     ggaacctgag actgcggtac atagggaagc aggctacccg ggcctgatct ggggcacaag     29700
     tcccttccgc tcgactcgag ccccgggcta ccttgccagc tgagtcgcct gacacccgca     29760
     agggcccaca caggattcca cacgtgatcc taagacctct agtgagtgga acacaacttc     29820
     tgccaggagt ctggttcgaa caccagatat ctgggtacct gccttgcaag aagagagctt     29880
     gcctgcagag aatactctgc ccactgaaac taaggagagt gctaccctcc aggtctgctt     29940
     atagaggcta acagagtcac ctgaagaaca agctcttaac agtgacaact aaaacagcta     30000
     gcttcagaga ttaccagatg tcgaaaggca aacgtaagaa tcctactaac agaaatcaag     30060
     accactcacc atcatcagaa cgcagcactc ccaccccacc tagtcctggg caccccaaca     30120
     caaccgaaaa tctagaccca gatttaaaaa catttctcat gatgatgata gaggacatca     30180
     agaaggactt tcataagtca cttaaagaat tacaggagag cactgctaaa gagttacagg     30240
     cccttaaaga aaagcaggaa aacacagcca aacaggtaga aatcattaaa gaaaaacagg     30300
     aaaacacatc caaacaggtg atggaaatga acaaaaccat actagaacta aaaggggaag     30360
     tagacacaat aaagaaaacc caaagcgagg caacgctgga gatagaaacc ctaggaaaga     30420
     gatctggaac catagatgcg agcatcagca acagaataca agaaatggaa gagagaatct     30480
     caggtgcaga agactccata gagaaaatcg acacaacagt caaagaaaat acaaaatgca     30540
     aaaggatcct aactcaaaac atccaggtaa tccaggacac aatgagaaga ccaaacctac     30600
     agataatagg aattgatgag aatgaagatt ttcaacttaa agggccagct aatatcttca     30660
     acaaaataat agaagaaaac ttcccaaaca taaaaaaaga gatgcccatg atcatacaag     30720
     aagcctacag aactccaaat agactggacc agaaaagaaa ttcctcccga cacataataa     30780
     tcagaacaac aaatgcacta aataaagata gaatattaaa agcagtaagg gagaaaggtc     30840
     aagtaacata taaaggaagg cctatcagaa ttacaccaga cttttcacca gagactatga     30900
     aagccagaag agcctggaca gatgttatac agacactaag agaacacaaa tgccagccca     30960
     ggctactata cccggccaaa ctctcaatta ccatagatgg agaaaccaaa gtattctatg     31020
     gcaaaaccaa attcacacaa tatctttcca cgaatccagc ctttcaaagg ataataacag     31080
     aaaagaagca atacaaggat ggaaatcacg ccctagaaca accaagaaag taatcattca     31140
     acaaaccaaa aagaagacag ccacaagaac agaatgccaa ctctaacaac aaaaataaaa     31200
     gggagcaaca attacttttc cttaatatct cttaatatca atggactcaa ttccccaata     31260
     aaaagacata gactaacaga ctggctacac aaacaggacc caacattctg ctgcttacag     31320
     gaaacccatc tcagggaaaa agacagacac tacctcagaa tgaaaggctg gaaaacaatt     31380
     tttccaagca aatggactga agaaacaagc tggagtagcc attttaatat cggataaaat     31440
     cgacttccaa cccaaagtta tcaaaaaaga caaggaggga cacttcatac tcatcaaagg     31500
     taaaatcctc caagaggaac tctcaattct gaatatctac gcaccaaatg caagggcagc     31560
     cacattcatt agagacactt tagtaaagct caaagcatac attgcacctc acacaataat     31620
     agtgggagac ttcaacacac cactttcttc aaaggacaga ttgtggaaac agaaactaaa     31680
     cagggacaca gtgaaactaa cagaagttat gaaacaaatg gacttgacag atatctacag     31740
     aacattttat cctaaaacaa aaggatatac cttcttctca gcacctcacg ggaccttctc     31800
     caaaattgac catataattg gtcacaaaac aggcctcaat agatacaaaa atattgaaat     31860
     tgtcccatgt atcctatcag accaccatgg cctaagactg atcttcaata acaacataaa     31920
     taatggaaag ccaacattca cgtggaaact gaataacact cttctcaatg ataccttggt     31980
     caaggaagga ataaagaaag aaattaaaga ctttttagag tttaatgaaa atgaagccac     32040
     aatgtaccca aacctatggg acacaatgaa agcatttcta ggagggaaac ttatagctct     32100
     gagtgcctcc aagaagaaac gggagacagc acatactagc agcttgacaa cacatctaaa     32160
     agctctagaa aaaaaaggaa gcaaattcac ccaagaggag tagacggcag gaaataatca     32220
     aactcagggg tgaaatcaac caagtgttaa caagaagaac tattcaaaga attaaccaaa     32280
     cgaggagttg gttctttgag aaaatcaaca agatagataa acccttagct agactcacta     32340
     aagggcacag ggacaaaatc ctaattaaca aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga gacataacaa     32400
     cagatcctga agaaatccca aaacaccatc agattcttct acaaaaggct atactcaaca     32460
     aaactggaaa acctggacaa aatggacaaa tttctggaca gataccaggt accaaagttg     32520
     aatcaggatc aagttgatca tctaaacagt cccatatcac ctaaagaaat agaagcagtt     32580
     attaatagtc tcccaaccaa aaaaagccca ggaccagatg ggtttagtgc agagttctat     32640
     cagaccttca aagaagatct aattccaatt ctgcacaaac tatttcacaa aatagaagta     32700
     gaaggtactc tacccaactc attttatgaa gccactatta ctctgatacc taaaccacag     32760
     aaagatccaa caaagataga gaacttcaga ccaatttctc ttatgaatat cgatgcaaaa     32820
     atcctcaata aaattctcgc taaccgaatc caagaacaca ttaaagcaat catccatcct     32880
     gaccaagtag gttttattcc agggatgcag ggatggttta atatacgaaa atccatcaat     32940
     gtaatccatt atataaacaa actcaaagac aaaaaccaca tgatcatctc gttagatgca     33000
     gaaaaagcat ttgacaagat ccaacaccca ttcatgataa aagttttgga aagatcagga     33060
     attcaaggcc catacctaaa catgataaaa gcaatctaca gcaaaccagt agccaacatc     33120
     aaagtaaatg gagagaagct ggaagcaatc ccactaaaat cagggactag acaaggctgc     33180
     ccactttctc cctacctttt caacatagta cttgaagtat tagccagagc aattcgacaa     33240
     caaaaggaga tcaaggggat acaaattgga aaagaggaag tcaaaatatc actttttgca     33300
     gatgatatga tagtatatat aagtgaccct aaaaattcta ccagagaact cctaaacctg     33360
     ataaacagct tcggtgaagt agctggatat aaaataaact caaacaagtc aatggccttt     33420
     ctctatacaa agaataaaca ggctgagaaa gaaattaggg aaacaacacc cttctcaata     33480
     gtcacaaata atataaaata tcttggcgtg actctaacta aggaagtgaa agatctgtat     33540
     gataaaaact tcaaatctct gaagaaagaa attaaggaag atctcagaag atggaaagat     33600
     ctcccatgct catggattgg caggatcaac atttaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa     33660
     tctacagatt caatgcaatc cccatcaaaa ttccaactca attcttcaac gaattggaag     33720
     gagcaatttg caaatttgtc tggaataaca aaaaacctag gatagcaaaa actcttctca     33780
     aggataaaag aacttctggc ggaatcacca tgccagacct aaagctttac tacagagcaa     33840
     ttgtgataaa aactgcatgg tactggtata gagacagaca agtagaccaa tggaatagaa     33900
     ttgaagaccc agaaatgaac ccacacacct atggtcactt gatcttcgac aagggagcta     33960
     aaaccatcca gtggaagaaa gacagcattt tcaacaattg gtgctggcac aactggttgt     34020
     tatcgtgtag aagaatgcga atcgatccat acttatctcc ttgtactaaa gtcaaatcta     34080
     agtggatcaa ggaacttcac ataaaaccag aaacactgaa acttatagag gagaaagtgg     34140
     ggaaaagcct tgaagatatg ggcacagggg aaaaattcct gaacagaaca gcaatggctt     34200
     gtgctgtaag atcgagaatc gacaaatggg acctaatgaa actccaaagt ttctgcaagg     34260
     caaaagacac agtcaataag acaaaaagac cacgaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct     34320
     atcctaaatc agatagggga ctaatatcca acatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggact     34380
     tcagaatatc aaataacccc atttaaaaat ggggctcaga actgaacaaa gaattctcac     34440
     ctgaggaata ccgaatggca gagaagcact tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaatcatca     34500
     gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga atggctaaga     34560
     tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gtggatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc     34620
     attgttggtg ggagtgcagg cttgtacaac cactctggaa atcagtctgg cgattcctca     34680
     gaaaactgga catagtacta ccggaggatc cagcaatacc tctcctgggc atatatccag     34740
     aagatgcccc aactggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta     34800
     taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacctagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa     34860
     tgtggtacat ctacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat     34920
     tcctagccaa atggatggac ctggagggca tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca cattcacaaa     34980
     gaaactcaca caatatgtat tcactgataa gtggatatta gccccaaacc taggataccc     35040
     aagatataag atataatttg ctaaacacat gaaactcaag aagaatgaag actgaagtgt     35100
     ggacactatg cccctcctta gatttgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagagac     35160
     aaagtttgga gctgaggtga aaggatggac catgtagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca     35220
     ccccataatc agcatccaaa cgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttattgaaa     35280
     ggacccagat gtagctgtct cttgtgagac tatgccgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg     35340
     atgctcacag tcagctaatg gatggatcat agggctccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt     35400
     agccaaggag ctaaagggat ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg aactaaccag     35460
     taccccggag ctcttgactc tagctgcata tatatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca     35520
     ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacttgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag tggaacacca     35580
     gggccaaaaa gggggagtgg gtgggcaggg gagtgggggt gagtggatat gggggacttt     35640
     tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagtta aatacctaat aaaaaatgga aaaaaaaaaa     35700
     gaagttctag ctgactctgg ctggagcttg ttcctccagt aattttgtta gcctctgtca     35760
     gcactactgg gagtccaact ctctcctgag tcccagtggt cagccccatc tctgcagaca     35820
     agctctcttg agacccaggg tcagagccct ctctggaggc caaatctcct cagtgatcct     35880
     tagatccttg gtgtgctagg gtgcctgcat tgtggaaagt ccactgggga cagaaggact     35940
     gtctgctgag tttgtgccca aggtggtgtg gggctggcac ccaccagacc ctctgtaata     36000
     tctcttaata tcaatggact caattcactg ataaaaagac acagactaac agactggata     36060
     catgaacagg acccaggatg tttgctgcat acaggaaaca cacctcagtg acaaaagcag     36120
     gtactacctc agagcaaaag attggaatac aatttttcaa gcaaatgatc tcaagaaaca     36180
     aactgtagta tccattctaa tatcaaataa aatcaacttt caaccaaaag ttatcaaaaa     36240
     agataaggaa ggacacttca tactggtcaa aggaaaaatc taccaagatg aactctcaat     36300
     tctgaaatct attctccaaa tgctagggca tccatattca tgaaagaaac tttactaaag     36360
     ctcaaagtac acattgtacc ccacacaata atagtgggag actttaacac cctactctca     36420
     gcaatggaca gatcatggaa atagaaacta acagagataa agtgaaactc acagaagtta     36480
     tgaaccaaat gggtctaata gatatttata gaacatttca tagtaaggta aaaaagtata     36540
     ctttcttctc agcacctcat ggtactttct ccaaaattga ccatacaatt ggccacaaaa     36600
     caggcctcaa cagatacaag aagattgaaa taatcccatg cagtctatca gatcacaatg     36660
     gactaaggct ggtcttaaat tccaacaaaa acaatggaaa acactcatac acatgaaaac     36720
     tgaacaatgc tctctactca atattacctt ggtcaaggaa aaaataaaga aaaaaattca     36780
     agacatttta gaatttaatg aaaatgaaga ctcatcatac caaaacttat ggaacacaat     36840
     gaaagcagtg gtaagaggaa aacacatagc tatacgtgcc ttcacaaaga aactggagag     36900
     agcttgcact agaagcttga cagcacacct gaaaactcta gaacataaag aagcaaatat     36960
     acccaagagg attagatggc aggaaataat caaactcggg gctgcaatta accaaataga     37020
     aacaaaaata actatacaac gaatcaataa aaccaggagc tgattctttg agaaaatcaa     37080
     caagatatat caacccttag ccagactaac cagaggtcaa aaagacagta tccaaatcaa     37140
     tagaaccaga aatgaaaagg gagacataac aatggagacc atggaaattc aaaaaatcat     37200
     cagatcctac tacaaaagtt catactcaac taaattggaa aatctggatg aaatggacaa     37260
     ctttctagac acatacaagt tgccaaagtt aaaacaggat cagataaacc acctaaacag     37320
     tcccataacc cctaaagaaa tagaagcagt cataaatagt ctcccaacca taaaaaagcc     37380
     caggaccaga tggctttaat ggaaaatttt atcagacctc taaagaagac ctaatacctc     37440
     ttcaaactat tccacaaatt agaaatgaaa ggtacactac tcaattcatc ctatgaagcc     37500
     acaattatgc ttaatcctaa accacacata gaccaaagaa gagaacttca gaccaatatc     37560
     ccttatgaat attgatgcaa aaatatccaa taaaattctt gccaacagaa ttcaagaaca     37620
     catcaaaatg atcattaacc aggatccagt aggtttcatc ccagggatgc ccggatggtt     37680
     caatatatgg aaatctatca atgtaattta ctacataaac aaactttaaa aaatccaaaa     37740
     caggatcatt ccattagatg ctgaaaaagc atttgacaaa attcagcatc ccttcatgtt     37800
     aaaagtcttg gaaagatcag gaattcaagg cccataccta aacatagtaa cagcaatata     37860
     cagcaaacca gtagccagca tcaaattgaa tggagagaaa cttgaagaaa gcaatcccac     37920
     taaaatcagg aactagacaa ggctgactac tcactcccta tctattcaat atagtacttg     37980
     aagttttagc tagggcagtt agacaacaaa aggaggtcaa aggaatacaa attggaaagg     38040
     aagaagtcaa aatatcacta tttgcagatg ttatgatcat atacttaagt gaccccaaaa     38100
     attccaccag aaaatgccta aagctggtaa acaacttctg caaagtggct ggatacaaaa     38160
     ttaagtcaaa caaataagta acctttctct actcaaaaga taaacaggct gagaaagaaa     38220
     ttagggaaat gacacccttc acaatagtca caaataatat aaaatacctt ggtgtgactc     38280
     taactaagga agtgaaagat ctgtaggaca agaacttcaa gtctctgaag aaagaaattg     38340
     aagaagatat cagaagatgg aaagatcttc catgctcacg gattggcaga attaatatag     38400
     taaaaatggc tatcttgcca aaagcaatct agagattcaa tacaatcctc atcaaaactc     38460
     caactcaatt ctagagttag aatgagcaat ttgcaaattc atttggaata acaacaacaa     38520
     caacaacaaa aaacccagga tatcgaaaac tatcctcaac aataaaagat cttctagagg     38580
     aattaccatc cctgacctca agctgtatta cccagcagtt gtgataaaaa ctacatggta     38640
     ttggtataga gacaggcaga aagttcaatg gaatagaatt gaagaccaag aaaggaaccc     38700
     atacacacat ggtcacttga tctttgatga aggagtaaaa tccggccaaa aaatacagca     38760
     ttttttaaca aatggtgctg gttcaactgg cagttagcat gtagaagaat gcaaattgat     38820
     ccatttttat ctccttgtac aaagctcaag tcaaagtgga tcaagaacct ccacgtaaaa     38880
     ccagagatac tgaaacatat agaatagaaa atgggaaaga gtctcaaaca tatggtcaca     38940
     tggagaaaaa ttcctgaaca gaacaccaat ggcttgttct gtaagttcaa gaattgacag     39000
     atgggacttc atgaaattac aaagcttctg taaggcaaag gacactgcca ataagacaaa     39060
     aaggcagcca aaagattagg aaaagatgtt taccaatcct acatctggta gaggggtaat     39120
     atccaatata tacaaagaac tcaagaagtt agaatccaga gaaccagata actctattta     39180
     aaatggggta cagagctaag caaagaattt tcacctgaag aatatcgaat gtcccagaaa     39240
     cacctaaaga aatattcaac attcttagtc atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aagaaccctg     39300
     agatcccacc tcacaacagt cagaaaggct acaatacatc cttaatcatc agggaaatgc     39360
     aaatcaaacc aaccccgaga ttgcacctca caccaatcag aatggctaag ataaaaaaat     39420
     tcatgtgata gcagatgctg gcaaggatgt ggagaaagag caacactcct ccattgttgg     39480
     tattgcaagc ttgtacaacc actctggaaa tcagtctggc agttcctcag aaaattggac     39540
     atagaactac tggaagatcc agaaatacct atcctgagca tatattcaga ggatgttcca     39600
     actggtaata agaacacatg ctccactatg ctcacagcag ccttatttat aatagccaga     39660
     agctggaaag aactcagatg tgcctcaaca gaggaatgga tacagaaaat gtggtacatt     39720
     tacacaatgg agtactactc agctattaaa aacaatgaat ttatgaaatt cttaggcaaa     39780
     tggatgggtc tggagggtat catgctgagt gaggtaaccc aatcacaaaa gaactcacat     39840
     aatatgtact cactgataag tggatattag cccagaaact tagaataccg aagatacaat     39900
     ttgctaaaca catgaaactc aagaagaagg aagaccaaag tgtggacact ttgccccttc     39960
     ttagaatttg gaacaaaaca ctcatggaag gagttacagc gacaaagttt ggagctgagg     40020
     caaaaggatg gaccatccag agacttcctc acctggggat ccatcccata atcagccacc     40080
     aaacgcaggc actattgcat atgccagcta gattttgctg aaaggaccct gatattgctg     40140
     tcttttatga ggctatgcca gtgcctggca aacacagaag tggatgctca cagttagcta     40200
     ttgaatagaa cacagggccc ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtacccaag gagctgaagg     40260
     ggtctgcaac cctatagttg gaacaacaat atgaactaac cagtaccccc agagctcgag     40320
     tctctagctg catatgtagc agaagatggc ctagtcggcc atcattggga aaagaggccc     40380
     catggtcttg caaactttat atgccccagt acaggggaac accaggggaa gtgggagttg     40440
     gtgggtaggg gagcgggggg gggtatagga gactttgggg atagcatttg aatgcaaatg     40500
     gatgggtctg gagggtatca tgctgagtga ggtaacccaa tcacaaaaga actcaaatga     40560
     tacatgatat gtactcactg ataagtggat attagcccag aaacttagaa tgcccaagat     40620
     atgatacaat ttgcaaaaca catgaaactc aagaataaca acgaccaaag tgtggacact     40680
     ttgccccttc ttagaattgg gaacaatcac ccatggaagg agttacagag acaaagtttg     40740
     gagctgagac aaaaggatga accatctaga gactgccata tccagggatc catcccataa     40800
     tcagcctcca aacggtgaca ccattgcata ctctagcaag attttgctga aaggaccctg     40860
     atataattgt ctcttgtgag actatgccag ggcgtagtaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac     40920
     aatcagctat tggatggatc acagggaccc caatggagga gctagagaaa gtacccaagg     40980
     agctaaaggg gtctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacaata tgaactaacc agtacccccg     41040
     gagctcatgt ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggct tagtcggcca tcagtggaaa     41100
     gagaggccca ttggttatgc aaactttata tgcctcagta caggggaatg ccagggctaa     41160
     gaagtgggag tgggtaggta ggtgagtgga ggggggaggg tatgggggac ttttgggata     41220
     gcattggaaa tgtaaatgag gaaaatatct aataaaaatt aaaaaaaaga aatacaatga     41280
     tctttcttaa tttcactaaa aagagaaata gacgagataa ttttgtattc aaggaaaaat     41340
     tacttaggtc caaggataaa cttacagttg tacactttga ttagggaagg gcatgtagaa     41400
     aatattgctc tgaacttata attaatatat tctaatgaaa cactgctttg aacttaatat     41460
     caacatcctt ctgtaacttc cattctacgt aatactttat ttctgaagta attttctaaa     41520
     gaactttttg tccaagaagg tataaaagac cagagaaaag aaataaagtt gttggttgac     41580
     tggtttggct tgggaacttt acccatccaa cagtccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc     41640
     atccatccat ccatcatatg cctgcttgtc tatatatttg tgtgtatatg tatatatgta     41700
     agtagagatg actacttgtt gagttgattg tgacagacag ccaggcctgg ccagagtgtg     41760
     gatatatgag tgtttggatg tatatgtgtc tgtgtatatg tgactgcata aagtgtgaat     41820
     gtatatgtgc ctgtgtatat gtgactgtat aaagtatctt aagtcttctt ctttccttcc     41880
     tctctgtttc acaaggtgtt aatcagctta gccagaaagg cttctgggac tttccagaga     41940
     aaagtgcact agcaataaat ctttttaatt cccagctgct aaacagcatg tgttaatcac     42000
     cagatattag actcattaaa gcacaagtaa taaagagtta agcttttagc acgtaaggaa     42060
     gcacagaaga gtaagaaaga gttaaatttt cctagtgctt atttaagcat agagagttag     42120
     ataaagcaca gagggttata atgcttataa agcatagagt taaagagtaa agaagacagt     42180
     gttgttggtt tttaaaaatt acttataatt ttttaccgtc cagtcattgc ccctctcaca     42240
     atctgccctc ccacagttcc tcatcctatt cctcctctct cctgttttaa gaggatgcca     42300
     cctccatacc cacatcaggc ctaccactct ctggggcctc aagcctttcc agggttagtc     42360
     acgtctccca ctgaggccag accaggcagt cctctgctgg ccttggacta gctagtgtat     42420
     gctgcctggt tggtggctta gtatctgaga gatctcaggg ggtcaggttt agctgaaact     42480
     gctgaagtca gcattttttt aaaccataga atagcaagaa agtttttaga accatgtaga     42540
     agttatcaga aagcatttgg tatagttaga gagctagttg tccatatgat atctgaagaa     42600
     cagcagtctt aaaagcatca ttcaacgctg aatcccactt caagcctatt ccaggccagg     42660
     caggcttgtg gcggagcacc ggtcagggag caaagagaaa ggacttgggg aaaatgggat     42720
     gagatctgaa gagatgggta aagagcagct tgcagtttag atgtggccag caactgactg     42780
     tggggcacat aaaattattt tattatatta ttttattata ttatttctcc ttcccctaaa     42840
     gccagttttc tccctcaagt gttgttatat acacataaat ttgaggatgc ataacaggta     42900
     tatacttctt tggtttttta atcaattata tttagtttat ctacttcctt ggttattctc     42960
     ccactgtgca gaatagttag agttatgttc cactgtagac tattgatcat ctgcattaga     43020
     gtaatcatta caagattaca gaattgtctg aattatgaca aaggatactt catagtcaca     43080
     cacatttctc ttagcacaat cagaatctac taagtgtctg gtgatcgatc attttttgtg     43140
     tgtgtctgaa taaacaagtt tgttactaaa tttctcattg ttctcaaagt ttacattatg     43200
     ataaagatag gagtcataga tttctggtga tattttattg ggtgttttcc ctgggttctt     43260
     ttcaataaga cagatgatga attgttgatc cattgtacag acggcatgat tttatactga     43320
     gtggtgtcac ttctcagtgt gatcgtatca tttttaagat ccatcttgca tagggatgaa     43380
     tttcagtgaa gaagcctttg cttccattgg ctacacttgc tttcccccag gacaatattc     43440
     catgcaccct cccactgcag atggctggag cagctgatac ttcctgacaa aaagataaaa     43500
     gatgtcaatg ttactttgtt gtcacagatc aagaataaat cttaagagct gggcatggtg     43560
     gcacatgcct ttaatcccag cactttggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttcaagg     43620
     ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga ctacacagag aagccctctc aaaaaaaaaa     43680
     aaaaaaaaaa gaataatctt acgatatggc atgtaacagt agccaaatca cctgggggaa     43740
     tcaatccatt gtatggaaga agtgataact tttaattcta tctgctgtgt tctctctgtt     43800
     ttcaattgaa gttttatata acctgagtgc aagtaggaga aggacaggtg gtccacacta     43860
     gagttctctc actctaagat tggggagggg aatgaagtac attgaagaat gttaagtcaa     43920
     ggagagggac ttcagctttt ctcctcttta atcggtgggg gatatttttg atatatttga     43980
     tattccaaca caacctcctt tcttagtggg ccctgtacta ctttcttgca tggagaaaga     44040
     aatgatacct tagttgcaga catagcatta agtgaatgtc ctatgcacat aatgtttatt     44100
     cttgtttctt gtttctgttg atgaagagtg tccaaacagt cacttgggga aagagaatac     44160
     tcatttatcc atgtcaagat gtcaggatca ctaactatgg gaaaaaaaga cagatgagat     44220
     ttagagctgt tgttctgacc agggaccttg taccagcccc tattttgtga ataaattaat     44280
     ccctgagaat actcaatgca agtagccata gacactccaa tcactctcag agttcctcat     44340
     gcagaatctc catggtggag aagtagactc caaaattttt catctatcca tcattagaca     44400
     tatatttcta tctgctgtgc ataattcata atgttttgaa aatgttgtat ggagattgta     44460
     aatgtccaca aagaaaaata agcaatatct ctgttttcta aaatttctac tacaaacctt     44520
     gctgggtatt tatttcacct tctttaaatt tatcacataa aaatgtatat aaaattactc     44580
     ttttaagata tttatttatt gtgagtgttt gtatatgttt gtggatgtgt acatatgtgt     44640
     gcatgtcttc atgtactttt gccaaagtgg atcaatgaag gtcaaatgac aacttgtggg     44700
     attcaattct ttgttttgac tgtgtcagtt ctgggtattg acctcaggcc attagttttg     44760
     gtgtcaagtg cctttactta gaaaagccat tttgctagcc ccaaaactta agtcatgcct     44820
     cacataacaa tggaatgttt tgataaatgt atcactaggc aaagtgtact tatacaaatc     44880
     taatttgtaa agactactac ttatctaagc tacattttat agtttgtcat gcctgggtta     44940
     taaacacgct tagcatgtga cttcagtaaa tgttgtcaca caactgtaac aaattatgta     45000
     tctaaacata tatgaatata aaaaatttgg tataatactt ttgataggat ctttttaaac     45060
     tgtaaaataa attttgtaga attgctatta catatctctc ctcattgtct gaaacaccat     45120
     tatgtagtaa ccaagatact aagaatgcaa attgatccat tcttatctct ttgtacaaag     45180
     ctcaaggcca agtggatcga gaacctccac ataaaaccag agatactgaa tctatcagaa     45240
     gaaaaggtgg ggaacagcct tgaacactta ggcacagagg aaaagttcct gaacagaaca     45300
     cctgtggctt atgctttaag agcagcaatt aacaaatgag tcctcttaaa attgaaaaaa     45360
     gaaaagaact tttgaaaaac aaaggacact gtcaatagta caaaatagta acccacagat     45420
     ttagaaaaaa aatatttacc aaccctacat ccaatagagg gctaatatcc aaaatagaca     45480
     aagaactcaa gaagggagac tacagagaac caattaaccc tattaaaaag tagagtacag     45540
     agctaaatag agaattctca accgagaaat cttgaatggc tgagaagaac ttaaagaaat     45600
     gttcaacatc cttagtcatc agggaaatgc aaaccaaaat gatcctgaga ttctacctca     45660
     caccaatcag aatggctaaa ataaaaagtt caggtgacag cagatgctgt caaggatgtg     45720
     gagaaagagg aacactcctc cattgttggt gggattgcaa actggtaata ccactttgga     45780
     aatcagtatg gtggttcctg agaaaattgg aaatacttct acctaagaac tcagctatta     45840
     tcactcctgg gcatataccc aaaagatgct ccaacatgta acaaggatgc atgctccatt     45900
     atgttcatag ctgccttatt tataatagct aggagctgga aacagcccag atgtccctca     45960
     acagaagaat ggatacagaa aatgtggtac atatacacaa tagagtacta tgcagcaatt     46020
     aaaagcaatg acttcatgaa attctgaggc aaatgaatgg aactagaaaa taccatcctt     46080
     agtgaggtaa cccaaacaca aaagaacata cagggtatgc actgactaat aagtggatat     46140
     tagcccaaag ctcacaatgc ccatgataca acccacagca taggaagaat gaagaccagg     46200
     gtgtggatga ttcagtcctg cattgagggg agaacacaat gattatggga gatggaggga     46260
     gagagggacc tggagggaga gaggagatgg aggaaatatg gagggcagta tcaggaactg     46320
     gaggatatgt cagagataca gagggtcagg aaattgaaca aaaaaatgta gcagtgggga     46380
     tgaggtactg gggacagcca ctggaggatc ccagacagca gggaaatgtg aggctctcag     46440
     gacccaacag ggaagacttt aaccaatata tgcagagaag ggggagatag aacctgttga     46500
     gaccatttct agtagatagg cacatcccct ggttgaggga tgaggccacc cacacatctc     46560
     aaagttttta aaccaagaaa tgttcctgtc caaaggaaaa acagggacaa aaaatggaac     46620
     agggactgaa ggaagggcca actggggact gcctcatttg gggatccatc atgtctatag     46680
     agagcaaacc caaagctgtt actgtggtca agatgcaatt gctgactaga acctcatgtg     46740
     gtggttcctt gggaagtctg gccagcaact gaccaatgca gtgtggatgc ttggagctca     46800
     gggaacctgg tcgggaagtt agaggaagaa ctggaggagc tgagggcgat cacaccccca     46860
     ttggaagaac aacacagtct ggcctgacta cccagttctc ccagagtcta gaccactaac     46920
     caaggagtgc acctggaggg gtccatgaca ctggatacat atgtagcaga ggatggcctt     46980
     gcctgacagc aacagatggg cggcccttgg tcctggggcc ttggggaggt ttgatgcccc     47040
     agagtagggg gatagtggag cagtggggca ggagagtgtg ggtgggtggg ggagaactct     47100
     catacaggca aaggggaggt ggaagggcag atgtgggata ggggttgcta gaggggtaac     47160
     tgggaaatgg gatattattt gagacataaa cgaatggaat gattaataaa aaaagaaaaa     47220
     aatgtatttt gctattgata agtaatattc tcttagattc ctagacagtt tgtttctaaa     47280
     gtaaaaagtt gcaaaatatt gagaaaatta acattcctat agtttatttt atgtggaaaa     47340
     aaaacctact tatttggaat ggccttattt tctttttatg acaccaaaaa gctggattta     47400
     aacctgacca agaaactttg agaaaaccta aaataagcaa tcacaggaag gaacagccat     47460
     caaggactaa taagagtatt agaaagcaat gttggaagag tagcttctgc agacagcaga     47520
     tctctctatt ctgcccatgt tgggtccata ggaaagagag atggatgctc atactatggt     47580
     atatgattgt tttcctatga caagtatcaa gttagagaca taactaaaag catgctataa     47640
     cagccatctt gtctatgaac tctccaagtt tgcccccaca agtgaggcat gttcacctgt     47700
     agtacaaagt atgaaaatta tattctaaac agaaccagcc ctggctagag ggtagattgt     47760
     gctccttcaa catgtcttca ttattccagt ggaaagaatg tgcccatatg tcctagacac     47820
     agtctgagtt ctctgtggta gagagttgaa agcaccctta cccatcacaa aaagtttgcg     47880
     tttcttctct taacctctct tctaagaagt gcatggtagg ctttcagcag tttccactga     47940
     gaaggccacc ctctctacct tcaatatcat cttagtcaat gaggattcca aattttttca     48000
     aatctattta gatttgattc actagtccca gatctcaagt attatagaaa tagcacaatc     48060
     tctaaattac tgcctgccct gtttgttgct gttggagtag cttccctgca ccagtatcat     48120
     gagtttatcc tgtcacctcc tgggaggcca agtcttgctg gtaatcactt caggattaag     48180
     acatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataaccactt     48240
     tctataatgt atattcaact acatctttcc cagccctgat ttcctcagaa tgaagaaatc     48300
     agggccaaac actcacggtt tttgtagtta ttccaggtcc atgttggtat gaagcaggat     48360
     tcattaaatg ccattggttc catagctatg gctatagttc ccacatacat gttgatagta     48420
     gcaggatatg agagttttat cagcatcaag tcatttttca gtaattttgc atcaaaatta     48480
     ggatggacta cagtgaatga gtaattacat atctgttctt tctcattttt gatgttgggt     48540
     cggtaaactc ccagtcggat tttagttctt gggggaaaag aaaggcagag agatggaaga     48600
     gaaaacagtc actgaatgtc aaactattag aaaaaatgta aaaagtcatt tatccaatca     48660
     ccttagcttt acttttcaac tccatagtta aagtttacta accttgtgta tacaattgtg     48720
     tataaaacct tgtctttaga ggatgattat gtttttgcca agcatatggg atgatcaatc     48780
     tatagccaac tcaatagatc ctattctaat taagatttga acaatatgaa ctagcagcca     48840
     gtagagaatt cacaacattt gatggtttca gtgctcttta tatactccat atctgtacag     48900
     acagcttttg agcagtaccc aactgcttct aacattctta gcttatccac tgctcttctt     48960
     gggactatat aattattttg tcatgcattg tctacacttc ctagatcctt aaaaccacat     49020
     aaatagtgtt gtagagatac caagtcatca tttcatgtca tattctctag acaaattcag     49080
     agccagatag atgccccttt gacaaactaa ccagtcatgc agcatagcaa acaaacaaac     49140
     aaacaaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aaacccattc cattttaaaa gaagctcata     49200
     gtagttatgg gtaatagaaa gtctgatttg caagctccag caccatgcca actgcatttg     49260
     tttcctatgt aaccatccta atgtagagag caagcctcca cactctgttg agcttaactt     49320
     ctcttggaca actgcaaggc taagcatctt aagtgtgaaa tggagccaaa gttctgagta     49380
     aaacttactc atatattttt ttaatcaaat aatttctttt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt     49440
     ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ctcttctctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt ttcttttctt     49500
     ttgtgtgtat gagtactttg cctgcatgta ttaatgtgta ccatgtactt gcaagtattt     49560
     ttgaaggtca gaataggaca taaaattctc ctggaacttt gagttgggag taggtatgtg     49620
     ggtgctggga accaaatcca ggtcctcttg caagtgcagc atgtactgtt aactgcttag     49680
     ttgtgtctcc atcatctcaa tagattctgg acacacaaca aaaatagatt ctcagaaagt     49740
     aaaagacaca atgttcttta tatgtgtatc ctagcttgta ctatatacat gtatatatta     49800
     agcaaatata cacctggtta aaaaataaca tagaaagaag gacagtgtgt gctttagtac     49860
     tgtttaataa agaagtataa catgcagata aaaaacacat gggttgtgaa aggagatata     49920
     ctttttcctc ctactaaaac tacatttttt ccttctaatt ctgtcataac tttttcttct     49980
     tgtggtgaat aagtacatac aaatgtaatt gataatgaag ccataaatcc ataagtgatg     50040
     tgccatggct ttagagtggc cattctaaat gtatagaaac tcaatgagac atatggaatt     50100
     tgggactggg cagtgtttgc ttgagtgatt ctgttactct agctgtgtgg tgtttttatt     50160
     tgagttcatt acaatagaat gattgacaga tgggtttttc aagagatgcc ttatattaca     50220
     cagcgcttca ttgctttctc ttatttactt acatgatgca atatccaccc aagccttcaa     50280
     tttcatcctg tgactacacc cctatagtct gtcagcactg attcttaaac atgtcgtacc     50340
     ctcaaacctt tgttacgtaa gagactactc agccttgttc ccttggtctg gaacatcctc     50400
     aggctttatt catttagcag acttgtgttt ttccagatgg cctcatatct tcaaagaggc     50460
     ctaacattgc catgatacac atcacacatg acacatccca caccttgctc tactgtttta     50520
     ttttttgctt ctctgctttg gtttactctt tatatcagaa tgtacacttc atgggaaaaa     50580
     gttattacta tcttgttctc tcaatggttt atttgaatag cacttatggt atagtaaatg     50640
     attgatggat gtttattgat gaatatttga aataaagctt gtaagacttc ttattgattt     50700
     ctatactgaa gtgcataaaa atgtaagaag attctatgtt cttggaactt ctaattccat     50760
     gcaaagtatg gaaagttgct tctcagacta acttcaatag cacagatccc tccaagctct     50820
     taggagtaag gaaccactta cggtaaagaa caatgagcag cggtgagcac ccactgaggg     50880
     tcaatgagag tcccaacaca aggctctggg ctggactgca gatagaccat ataaggaaca     50940
     ttaaaattct ctggtaagta ttcttctgaa ttgttatatt ctttcagaac ggctttggga     51000
     gtattagcta ctagagaaag aacagaaaca aaaattttag taagctagtt tagttacggt     51060
     agctttctct aatcaaagtt attcgaagat atcaaggtct ttaattttga catttaaaaa     51120
     tttcacataa cataatgtca tatatacaat ctgtatatat taaagaaact aatggctatt     51180
     tttgttgaga tataactata tcaaagttgt ctaatactat cacatgggct cttctgatgt     51240
     tgatcagaaa ttctgacaac actgtatgtt agtgaaatta ataaaatcag taagtacttt     51300
     aaatattagt tcttaacaac ttttgccaac aatagaggta taaataaaac actttttgat     51360
     ttgggcagta aaaaaaaaaa cacatgaaaa cttaaaaatt agcccacctc ccttcatgat     51420
     ccaaaatttc gtaacatctt ttcagggaaa aggaatggtg gctgttcatg ggaaatcctg     51480
     tgctcaagtg cctactgtga agttcctagg gatgtttctg caaagccttg gcacaaaggg     51540
     tattcaaaat gctcccagat atcagagaca cccggcgaac atgttgttgg gaacatatgt     51600
     gaaatgagag tcttttcatt gatttccttc agcaattaat ttcgtcttta aaatgattct     51660
     tcatcccccg tcctatctca taagctaccg gtcgttatat cacctttatg tcaaccactg     51720
     atacaccttt ctggacctca ccctaaagag aaacaagact ctagactcac ctgcgagact     51780
     taagagagtg aagatgaaaa aagtcttcat atcgcgctat aatctcagta gagcaaacta     51840
     ggtggtcaca ctgtcaactg tcgcaatctt gacgcctgga tccttgccca gaacagctga     51900
     aggagaaaca cttgtggcag gaggaaaagg caaggatctt acagaaatct tcaaattctt     51960
     tccttgggat ctgatctatc aagatgtacg ggagtcagca gggtttgact ctaatgtagg     52020
     tggagaagaa gaggaccaag actggttctt ggtgcttcct gtgtgatact aaaacccttc     52080
     ccagtcacca aaggtgcctg ctgactgctt ccctcccctc tttgtgacat gatttttctt     52140
     tgtttccttc cctggtccct gattttgact tttaacctgc ctccctgggt atctctgtct     52200
     ttacagtctc tctttgccat cttcagaggc tcttagaaca ttgatgtata caatgcactt     52260
     atcaacatct agttttcttc tcctcccatt ttggaactga gaagtctact gttcttatag     52320
     aagttagtgg caaaatcagg actcaatgag ttcttcagat ttcctgtgac aagacagaac     52380
     tttacctgag tcctggactc ctagcaaaca ccactggcta tgaaatcttc tcactttact     52440
     ataacttgaa aatcaatcaa cacagaatat gatcttccct aagatttggg tcaggccttc     52500
     ggcacatttt atttctgact ccagtaagtc tttgctcact cctttgtttt cccacaacaa     52560
     gtccttatgc ttatatcttc tcactaggcc agatgtaaac cttccaaatt ctttttttct     52620
     tcataaacag tggggtaaga tacaagttta tttttttaat attagctatc cttaagcatt     52680
     ttctattcaa tgaactgggg tttctcagtt gattgcaaaa ccaccttgac tctgaatttc     52740
     tccatctaaa actcacataa ttttcctcac cctcataaaa gtttggggca aaattaccct     52800
     gctgatacta tttggttaga atagtaaata aaaccagttt tttaaaaaag tttttatttt     52860
     gattactgtt tttttccaaa tgaactatat tctttttcta taagaaaatc tgacgtgaca     52920
     atttcttgat tgccaccttc atcctgagat aggtaacaat tagtaaatag gttcacctat     52980
     acattttatt gagaatttta ttaatgtata taataaaata tgatcatact catcctctct     53040
     ttctcccttc ctactctctc catattcctc tcatcaaaac aaagtaactt agtgagagct     53100
     aaggaaatta taatgaggtt agttgtgact ttacacttaa cagcctattg attttccact     53160
     taagaaacat ctttagcttc atcttagggg taacagtaaa atgggacctc ataaaattgc     53220
     aaagcttttg caaggcaaaa gacaccatca ataagacaaa aaggaaaaca acagattgga     53280
     aaagtatttt tacctatcct aaatgagata ggggactaat atccaatata tatataaaga     53340
     actcaagaag gtggactcca gaaaatcaaa taaccccatt aaaaatgggg ctgagctaaa     53400
     caaagaattc tcacttgagg aatactgaat ggctgagaag cacctgaaaa aatgttcaac     53460
     atccttaatc atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaaccctg agattccatc tcacaccagt     53520
     cagaatggct aagatcaaaa attcaggtga cagcagatgc tggcaaggat gtggagaaag     53580
     aggaacactc ctccattgtt ggtgggattg caagcttgta caaccactct ggaaataagt     53640
     ctggaggttc ctcagaaaat tgggcatagt actaccagag gatcctgcaa taactctcct     53700
     gggcatatat ccagaagatg tcccaaccgg taagaaggac acatgctcca ctatgtttat     53760
     agcagcctta tttataatgg ctagaagctg gaaagaactc agatgtgcct caacagagga     53820
     atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatttacac aatggagtac tactcagcta ttaaaaagaa     53880
     tgaatttata aaattcctag gcaaatggat gggtctggag ggcatcatcc tgagtgaggt     53940
     aacccaatca caaaagaact cacatgatat gtactcactg ataagtggat attagcccag     54000
     aaacttagaa tacccaagat acaggataaa atttgctaaa cacatgaaac tcaagaagaa     54060
     cgaagaccac agtctggaca ctttgcccct tcttagaatt gggaacaaaa cacccataga     54120
     aggagttaca gagacaaagt ttggagctga gacaaaagga tggaccatct agagactgcc     54180
     atatctgggg atccatccca taatcagctt ccaaaatgct gacaccattg catgcactag     54240
     taagattctg ttgaaaggac ccagatatag ctgtctcttg tgagactatg ctggggccta     54300
     gcaaacagat aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg gatcacaggg cccccaatgg     54360
     aggagctaga gaaagtaccc aaggtgctaa agggatctgc aaccctacag gtggaacaac     54420
     aatatgaact aaccagtacc ccccagagct cgtgtctcta gctgcatatg tatcagaaga     54480
     tggtctagtt ggccatcagt ggaaagagag gcccattggt tgtgcaaact ttatatgcct     54540
     cagtacaggg gaacgccagg gccgagaagt gggagtgggt gggtagggca gtggttgggg     54600
     gacttttggg atagcactgg aaatgtaaat gaattaaata gctaatataa aaaacagtaa     54660
     tattacattt taactcagag tgtagtatta atatttaaat attcgtaggc tttgctaccc     54720
     ccacttcaaa ggtttatatt cccaaatgaa agacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     54780
     acacacacac acgtacacac acagtgcctt tgtattttaa tatgccttaa gcagcacagt     54840
     agctgagtga ctgcttaacc tccatgctgc tagaatatac ctcccactga ttattctgag     54900
     ttactactta ttaattttta tgttcctact tggctgctct taactccaat tcatcagcca     54960
     tctgggccac ttcttttggt ctaagagtct tgggtgctct tcttgtttct ctaccccttg     55020
     tggcctctgt gtctctcctc tctctacact cttctaaatc atggctgatt tctttctctc     55080
     ttgtttcctc gaagtcccaa ggccgggaac tctaaatctt gcccctgtct ctcctcctta     55140
     gctaatggct gttggcatct ttctttaccg atcaaaatta actgggggca ggttcccaga     55200
     gctatatgaa gaccctcttg tacaaacagt tttggggata attagcatta gaatacaagc     55260
     agctacatga ggtttatcca atcaaaaatc agcaagaatt taaaagggtt agacatctgg     55320
     taacattgta accatcttcc tgtacactgt ttattgtcca agtatcctgt ggacaacatg     55380
     cttgtattcc tctgatagtt gtgttaaaat attgacctgg agtaagattg ttcaaaacag     55440
     agggggcttg agaagtaatc agggtggagt aatttggaaa tgtggacatc ccatgatggc     55500
     ctgttttttt aagatggaag gaccagaggt agttcaggtg accacatgat tacaggaggt     55560
     atgaaggcac cccagaaaat caggactcaa gccctcccaa taccttcttt caccttgatt     55620
     gtgaactcag caccctccaa agctgggaag tgtatatgac ttttaatcct gtggggtctg     55680
     gtgttttgtg atggctactt gaactgactt acacattttt ttaaccttat caccaaagtg     55740
     ggcggttccc tggtgtgctt ccttatttaa gcctactcca tttattcaat gctacctgtg     55800
     cttaggctcc acttgtcatt gtgtcctttc cattgcatca ttctcatcat tccaaatgac     55860
     aacaggaact cagtggcagg atttctactg tagacgtttc cttgcatgat tggcgaggca     55920
     atgatgactt gagagacagc cagtaaggaa ctaaggcagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     55980
     gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaaa gcatgtgtat gtatttgaat     56040
     gtgtttgttt gtggatgggt gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtttgt gcatgtgtta tgtgcacaca     56100
     tgaatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgatccat tctcaggctg gactcaaagc     56160
     acagataaat aaccaccatc tttagaacct agaacttaaa tgtatataca ttcaccattt     56220
     aaacttttct ccttagttaa ttagttaatt tcacacacaa tctgggatga ttggtgagct     56280
     gggacagggg tagattattg tagaggatca cagctacttt agtggtgaga tcaccagctt     56340
     ttcactattt ggatcaatat ctatgataat ttgaggaagt atttagtttt gctcatgatt     56400
     tcagaggctg actatttgag cctacattcg ttttaggtaa tggtaaggca gaaaggacat     56460
     gagactggaa accatgtgtg ttctacaaag ctgcacgctc agtggtatat ttcctccatt     56520
     ttagacccta gttcctagaa attttatcac ttagatccaa atattcaacg tagactccat     56580
     gacaagaagt agtgcacttt tggaaaacaa gatcttggag aataagggac atactggttg     56640
     atgtggttta gtaaaatgga gaaaagctgt gattttagat tttaaaaaat agaaaaaaaa     56700
     gaagaaaaga gaaggaggag ggagggagga ggaggaggaa aagggaataa accatttccc     56760
     cttcaacttg cttctttggt tatgatgttt gtgcaggaat agaaaccctg actaacacaa     56820
     attggtacca gcatagtggg atattcctgt gacaacttgg ccatgtttag gggaggactg     56880
     tggaaggact ttggaacttt gggctagaag agccattaag tgttaagagt tctgtgagat     56940
     gttctgtagg agcttggaag ataatgttga gaacagtaca aattatggag gcctggtttg     57000
     tgatatttta gagggaagat taaagactct tatcaaggct attgctattt tgattgtgaa     57060
     gattctgtgg ttttggttag ctggggctga agaatcagct atgagttaac aagatatcag     57120
     agctactaag gtgaaacctt tgtattactg ggactatcga tgctggttag ctggagctaa     57180
     gaaattattg atgattaaaa agaacaatgt cattgagatg aaatcttctg ggaagtgttt     57240
     tctgagagta aagagaagct gtgttccaga gatagccagt gttgtacctc gtgctgcagc     57300
     tggacttgat aatatgtaag agtcacccag gtggaactgg ttttgaaggc atgaagaggt     57360
     catgaagagc agctgaggct cagcattgtg agaggccacg ggaggacact gatgaaggtg     57420
     cagggctgaa ggagtcatgc aaaggagttg aagcttggca ccatgaagag agcctatgag     57480
     aggctattgg tgaagcctac aaactacact ttcttccccc ctgtctaggg gtttgttttg     57540
     ccttgagtct ggttataggt ctagaaaaac ccattggtga gccttgagga ataccaatat     57600
     tgtcttgccc ctgtattttc ttcagagaaa gttactgctg gtttattaga ctcagaggga     57660
     ttaatttttt cctgtgaaat ttgctttacc tggtcttctg tagaagtagg ttcctacaga     57720
     tgtgctggca agtaaatgga agcaggtgaa aaagagcaaa tctatcttct tccaatgttc     57780
     ttacgtaggt ctccagcaga agatgtggcc cagattaaag gtgtgtacca tcatgcctgg     57840
     gtctgggact tgttttgccc taggctgatt ttgaactcag agatcttctt gccttagtct     57900
     cctgggatta aaggcatgca ctactttgcc tggacctaag gttttcatag ccactatgcc     57960
     tgaagatctc cattccaaga tccaggtcag aaacttgtgt cttccagcct caagatctgg     58020
     gtcacaggtg atccttccaa ttctggattg tagttcattc cagatatagt aaagttgaga     58080
     accagaaata gctattacaa gtaataaaaa tttggtagta ctaatattaa aatagacaac     58140
     tccctctttt ttcccccaat caaataaaat gtgactttat actaacaaga attcatcaac     58200
     agttttctaa aaacacaggt aaaggttatc tgtggcacat gagaaagata tctttgccat     58260
     gctatatccc ttttccctgg gaaataacca actcttcatg cttatacttc atgcttacac     58320
     ttaaccatta acaccatatt tttagtgatc aagaccatca cttctttaat gtggactact     58380
     gtttcctttt cttccctagt tcagggagcc tgccaagaag ttgagaacat gttccatatc     58440
     tccatgcctc atacactgga cacttagttt ccatgaattt tctctgatga aaattagaca     58500
     tttatataca caaatgctac atactagttt tcctatattt ctaccatctt gatttcagat     58560
     cctatattca acagccattg ttgatttcta agttcaaatc atgtatttat atgcaatgta     58620
     tatctcttgg atgcattctt ttgaaagact catcagcaac tccaaggtga accagggaga     58680
     gaaagatctt caaggttgct cactagtcct gcactgggca ataggaaaag ggctttttct     58740
     ccatagctat ttatacctcc agatttgtca ttgacactca aggccatggg tgccacaaga     58800
     gagatttcac tgaaaagtaa aagaaaaaaa tagagttcac accttgacag atgaaagaca     58860
     atgcaggacc acttgttagt gttccccact ttctgagatg gcaatggaaa tggaagctgc     58920
     aaagtcagct agtggggacc gttcactgca atatgaaatt agttgtattc aactcatggt     58980
     acaaagctgc atatttctta taaaatataa tattctagtt atgcactttt gcccaaagga     59040
     ttatgttaaa ccctgtacac ttgttatgta tgttatgtta atagctgttt caatgtactt     59100
     ttttttattt tcttggcaca aagcatacaa ctaaatgcac tgcatatgcc tgctgaaaaa     59160
     aaaccatagg gcagttctga tcctttacct gcatgctttt cactgttaga gggactgagt     59220
     ttgagatcac cctgtgctag gttgcaagtt caaggccagc ctgtgaaatt gtcctgcttt     59280
     gagtttccaa gtcccgggat tacagttgtg agccacagtg gatggtgtga cattatttta     59340
     tgacccctcc tttgtctgaa cagttttctc ggaatacacg tctcataaaa cattctatgg     59400
     tttggtttta attgtgcctt gtcactggat ggcacaaagc ttaaggcaga catggttcaa     59460
     atttgaagaa aggcttccca cttgacaaaa cagttctact cttgattctc catgtgccat     59520
     ttagggtaat aattgtttaa aaatattgta tcaatactgt caagttctta ttatcccttc     59580
     ataaatgtgt ttaaattctt gcctcagctt aataagtgac ataatttgta aataatagga     59640
     tgttaaaaca taaaactcaa tttaactttg tattctgagg taataatgga taaataaaat     59700
     ggaacatgtt ctacttgttt acagttgaat tctctcagtg acaaatcctt ttaattaata     59760
     gagagattct gcttggagta cactgcctgg ctcttcccag ttagattgat gcagttcaga     59820
     gcacaagagt atcattgcca cgtttagttt gtagcacaaa gatttggtaa agtattcttt     59880
     aaagctttgc tcctttgaag gcacatatac taaggacaca atttaataaa gaagaaatta     59940
     gtaattacta gtattatagc tacatagaaa tacttcatat ttttttccct ttctacatct     60000
     gtagtgaaat ttaaaatcac tgggtgcata aaataggagg tcacatatga agctcaagaa     60060
     gaaggaagac caaagtgtgg atgcttctgt cctacgtaga agggggaaca aaattatcat     60120
     ggaagacaga gggtgggagg gacttaactt tggaggaaga gaagagggga agagaaaaaa     60180
     gaggggacag gaccaggtgt agaaggagac aggggagctg tacagagtgt gaggaaattg     60240
     aacagaggtg tgtagcaatg ggggatgggg aactgtgggt agcaaccaga aagtcccaga     60300
     tgccaagaaa gcaagagact cccaggaccc aacagaaatg acattagcag aaatacccaa     60360
     acaaagggga gaacctgtag agaccatatc cagtatttag acacagtccc tatttgaagg     60420
     atggggccac ctacccttct caaaatttta acccagaatt actcctgtct ggaggaaata     60480
     tggggacaaa gagtggagca gagactgaaa gaaaggccat ccagagactg tcccacctgg     60540
     ggatccattc catagcagcc accaaaccca gtcactattg ctgatgccaa gaagtgctta     60600
     ctgacaggag cctgatattg atgtctcctg agaggatctg ccagagcctt actgtacaga     60660
     tggggatgct tgcagctaaa tattggactg agcacgggga ccctaatgga ggaattaggg     60720
     aaaggactga tggagttgaa ggggtttcca gccccatagg aaaaacaata atatcaacca     60780
     accagaccca accccccaga gctcccaggg actaaaccac taactaaaga atgcacatgg     60840
     aggaacccat ggctccagca gggccttatc tggcttcaat gggagaggag gcccttggtc     60900
     atgtgaaggc acaatgcccc agagtagagg aatgctaggg cagtgaggca ggagttggtg     60960
     ggtgggtggg agagcaccct catagaagca gggggaggaa gggtgggata gggggttttc     61020
     agaggggaaa ctgggaaagg ggataacact tgaaatgtag ataaaataac caataaaata     61080
     attaaataat aagttaccta cattgaggaa aatcaaggcc caaagccatg ttgctgttag     61140
     aatgtgaaac attccctaca gggttatgtg tttgagtgct tggtccccag aaagccatgt     61200
     tatttgtaaa ggtgaagcaa cttttagaat gttcctagag aaagcatggg cttggaggtt     61260
     ttattgtgtg actgtcctgc ctcttccttc tcctctgtcc tctatctctc tccttctccc     61320
     tctctctccc tcctgcacct cccctcccat ttctcccaga cttctgctgc aaagtgatct     61380
     gcttcatgga acttcatacc aggatggact gtgtccgctc tagaactgtc agccaaagcg     61440
     aacacgttct cccttaagct gtttttgtca aggtatttta tccaagtatc aggagaataa     61500
     gagactgctt actaatttag ggagctgtgt tagagactgc agagaggcta ctttcagatc     61560
     acaacactgt ttccccgctc ctgcggacag taacaaaagg gttgcttact caaggcacat     61620
     agatgcagac tagttttaaa tatttgaaaa taggatttac aaaaatcaga atgtcaaaaa     61680
     agttaaatga ctggttcata ctttgaagga ctacatgtag tgtatattgt tcaaaagaga     61740
     atacatatta ttcattttgc atatcttaac agcatgtacc ctaaactcta aatctttgca     61800
     taatatttta ataaataaca acataataaa acagatgtgc acatatctgg tcatagataa     61860
     ataaaaagaa ctttccaaaa ttatagttat ttataaattt ttcatttaaa agaattaaca     61920
     tgaaaagata tttcgatgat cagtgactct gataatgctt aatttcttgg gcctgaaaag     61980
     atggctcagc ccttaagagc atttgctgac cttgcagagg actgaggttt ggttcccaga     62040
     acatatgaag ggcttgccaa acctctgaag gcagatagca cactggcata tgtgctggca     62100
     aatatttata cacataaaac aaataaattt tctaaaataa gaattaagta attttaggtc     62160
     taaaagtatc aggaatattg ataaaacaca aaatcaatag tgttattcat acagtattta     62220
     aatagttgcc aagtgactta aaagtaaata agttgaaaat gtagaaactg tatttcaaag     62280
     ttcgtataac ttggagaaat gttagtagac tacatgttgg ctaaatataa atgaagctga     62340
     gcttgatcag tgtatttaac tttgtacggc acctatcgag atggtcttaa aaatacctgt     62400
     acagcatgat ggcctcagca aaaagacaga aagaagtaaa gaccatctcc ctagcacaca     62460
     aggatggtgg actggtggag aaatgtctct gtccccaaac tagttagctc agttgatgac     62520
     acagacaacc tggaaggaga tgtcttaaca gttagtgtgt aaggatggct gggtgagtta     62580
     gacacctcca aatgaccatt tcatccttcc cagtgttcca tgaagctgct ccagtgtcaa     62640
     ctggtgccat cttcccaagt tgccacccta cacactactt gcctggcgaa cagcatgccc     62700
     tctgatgtga gagaagactc cattaaggga ttctttagat ggttagatat cagtgccatg     62760
     gccttgccac gtgaaccgtg aacacagcag tccagacatt ttgaacgatt ttggttacgc     62820
     tgagtttaag gacctggatt tcctgttcag tgcccagagt ctcagtgaag tctctaggaa     62880
     acggagaatt ccagcagacg ttgccgggta ttaaccgtgg tgattgttcg tttggctgag     62940
     ctagagatca agatttgacc agggacacag gctagagggc ctttcttgtc ttggcacaga     63000
     cagctttgat gatgccctga ccaagagagg tgataatttt ggagacaagc aagtatggag     63060
     atctcaaaga ttcagactag tatcgcgatg ggtacgggca gtatgaggat tgcccatgcc     63120
     tagatatgag tccttgggat gacctaaggc accagaggct acttcaaagg tagccaaaca     63180
     aggctgctct ttttaaatct atttgcaggc gatgattcca ggacaggcaa ggcagacatt     63240
     tgataacagt agtaggcgcc cttggaatgt tgactgtaga ggaaagcggg gctgttgtgt     63300
     agtcagtcac ctctgatgat gggcgtgaca aatggacgat ggctatggag ctccagagat     63360
     tatggtctcc cagggattat aggtgtaatg acagaaaact ggcagatgga agttgaaaat     63420
     gatatgcttg cctgatgaag caaagcacag ggcaggaaag attaggtaag gattgccata     63480
     cataaataaa acaatcattt accttatgac tttacaaata gattttcagt taagatttac     63540
     ttaataaaca ttaggaacag aaatatcaac aaaataccta gataatggcc acctagattt     63600
     atttaatgcc ccagatttcc catgaacagt tcagaattgc taaaaagata aatttataat     63660
     acacataaat aaaattgtca atgtttgaat ttcttagtaa gttttcttaa aaatcatgtt     63720
     aaatcaagga atattcttca tcaaatgatt tgattcttct ctgaaagtta catgtactgt     63780
     gattctatag taagaaagaa aaaatataaa acactattaa agatattatg attactatta     63840
     ttgtttgagg tgtatgtata tgtgtctttc tgtttatgtg tcatattttg catgggtgcc     63900
     catggaggtc agaagagtgg aggtcacaac cgctggagct ggattcatga gtgctgggaa     63960
     gccaacaggg atcccctgtg agagcagcaa gggctctcac cacggagcag catctctgag     64020
     tctatgaaca tgttgctgca atttggaaat tttcaagact ttctgtgatt ggttggtgaa     64080
     gcttttgtga gaacttgaac tgaacaacag tactttttaa attgtgggtt tttttttaat     64140
     tggtttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag     64200
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatcgtc ctgcctctgc ctccgaaatg ctgggattaa     64260
     aggcatgcgc caccatgcca ggctgtgggt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttcttaaaga     64320
     gctttgcatg tggctcagag tggctttgaa ctggcacttt ctaggcttat cagtgccatg     64380
     atacttggat gcgcaatgtt tctgattctg aaattaaact ttgaccttct gtactgaaat     64440
     gagaataagg tttgcctgga gagccaactt actcaaatta taaatattac cttttctgtg     64500
     cttcgttaac ttgattaaca gtcagaacta tgtcaaatag atgtgtctga ctgaggaaga     64560
     gaaatgagtg ttttatgact gtgattttac tttacaatta ctctctctat tcttgtattt     64620
     caaaccatta atataatggt ttaattaata tatgtaactt taggattcat cagggaagcc     64680
     aggaatttaa aaatatacaa atctatattt atagatgaat tactaatgta ttttcataga     64740
     tcgttcgata ttcataggaa tctgatgtgt gtatattcag cacatttatt agtatctata     64800
     cctgttttct cctttgtagg attttgatag aactatttta atagttttac aaagttttct     64860
     ttggtcttcc ttcttcttga gtttcatgtg ttttgcaaat tatatcttgg gtattctgag     64920
     cttctgggct aatatccact tatcagtgag tggatatcat gtgtgttctt ttgtgattgg     64980
     gttacctcac tcaggctgat atcatccaga tccatccatt tgtctaagga tttcataaat     65040
     tcattgtttt taataactgc atagtattcc attgtataaa tgtaccactt ttttttttgc     65100
     atctattcct ctgttgaggg acatctgggt tctttccatc ttctgactat tataaataag     65160
     gcttctatga acattgtgga gcatgtgtcc ttacagtttt ctttaggtat ctagatattt     65220
     ttctgaaaat gttttacaaa aatgtgtttt ttttaattca aaggtatgaa aactgaatac     65280
     tatttaaatt ttctatgttt tggttttatt tttcacgtaa caggtcttgt gtttaaatta     65340
     tgtaaatatg gaactcatat gagagtatct ggttgtggga tgcatgccta cagaacagat     65400
     gagattcaca acagtgaatt ccaaaatgta cgaatacatc tacttttaaa tcttttggtt     65460
     gctcaatcat gtcagaagaa attatggtac tgactcttag tcttttataa catccctttt     65520
     gatatgtgat taacaataag gacaggtcta tctacataga caagaacaac aacaacaaca     65580
     acaaaaacaa caaaacccta gactacagga tggttgtaca gtgatgtctt caagtaaatc     65640
     acccagagac aaagttggaa aattgtcacc atcaaattgt attcactttt ctcacctata     65700
     ccaaaagatt atagatgcag taaaaaacca ggaaaccagc ctttcttaga aaccataaat     65760
     atggatacct tgatgtagaa cttaacagca tccataaata caaaatttaa ttatgttgag     65820
     aagacttcca acccattgga attttgtcac aatactctga gttgaataaa ttattgtgct     65880
     gtgcttgcct caccttactg tagaggctta tttctctact ttaaacctga cccatatatt     65940
     cgaggagttt ttgctcaaat gccattgtga tggtttatat atccttggac catggagtgg     66000
     caccatctgg aggtgtggtc ttgttgggat aggtgtgacc tggttagaat gggtgtgtca     66060
     ttgtgggtgt gggcttaaga ccctcaccct agttgcctcg aagtcagtct tccattagca     66120
     gcctttggat gaagatgtag aactctcagc tctacttgcg ccatgcctgc ctggatactg     66180
     ccatgctccc accttgatga taatggactg aacctctgaa tctgtaatcc atccccaatt     66240
     aaatgtttta ttaagacttg ccttggtcat ggtgtctgtt cacagcagta aaaccccaac     66300
     taagacagcc atcatgcccc tttctttgtc ttgtgctaga tattcctagg aatactgtct     66360
     tgagcctcta ctaaaaccat ttttattatg taaatgaaac attctttgat tgagggacat     66420
     ctgggttgct tccagtttct attaagagta aggagggtag ggcgaagaac tctggaagga     66480
     gagatctgga ggaaatcaac atttaagatg taaataaata aaataattaa aaacttaata     66540
     aaaatatggt gggaaaaagc tgaaaagaga aaaagtgaaa ataaagtatt caaataacaa     66600
     tgtttttctt aattagttta tcttatctat tgtggatagc cttttcagac tatattatta     66660
     aattaaacat ataacatgca caaatgtata tttatgagtg atttttttaa taaaagctaa     66720
     acaagtattg cctcttggag ctggtagaaa agtaaataaa aattgatctc tgtatctaag     66780
     actaaagtca ccaaattagg aaaaaatatg tagaaaatac taaaagtcaa tccaaaatgc     66840
     tattaaattt tctatttaat gtaatgggtt catatttgaa gtaaatgttg acttaaaatt     66900
     ttaatttttg tattctcttg attacatcat actctgatac aaaaatattg ttatgtggta     66960
     ttaagtaaaa gtaagattta ttcaccagga aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaga ccttttcatg     67020
     gtgatccatg tggaaaatgg aggaattgga ggagagcttc caaggaccca aggcaaagaa     67080
     tggtgcatat cagcaaggtt tgaaagttcc aggcaatccc tctagaaccc aagaactttt     67140
     tgtcctcaaa ggaatacacc tgcattttgt agacttatct gctgtgatgt attttctacc     67200
     aggtcttata tctttgttct gggttgggat tgcatagatg actctgtaaa tgggttaaaa     67260
     agtctctcca gagggaacag gaatataggg tgatcctgga gaactgaaac aggacagaca     67320
     gtaggtgaaa ccagaaaatg taagaaattt gtgaacccag tatttccaaa taatgagcat     67380
     tcccttctac tatctccaag aaatgttggg tggtttgaag atgaaagaca atgtgagcat     67440
     catattatac aaggaaccat gcatcaggga taaggccagc ttgtgtgtta ttctactttt     67500
     gctaatagca attttttctc tttttttaat taggtatttt cctcgtttac atttccaatg     67560
     ctatcccaaa agtcccctat acccactccc ccaatcccat acccacccac tccccctttt     67620
     tggccctggc gttcccctgt aaggggcata taaagtttgc aagtccaatg ggcctctctt     67680
     tccagtgatg gctgactagg ccttctgcag ctagagacaa gagctctggg gtactggtta     67740
     gttcatattg tcgttccacc tatagggttg cagttccctt tagctccttg ggtactttct     67800
     ctagctcctc cattgggggc cgtgtgaccc atccaatagc taactgtgag catccacttc     67860
     tgtgtttgct aggccccggc atagtctcac aagggacagc tatatctggg tcctttcagc     67920
     aaaatcttgc tagtgtatgc aatggtgtca gcatttggaa gctgattatg ggatggaacc     67980
     ccggatatgg caatcactag atggtccatc ctttcgtcac agctccaaat tttgtctctg     68040
     taactccttc cgtgggtgtt ttgttcccat ttctaagaag gggcaaagtg tccacacttt     68100
     ggtcttcctt attcttgagt ttcatgtgtt tagcaaattg tatcttatat cttgggtatc     68160
     ctaagtttct gggctaatat ccacttatca gtgagtacat attgtgcgag ttcctttgtg     68220
     attgggttac ctcactcagg atgatgccct ccaggtccat ccatttggct aggaatttca     68280
     taaatccatt ctttttaata gctgagtagt actccattgt gtaaatgtac cacattttca     68340
     gtatccattc ctctgttgag gggcatctgg gttctttcca gcttctggct attataaata     68400
     aggctgctat gaacatagtg gagcatgtgt ccttcttacc ggttgggaca tcttctggat     68460
     atatgcccag gagaggtatt gcaggatcct ccagtagtac tatgtccaat tttctgagga     68520
     accgccagac tgatttccag agtggttgtg caagcttgca atcccaccaa caatggagaa     68580
     gtgttcctct ttctccacat cctcaccagc atctgctgtc acctgaattt ttgatcttag     68640
     ccattctgac tggtgtgagg tggaatctct gggttgtttt tatttgcatt tccctgatga     68700
     ttaaggatgt tgaacatttt ttcaggtgct tctctgccat ttggtattcc tcaggtgaga     68760
     attctttgtt cagcgctgag caccattttt aatggggtta tttgattttc tggagtccac     68820
     cttcttgagt tctttatata tattggatat tagtccccta tccgatttgg gatacgaaaa     68880
     gattctttcc caatctgttg gtagtctttc tgtcttattg acggtgtctt ttgccttgca     68940
     gaagctttgc aattttatga ggtcccattt atcgattctc gatcttacag cacaagccat     69000
     tgctgttcta ttcaggaatt tttcccctgt acccatatct tccaggcttt tccctatttt     69060
     ctcctctata agtttcagtg tctctggttt tatgtggagt tccttaatcc acttagattt     69120
     gaccttagta caaggagata gaaatggatc aattcgcatt cttctacatg ataactgcca     69180
     gttgtgccag caccatttgt tgaaaatgct atcttttttc cactggatgg ttttagctcc     69240
     cttgtcaaag atcaagtgac cataggtgtg tgggttcatc tctgggtctt caattctgtt     69300
     ccattggtct acttgtctgt cactatacca gtaccatgca gtttttatca caattgctct     69360
     gtagtacagc tttaggtcag gcaaggtgat tccaccagag gttcttttat ccttgagaag     69420
     agtttttgct atcatagatt ttttgttatt ccagatgaat ctgccgattg ctctttctaa     69480
     ttcgttgaag aattgagttg gaattttgat ggggattgca gtgaatctgt agattgcttt     69540
     tggcaaggta gccattttta ctatattgat cctgccaatc catgagcatg ggagatcttt     69600
     ccatcttctg agatcttctt taatttcttt cttcagagac ttgaagttct tatcatacag     69660
     atctttcact tccttagtta gagtcacgcc aaggcatttt atattatttg tgactattga     69720
     gaagggtgtt gtttccctaa tttctttctc agcctgttta tcctttgtgt acagaaagac     69780
     cattgacttg tttgtgttaa ttttatatct agctacttca ttgaagctgt ttatcaggct     69840
     taggagttct ctggtggaat ttttagggtc acttatatat atactatcat atctgcaaaa     69900
     agtgatattt tgacttcttc ctttccaatt tgtatcccct tgatctcctt ttgttgtcta     69960
     attactctgg ctaggacttc aagtacaatg ttgaataggt agggagagag tggacagcct     70020
     tgtctagtcc ctgattttag tgggattgct tccagcttct caccatttac tttgatgttg     70080
     gctactggtt tgctgtaggt tgcttttatc atgtttaggt atgggccttg aattcctgat     70140
     ctttccaaga cttttatcat gaatgggtgt tggattttgt caaatgcttt ctcagcatct     70200
     aatgagatga tcatgtggtt tttgtctttg agtttgtttg tatactggat tccgttgatg     70260
     gatttccgta tattgaacca tccctgcatc cttgggatga aacctacttg gtcaggatgg     70320
     atgattgttt tgatgtgttc ttggattctg ttagcaagaa ctttattgag gatcttgcta     70380
     atagcaattt gaatgagttt caccaactga tttttaagtc tctgtacttt gtggaatgtc     70440
     atgggaacat gatatactac atatattatg actcaatgtg tattgttaag aacattttac     70500
     accatgggta atcaatctga catgttaaaa gtaatgttat taaaggtaac cttatttcaa     70560
     tcatgatttc atatgtagag tctggaatac aggagatgat tagtgaaatt gcctgatcag     70620
     gccacatgaa tgaataacat ctaaactttt ttttaataac tcaatgttgt ccaatttctt     70680
     acttagcatc aagagtcaaa acacttagag cataaaaaag tgctttattt ccatatagat     70740
     ttaggcatag aagaaaggtc accagaaagt tacacctgcg agataaaagc acttagtttt     70800
     cagcaatggt ctgattaatc cagttcaggt agttgcagac tttggtgtag ataccaggtt     70860
     tcccttccaa agcacagccg acaccccagg aaacaactcc ctggacttgt ccattgcaga     70920
     ccacagggcc gccagagtca tactaagtaa taaaggaaag atagttagac ttggttatgc     70980
     ccagagaaat aatgggatta agatgttcat tgatgtttct gggactgaat ttgcagacca     71040
     gtgatcttca caaagcactg attatctttt ttaaaaaatc cagttttcag gattggagaa     71100
     atggcttagt ggttaagatc attgactgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc aattctcagc     71160
     aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgagatctga tgcactttct ggtttttgtc     71220
     tgaagacagt tgaagtgtac acggataaat aaaagtaaat atttttttaa aaatccagta     71280
     tctctatctt tattactttg ttctttttgt agccccacct cattttccag gagccatttt     71340
     gggggtgata tgcaaaaaat agactgcaga gttctgatat gactcacaag ctttttctct     71400
     ttcatatgga ctccactccc acaattcaag ggtgcttggg tttacagttt acacagaatc     71460
     aactctttgg gtccttcata cttaatattt atcatcatac caaaaataga aaactcatac     71520
     attttcttaa agcctttctt cctctcccat agtgagacac aggtagagat atactgtttt     71580
     ctgttttatc tgagaaatac agtgggtagg agagttggct aactcatggt agacatagtc     71640
     atagatagag atagacaaca aaaactcacc tggcaagagt cctttccacc ttccaggaag     71700
     ccaagacaga acatgttgct agtgatctga agtgggtagg ccttgtgaca aacagagtca     71760
     gacaggactg gagcatccag acactgaaga acagaagaag gactctcgac tgtagagtat     71820
     aagggtgaaa attaaattat tcatgctgac tctgagtatt tcctcttcta cctattaatt     71880
     tttataagca tatccctcat ttgttatcag agagagaggg agggagggag ggagagagat     71940
     agagagagag agagggagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa ggattataat     72000
     ttaggttttt taaaatttgg tttattgtga gttaaggttt ctttgtgtaa ccagcttggc     72060
     tgtcctgatc ttgctttgta gagcaggcta gcctcaaact tacagagatc cacctgcctc     72120
     agcctcttga gtgctgggat taaacatgtg ggccaccaca cctggcttag aagtttttaa     72180
     ggtatggttt tccacagttt ctaatagttt tactcctcag ttactcttcc tctaacatta     72240
     ctatcagtga ccatcattct caagtccaga ggcttctatt ggattgtgtc caatgacctc     72300
     acttctagat atctcctgtt tctatagttt ttaactcatc actaacgaag atatagttaa     72360
     aatccttgac atctttctaa gttgatttta ttttttgttt ccatgggctg attgattgga     72420
     agtttcttaa cttcagctag catttctcaa atggtcagtt caaagatgtc ctctgggaac     72480
     tgtactttga atgagaattt gtactaactg tcattaagga gtcattcact cccagtactc     72540
     atatttactt cttgtatatc acagagagac ttacagccaa attgcagaac accccagcca     72600
     gacacaaggc actcagtacc agctgatgga caggactgtg gcagagaaac agtagatact     72660
     ttagagttga gggtagctgg taacttcaac ttaatcagca tgatgtcatt atcaaaagtc     72720
     catgaattat aatcaggatg gggaatcatc ttggctgcat caacaaactg ctcagcacct     72780
     tcaatttcat caatgttatg ttctccaaga tgcacctgta gttggctggg tttaagagtt     72840
     aaaagtttac atgtccttgt tcagcttgtg tttaggcagt catgttggtt agaccttgtg     72900
     ggtctatctc tcaataggga tgatactaat agacacacta aggttgattg gagaaaggcc     72960
     ccaaagtctc aaccctacac aaagaactac aaacaactaa gtaatgagct catcaattgg     73020
     ttaaccaata tcaaatgatc aactctgaaa acattacagt aacgtactat acacatatac     73080
     atacacagag acacaaatag aaaacataca agtaacatta tacaggctaa gcaagtaggt     73140
     tgtatacaca tcaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatat gcaataacga     73200
     taaaaaagag gccataaatt tgaaagaaac taatacatgg gtggagggtt tcaagggagg     73260
     aaaggaaagg gagaaatcat gtaattataa tataaaaata gaagaaacaa tttacaaagc     73320
     ttaagtattc aacatgaata tcatttcttt tctccagccc cttcaatcat gagcataaac     73380
     aatacattct atttaagcac tggatcactg aagttagtac acattactat tccagggaca     73440
     ggttacagaa ttccttccta agtgtctctg ctagtcagga cttagtccac tatcatctta     73500
     caattgggag tcataggaat agaaactaaa tatactctat taaacatttt caggtgaaaa     73560
     atttgatggg tattgactgg caatttcctc ttttcctgtt tttgggatcc tcaaggcaag     73620
     agtcaggagg atagaaataa atatgaagaa cagatcaaat tattcatttg tactgttaca     73680
     ctggaaatat gatatgcttt gttaactggc atgctgtttt gttatgattg agctataatt     73740
     agggtttgga tcgattcaca ttctaaagct cttttaagga tctatcatca actgttctat     73800
     ctctttagtg ttgaaattaa gacagcagta aactttaaga ttatcaaacc atggaaacct     73860
     cttttataat aaatctttca taataaatta ataccacata ataaaacttt ggaatgactg     73920
     atgagttcca cagggccaga atactttatc aagcatcatt cttttgcgaa atttaatttg     73980
     gtaagcctag agcataaagt gattttagca tacacaatgt gaatattggt tacttacaga     74040
     tgatagcaat gagcagcaga cagtacccac tggtcagtga tgagagatcc cccacatatg     74100
     tgagatccag cattcagtga cacctggtag ggaacagaat gctcctgaca agtatagcac     74160
     caacaattct gtcatcatta tcctcagtgg ggaaagcagc tgtgagagaa gagttaggaa     74220
     acactccatt acatggctct accatgttat ttcatgcacc atgaagtttt acttcaaact     74280
     gaggacaaaa gagatgagaa tgttcttcta tatcacacaa tcaaggcatg tcaatgtgat     74340
     gggtacattt tgttggcaac tggttttgga atcacctgaa agatatgcct ctgtgtcttt     74400
     gtgaggtttt ctccttagag gtctaattgc agaaggaaga ctcactcaaa accttggttg     74460
     caactttctt tggggtaggg acccagagtg aacaaactgg gaagggggta gcctgatgac     74520
     caccagctct gtctctttct ctgtttcctg actgccagtt tcatagagtg cctgatcttc     74580
     ccaccaccac cattatgaac aacacccagg ccagcttccc taacaaggtt gactacatcc     74640
     tcttcaaact gagacaaaat aatttttccc tctttaagtt gcttttgtct ggtttggtca     74700
     aaatactgag aagagtagct aacatgacta gctttaggta agctttttca ttattcatta     74760
     ttcttcacct tgcacacaga cccttcttat ataatgatga ataaccatgt actcttgagg     74820
     tatgccttct ttgattaaaa tggtctgttc atatatattc acatatttta tattcattca     74880
     tgtatattca tatatacatg taactcatat acatatccac agacttatat tgatcagagg     74940
     ctctttggaa aataaatgtc ttgtttcttc cacttatgat ataatcactt aaaagcatag     75000
     agtgctttac agtatgggat ggagaggtgc tcagtgagca cagatggctg tgcaagcatg     75060
     tggatctgag ttgagctctt ttagcatcct cacgaaagtc aggcatggta acatgttctg     75120
     tagtcccaat gctggttagg aggagagcaa ctggagataa gagggataac cagagcttat     75180
     cagtcagtca gttaagccaa aagtaaaaac atttaagttc agtgagtgat cctgtgtcaa     75240
     aaagtataag gtagagaatg acagagaaag atatacaaat ttgacatctc gtcttcacat     75300
     tcacaggtaa tccccctctc tcccttctct ctctccctct ccctctctct ctctctctct     75360
     ctctctctct ctctttctta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     75420
     catcacaaag ggaaactttg gagtagtttt cctggtgtat tgtgtggtag ttgatgaaac     75480
     attagaagac aaaaagctac ctccttaagt tagtagaaag agaaaagtta aagccacagg     75540
     agaatattct gccctataaa agaaatgaca gctttgaatt ttttattcaa tcaacttgtt     75600
     ttgggggtct aacatgaaac tttcctatca tttgcctaaa tatgagttct aaactaacag     75660
     gtatatgagt ttcaggacag tgtgaactat atggaaatat tcttatctca acaaaacaac     75720
     accctcatgt acacagacac aaatgacaga caaaaatcta tttgaatcct tttcattatt     75780
     atctgactac cctaacatca aatgattcat tcatcatttc catatttcct atctattgag     75840
     atttctcaca gccccacatg attttattga aaaatatttc tattattcca atactttaaa     75900
     taattttagc aatattaaaa attaattagt agtattaagt acttatttct ttttaccaca     75960
     gctgcatgaa ttgtgaattt atatcaaaga gatttcactt aaaatcttgg gctgcgtttt     76020
     aagacaattt ttatcaatta gaaataaaat atttcattta ttgtgctttc ttgggtgaat     76080
     aataacaact ccagtgttca gcatactcag gctttggtta tcagtgccct ttcaaggagt     76140
     acagattatt atatcagttt cagtttctag gtacgaattc ttacaagtca gtataagcac     76200
     ttgtgtgtga ctgtgtgtat gtgtctgtgt gatgtgtgtt tgtgtttgtg tttgtgatct     76260
     cttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtaaact atcatttcct cttgttccaa     76320
     actctgggat tttacaagaa agttgcttga gatctctgag tcaattcttc atactatgaa     76380
     cttcctccaa caagtgagat ttaatcatta acaaacatgg gtaaatatat attcatgtct     76440
     ctacttttta agctttttgc tttcagttcc cataagcaac aaaccttgtt gatttttcca     76500
     gcaaaaatgc aaacttacaa acactttcaa attcattaat ttggaagact caccagcagt     76560
     tccaaggagt ataaagaaaa tgcagatctt catggttgtt tgttgggtct aaaccaggca     76620
     ataagaaaaa ggcattttct catgagtagt tatacttcta catctgtcca cgacacccat     76680
     gttctcaggt gccaaaaagt gatttcactg gaaagtaact agtctaaatt tagagttcta     76740
     ttctgtgata ggtaaggtat aattcaagaa ataacatttt ccagaaagtt atgagaatgg     76800
     aagtttcaaa ctcacctggt gggaattgtc cctcctaaaa ggaaaatatg ttggtgtgag     76860
     gtcacagatt acagctacaa ctttccagat tctcagccaa atatcttgat agtttttttt     76920
     tttttttctg acatgtgaaa agttttcctg agcggctctc ataaagaccc aactcttggt     76980
     atattgactg ttttgtctta aagtaataga catacatggc aattgctatt attaatatga     77040
     caaattgttc tccagctgca agtcatagtt ttattattta aaatatagta gattaagaag     77100
     aaaagcaaag taatgatact aagttctaat tatctaaacc ttgccatatg taggggatgt     77160
     agaaactctc ctacaggagt tttactattc ctgaaagcag tgatccagtg acaagtggag     77220
     aataaggaaa attattgaat ggaaaattct agatgtgaat aattcttaag tttgaaataa     77280
     tggtggccat gcaaagttgc acatgtcatt agtccttgaa catgaggtag aggtgaggag     77340
     atcaaacttt atatgcccag tacaggggaa caccagggcc aagaagtggg agtgggtggg     77400
     taggagaaca aggtggggga gggtataggg gactttcagg atagcattgg aaatgtaaat     77460
     gaagaaaata cctaataaaa aattggaaaa agggaaaaaa aagaatttga gttatcacaa     77520
     gttcaaggcc aacttgtgct ttgaagcatg accttctttc aaaacaacat gattaggtgg     77580
     agagaccctc taggatgtac cagagacctg ggaggtgaga gactagcagg actcaaattt     77640
     tgggacttta gatgaagttc ccaaaagagg ggagagggaa cttgtagaat acacctccag     77700
     taggcatcaa gtggagggat ggggttgcca ttccacagtc aaaaactctg acccagaatt     77760
     gttcttgtct aaaagaacta caggggaaaa aatggagaaa agactgaggg aaaggaggtc     77820
     gaatgacagg cccaacttgg gatctatctc aaggggaggc tccaaggtct gacactatca     77880
     ctgatgctac agtgtgctta cagacaggag cctagcatga ctgtcctcta agaggcccaa     77940
     caagcagctg actgagacag gcagagatag ttatacccaa tgaatggact ggagttgagg     78000
     acccctgtag ttgaattagg gaaaggctga aagaaactga ggtgtagggc aaccccataa     78060
     gaagaccagc acattaactt accaggacct ctgagatctc tcagacactg agtcattaac     78120
     caggcagcat acactagctg atctgagccc cacccctcac ccctgacaga tgtacagcag     78180
     aggactggcc ttctcagtga gagagaagac tagcctaatc ctcaagagcc ttaaggcccc     78240
     ctggaatagg gaagctgggg gggggcatcc tcttggagtc agtggggaag aggaatggga     78300
     tgagaaactg tgggagggtg gaccaggatg ggtgggggga atgactagac tgtaaaaaaa     78360
     ataataataa aattaagaac caactgtgat ggtttgtata ttcttgggcc tgggagtgcc     78420
     accatttgga ggtgtggcct tgttggaata tgtgtgacct ggttggagta ggtgtgtcac     78480
     tgtgggtgtg ggcttaagac cctcactcta gttgcctgga agtcagtctt ccactagcag     78540
     cctttgggtg aagatgtaga actctcagct ctgcctgcac tatgcctgcc tggttactgc     78600
     catgctccta ccttgatgat aatggactga acctcggaac ctgtaagcca tccccaatta     78660
     aatgttgttg ttttttttaa aataattttt attacatatt ttcctcaatt acatttccaa     78720
     tgctatccca aaagtccccc ataccctccc cccacttccc tacccatcca ttcccatttt     78780
     tttggccctg gcattcccct gtactggggc atatacagtt tgcatgtcca atgggcctct     78840
     ctttccagtg atggctgatt aggccatctt ttgatataaa tgttgttttt tataagactt     78900
     gtcttggtca tggtgtctgt tcacagcaat aaaaccctaa ccaaccaaca aacaaacaaa     78960
     aacatgatta caataaattc cagtattatt cttattttat tgaaagttac tgctgttgct     79020
     ttttacttaa taagctataa attaaacttt tattttatat ataaaattaa atcttatgtg     79080
     aggtgtattt ttgttgttgt tattgttttg gtttgttttt gtcttgtttt gttttttgtt     79140
     gttttgctta ttttgtatct gctttgtcat gcatttagtg gaggttctga aatatatcct     79200
     tcatgggtaa agctatgagt gcatgataag gtccctgtat aattttattc cccttaaact     79260
     atatgagata cctattgagc tcattaaatt taagacaggc atataagaga acaaagtatt     79320
     agggcactgt gctaacagca cacagtaagc actggtagtg tcagtctgtg ctctttccag     79380
     aatcatatag aattttctat ctctacaatg gatgaaattc agtgcacaaa atcattttgt     79440
     cccaactgat aactctactg ttgtttctgt tgttttaatg ttactgttct ttctgaagat     79500
     ttaatacata tataatgaaa cataatcata tacattcctg atttctcccc ttcagctcca     79560
     tctaaatttc cccaacttgt ccctctgcca acttgatatt ttcttgggtt ccatatttgt     79620
     gtgtgtgtgt cccccacttt tgttatccca ccgaatccaa taagtgaacc ccatatgtgt     79680
     atgagaccat ccactggaac atgagaaatc aactagtgac cacacaggaa aaaaaaaatt     79740
     ctaactacta acaacaatct tcttagtagg ggacagggtc tggagaatat ctcctctatt     79800
     tttgccttga atttggcttg cttgatctta tgaaggtgtt gtgcagatag tgcaaggtgt     79860
     tatgagttca tgagtgtaat agctaggtta tgtcaataat acatttcata gcactttccc     79920
     ccatcaacca gctcttacat tctttctgtt tcttcctcct gagctgcggt gatggcagtg     79980
     gtaatggtag aggtagttgt tgtttgttgt tgttgtggtg gtggtggtgg tggtggtggt     80040
     ggtggtggtt gtggtggtgg tggtatgaaa gattcccctt agtctcagta ctctgaagag     80100
     ttatgaatct cttcactgac tgttccctgt ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag aaaacttttc     80160
     tgacaaattc tgagattaac tgatgtctat gggtataaac aaatattcaa aaaaccatct     80220
     gacaacatga caatttagaa aaatgcaata ataggctcta tcctagggtc tattcctaac     80280
     catccatgaa catttgacta gaattaccat atcaggaatg aaaaactccc tactttggag     80340
     caggcctaaa attcagtgag aatgaggttg ttacctataa cggttgtgcc actattacag     80400
     tagttgatac attttgcctg gtagattgct attgtagcat gcaaggtact gtactaggta     80460
     agaccattga tatcctctac ctactgcctc tagtctatgg aatgatgtta catatatata     80520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca cacacacaca ttcctggact     80580
     gtctcttggc ccatgagaat atgagaaacc acaattttac atgcttgtca taataaattc     80640
     catcatgttg ttcctgcctt gatggaagaa aaactttctg gaactgtaag tttaaacttt     80700
     ctcaaggaca tttttgttaa gtggttggtc ataatgatga cattttaaat acttaatatt     80760
     ttagtggttt cagtagaaaa aataaccatg ctgttctcgg gctcttggaa cttatttgtg     80820
     ggacaaatgt aggtaaattt agagatgatc agtagggcac cttctgacca ctggaagtag     80880
     aaccctgtgg aatgtcctag tgtcagtgta aaatcctaga aagttgacag aaaataagac     80940
     agtagagatt gcactgagat cttaggaaaa ggctaagatt acaggcaatg tggggcagga     81000
     tcagattccg ttcaggaagc ttgtgaatgg gctccgcatg aagatgaggt aaaatatcca     81060
     agttacaata aagttcttag atgaataggg aatagattgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt     81120
     tttgttttct gagaaaagct ggtagctttg agttgcatct gcctgaggga gagtatagac     81180
     tgtgtggcaa ggccacaggg tgggattagc taagtctctc tgagctcaga tgatggcagc     81240
     aggtgctcca gacattaaaa aacaacaaca acaacaaaaa aaaaaccctt gtgattgaat     81300
     atttactctt cagagttgtg ttgtcactct ggtgcatggt tgcctttagt aatggcggtg     81360
     tctactttga gccatggtat actggaaact aatttttgtg gatttgtagg aagttagagc     81420
     tgtgcttatc ttcggtctta gaagaattta gaaataggac ttgtcaagtg tttccaatgt     81480
     ggttgtccag tttctatgtc cttgctgtgg acttttccct ctttgacagt aacctttccc     81540
     ctatggctta cagtttgaca tttaatttat tagtgctgct ctgcacccct cctgccggga     81600
     ggctctgtgt ggtttattga cagttctttg tttacttttc aggtttgtac tacaaggttt     81660
     aagaataaga acaaggtttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tagaaaaaaa aaagaaatag     81720
     gacttttgaa aatgtttgtt gacagaatat taaattagtg aaaactacag aactctgaga     81780
     aatcagcctg tgttttgaag ccaggctaca tagaattttt gtcaccgtag cttgaactaa     81840
     gaaagtagac tttcttctta tacttttggt tgtgagccta gcctttaatg cctgagccat     81900
     ctctccagcc ctacttcctt cttcttatcc ctaagggtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt     81960
     gtgtgtgtgt attttttctg aaaattttca tttattccaa tgtgctttac ctcaaaccca     82020
     ctacatcctt aatttcctta gattattcta gataattcca tgcattcttt gtaggatctt     82080
     ctacaacaaa atttaatttg aagatgcatg acaaaatggt gggtaaagga aatcaggtga     82140
     agaaatgtga ttttatctca ctgtgcacac tgaaataaaa caataaagat ggtagctctt     82200
     tagatggggg aatatgacac aagactgatg ttctcaactt tacgagagtt catcaattac     82260
     ttttatcatt tttttaacaa aatacctaaa tgaagcagct atggaaggat gatattttag     82320
     tatgtatttt gagaaaatag tcaaccaggg tggggaaggc atggtattga atcctgaggt     82380
     tgatggtcac attgcatcta gagttgcaca ccatagagag ctaaaacctt atgcacctag     82440
     ctgtgtcctt tgcaaacatt ctaagccaaa attcaactaa attctttcac ttaaactaaa     82500
     tgattttgct cagattttgc ttcccctcct caattaacca aatttagaaa atgttttata     82560
     gtgatacaca gagatttatt tccaagttga tcagaggtcc tgccaagttg aatgtcaata     82620
     aaactgtcat atattgggag tgaaataact gtcattaaat ggttttagtc attaaaataa     82680
     tcgtttctct tgaaaggtgg taatttcttg aatttgaaat aaaggattaa ataaggttta     82740
     taggaataaa agtgccttga gttagttcta tcttaggcaa atttactgag ttgaattgat     82800
     cttaagcatg tattgatata tatatttctt cttaattgaa gaattaactc ctgtaaatag     82860
     aagaaacaca cacaattgat gggaaatcac tattccctat ctcatgtatt tttgtgacaa     82920
     tgtgtgtgtt tttataatta gccaagcttt taagtgtagg tattaattta ttaggttctg     82980
     ttaaaaaaga acgtaagcat gaacttcaga gttcaagatt ctagctataa aagggatgtt     83040
     attaccatat tcaatgttgc tttatgaaat tggtcagaat gcaattatgc taaattaaac     83100
     atttttctag agaagtagat catttgaagg tgtccctact gttattagac ttggacatca     83160
     cagttgaacc caaagccaag tctagatacc catgctcaat atgctaatta acaaaaatgt     83220
     taacagtaga aagcagaaaa ggagatttat cgatgcagcc acattgggaa gaggaacaat     83280
     gagatccata gaaaacctta acatcatcat caagtttctg aattgagatt caagtttaaa     83340
     cagagggcaa aattgtgtat atcaaagcag ttcctttcac tgtatagccc tgttcaccca     83400
     tcattttctg ggcttcagtt tcctcctcta tggtagtctg acaagttgta agagcagtgt     83460
     gctatttctc ttaggaagac aggttcccta ctctggctgg tttcgtttcc ttctgtcgct     83520
     atgagattcc tgagggaatt ctcattggtt ttgttctgtt gtttcagtag tctggtacat     83580
     tgatagagcc aggtgttcat tagaatgcct taatttctgc ctgagttctt acaatataat     83640
     tatataatct ctctgttctt ctgtccttcc ctataccttt ggatgaaagg atcaccatct     83700
     acattgcttc cacactaatt gccaacatat ttttgcttca gaatccagag tctgatatct     83760
     ttttagtatc tttccttact catcacctac aaggggacta aacctattac cttgttttgc     83820
     catagaaatt gaaggtgatc atgagtcttg atgttaaatt tgctggtgat tataattact     83880
     ctcacaatac tcttcttccg gttcttcaga tcaagttgca tgtttccttg tctctccaag     83940
     tatatgagac taaatagctg gccactgtat atatccttat gtgttatgtt tatttatata     84000
     tccttatgta ttatgtttat tctctggttc ctcttaccca tactctttcc cagtgtctgt     84060
     gttgtggaca cactgttcat ttgaaccctt taacatttag tgacataaaa cagatatttt     84120
     agtttctacc ttgatgagga acagtcaatt tatgggggag gggcatgtta ctgctatgat     84180
     ttctattaat cttgaacatt ttctttcttc atatgcatat tgtttggact gtccacagat     84240
     gttttagtgg tagaagaaaa tggtctttta tttcaaatgg ccagaaaaag cacaatatgg     84300
     aaaagtcaca ctaagactca gtgtggaaaa tctttgtatt tgtcattttt ggatcacttt     84360
     tgatatgtgt gtaagataag taacattgta tccatttgga tttttaaata tttctgttat     84420
     catattattc atcaaattgt gatattgaat gtaagtcaca ggatccaaaa ctgcatcaga     84480
     tatttccctt ggagagtgtt catttatttg tttagtcttc tttttatccc tagttttatt     84540
     tctagagttc tcaatttcaa tagcagtttt tgatagagta tgaaatacca tgggggaggg     84600
     gttgtcatgt gaaaacctaa ttggtagaat tactgtggaa agaggaggat atttggaaaa     84660
     gatgtgattg gagaaaatgg ctgattagag gtacgtcttt aaattcctga gtcctttgcc     84720
     aatttttcct ttctatgtgc tatgaagtag agactgtcca gaacactgta ctgccatcaa     84780
     aatgctatga agctcatcat gatgggctga atttactgac atgaaagtca aaattaatct     84840
     tccttcttat aaacttcctt ctccaggatt ttttcacaca taaggaaatt gtaacactga     84900
     aattggtccc agagagatgt attcattatt gtgataaacc ttcctctgag gcttttaaac     84960
     atttgcagga agaatttgca agttttagag aagaaaataa tgcaaactac aggatgttat     85020
     aagctcaaga aatagacaaa tcttatggga gcacattaga atacatattg ctaataaaaa     85080
     tactgacact gaaggctggg catataaagt ataataagca tgctgtgtat agatgagata     85140
     aagatatgca tgctctattc tacgaaaaac atgcctacat ggtgaatatc ctaacacttg     85200
     gtggctggct gtgttggaag tttataatta tatagttata aaagaaaatc agaacagaat     85260
     gaataagatg tttttagtct ggttagagat gtttgtataa tatttgtgct taggaagttc     85320
     ttttttcaga aaatattaga tataacaaaa cccttcatat gcattacact aacgcaatag     85380
     gaaaaatgtc attagtgcat cctggaactt aaccatatga taccagaata tcaagacttg     85440
     gatgtggcaa acttacctga atgtccctgg ataaatagtg cctctagaca tatagcacag     85500
     tcacagtcac ctagaaaatt gtctccttaa gtatgatttt tacaatattt aactactcag     85560
     attctcaggg tttgcagact ccatccatgt aagcctagac atagctgaag ttatcggcaa     85620
     tttttaaaaa tattttttta ttatgtattt tcctcaatta catttctaat gctataccaa     85680
     atgtccccca tacccttccc cccactcccc tacccaccca ttcccacttt ttggccctgg     85740
     tgttcccctg tactggggca tataaagtct tcatgtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga     85800
     tggcctatta ggctatcttt tgatacaaat gcagctagag tcaagagctc cggggtagtg     85860
     gttagttcat aatgttgttg gacctacaag gttgcatatc cctttagctc cttggatact     85920
     ttctctagct tctccattgg gggtcctgtg atcaatcaaa tagcggactg tgagcatcca     85980
     cttatgtgtt tgctaggccc cggcctagtc tcacaagaga cagctatatc agggtccttt     86040
     cagcaaactc ttgccagtgt atgcaatggg gtcatcattt ggaggctagt tatgggatgg     86100
     atccctggat atggcagtct ctagatggtc catccttttg tctcagctcc aaactttgtt     86160
     tctgtaactg cttccatggg tgattgtttc caattctaag aaggggcaaa gtgtctacac     86220
     tttggtcttc gttcttcttc agtttcatgt gttttacaaa ttgtctttta tatctcgggt     86280
     atactaagtt tctgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgagta catatcattt gagttctttt     86340
     gtgattgtgt tacctcactc aggatgatgc cctccaggtc gatccatttg cctaggaatt     86400
     tcataaattc actcttttta atagctgact agtactccat tgtgtaaatg taccacattt     86460
     tttttgtatc cattcctctg ttgaggggca tctgggttct tttcagcttc tggctcttat     86520
     gaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgtccttc ttaccggttg ggacatcttc     86580
     gggatgtatg cccaggagag gtattgcggg atcctctggt agtactatgt ccaattttct     86640
     gaggaaccgc cagactgatt tccagagtgg ttgtacaagc ttgtaatccc accaacaatg     86700
     gaggagtgtt cctctttctc cacatcctca ccagcagtgt cctttaatct ttctccactg     86760
     ttctttcctg ctatggaaac atattagcac cagctgcagt tgttccttcc attcccataa     86820
     cctttagaga ataccggggg aaacaatgat gtggaaactt ggtgctgaat catcttccac     86880
     caatcacaga acagaattgt aagtttggtt ttgtgtgtgt tcaatgaaat cacctttttt     86940
     tgtttttcac cattgaaacc aaaaactcaa ggtataaata gctgtaaagg aaaagcgttt     87000
     cacttcagac acactgaaaa actatgaaga tcatcacctt cttcactttt ctgggagctg     87060
     ctggtgagtc tttcaaagaa catttcatca gatgtatatt atacatacaa gtttgtgttt     87120
     tgtgagtggg aaaacagtaa ctaagtaaat attccatgtg caaggggcta aaagcaggca     87180
     gtcaacacta tttgctacat ttatgtattc tatagcttag tagatgaaaa gaaacaaaca     87240
     gtgcaaatga acttaatggg catcctgaca tttgtgtgaa gaagtctaaa taattggaat     87300
     tattttctgc tccaaggaaa agatgtaaac attaaattct aattatgtgg aagatgaaac     87360
     tctgcttatt tatatgaagt tatcataatt agaagagata gggtattttt catgggtaaa     87420
     aactttaggt tctattcaca aaatctttac taagaaaatc agtcctatat cagtgttgct     87480
     gaatactgaa gaacaggaaa aatgatattt tctagggtaa tacaactaaa tttaaaacta     87540
     aattttcata attaaaatgg gttttgattt gtaaagtttc tcatgtttgg aaaattcagc     87600
     cactattttt aaatattaca atgttcaact catacagatt tattatggtc tttagattat     87660
     attaaatatt gagggtagtt ataatcacta taaattatgt acatgtattg aatttagtaa     87720
     taataaaaat actaggacaa actcttgatg aatcagtgta tgaaaaatgc taaatgcatt     87780
     aatatatgtc caacagataa ctgaaataac aggaaacttt tggaaagaaa aacatagaat     87840
     tgtggttaaa tgatttacac aaattgtatt caataaacta actcagtcac tcatttgtat     87900
     gtgttaggta ttttaaaaat taaagataaa tttaaaagtc cattgaatgt gatgaaaaat     87960
     gttcctttga ataaatggct tgcctctatg ccttgggaac caggaaagat actgggaccc     88020
     tgtaccaaaa agataaattc aacacttgaa agtagttttt gctctccagg gaccactatg     88080
     ctacacataa tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     88140
     acacacaggc acacacacac acacacgcac cacaaacaga gagagaaaat aaataatttt     88200
     tacttttaga tttgattcac catgatatca agagagtata tgctgatatt agaaaatgat     88260
     aactttcaag agactataag catattttac ccaacaggag gatatgtgtc ttttctggtt     88320
     ggtctgtaca aacttcattt ggaagactaa ttttgagaca agtcttctta tgctaaatat     88380
     acaaaactct cccccagttg ctctcccagc taacagtgat gacaagattg ttggaggcta     88440
     cacatgtccg aagcattcgg ttccttacca ggtgtctctg aatgatggca ttagccatca     88500
     gtgtggtggc tcccttatca gtgatcagtg ggtactgtct gctgctcact gctacaaaag     88560
     gtaatgaaac aatactcaaa tttctatgtt ctacggtcat tctgtcctcc ggtatcacct     88620
     taagggcatg gtcctttgtg aatctgtacg ggcaggacac acctgatgga atgctctatc     88680
     ctgaacattg gctgtaaggc acaatacaca ttaacttcat agccctgaca gtactggatg     88740
     ctttaagaag atgatgtctg tgtttttatg ttcagaactt tcagtttggt aaagaaaaac     88800
     ctctacaggg atatttagaa atcttttatc ttttaatgca gaagactcca ggttcgcctt     88860
     ggtgaacaca atattgatgt ccttgagggt ggtgagcaat ttattgatgc agaaaagatc     88920
     attcgacacc cagactataa caaggacact gtggataatg acatcatgct gattaaattg     88980
     aagtcacctg ccatccttaa ctcccaagta tccacagtct ctctgcccag atcctgtgca     89040
     tctacaaatg ctcagtgcct tgtttctggc tggggaaata ctgtgagcat tggtggtaag     89100
     tgtcaatgga acttgtccat gtgtaaaaat aagagagaca aaatgtatgt tggttgtcaa     89160
     catggcaaaa ttgtcactgt gagagatact tgtagaagtt ttaaacaaag acagtctagg     89220
     aatgtataat ttgtaggcca gaacattgct tcactgggac catgggggga aaccaatagc     89280
     atttgaaatg taaatgaaga aaatatctaa taaaaatgta aaaaaaaaaa aacatgagct     89340
     attagcaaga tgctaaatta tttacctggt ggagtcaatt atatgaggga atgaaaactc     89400
     aagtgataaa cagaagagat gcctgggatt tgttgttccc tgaagaatct atctcatgga     89460
     ggaaatacta aaatatttga aaatccaaaa gccaacaatg tattgtcata aaggacagct     89520
     tattaaaact attggggaaa atgttctaaa agaaaaatat gcttaaatta tgatgtttgg     89580
     caaatagaat tagaaatttc agggaagata ttgagtgacc ttgccttctt ttttctctca     89640
     acaggaaaat acccagcact ccttcaatgt ctggaagctc ctgtcctctc ggccagttct     89700
     tgcaaaaaat cctacccagg ccagattacc agcaatatgt tctgcctggg attcctggag     89760
     ggtggaaagg actcctgtga tgtgagtgtt ctttgactct ttctacaaat gattgtcctt     89820
     tgactccttc tacaactgtc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     89880
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtc cctctgtctg     89940
     tctatttttc actccatcag tatccttctc cttggctgag aaccatgtac atctgtctgg     90000
     aagaattccc atgggatgag ataagtccta tgagtaaaaa caggttttct cactgtaata     90060
     ttcatggata acctcaaggt tgaactatgt acaaaagatg gtatgcaaac agtacatgga     90120
     aacaaacttc tgagaagctg gtttatagca tgcaaccact cttgaaagac agcaaaagga     90180
     acagcaagaa ataccgccag cctttatctt ttcctgacct ttgtcaacta aggaaccttg     90240
     agcttataga gacagtatta aaaataaggg gtaaattgca attaactgta cagggagtct     90300
     tcattgcttc aatgtcagta cctgttattt tggctccatg aaaacaggaa aacatcgtgg     90360
     agtccattct cgcacctcaa cataaacata ttgtaatctt attttctttc tgaccagggt     90420
     gattctggtg gacctgtcgt ctgcaatgga gagatccagg gtattgtctc ctggggttca     90480
     gtctgtgcaa tgagagggaa gcctggtgtt tacaccaaag tctgcaacta cctaagctgg     90540
     attcaggaga ccatggcgaa caactgattt ctcttgcctt ccataaatca tctatttctt     90600
     atccatttct ctttcttctt atgcctgaaa tgaggttgaa ataaatacat ttctgctgct     90660
     ctatatataa taacattttg ctcttgtatt ctatgattta ccattcttta aaaattggtt     90720
     gataaatgag aacataatta tagagttgaa aattctaaat aattcaacat tcatataaca     90780
     ataagaattt tctcatattt ttctatggtc tatgatgtat ggtgaataca ttagtaaagt     90840
     gcttgcatta gcattatatt tttacagaat aatgataata ttttattaat aggtcatata     90900
     tattttgttt taaaaatata gctatcatac acatatgttt aaacttccta cattgcatat     90960
     ttccatctta aaatagatag catgaaattg ttattcattg atagcatacc aattgatatg     91020
     aaactgctat ctattttacc aatcaccaag ttatctaagt actccttgaa aaactgaaat     91080
     tcatcatgaa tatttctgat gcctggtgtc ttgcatgtcc taaaatacag tgctatgtct     91140
     tccttatatt tttaatttta ttgctaatct tttaaaatct aagaatcttt attgtgctta     91200
     gtgactgaaa actacaaatg aagtattttt tttaggattt attttttttc acttccatat     91260
     ctgtgtgtac atatgtggag gtgtatacaa tttagcaagg tgactttaga gaaaagagct     91320
     gttagagacc tttgttctac agtataggga tttcagagat gccaaacaga acttctggga     91380
     accaaatctc agtcttttat aagaatagta tatgctcttt tcctctgaac catttctaaa     91440
     gctcttgagg aataattttt aaatacatat ttgtcctaag ttttggccac ttaacctctc     91500
     ctcacttaaa caccaaatca agaccagatt gtacataaat taaagctata tgcaaacaaa     91560
     tatgaatcat ttaagtttca caatttgggt cctcccctct attgtcatat ttccctggga     91620
     acagagatag catctgtgtt ttagcacagc ctgcagaatg agaaacaacc acatttcctc     91680
     acctgctttc caccaatcat catttgatca tggatcacca aaccaaatat ctgctgaaga     91740
     agaacctaca aatgctacct gtgattaaac agaatgataa aggaaaatta aggacacaat     91800
     ggacttgagt cagtgcagag tggaataaac agaatagtgc aagggtttag aaacaaaaac     91860
     tatatcctca gagtcaagga aaagaagcat agtgcattag gcagctcagg ctgctatggt     91920
     tagaaggaaa ttcagacccc agcttcaaaa cacaagtaat cttctcatga gtcttcacta     91980
     tcagaaaatt ttcaatgagg ggaggtgaaa ttccaataga tcaaaagcac aagtccaaaa     92040
     gtcccctctg aggcagacac aaagcaagtt cagctgccta tgaagctcct gaaagagctc     92100
     ataaagaatt acacacttcc aaaatgcagt ggtccaagaa agatgtttcc atgacaaaat     92160
     agaggaaata gatagaaagg aaagaatgga ctgaagcaaa aacacttgac tctgaagcat     92220
     aagcactaaa tcctgaggct atttgtgaag tgtctagaac agatgatgcc atcatctgag     92280
     cttcaagact tagacaaccc aaccctgtgg ccatatgaca cagtccatat tctctctctc     92340
     tctcccagaa agatgcaact cgaagctacc agcttttctt gacaaatgca ctatatctct     92400
     ggcacctctg agaatgtagg cttttcactg caacatgggc ttcaaccaca gcctcatgca     92460
     gaacttgttc acaagttccc ttaatgaagg ctgatctctc tacatcttag ctgaaatgcc     92520
     aggattttcc taactatcta gacaacagtt tccataactc tcgaacactt agattcttca     92580
     ttcctgcaat gccagtacct cttagacaaa cagcttttct tccagcataa gaagaaacat     92640
     ggtcctttgg tctatcactg aagtagtttc tgggcaattg aaatcataaa aattcatgtc     92700
     taacacaatt ctactctccc ttttgctccc atttctcact ataaacactg tgtaagctgt     92760
     gagtatccta cctgaagttc ctctcaagtg tctccccaca aacccttaaa ttaccaggga     92820
     aaatatcatt ctttcttctt tgagacattg gcgtaatcat tgatcagtta gaaagtaatt     92880
     gtgcaaggaa tataaaacta tattcatagt tacctctgag agcttgcatg ataaacttct     92940
     aatcctaagt aactgcaaag tagtaatatg taactggcac tactattagc cacaaggttc     93000
     agaagaatat cacttttgtt agtcatatgt tagcctaaag cattgtccaa agagtttgtg     93060
     tctgcatcaa agaaatcata aaaaaagtca tggtcaaatt ttgtaactct atgaggatta     93120
     cttgacataa aaacttaagg ggggaaagaa taacctgggc ctttaggttg tgagtctaac     93180
     aatatgtggc ttgatttaac tgtgcagtaa accatggagg gaaaaactgg tggcaaagaa     93240
     gaatcagtgc ttcataacag tcagaataca aagactaatg agatactagg gctacatata     93300
     acatacagag tcactagtct gtttgcaact ttctcccact caaccccacc taccaaatta     93360
     gtgctactaa ctgaagatca agttcaacac atgaaaccat gagccatatt ttatagttta     93420
     gtccatgtga acaggatact tctcttgatt tgggtccact caagccttca catttactct     93480
     ctatacactt ttatattgct ggtatttcca ctttttaaat ctctcctttg ttataagttt     93540
     taccaacaca gttacatgag ctgtactgat aagggattgc tacaagtatt atgaatgcga     93600
     caagtccctt ccgctcgact cgagactcga gccccgggct accttgccag cagagtcttg     93660
     cccaacaccc gcaaggtcca caccggactc cccacgggac cctaagacct ctggtgagtg     93720
     gatcacagtg cctgccccaa tccaatcgcg cggaacttga gactgcggta catagggaag     93780
     caggctaccc gggcctgatc tggggcacaa gtcccttccg ctcgactcga gactcgagcc     93840
     ccgggctacc ttgccagcag agtcttgccc aacacccgca agtccacacg ggactcccca     93900
     cgggacccta agacctctgg tgagtggacc acagtgcctg ccccaatcca atcgctcgga     93960
     acttgagact gcggtacata gggaagcagg ctacccgggc ctgatctggg gcacaagtcc     94020
     cttccactcg actcgagact tgagccccgg gctaccttga cagcagagtc ttgcccaaca     94080
     cccgcaaggg cccacacggg actccccacg ggaccctaag acctctggtg agtggaacac     94140
     agcgcctacc ccaatccaat cgcgtggaac ttgagactgc ggtacatagg gaagcaggct     94200
     acccgggctt gatctggggc acaaacccct tccactccac tcgagccccg gctaccttgc     94260
     cagctgagtc gcctgacacc cgcaagggcc cacacaggat tccacacgtg atcctaagac     94320
     ctctagtgag tggaacacaa cttctgccag gagtctggtt cgaacaccag gtatctgggt     94380
     acctgccttg caagaagaga gcttgcctgc agagaatact ctgcccactg aaactaagga     94440
     gagtgctacc ctccaggtct gctcatagag gctaacagag tcacctgaag aacaagctct     94500
     taacagtgac aactaaaaca gctagcttca gagattacca gatggcgaaa ggcaaacgta     94560
     agaatcctac taacagaaat caagaccact caccatcatc agaacgcagc actcccaccc     94620
     cacctagtcc tgggcacccc aacacaaccg aaaatctaga cacagattta aaaacatttc     94680
     tcatgatgat gatagaggac atcaagaagg actttcataa gtcacttaaa gatttacagg     94740
     agagcactgc taaagagtta caggctctta aagaaaagca ggaaaacaca gccaaacagg     94800
     tgatggaaat gaacaaaacc atactagaac taaaagggga agtagacaca ataaagaaaa     94860
     cccaaagcga ggcaacgctg gagatagaaa ccctaggaaa gagatctgga accatagatg     94920
     cgagcatcag caacagaata caagaaatgg aagagagaat ctcaggtgca gaagattcca     94980
     tagagaacat cgacacaaca gtcaaagaaa atacaaaatg caaaaggatc ctaactcaaa     95040
     acatccaggt aatccaggac acaatgagaa gaccaaacct acggataata ggaattgatg     95100
     agaatgaaga ttttcaactt aaagggccag ctaatatctt caacaaaata atagaagaaa     95160
     acttcccaaa cataaaaaaa gagatgccca tgatcataca agaagcatac agaactccaa     95220
     atagactgga ccagaaaaga aattcctccc gacacataat aatcagaaca acaaatgcac     95280
     taaataaaga gagaatatta aaagcagtaa gggagaaagg tcaagtaaca tataaaggaa     95340
     ggcctatcag aattacacca gacttttcac cagagactat gaaagccaga agagcctgga     95400
     cagatgttat acagacacta agagaacaca aatgccagcc caggctacta tacccggcca     95460
     aactctcaat taccatagat ggagaaacca aagtattcca cgacaaaacc aagttcacac     95520
     aatatctttc cacgaatcca gcccttcaaa ggataataac agaaaagaag caatacaagg     95580
     acggaaatca cgccctagaa caaccaagaa agtaatcatt caacaaacca aaaagaagac     95640
     agccacaaga acagaatgcc aactctaaca acaaaaataa aagggagcaa caattacttt     95700
     tccttaatat ctcttaatat caatggactc aattccccaa taaaaagaca tagactaaca     95760
     gactggccac acaaacagga cccaacattc tgctgcttac aggaaaccca tctcagggaa     95820
     aaagacagac actacctcag agtgaaaggc tggaaaacaa ttttccaagc aaatggactg     95880
     aagaaacaag ctggagtagc cattttaata tcggacaaaa tcgacttcca acccaaagtt     95940
     atcaaaaaag acaaggaggg acacttcata ctcatcaaag gtaaaatcct ccaagaggaa     96000
     ctctcaattc tgaatatcta cgcaccaaat gcaagggcag ccacattcat tagagacact     96060
     ttagtaaagc tcaaagcata cattgcacct cacacaataa tagtgggaga cttcaacaca     96120
     ccactttctt caaaggacag attgtggaaa cagaaactaa acagggacac agtgaaaata     96180
     acagaagtta tgaaacaaat ggacctgaca gatatctaca gaacatttta tcctaaaaca     96240
     aaaggatata ccttcttctc agcacctcac gggaccttct ccaaaattga ccatataatt     96300
     ggtcacaaaa caggcctcaa tagatacaaa aatattgaaa ttgtcccatg tatcctatca     96360
     gaccaccatg gcctaagact gatcttcaat aacaacataa ataatggaaa gccaacattc     96420
     acgtggaaac tgaataacac tcttctcaat gataccttgg tcaaggaagg aataaagaaa     96480
     gaaattaaag actttttaga gtttaatgaa aatgaagcca caacgtaccc aaacctatgg     96540
     gacacaatga aagcatttct aagagggaaa ctcatagcgc tgagtgcctc caagaagaaa     96600
     cgggagacag cacatactag cagcttgaca acacatctaa aagccctaga aaaaaaggaa     96660
     gcaaattcac ccaagaggag tagacggcag gaaataatca aactcagggg tgaaatcaac     96720
     caagtggaaa caagaagaac tattcaaaga attaaccaaa cgaggagttg gttctttgag     96780
     aaaatcaaca agatagataa acccttagcc agactcacta gagggcacag ggacagcatc     96840
     ctaattaaca aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga gacataacaa cagatcctga agaaatccaa     96900
     aacaccatca gatccttcta caaaaggcta tactcaacaa aactggaaaa cctggacgaa     96960
     atggacaaat ttctggacag ataccaggta ccaaagttga atcaggatca agttgaccat     97020
     ctaaacagtc ccatatcacc taaagaaata gaagcagtta ttaatagtct cccaaccaaa     97080
     aaaagcccag gaccagatgg gtttagtgca gagttctatc agaccttcaa agaagatcta     97140
     attccaattc tgcacaaact atttcacaaa atagaagtag aaggtactct acccaactca     97200
     ttttatgaag ccactattac tctgatacct aaaccacaga aagatccaac aaagatagag     97260
     aacttcagac caatttctct tatgaatatc gatgcaaaaa tcctcaataa aattctcgct     97320
     aaccgaatcc aagagcacat taaagcaatc atccatcctg accaagtagg ttttattcca     97380
     gggatgcagg gatggtttaa tatacgaaaa tccatcaatg taatccatta tataaacaaa     97440
     ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctcg ttagatgcag aaaaagcatt tgacaagatc     97500
     caacacccat tcatgataaa agttttggaa agatcaggaa ttcaaggccc atacctaaac     97560
     atgataaaag caatctacag caaaccagta gccaacatca aagtaaatgg agagaagctg     97620
     gaagcaatcc cactaaaatc agggactaga caaggctgcc cactttctcc ctaccttttc     97680
     aacatagtac ttgaagtatt agccagagca attcgacaac aaaaggagat caaggggata     97740
     caaattggaa aagaggaagt caaaatatca ctttttgcag atgatatgat agtatatata     97800
     agtgacccta aaaattctac cagagaactc ctaaacctga taaacagctt cggtgaagta     97860
     gctggatata aaataaactc aaacaagtca atggcctttc tctatacaaa gaataaacag     97920
     gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacaccc ttctcaatag tcacaaataa tataaaatat     97980
     cttggcgtga ctctaactaa ggaggtgaaa gatctgtatg ataaaaactt caaatctctg     98040
     aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga tctcagaaga tggaaagatc tcccatgctc atggattggc     98100
     aggatcaaca ttgtaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa tctacagatt caatgcaatc     98160
     cccatcaaaa ttccaactca attcttcaac gaattggaag gagcaatttg caaatttgtc     98220
     tggaataaca aaaaacctag gatagcaaaa agtcttctca aggataaaag aacttctggc     98280
     ggaatcacca tgccagacct aaagctttac tacagagcaa ttgtgataaa aactgcatgg     98340
     tactggtata gagacagaca agtagaccaa tggaatagaa ttgaagatcc agaaatgaac     98400
     ccacacacct atggtcactt gatcttcgac aagggagcta aaaccatcca gtggaagaaa     98460
     gacagcattt tcaacaattg gtgctggcac aactggttgt tatcgtgtag aagaatgcga     98520
     atcgatccat acttatctcc ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta agtggatcaa ggaacttcac     98580
     ataaaaccag agacactgaa acttatagag gagaaagtgg ggaaaagcct tgaagatatg     98640
     ggcacagggg aaaaattcct gaacagaaca gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag atcgagaatc     98700
     gacaaatggg acctaatgaa actccaaagt ttctgcaagg caaaagacac cgtcaataag     98760
     acaaaaagac caccaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct atcctaaatc agatagggga     98820
     ctaatatcca acatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggact tcagaaaatc aaataacccc     98880
     attaaaaaat ggggctcaga actgaacaaa gaattctcac ctgaggaata ccgaatggca     98940
     gagaagcact tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca     99000
     accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga atggctaaga tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc     99060
     agatgctggc gaggatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc attgttggtg ggagtgcagg     99120
     cttgtacaac cactctggaa atcagtctgg cggttcctca gaaaactgga catagtacta     99180
     ccggaggatc cagcaatacc tctcctgggc atatatccag aagatgcccc aacaggtaag     99240
     aaggacacat gctccactat gttcatagca gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa     99300
     gaacctagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ctacacaatg     99360
     gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa ttcatgaaat tcctagccaa atggatggac     99420
     ctggagggca tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca cattcacaaa gaaactcaca caatatgtat     99480
     tcactgataa gtggatatta gccccaaacc taggataccc aagatataag atataatttg     99540
     ctaaacacat gaaactcaag gagaatgaag actgaagtgt ggacactatg cccctcctta     99600
     gatttgggaa caaaacaccc atggaaggag ttacagagac ggagtttgga gctgagatga     99660
     aaggatggac catgtagaga ctgccatagc cagggatcca ccccataatc agcatccaaa     99720
     cgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttattgaaa ggacgcagat gtagctgtct     99780
     cttgtgagac tatgccgggg cccagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctaatg     99840
     gatggatcat agggctccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt agccaaggag ctaaagggat     99900
     ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg agctaaccag taccccggag ctcttgactc     99960
     tagctgcata tatatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg    100020
     gacttgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaatacca gggccaaaaa gggggagtgg    100080
     gtgggcaggg gagtgggggt gggtggatat gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt    100140
     aaatgagtta aatacctaat aaaaaatgga aaaaaaagta ttatgaatgc atatgcttgt    100200
     ctagccttcc aggttttcct ttgaaatctg tgtggaagca ccatccttca catttctcct    100260
     cttgcatttt ttatgacggc aaaactatca tcaaatgatg acatcaaatt ttgccaactc    100320
     taacagagtc acctgaggaa caagctctaa ccagagacaa ctataacaac tagcttcaga    100380
     gattaccaga tggcgaaagg caaacgtaag aatcctacta acagaaatca agaccactta    100440
     ccatcatcag aacgcagcac ccccacccca cctagtcctg ggtaccccaa cacacccgaa    100500
     aagcaagacc tggatttaaa agcatatctc atgatgatgg tagaggacat caagaaggac    100560
     tttaataact cacttaaaga aatacagcta aacagaggag aacacagcta aacaggtaga    100620
     agactttaaa gaggaaacac aaaaattcct taaagaattg caggaaaaca cgaccaaaca    100680
     ggtgatggaa ttgaataaag ccatccaaga cagaaaaagg gaagtagaga caataaagaa    100740
     aacccaaagt gaggcaacgc tggagaaaga aaccctagga aagaaatctg gaaccataga    100800
     tgcgagcatc agcaacagaa tacaagagat ggaagagaga atctcaggtg cagaagattc    100860
     catagagaac atcggcacaa caatcaaaga aaatacaaaa tgcaaacaga tcctaactca    100920
     aaacatccag gaaatctagg acacaatgag aagaccaaac ctacggataa taggagttga    100980
     tgagaatgaa gattttcaac ttaaagggcc agcaaatatc ttcaacaaaa ttatagaaga    101040
     aaacttccca aacctaaagg atgacatgcc catgagcata caagaagcct atagaactcc    101100
     aaatagactg gaccagaaaa gaaattcctc ccgacacata ataatcagaa caacaaatgc    101160
     actaaataaa gagagaatat taaaagcagt aagggagaaa ggtcaagtaa catataaagg    101220
     caggcctatc agaattacac cagacttttc accagagact atgaaatcca gaagagcctg    101280
     gacagatgtt atacagacat taagagaaca caaatgccat cccaggctac aatacccagc    101340
     caaactctca attaccatag atggagaaac caaagtattc cacgacaaaa ccaaattcac    101400
     actttatctt tccacgaatc cagcccttca aaggataata acagaaaaat aaccaataca    101460
     aggacagaaa tcacacccta gaaaaagcaa gaaagaatcc ctcaacaaac caaaaagaag    101520
     acagccacaa gaacagaatg ccaactctaa caacaaaaat aaaaggaagc aacaattact    101580
     tttccttaat atctcttaat atcaatggac tcaattcccc aataaaaaga catagactaa    101640
     cagactggat acacaaacag gacccaacat tctgctgctt acaggaaacc catctcaggg    101700
     aaaaagacag acactacctc agagtgaaag gctggaaaac aattttccaa gcaaatggtc    101760
     tgaagaaaca agctggagta gccattctaa tatcgaataa aatcgacttc caacccaaag    101820
     ttatcaaaaa agacaaggag ggacacttca tattcatcaa aggtaaaatc ctccaagagg    101880
     aactctcaat tctgaatatc tatgctccaa atgcaagggc agccacattc atcaaagaca    101940
     ctttagtaaa gctcaaagca cacattgcac ctcacacaat aatagtgaga gacttcaaca    102000
     caccactttc atcaatggac agattgtgga aacagaaact aaacagggac acagtgaaac    102060
     taacaaaagt tatgaaacaa aaggacttaa cagatatcta cagaacgttt tatcctaaaa    102120
     caaaaggata taccttcttc tcagcacctc acgggacctt ctccaaaatt gaccgtataa    102180
     ttggtcacaa aacaggcctc aacagataca aaaatattta aaatgtccca tgcatcctat    102240
     cagaccacca tggactaagg ctgatcttca ataacaacat aaataatgga aagccaacat    102300
     tcacgtggaa actgaacaac actcttctca atgatacctt ggtcaaggaa ggaataaaga    102360
     aagaaattaa agacttttta gagtttaatg aaaatgaagc cacaacatac ccaaacctat    102420
     gggacacaat gaaagcattt ctaagaggga aactcatagc tctgagtgcc tccaaaaaga    102480
     aactagagag agcacacact agcagcttga caacacatct aaatgctcta gaaaaaagga    102540
     agcaaattca cccaagagga gtagaaggca ggaaatagtc aaactcaggg gcaaaatcaa    102600
     ccaagtggaa acaagaagaa ctattcaaag aattaaccaa acgaggagtt ggttctttga    102660
     gaaaatcaac aagatagata aacccttagc cagactcact agagggcaca gggacagcat    102720
     cctaattaac aaaatcagaa atgaaaaggg agacataaca acagatcctg aagaaatcca    102780
     aaacaccatc agatccttct acaaaaggct atactcaaca aaactggaaa acctggacca    102840
     aatgaacaaa tttctagaca gacaccaggt accaaagtta aatcaggatc aagttaatga    102900
     tctaaacagt cccatatcac ctaaagaaat agaagcagcc atcaatagtc tcccagccaa    102960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagcatagt acttgaatcc tagccagagc aattcgacaa caaaaggaga    103020
     tcaaggggat acaaattgga aaagatgaag tcaaaatatc actttttgca gatgatatga    103080
     tagtatatat aagtgaccct aaaaattgca ccagagaact cctaaacctg ataaacagct    103140
     ttggtgaagt aggtggatat aaaattaact caaacaagtc aatggctttc tctacacaaa    103200
     gaataaacaa gctgagaaag aaattaggta aacaacatcc ttctcaatag tcacaaataa    103260
     tataaaatat cttggcatga ctctaactaa ggaagtgaaa gatctgtatg ataagaactt    103320
     caagtctctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga tctcagaaga tggaaagatc tcccatgctc    103380
     atggattggc agtatcaaca ttgtaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa tctacagatt    103440
     caatgatttg ccatcaacat tacaactcaa ttcttcaacg aattagaaag agcaatctgc    103500
     aaattcatct agaataacaa aaatcctagg atagcaaaaa ctctgctcaa ggataaaaaa    103560
     ccttcggtgg aatcaccatg cctgacctaa agctgtacta cagagcaatt gtgataaaaa    103620
     ctgcatggta ctggtatagt gacagacaag tagaccaatg gaacagaatt gaagacccag    103680
     agatgaaccc acacacctat ggtcacttga tctttgacaa gagagctaaa accatcaagt    103740
     ggaaaaaaga cagcattttc aacaaatggt gctggcacaa ctggcagtta tcatgtagaa    103800
     aaatgagaat tgatccattc ctatctcctt gtactaaggt caaatctaag tggattaggg    103860
     aactccacat aaaaccagag acactgaaac ttatagagga gaaaataggg aaaagcctgg    103920
     aagatatggg tacagtccag agacctcagg agccattctc agattttgtg gccagaatga    103980
     cagaggcagc agggcgtatt tttgcagatt tggagcaagc cgcacctctg gtagaacagc    104040
     ttatttatga gcaagccaca caggagtgcc gagcggccat agccccaaga aagaacaaag    104100
     gtttacaaga ctggctcagg gtttgtcggg agcttggggg acctctcacc aatgcaggct    104160
     tagcggccgc catcctccaa tcccaaaaat gctccatggg cagaaatgaa tcaatgcata    104220
     gatcttgtcc aggaacaact agatgtatta tggcaaatag ctcagctggg atgtgaacaa    104280
     aagtttctgg gattatgcgt tacttccatt cagtatgaga aatttactag ggtagctaat    104340
     ttgtcaaaaa gtctttctca gtatatgtta cagaattgga ctgctgaatt tgaacagacc    104400
     cttcggaaat tgccatcatt caggtcaact ccacgcgctt ggacctgtcc ctgaccaaag    104460
     gattacccaa ttggatctcc tcagcatttt ccttctttaa agaatgggtg ggggtgatat    104520
     tatttggaga tacactttgc tgtggattag tgttgcttct ttggttggtc tgtaagctta    104580
     aggcccaaac taggagagac aaggtgccat tcggtattcc tcaggtgaga attctttgtt    104640
     cagttctgag ccctattttt taatggggtt attcgatttt ctggagccga ccttctagag    104700
     ttctttatat atattggata ttagtcccat ttatcaattc ctgatcttat agcacaagcc    104760
     attgctgttc tattcaggaa tttttcccct gtacccatat cttcgaggct tttccctatt    104820
     ttctcctcta taagtttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgga gttccctaat ccacttagat    104880
     ttgaccttag tacaaggaga taggaatgga tcaattctca tttttctaca tgataactgc    104940
     cagttgtgcc agcaccattt gttgaaaatg ctgtcttttt tccacttgat ggttttagct    105000
     ctcttgtcaa agatcaagtg accataggtg tgtgggttca tctctgggtc ttcaattctg    105060
     ttccattggt ctacttgtct gtcactatac cagtaccatg cagtttttat cacaattgct    105120
     ctgtagtaca gctttaggtc aggcatggtg attccaccga aggtttttta tccttgagca    105180
     gagtttttgc tatcctagga tttttgttat tctagatgaa tttgcagatt gctctttcta    105240
     attcgttgaa gaattgagtt gtaatgttga tggcaaatca ttgaatctgt agattgcttt    105300
     tggcaagata gccattttta caatgttgat actgccaatc catgagcatg ggagatcttt    105360
     ccatcttctg agatcttctt taatttcttt cttcagagac ttgaagttct tatcatacag    105420
     atctttcact tccttagtta gagtcatgcc aagatatttt atattatttg tgactattga    105480
     gaaggatgtt gtttacctaa tttctttctc agcttgttta ttctttgtgt agagaaagcc    105540
     attgacttgt ttgagttaat tttatatcca cctacttcac caaagctgtt tatcaggttt    105600
     aggagttctc tggtgcaatt tttagggtca cttatatata ctatcatatc atctgcaaaa    105660
     agtgatattt tgacttcatc ttttccaatt tgtatcccct tgatctcctt ttgttgtcga    105720
     attgctctgg ctaggattca agtactatgc tttttttttt ttttttggct gggagactat    105780
     tgatggctgc ttctatttct ttaggtgata tgggactgtt tagatcatta acttgatcct    105840
     gatttaactt tggtacctgg tgtctgtcta gaaatttgtt catttgttcc aggttttcca    105900
     gttttgttga gtatagcctt ttgtagaagg atctgatggt gttttggatt tcttcaggat    105960
     ctgttgttat gtctcccttt tcatttctga ttttgttaat taggatgctg tccctgtgcc    106020
     ctctagtgag tctggctaag ggtttatcta tcttgttgat tttctcaaag aaccaactcc    106080
     tcctttggtt aattctttga atagttcttc ttgtttccac ttggttgatt ttgcccctga    106140
     gtttgactat ttcctgcctt ctactcctct tgggtgaatt tgcttccttt tttctagagc    106200
     atttagatgt gttgtcaagc tgctagtgtg tgctctctct agtttctttt tggaggcact    106260
     cagagctatg agtttccctc ttagaaatgc tttcattgtg tcccataggt ttgggtatgt    106320
     tgtggcttca ttttcattaa actctaaaaa gtctttaatt tctttcttta ttccttcctt    106380
     gaccaaggta tcattgagaa gagtgttgtt cagtttccac gtgaatgttg gctttccatt    106440
     atttatgttg ttattgaaga tcagccttag tccatggtgg tctgatagga tgcatgggac    106500
     attttaaata tttttgtatc tgttgaggcc tgttttgtga ccaattatac ggtcaatttt    106560
     ggagaaggtc ccgtgaggtg ctgagaagaa ggtatatcct tttgttttag gataaaacgt    106620
     tctgtagata tctgttaagt ccttttgttt cataactttt gttagtttca ctgtgtccct    106680
     gtttagtttc tgtttccaca atctgtccat tgatgaaagt ggtgtgttga agtctctcac    106740
     tattattgtg tgaggtgcaa tgtgtgcttt gagctttact aaagtgtctt tgatgaatgt    106800
     ggctgccctt gcatttggag catagatatt cagaattgag agttcctctt ggaggatttt    106860
     acctttgatg aatatgaagt gtccctcctt gtcttttttg ataactttgg gttggaagtc    106920
     gattttattc gatattagaa tggctactcc agcttgtttc ttcagaccat ttgcttggaa    106980
     aattgttttc cagcctttca ctctgaggta gtgtctgtct ttttccctga gatgggtttc    107040
     ctgtaagcag cagaatgttg ggtcctgttt gtgtatccag tctgttagtc tatgtctttt    107100
     tattggggaa ttgagtccat tgatattaag agatattaag gaaaagtaat tgttgcttcc    107160
     ttttattttt gttgttagag ttggcattct gttcttgtgg ctgtcttctt tttggtttgt    107220
     tgagggattc tttcttgctt tttctagggt gtgatttctg tccttgtatt ggttattttt    107280
     ctgttattat cctttgaagg gctggattcg tggaaagata aagtgtgaat ttggttttgt    107340
     cgtggaatac tttggtttct ccatctatgg taattgagag tttggctggg tattgtagcc    107400
     tgggatggca tttgtgttct cttaatgtct gtataacatc tgtccaggct cttctggatt    107460
     tcatagtctc tggtgaaaag tctggtgtaa ttctgatagg cctgccttta tatgttactt    107520
     gacctttctc ccttactgct tttaatattc tctctttatt tagtgcattt gttgttctga    107580
     ttattatgtg tcgggaggaa tttcttttct ggtccagtct atttggagtt ctataggctt    107640
     cttgtatgct catgggcatg tcatccttta ggtttgggaa gttttcttct ataattttgt    107700
     tgaagatatt tgctggccct ttaagttgaa aatcttcatt ctcatcaact cctattatcc    107760
     gtaggtttgg tcttctcatt gtgtcctaga tttcctggat gttttgagtt aggatctgtt    107820
     tgcattttgt attttctttg attgttgtgc cgatgttctc tatggaatct tctgcacctg    107880
     agattctctc ttccatctct tgtattctgt tgctgatgct cgcatctatg gttccagatt    107940
     tctttcctag ggtttctttc tccagcgttg cctcactttg ggttttcttt attgtctcta    108000
     cttccctttt tctgtcttgg atggctttat tcaattccat cacctgtttg gtcgtgtttt    108060
     cctgcaattc tttaaggaat ttttgtgttt cctctttaaa gtcttctacc tgtttagctg    108120
     tgttctcctc tgtttagctg tatttcttta agtgagttat taaagtcctt cttgatgtcc    108180
     tctaccatca tcatgagata tgcttttaaa tccaggtctt gcttttcggg tgtgttgggg    108240
     tacccaggac taggtggggt gggggtgctg cgttctgatg atggtaagtg gtcttgattt    108300
     ctgttagtag gattcttacg tttgcctttc gccatctggt aatctctgaa gctagttgtt    108360
     atagttgtct ctggttagag cttgttcctc aggtgactct gttagagttg gcaaaatttg    108420
     atgtcatcat ttgatgatag ttttgccgtc ataaaaaatg caagaggaga aatgtgaagg    108480
     atggtgcttc cacacagatt tcaaaggaaa acctggaagg ctagacaagc atatgcattc    108540
     ataatacttt ttttttccat tttttattag gtatttaact catttacatt tccaatgcta    108600
     taccaaaagt cccccatatc cacccacccc cactcccctg cccacccact cccccttttt    108660
     ggccctggta ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgc aagtccaatg ggcctctctt    108720
     tccagtgatg gccgactagg ccatcttttg atatatatgc agctagagtc aagagctccg    108780
     gggtactggt tagctcataa tgttgttcca cctatagggt tgcagatccc tttagctcct    108840
     tggctacttt ctctagctcc tccattggga gccctatgat ccatccatta gctgactgtg    108900
     agcatccact tctgtgtttg ctgggccccg gcatagtctc acaagagaca gctacatctg    108960
     cgtcctttca ataaaatctt gctagtgtat gcaatggtgt cagcgtttgg atgctgatta    109020
     tggggtggat ccctggctat ggcagtctct acatggtcca tcctttcatc tcagctccaa    109080
     actccgtctc tgtaactcct tccatgggtg ttttgttccc aaatctaagg aggggcatag    109140
     tgtccacact tcagtcttca ttctccttga gtttcatgtg tttagcaaat tatatcttat    109200
     atcttgggta tcctaggttt ggggctaata tccacttatc agtgaataca tattgtgtga    109260
     gtttctttgt gaatgtgtta cctcactcag gatgatgccc tccaggtcca tccatttggc    109320
     taggaatttc atgaattcat tctttttaat agctgagtag tactccattg tgtagatgta    109380
     ccacattttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga ggggcatcta ggttctttcc agcttctggc    109440
     tattataaat aaggctgcta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg tccttcttac ctgttggggc    109500
     atcttctgga tatatgccca ggagaggtat tgctggatcc tccggtagta ctatgtccag    109560
     ttttctgagg aaccgccaga ctgatttcca gagtggttgt acaagcctgc actcccacca    109620
     acaatggagg agtgttcctc tttctccaca tcctcgccag catctgctgt cacctgaatt    109680
     tttgatctta gccattctga ctggtgtgag gtggaatctc agggttgttt tgatttgcat    109740
     ttccctgatg attaaggatg ttgaacattt tttcaagtgc ttctctgcca ttcggtattc    109800
     ctcaggtgag aattctttgt tcagttctga gccccatttt ttaatggggt tatttgattt    109860
     tctgaagtcc accttcttga gttctttata tatgttggat attagtcccc tatctgattt    109920
     aggataggta aagatccttt cccaatctgt tggtggtctt tttgtcttat tgacggtgtc    109980
     ttttgccttg cagaaacttt ggagtttcat taggtcccat ttgtcgattc tcgatcttac    110040
     agcacaagcc attgctgttc tgttcaggaa tttttcccct gtgcccatat cttcaaggct    110100
     tttccccact ttctcctcta taagtttcag tgtctctggt tttatgtgaa gttccttgat    110160
     ccacttagat ttgaccttag tacaaggaga taagtatgga tcgattcgca ttcttctaca    110220
     cgataacaac cagttgtgcc agcaccaatt gttgaaaatg ctgtctttct tccactggat    110280
     ggttttagct cccttgtcga agatcaagtg accataggtg tgtgggttca tttctggatc    110340
     ttcaattcta ttccattggt ctacttgtct gtctctatac cagtaccatg cagtttttat    110400
     cacaattgct ctgtagtaaa gctttaggtc tggcatggtg attccgccaa aagttctttt    110460
     atccttgaga agactttttg ctatcctagg ttttttgtta ttccagacaa atttgcaaat    110520
     tgctccttcc aattcgttga agaattgagt tggaattttg atggggattg cattgaatct    110580
     gtagattgct tttggcaaga tagccatttt tacaatgttg atcctgccaa tccatgagca    110640
     tgggagatct ttccatcttc tgagatcttc tttaatttct ttcttcagag atttgaagtt    110700
     tttatcatac agatctttca cctccttagt tagagtcacg ccaagatatt ttatattatt    110760
     tgtgactatt gagaagggtg ttgtttccct aatttctttc tcagcctgtt tattctttgt    110820
     atagagaaag gccattgact tgtttgagtt tattttatat ccagctactt caccgaagct    110880
     gtttatcagg tttaggagtt ctctggtaga atttttaggg tcacttatat atactatcat    110940
     atcatctgca aaaagtgata ttttgacttc ctcttttcca atttgtatcc ccttgatctc    111000
     cttttgttgt cgaattgctc tggctaatac ttcaagtact atgttgaaaa ggtagggaga    111060
     aagtgggcag ccttgtctag tccctgattt tagtgggatt gcttccagct tctctccatt    111120
     tactttgatg ttggctactg gtttgctgta gattgctttt atcatgttta ggtatgggcc    111180
     ttgaattcct gatctttcca aaacttttat catgaatggg tgttggatct tgtcaaatgc    111240
     tttttctgca tctaacgaga tgatcatgtg gtttttgtct ttgagtttgt ttatataatg    111300
     gattacattg atggattttc gtatattaaa ccatccctgc atccctggaa taaaacctac    111360
     ttggtcagga tggatgattg ctttaatgtg ctcttggatt cggttagcga gaattttatt    111420
     gaggattttt gcatcgatat tcataagaga aattggtctg aagttctcta tctttgttgg    111480
     atctttctgt ggtttaggta tcagagtaat agtggcttca taaaatgagt tgggtagagt    111540
     accttctact tctattttgt gaaatagttt gtgcagaatt ggaattagat cttctttgaa    111600
     ggtctgatag aactctgcac taaacccatc tggtcctggg ctttttttgg ttgggagact    111660
     attaataact gcttctattt ctttaggtga tatgggactg tttagatggt caacttgatc    111720
     ctgattcaac tttggtacct ggtatctgtc cagaaatttg tccatttcgt ccaggttttc    111780
     cagttttgtt gagtatagcc ttttgtagaa ggatctgatg gtgttttgga tttcttcagg    111840
     atctgttgtt atgtctccct tttcatttct gattttgtta attaggattt tgtccctgtg    111900
     ccctttagtg agtctagcta agggtttatc tatcttgttg attttctcaa agaaccaact    111960
     cctcgtttgg ttaattcttt gaatagttct tcttgtttcc acttggttga tttcacccct    112020
     gagtttgatt atttcctgcc gtctactcct cttgggtgaa tttgcttcct ttttttctag    112080
     ggcttttaga tgtgttgtca agctgctagt atgtgctgtc tcccgtttct tcttggaggc    112140
     actcagcgct atgagtttcc ctcttagaaa tgctttcatt gtgtcccata ggtttgggta    112200
     cgttgtggct tcattttcat taaactctaa aaagtcttta atttctttct ttattccttc    112260
     cttgaccaag gtatcattga gaagagtgtt attcagtttc cacgtgaatg ttggctttcc    112320
     attatttatg ttgttattga agatcagtct taggccatgg tggtctgata ggatacatgg    112380
     gacaatttca atatttttgt atctattgag gcctgttttg tgaccaatta tatggtcaat    112440
     tttggagaag gtcccgtgag gtgctgagaa gaaggtatat ccttttgttt taggataaaa    112500
     tgttctgtag atatctgtca ggtccatttg tttcataact tctgttattt tcactgtgtc    112560
     cctgtttagt ttctgtttcc acaatctgtc ctttgaagaa agtggtgtgt tgaagtctcc    112620
     cactattatt gtgtgaggtg caatgtatgc tttgagcttt actaaagtgt ctctaatgaa    112680
     tgtggctgcc cttgcatttg gtgcgtagat attcagaatt gagagttcct cttggaggat    112740
     tttacctttg atgagtatga agtgtccctc cttgtctttt ttgataactt tgggttggaa    112800
     gtcgattttg tccgatatta aaatggctac tccagcttgt ttcttcagtc catttgcttg    112860
     gaaaattgtt ttccagcctt tcactctgag gtagtgtctg tctttttccc tgagatgggt    112920
     ttcctgtaag cagcagaatg ttgggtcctg tttgtgtggc cagtctgtta gtctatgtct    112980
     ttttattggg gaattgagtc cattgatatt aagagatatt aaggaaaagt aattgttgct    113040
     cccttttatt tttgttgtta gagttggcat tctgttcttg tggctgtctt ctttttggtt    113100
     tgttgaatga ttactttctt ggttgttcta gggcgtgatt tccgtccttg tattgcttct    113160
     tttctgttat tatcctttga agggctggat tcgtggaaag atattgtgtg aacttggttt    113220
     tgtcgtggaa tactttggtt tctccatcta tggtaattga gagtttggcc gggtatagta    113280
     gcctgggctg gcatttgtgt tctcttagtg tctgtataac atctgtccag gctcttctgg    113340
     ctttcatagt ctctggtgaa aagtctggtg taattctgat aggccttcct ttatatgtta    113400
     cttgaccttt ctcccttact gcttttaata ttctctcttt atttagtgca tttgttgttc    113460
     tgattattat gtgtcgggag gaatttcttt tctggtccag tctatttgga gttctgtatg    113520
     cttcttgtat gatcatgggc atctcttttt ttatgtttgg gaagttttct tctattattt    113580
     tgttgaagat attagctggc cctttaagtt gaaaatcttc attctcatca attcctatta    113640
     tccgtaggtt tggtcttctc attgtgtcct ggattacctg gatgttttga gttaggatcc    113700
     ttttgcattt tgtattttct ttgactgttg tgtcgatgtt ctctatggaa tcttctgcac    113760
     ctgagattct ctcttccatt tcttgtattc tgttgctgat gctcgcatct atggttccag    113820
     atctctttcc tagggtttct atctccagcg ttgcctcgct ttgggttttc tttattgtgt    113880
     ctacttcccc ttttagttct agtatggttt tgttcatttc catcacctgt ttggctgtgt    113940
     tttcctgctt ttctttaaga gcctgtaact ctttagcagt gctctcctgt aaatctttaa    114000
     gtgacttatg aaagtccttc ttgatgtcct ctatcatcat catgagaaat gtttttaaat    114060
     ctgtgtctag attttcggtt gtgttggggt gcccaggact aggtggggtg ggagtgctgc    114120
     gttctgatga tggtgagtgg tcttgatttc tgttagtagg attcttacgt ttgcctttcg    114180
     ccatctggta atctctgaag ctagctgttt tagttgtcac tgttaagagc ttgttcttca    114240
     ggtgactctg ttagcctcta tgagcagacc tggagggtag cactctcctt agtttcagtg    114300
     ggcagagtat tctctgcagg caagctctct tcttgcaagg caggtaccca gatacctggt    114360
     gttcgaacca gactcctggc agaagttgtg ttccactcac tagaggtctt aggatcacgt    114420
     gtggaatcct gtgtgggccc ttgcgggtgt caggcgactc agctggcaag gtagccgggg    114480
     ctcgagtgga gtggaagggg tttgtgcccc agatcaagcc cgggtagcct gcttccctat    114540
     gtaccgcagt ctcaagttcc acgcgattgg attggggtag gcgctgtgtt ccactcacca    114600
     gaggtcttag ggtcccgtgg ggagtcccgt gtgggccctt gcgggtgttg ggcaagactc    114660
     tgctgtcaag gtagcccggg gctcaagtct cgagtcgagt ggaagggact tgtgccccag    114720
     atcaggcccg ggtagcctgc ttccctatgt accgcagtct caagttccga gcgattggat    114780
     tggggcaggc actgtggtcc actcaccaga ggtcttaggg tcccgtgggg agtcccgtgt    114840
     ggacccttgc gggtgttggg caagactctg ctggcaaggt agcccggggc tcgagtctcg    114900
     agtcgagcgg aagggacttg tgccccagat caggcccggg tagcctgctt ccctatgtac    114960
     cgcagtctca agttccgcgc gattggattg gggcaggcac tgtgatccac tcaccagagg    115020
     tcttagggtc ccgtggggag tccggtgtgg acccttgcgg gtgttgggca agactctgct    115080
     ggcaaggtag cccggggctc gagtctcgag tcgagcggaa gggacttgtc gcattcataa    115140
     tacttgtagc aatcccttat cagtacagct catgtaactg tgttggtaaa acttataaca    115200
     aaggagagat ttaaaaagtg gaaataccag caatataaaa gtgtatagag agtaaatgtg    115260
     aaggcttgag tggacccaaa tcaagagaag tatcctgttc acatggacta aactataaaa    115320
     tatggctcat ggtttcatgt gttgaacttg atcttcagtt agtagcacta atttggtagg    115380
     tggggttgag tgggagaaag ttgcaaacag actagtgact ctgtatgtta tatgtagccc    115440
     tagtatctca ttagtctttg tattctgact gttatgaagc actgattctt ctttgccacc    115500
     agtttttccc tccatggttt actgcacagt taaatcaagc cacatattgt tagactcaca    115560
     acctaaaggc ccaggttatt ctttcccccc ttaagttttt atgtcaagta atcctcatag    115620
     agttacaaaa tttgaccatg acttttttta tgatttcttt gatgcagaca caaactcttt    115680
     ggacaatgct ttaggctaac atatgactaa caaaagtgat attcttctga accttgtggc    115740
     taatagtagt gccagttaca tattactact ttgcagttac ttaggattag aagtttatca    115800
     tgcaagctct cagaggtaac tatgaatata gttttatatt ccttgcacaa ttactttcta    115860
     actgatcaat gattacgcca atgtctcaaa gaagaaagaa tgatattttc cctggtaatt    115920
     taagggtttg tggggagaca cttgagagga acttcaggta ggatactcac agcttacaca    115980
     gtgtttatag tgagaaatgg gagcaaaagg gagagtagaa ttgtgttaga catgaatttt    116040
     tatgatttca attgcccaga aactacttca gtgatagacc aaaggaccat gtttcttctt    116100
     atgctggaag aaaagctgtt tgtctaagag gtactggcat tgcaggaatg aagaatctaa    116160
     gtgttcgaga gttatggaaa ctgttgtcta gatagttagg aaaatcctgg catttcagct    116220
     aagatgtaga gagatcagcc ttcattaagg gaacttgtga acaagttctg catgaggctg    116280
     tggttgaagc ccatgttgca gtgaaaagcc tacattctca gaggtgccag agatatagtg    116340
     catttgtcaa gaaaagctgg tagcttcgag ttgcatcttt ctgggagaga gagagagaat    116400
     atggactgtg tcatatggcc acagggttgg gttgtctaag tcttgaagct cagatgatgg    116460
     catcatctgt tctagacact tcacaaatag cctcaggatt tagtgcttat gcttcagagt    116520
     caagtgtttt tgcttcagtc cattctttcc tttctatcta tttcctctat tttgtcatgg    116580
     aaacatcttt cttggaccac tgcattttgg aagtgtgtaa ttctttatga gctctttcag    116640
     gagcttcata ggcagctgaa cttgctttgt gtctgcctca gaggggactt ttggacttgt    116700
     gcttttgatc tattggaatt tcacctcccc tcattgaaaa ttttctgata gtgaagactc    116760
     atgagaagat tacttgtgtt ttgaagctgg ggtctgaatt tccttctaac catagcagcc    116820
     tgagctgcct aatgcactat gcttcttttc cttgactctg aggatatagt ttttgtttct    116880
     aaacccttgc actattctgt ttattccact ctgcactgac tcaagtccat tgtgtcctta    116940
     attttccttt atcattctgt ttaatcacag gtagcatttg taggttcttc ttcagcagat    117000
     atttggtttg gtgatccatg atcaaatgat gattggtgga aagcaggtga ggaaatgtgg    117060
     ttgtttctca ttctgcaggc tgtgctaaaa cacagatgct atctctgttc ccagggaaat    117120
     atgacaatag aggggaggac ccaaattgtg aaacttaaat gattcatatt tgtttgcata    117180
     tagctttaat ttatgtacaa tctggtcttg atttggtgtt taagtgagga gaggttaagt    117240
     ggccaaaact taggacaaat atgtatttaa aaattattcc tcaagagctt tagaaatggt    117300
     tcagaggaaa agagcatata ctattcttat aaaagactga gatttggttc ccagaagttc    117360
     tgtttggcat ctctgaaatc cctatactgt agaacaaagg tctctaacag ctcttttctc    117420
     taaagtcacc ttgctaaatt gtatacacct ccacatatgt acacacagat atggaagtga    117480
     aaaaaaataa atcctaaaaa aatacttcat ttgtagtttt cagtcactaa gcacaataaa    117540
     gattcttaga ttttagaaga ttagcaataa aattaaaaat ataaggaaga catagcactg    117600
     tattttagga catgcaagac accaggcatc agaaatattc atgatgaatt tcagtttttc    117660
     aaggagtact tagataactt ggtgattggt aaaatagata gcagtttcat atcaattggt    117720
     atgctatcaa tgaataacaa tttcatgcta tctattttaa gatggaaata tgcaatgtag    117780
     gaagtttaaa catatgtgta tgatagctat atttttaaaa caaaatatat atgacctatt    117840
     aataaaatat tatcattatt ctgtaaaaat ataatgctaa tgcaagcact ttactaatgt    117900
     attcaccata catcatagac catagaaaaa tatgagaaaa ttcttattgt tatatgaatg    117960
     ttgaattatt tagaattttc aactctataa ttatgttctc atttatcaac caatttttaa    118020
     agaatggtaa atcatagaat acaagagcaa aatgttatta gatatagagc agcagaaatg    118080
     tatttatttc aacctcattt caggcataag aagaaagaga aatggataag aaatagatga    118140
     tttatggaag gcaagagaaa tcagttgttc gccatggtct cctgaatcca gcttaggtag    118200
     ttgcagactt tggtgtaaac accaggcttc cctctcattg cacagactga accccaggag    118260
     acaataccct ggatctctcc attgcagaca acaggtccac cagaatcacc ctggtcagaa    118320
     agaaaataag attacaatat gtttatgttg aggtgcgaga atggactcca cgatgttttc    118380
     ctgttttcat ggagccaaaa taacaggtac tgacattgaa gcaatgaaga ctccctgtac    118440
     agttaattgc aatttccccc ttatttttaa tactgtctct ataagctcaa ggttccttag    118500
     ttgacaaagg tcaggaaaag ataaaggctg gcggtatttc ttgctgttcc ttttgctgtc    118560
     tttcaagagt ggttgcatgc tataaaccag cttctcagaa gtttgtttcc atgtactgtt    118620
     tgcataccat cttttgtaca tagttcaacc ttgaggttat ccatgaatat tacagtgaga    118680
     aaacctgttt ttactcatag gacttatctc atcccatggg aattcttcca gacagatgta    118740
     catggttctc agccaaggag aaggatactg atggagtgaa aaatagacag acagagggac    118800
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagagag agagagagag    118860
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagac agttgtagaa ggagtcaaag aacaatcatt    118920
     tgtagaaaga gtcaaagaac actcacatca caggagtcct ttccaccctc caggaatccc    118980
     aggcagaaca tattgctggt aatctggcct gggtaggatt ttttgcaaga actggccgag    119040
     aggacaggag cttccagaca ttgaaggagt gctgggtatt ttcctgttga gagaaaaaag    119100
     aaggcaaggt cactcaatat cttccctgaa atttctaatt ctatttgcca aacatcataa    119160
     tttaagcata tttttctttt agaacatttt ccccaatagt tttaataagc tgtcctttat    119220
     gacaatacat tgttggcttt tggattttca aatattttag tatttcctcc atgagataga    119280
     ttcttcaggg aacaacaaat cccaggcatc tcttctgttt atcacttgag ttttcattcc    119340
     ctcatataat tgactccacc aggtaaataa tttagcatct tgctaatagc tcatgttttt    119400
     tttttaacat ttttattaga tattttcttc atttacattt caaatgctat tggtttcccc    119460
     ccatggtccc agtgaagcaa tgttctggcc tacaaattat acattcctag actgtctttg    119520
     tttaaaactt ctacaagtat ctctcacagt gacaattttg ccatgttgac aaccaacata    119580
     cattttgtct ctcttatttt tacacatgga caagttccat tgacacttac caccaatgct    119640
     cacagtattt ccccagccag aaacaaggca ctgagcattt gtagatgcac aggatctggg    119700
     cagagagact gtggatactt gggagttaag gatggcaggt gacttcaatt taatcagcat    119760
     gatgtcatta tccacagtgt ccttgttata gtctgggtgt cgaatgatct tttctgcatc    119820
     aataaattgc tcaccaccct caaggacatc aatattgtgt tcaccaaggc gaacctggag    119880
     tcttctgcat taaaagataa aagatttcta agtatccctg tagaggtttt tctttaccaa    119940
     actgaaagtt ctgaacataa aaacacagac atcatcttct taaagcatcc agtactgtca    120000
     gggctatgaa gttaaggtgt attgtgcctt acagccaatg ttcaggatag agcattccat    120060
     caggtgtgtc ctgcccgtac agattcacaa aggaccatgc ccttaaggtg ataccggagg    120120
     acagaatgac cgtagaacat agaaatttga gtattgtttc attacctttt gtagcagtga    120180
     gcagcagaca gtacccactg atcattgata agggagccac cacactgatg gctaatgcca    120240
     tcattcagag acacctggta aggaaccgaa tgcttcggac atgtgtagcc tccaacaatc    120300
     ttgtcatcac tgttagctgg gagagcaact gggggagagt tttgtatatt tagcataaga    120360
     agacttgtct caaaattagt cttccaaatg aagtttgtac agaccaacca gaaaagacac    120420
     atatcctcct gttgggtaaa atatgcttat agtctcttga aagttatcat tttctaatat    120480
     cagcatatac tctcttgata tcatggtgaa tcaaatctaa aagtaaaaat tatttatttt    120540
     ctctctctgt ttgtggtgct tgtgtgtgtg tgcctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    120600
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgattatg tgtagcatag tggtccctgg agagcaaaaa    120660
     ctactttcaa gtgttgaatt tatctttttg gtacagggtc ccagtatctt tcctggttcc    120720
     caaggcgtag aggcaagcca tttattcaaa ggaacatttt tcatcacatt caatggactt    120780
     ttaaatttat ctttaatttt ttaaatacct aacacataca aatgagtgac tgagttagtt    120840
     tattaaatac aatttgtgta aatcatttaa ccacaattct atgtttttct tcccaaaagt    120900
     ttcctgttat ttcagttatc tgttggacat atattaatgc atttagcatt tttcatacac    120960
     tgattcatca agagtttgtc ctagtatttt tattattact aaattcaata cacgtacata    121020
     atttataatg attataacta ccctcaatat ttaatataat tctaaagacc ataataaatc    121080
     tgtatgagct gaacattgta atattttaaa atagtggttg aagtttccaa acatgagaaa    121140
     ctttacaaat caaaaccaat ttttattatg aaaatttagt tttaaattta gttgtattac    121200
     cctagaaaat atcatttttc ctgttcttca gtattaagca acactgatat aggactgatt    121260
     ttgttagtaa agattttgtg aatagaacct aaagttttac ccatgaaaaa taccctatct    121320
     cttctaatta tgataacttc atataagtaa gcagagtttc atcttccaca taattagaat    121380
     ttaatgttta catcttttcc ttggagcaga aaataattcc aattatttag acttcttcac    121440
     acaaatgtca ggatgcccat taggttcatt tgtactgttt gtttcctttc atctactaag    121500
     ctatagaaaa cataaatgta gcaaatagtg ttgactgccc gcttttagcc ccttgaacat    121560
     ggaatatata cttagttact gttttcccac tcacaaaaca caaacttgtg tgtataatac    121620
     acatctgatg aaatgttctt tgaaagactc accagcagct cccagaaaag tgaagaagaa    121680
     gatgatcttc atagtctttc agtgtgtctg aactgggcac taggataaat gcttttcctt    121740
     tatagctatt tataccttga gtttttggtt tcaatggtga aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa    121800
     ggtgatttca ttgaacacac acaaaaccaa acttacaatt ttgttctgtg attggtggaa    121860
     gatgattcag caccaagttt ccacatcatt gtttccccca gtattctcta aaggttatgg    121920
     gaatggaagg aacaactgca ggtggtgcta atatgtttcc atagcaggaa agaacagtgg    121980
     agaaagatta aaggacactg ctttgtgtct cagatgggcc ttttgaattt gtagttttga    122040
     tacattggaa ctgtagttga tagtgaagac taatgagaaa tgtacttatg ttttgaagct    122100
     gtgttttttt tttctaaatc atggcaacct gaactaccta aggcaatatg attctatgat    122160
     tcttttcctt gttgagataa tttacttttt cattttctaa actcttctat ttattccagt    122220
     gtgctttgac ccaagccctt atgttcttaa tttcaattga tctttctaat ttatcatagg    122280
     aaacaaatgt aagctcttct atagcaaata tttagtgtgc ttaaccctga ctccacgttg    122340
     gtggaacgtg ggcaaggata tgtggttgtg tctcactcta cgggttgaga taaaagaatg    122400
     caaattatat ttctctacca gggaaatatg agaaatggtt ggcattttaa attttatttt    122460
     ctaaaagtgt ctctcaatta cttttttcat tactttgaca caataactta ccaaagaaac    122520
     tttaaaaaga gagaattctt ttggtttgta gtttgaaaat attgtccatt gtagtaagga    122580
     aggcatgtta ccagaatcat gagtttggtg tgcacattgt atccagagtc agaaatacaa    122640
     agagaggaag acaaattcgg tagctctgtt cttatacatc ctagacccca accaataaaa    122700
     tggtgctgct tagagttaaa gtgaatcttt ccacttcaat taacaagagt tagaaaatat    122760
     tttatagaca tgcagagaga actgttttca agttaatcat agctcctgtc aagttgacat    122820
     aaaatacata ccatcataca ccgaaaacaa tataccaatt gccattaact gtttttaatc    122880
     tttaaaatgg taattatcat aagacgtaac aattgcttgg gttcaatata atggactaag    122940
     tcaggtttct aagaacaaaa gtatcttgtg tttgttctgt ttaggcaagt ttattgattt    123000
     gagttcatct ttactacatg ctaacatata ttagttttaa ccaataaatt aactgggtaa    123060
     aagcatacag tggatgtgaa ataactggta cttatctctt gtattttatg tgagaacatg    123120
     tgttatataa gaatagttaa atgtagattt tagtgaatca gtttttgtta taaggaatat    123180
     aagcataaag gccacagttc atagcttttt ttcatatata actagaagag atatgatttt    123240
     tccatacctc actatagctt taaaaactca gaatgcagtt acgatgaatc attatttttc    123300
     tacagaaatg gctcttttga tggtgtctcc agcattattg aacacaggga tcatagtatg    123360
     tgccccatgt ctggtatagc aacgcatgct caataaacca ataaaagaac catggtaaca    123420
     atagagagaa taaaaaggag atttatcaat atatctgcat tgggaagttg gacaatgaga    123480
     cccacagaga gcttaataca tcttaggctc ctgagttaaa aatgaaattc attcagaggg    123540
     ctgaaatagt gcacatcaaa gcagttccgg tattatagct ctggttgcca tcgacacacc    123600
     attgtctggg tttctgtccc atcatctaag gtggcatgaa aagttgtaaa aactgtgtgg    123660
     tatttctttt tttctttcaa ttttttatta gatattttct tcatttacat ttcaaatgct    123720
     ttcccaaaag tctcctatac cctcccccct acctccctgc tcccctaccc acccactccc    123780
     acttcttggc cctggcgtag ccctgtacta gggcatataa agtttgcaag accaagaggc    123840
     ctctcttccc aatgatggct gactaggcca tcttctgcta tatatgcagc tagagacatg    123900
     agctctgggg tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agaccccttc    123960
     agctccttgg gtactttctc tagctcctcc attgggggcc ctgtgttcca tccaatagat    124020
     gggatattag ccccgaaact tagaataccc aagatacaat ttgcaaaaca caagaaaatc    124080
     aagaagaagg aagaccaaag tgtggatact taattcctcc ttagaatagg gaacaaaata    124140
     cccatggaag gagttacaga gacaaagttt ggagctaaga ggaaaggatg gaccatccag    124200
     agactgcccc acctgggggt ccatcccata atcagccacc aaacgcagat actattgcac    124260
     atgccagcaa gattttgctg aaaggaccct gatatagctg tcttttgtga ggttatgcca    124320
     ctgcctggca agtacagaag tttgatattt cttataggaa gatagtttgc ctcctagggt    124380
     taacacgctt tcctttccca gtatgagatt cctagagaaa ctctcatttt ttagggtctg    124440
     ctagtttagt aatatagtag actgatagtt acaggtgttt ctttagcaac cctcccatct    124500
     tctggtcaaa acctctactt gcaatctcag aggcttgcag ctaccagaga caaccagctg    124560
     agacacctac ccaaatgccc tgcctgcctg gaattgaaca aaccaagcag gtctgagttc    124620
     tgccctgtcc cctttgccct ccattttctg ggccacaatt acactagtgt tcctggagga    124680
     ctgaagccat tgggactacc acctctatct gtagccttag aaacctgctg ccaccaggga    124740
     caatgagcta catttacaat cccagaggcc tgttgacatc agagattaac aactacacct    124800
     gaacaacaca ggcctcccct caccagagac taatagatct gacaacacca ggaaaaaaac    124860
     agatggataa aggctagtgt aagaacacaa ctgacaaaag ccagagcaaa atgggtccac    124920
     cagaacccag atatcctact actgcaagtc ctggaaagcc taacacacct aattgcaagt    124980
     aaatggcttt aaatctaatc ttactaagat gataaaggcc tttaaggaag aaatgaatga    125040
     attctttaag aagtgcagta aaacacacaa tcaaatagaa tccctcaata agtgaataaa    125100
     tataaagcac aatagaaaaa taaaactaaa caagtaaaag aaataaacaa aagagttcaa    125160
     gacctgaaaa tagaaatata agcaataaag aaagcacaaa tgagacaatc ctggagatga    125220
     gaaacctagg aaagagataa ggaacttcag gcacaaaaga tggaagagaa aatcccaagt    125280
     atagaaacta agaagaaatt gatatatttg tcaaagaaaa tactaaagca aagtgtttct    125340
     aacacaaaca gcaagtaaat ttgggaccta tgaaaagacc aaatccaaga gtaatcagaa    125400
     aagaaggagg aaaagaatcc aaactcaaag gctgagaaaa tatcaacaaa atcatagaaa    125460
     aaaactccct aacctaaaga aagagatgcc tataaaagta taagaagctt actgaacacc    125520
     aaataaattg gtcccaacaa gaaaatcctc ccaccacata atgatgataa aaaaaaaact    125580
     aaatgtaaac aacaacaaaa gaatattaaa atcttcagtg gacaaaagcc aagtaacata    125640
     taaaggcaga cttttcagaa ttacacctga attctcaaaa ttgaatttaa aagccagaag    125700
     agcctgggca gatgtctttc agactctaag agaccacaaa tgtcagccca tacctagcaa    125760
     aatgttcagt catcatagat ggagatattc catgagaata caaaatttaa agaaaatctt    125820
     tccactaatc cactcctaca taagatagaa gaataaaaac ttcaacccaa gatgcattca    125880
     aatataccca agaaacacat aatttcatac cagtaaggtc aaaggaacac acacacacac    125940
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatac acacactaca attgacaaca tcaaagtaac    126000
     aggaattaac agatggacct aaaaattatc tataaaacta ttcacccaaa cacaaaagag    126060
     ttcaccttat tcttagcacc tcaaagacct tttccaaaat tgaccatata atcagttaca    126120
     aagcaagcct taacagatac gaaaatattt aaataatgtc ttgcatctta tcagatcact    126180
     atagattaaa actagacatt tatgacatca gaaacaggac agaaagactg cagattcatg    126240
     gatactgaaa acactgtact ttattttcaa caaatggtgc tggcacaact ggatatcatg    126300
     tagaagaatt caaattgatc cattcttatc tccttgcaca aagctcaagt ctaagtggat    126360
     caaggaactc cacataaaac cagagacact gaaacttata gagcagaaag tggggaaaag    126420
     ccttgggcac aggggaaaaa ttcctgaaca caacagcaat ggcttgtgct gtaagataga    126480
     gaatcgacaa atgggacctc ataaaattgc aaagcttctg taaggcaaag gacactgtca    126540
     ataagataag acagcaacca acatattagg aaaagatctt taccagtcct aaatctgata    126600
     gaggactaat atcaaatata tataaagaac tcaagaagct ggcctccaga aaatcaaata    126660
     accctattaa aaatggggta cagagctgaa caaagaattc tcaactgagg aatactgaat    126720
     ggctgagaaa cacctgaaaa aatgttcaac atccttaatc atcagggaaa tgcaaataaa    126780
     aacaaccttg agattacacc tcacaccaat cagaatggct aagatcaaaa attcaggtga    126840
     cagcagatgc tggtgaggat gtggagaaag ggcaacactc ctccattgct ggtgggattg    126900
     caagcttgta caaccactct ggaagtcagt ctggaagttc ctcagaaaat tggacatagc    126960
     actaccggaa gatccagcaa tacctcttct gggcatatac ccagaagatg tcccaacttg    127020
     taataaggac acatgctcca ctatgctcat agcagcctta tttataatag ccagaagctg    127080
     gaaaaaccca gatgttgctc aacagaggaa tggatacaga aaatgtggta tatttacaca    127140
     atggagtact actcagcaat taaaaacaat gaattcatga aattcttagg caaatgggtg    127200
     gatctggagg atatcatcct gagtgaggta actcaatcac aaaagaacac acatgatatg    127260
     cactcactga taagtggata ttagcccaga aacttaggat acccaagaca caattagcaa    127320
     aacagaagaa aatcaaaaag aaggaagacc aaagtgtgga tacttggctc cttcttagaa    127380
     tggggaacaa aatgccaatg gaagaattac agagacaaag ttcagagctg agatggaagg    127440
     aaggaccatc cagagactgc cccatccggg gatgcatccc atatacaact accaagccca    127500
     gacactattg catatgccag caagtttttg ctgacaggac cctgatatag ctgtctctcg    127560
     tgaggctatg ccagtgcctg gcaaatacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcat ctattggatg    127620
     gaacacaggg cccctaatga aggagctaga gaaagtactc aaggagctaa aggggtctgt    127680
     gaccctatag gaggaacaac aatatgaact aaccagtacc tcccagagtt tgtgtcttta    127740
     gctgcatatg tagcagagga tggcctagtc agccatcaat gggatgagag gcccttggtc    127800
     ttgcgaagat catatgccaa agtacagggg aatgccaggg ccaaaaagtg ggagtgggtg    127860
     ggtaggggaa tggggggggg agggtatggg ggacctttgg gatagcattg gaaatgtaaa    127920
     tgaggaaaat acctaataaa aaatatttaa aaaaacaaac aagtgggttg gggagcagtg    127980
     cagggggaag atataggggt tgttggggat agcatttgaa atgtaaatga agaaaatatc    128040
     taataagaaa aaagaatagg agacaggttg aataaatcat ggtttatata taaaaatcaa    128100
     taaataaaag aaaaagaaaa tactgtactc agtgactact ggttcaggga agaaataaag    128160
     aagttctagg attcaatgaa aatgaaggca cagcatgccc aaacttatgg gacacacgtt    128220
     aagcagtgct aagatgtaag cactgtgtgc tttcataaag aaattggaga gattctatac    128280
     cagcaactta acagcacacc tgaaagctct agaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacgcaa    128340
     actcaggcaa aaggagtaga tggcaggaaa tagtcaaagt caggactgaa atcaatcaat    128400
     tagaaacaaa gagaatgata ctaagaatca aaaaaaccta gagctggttc tttgagaaat    128460
     tcaccaaata gacaaatcct tagtcaaact aagtaaaagg cagggggaca gtatccacat    128520
     taacaaattc agaaatgaag gatggatgta gcaacagaca gtgaggaaat ccaaggaatc    128580
     cttaggcctt aattcaaaag cctgtactcc actaaatagg aaaatctaaa taaagtggag    128640
     gattctcttg ataaactcca gttaccaaag ttaaatcaag atcagataaa caatataaat    128700
     agtcctattt atataatata aatagtccca cagaaataga agcagtcatc aaaattctct    128760
     catctaaaaa aggcccgggg gcagatggtt ttagtgcaga attctaccag ctttcaaata    128820
     ctagttaaca gcaataacct tcaaactatt ccacaaaaca taaacccaag gaacattgcc    128880
     aaactcattc tgtgaggcca cagtaatcct gacacctaac ccacacagac tcatcaatga    128940
     aagaaaattt cagacaaact tccttcataa acatcaatgc aaatatattc aattaaatac    129000
     ttgaaaacca aatctaagaa caccaaatct aaaaaaaatc cgtcatattc aagtaggcct    129060
     cataggaagg atacagggat gattcaacat acaaaaaaat ctaaatgtaa tccacagtgt    129120
     gtgtgtgtgg gggggggggg gcacacgcaa actgaaaaaa aaaatcacat tatcatctta    129180
     ttaaatgcta aaaaaaagcc tttgacaata tccaacaccc atttattttt gagtgctcca    129240
     tcagggatac aaggcacatg cctaaaaaaa taaagacaaa tacaacaagc ctatagaaaa    129300
     tatcaaatat aaacatcaat tccactataa tcagggacag gacaaggctg tccactccac    129360
     atctattcaa aatagcaatt gaagttctaa ctatagcaat aaaacaacta aaggagatca    129420
     aaggggtgta aattgaaaaa ttatcactat ttgcagaaaa tatgatagta tatatacatg    129480
     accccaaaac tctaccagag aactcctaca cttgataaac acctttagca atgtggccaa    129540
     atataaaatt actttaaaaa atcagtaggt agccttcttt tatacaatta ataactgggc    129600
     tgagaaagaa attaaggaaa caataccata gccacaaaaa tataaaatat ctaaccaaag    129660
     aagtgaaaga cctttatgac aagagcttca tgtctctgaa aaaaataaat tgaagatatc    129720
     aaaagatgga aaccctatag gtggaacaaa aatatgaact aaccagtacc cccagagctc    129780
     atatctctag ctgcatatgt aacagaagat gacctagtcg gccatcactg ggaagagagg    129840
     ccccttggca ttgcaatctt aatatgcccc agtacagggg aacaccaggg ccaagaagtg    129900
     ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag cagggccagg ggagggtata gggacctttc gggatagcat    129960
     ttgaaatgta tataaagaaa gtatctaatt aaaaaaagta aaaaaaaaaa ataaagattt    130020
     cccatgttca tgtattgata ggatgggcac agcaaaaatt accattttac agaaagcaat    130080
     ttacagactc tttgcaattt ccatcaaaat tccaacacaa ttctttcaga aatcttgaaa    130140
     gagcaattgt caacttcaga agaagaaaca aaaaacaaaa caaaacaagc gaataaaaaa    130200
     cccagctatg gtgtcttttc ttatttccag ttggtgattt atcagaaaat actctttgat    130260
     ttgagaaaca ctgttttggt agtctgatac actgtttcat tagaatgtct tcattttgcc    130320
     agaaaacttc tagttatgtt ttgtaaccct tctgtttctc ttgccttacc taagctattg    130380
     gatgaacaag agcatcattt ggattgctga aatattaatt gccaaaatat ttttgttttt    130440
     agagtccaga gagtttgatg tcttctgaaa tatctttgct tagtcaccac ccacaagggg    130500
     gctaagccta ttgtcttctt cctgtcagaa tttaaaggta gtatgaccct tgctgacaaa    130560
     tttcttgacg aatgtagtaa caattccttc ctgctcttct cagatacatt tggtattgaa    130620
     tgaaagtctc aggacctaag gtcgtatgac atttgtttcc ttgaaagtgt tcaattattt    130680
     attcagccat tctctctttt ttttatggta tattttttaa attaatttat ttactttaca    130740
     tctgcaccac agccttccct ccctcgcttc tcccagttcc ccctccctct ttcacctctg    130800
     atcccttcat acacacacac gcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    130860
     acacacacac tcctcctgtc ttccccttct cagaaaaggt tcataaaaag ggaggacttc    130920
     catggtatca aattgccaaa catatcaagt tgcagtagga ctaatcacat cttctttcac    130980
     catggcaggg caaggcagct aggataaaga gatccaaagg taggcaacac aatcagatac    131040
     agcttctgct catgctatta ggagttcaca tgaagactta gctgcagtac tgttacatat    131100
     gtattaagat cctaggtgtg tccaatgtat gctctctatt tggtagttat atctctgtgg    131160
     ggctctatga gcccaggtta gttgatgcta tatactttct ggtctacttc ttccatagaa    131220
     ttcctcaatc tctgcccaat gtttggctgt gagtttttac atctcattcc atcaattgct    131280
     ggatgaagct tcccagatga gagccatcca tgtatctttc tggaagtata acagcatatc    131340
     attaatatta tcatgggtgg gctctctcat aaaaacatac aaagaataag aaaagaaaaa    131400
     gaaaacacct atcttgctgt ggaggctgtg gtgcatccca cagtttacct ttttgtccaa    131460
     acagctttac ttgtaaatgt tcattacatt gagttattgg tctggtctga ggcctctggc    131520
     ttttgataca aaatcaatac tggatcctct ctggtgctcc tctcagatat actgtagtag    131580
     atatcctgtt gttgccctgt ctcatggaga tagtgtggtt tatagagtag atattgaggt    131640
     gggccaactt aaatcttgga tctgtgtctg agtggtggct gtttttcagc ttgccagctc    131700
     ttctgtgcct gagccactag ggctagcttt tcagtactgc tctggctagg tggtggggaa    131760
     atctctccca ctcccactct cagacagaaa ttaaccatgt ccatatcacc aagtcagctg    131820
     tgtttctcat gtgtctaaag ctggggcagt cattggttgg tcattccttc aatctatgct    131880
     ccatcttcac caccgcatat cttgttggca ggagaaattg tggatctaag gtattgtgac    131940
     tgggctgttt tcctagttcc ttcattggaa atcttttctg tccaggagtt ggccatttca    132000
     ggctccacat ctactgctat gagtcccaac cagagtcacc ctcatagatt ccaaggagtg    132060
     tccagtttcc taggcttcta actaactccc agagatcccc ctgctcactg attccagttc    132120
     tctctcccca tattctctcc ttcctgccca tctcgatcca tcctgttcct ctctccaaca    132180
     atttcctcca ctcctgatgt ccacattcaa ttgtcccacc ccccttgggt catccttgtt    132240
     atttaggttg tttgtacact tttaagtgag tacataccat gtttgtcttt ctgggactgg    132300
     gttacttcac tcaggatgat cttttctagt tccatccatt tgcctgaaaa tttcatgagg    132360
     tcattgcttt taaaagttaa gtaatatttc attgtgtaaa cattctttat ccatctttgg    132420
     tggagggaca tctaggtcat ttcattttgg ggctattata aataaagctt ctatgaatat    132480
     agttgaacaa gtgtccttgt taccactggt ggagcatctt ttgtgtatat gcccaggatt    132540
     ggtaaagttg ggtcttgagt agaactattc tcaactttcc gagaaaccgc caacttgatt    132600
     tccaaagtgg ttgtacaatt ttgctttcca acccacaatg gacaagtgtt ccacttgctc    132660
     tattactttg ccagcattca ttgtcatttg agttttttat cttggccatt ctgactggag    132720
     taagatggaa tctcataaat gtttagattg gtgtttccct gatgactaag aatgctgaac    132780
     atttctttaa gtgtatccct gattagagat tcctctgata agaattactg tttagatttg    132840
     caccccattt tttcataggg ttatctggtt tgttgatgtc tagtttcttc atttccatat    132900
     tctttgaagt ggaaaatgac aaggaaactt tattgctagt ataatactgt ccagggcact    132960
     aggaaaagga gtgatgggct gggttccctg acatttatgc caacagaaca aaacaaaata    133020
     aaacaacaac aaaaaaattt ccttactttt aacttgttca gatattgttt ttcttttctt    133080
     tgtgccacac ataacatttt aaccctaaaa taggttccag agggattttt tcattatttt    133140
     tttatatttt gttgttattt acttttattt aaaagaattt gtttccctat cacaaaaatt    133200
     agatagccac actgccaaga gcaaaattca tagttacact gatggaggca aagtctcggg    133260
     atattcccaa tgtcccaaag gcataaagga ggaaaaaggt actcagaaca aatccaaatg    133320
     acaatgggag agacatcacg tgccatttct ttttcttctc atcatcagct gcagatggct    133380
     tttgggagga tcaaacacaa tttgacttca ggaaactctt tataccagtt ttggcacctt    133440
     aattgtaccc tggctgttag cagcaatcag cacattagac tcccatctaa tagtgcccgc    133500
     caacacacaa cactgacaaa ttcattcata tcaccttctt tccaatcttt gtctaataca    133560
     ctcttaactg tatcaaactt aaaagttagc aaagtcttag aaagtcctag agggagtcgt    133620
     tctcagcagg aagaactggg aaaatttaga aaagaaaaca atagaaatcc catgctgtta    133680
     agatctcagt tgatacacaa atcatatggg agctcagaag tccattttgt caacaggaat    133740
     aaagacaatg aatactgagc ttatgaagtg taactagcat tccatctgta ggaagaataa    133800
     aagtcatact tgctctattc tggaaaagca catatctttg tggtttatgt ccttatactt    133860
     tttgtctcga tgaatgctta taaaataaat tatctaatat acaaaatgta aagggagtct    133920
     agcattgagt ccatagcatg aatattatgc ctattttttt ggctaaattg agaattgaag    133980
     ttaagacaga atttcacagc aaaatgtatt ggacatttgc agtttagatt ctggcaaatg    134040
     ttagatttgg taaaaggatg ccatgtgatt cttacgggac aaaaagaaat atgtctgtag    134100
     tgtgtcttgt gaactatcta tatgttgccc agcaaaagtt caaggacagg aattggtaaa    134160
     tttatctgaa tgttccttga gtaaagagtg cttctacaca tatgactcag tcacaaacaa    134220
     gtagtaaatt gtatgattaa gcaggctgat gtagtaaata tttagtctca tttggggttt    134280
     tctactatgc ctttcattat tcagtttcca gataagagac acataactct tatatttaca    134340
     aaaagcctta ataggcacta aatctggtca tatatatatg ctctaagtta ttatgtctat    134400
     tttcctgcca ataacccaag ttatgacttg ctatgtttta tctgggctgc tcttaacttc    134460
     aatcggccag ccctcatggc catgttttca tgatttacta actccatggc atcttctact    134520
     ctctccacct actaccaatc tctctccttg tagtctctcc tctgagccca agtccaggaa    134580
     cccaatctct gcctgtcttt cttcagccca gctataacct gtatgcattt ttattcacca    134640
     atcagtgata ctttggggca aggttatata gcaacacttg tgtttatgtg tgcattctct    134700
     catccctggg gggtaaccag gccttggggg ccagtgttta gcattacaat acatagcaaa    134760
     agacctaacc ttaacagtgg gcttttctca ataagtaacc atccagattc ttagatgtta    134820
     tagacatcct acatttgagc ctagacatat ctgaagttgt tggcaaaatt tgacatcatt    134880
     cacttgatgg ttttgcaaat atgcagaaag aaagtaaggc aaagctatgg acacttacac    134940
     cctgatgcca aaaggaaacc tgggagtctt gcaattgact cccaagaaaa attccaaaat    135000
     taaaattggg agtcatagta cttgcaggaa tccttgagaa aatggcttgt ccacctgtaa    135060
     tggtgaaaac tattatacag tggcaataaa aagcttggag atgccagcaa cacagaatgt    135120
     acagaaagaa aagtagaagc agtgcatttg cccataccaa gagagactcc ctgtttatgt    135180
     ggctaaaaat agcaagagta tatttttagt aatccatatt aaggtagcgt atgccataga    135240
     atctgtactt gctgctgcag gacttactct tttccatgtt atatatctgc cttactttgc    135300
     ctcctccttg ctttggctca ttcattttgt ttgtgaatag atgtttgcat ttgttgttag    135360
     aggtacgtaa cgtgatttaa gattttggca atatttggaa atggataaaa ttcatttttc    135420
     aatgatgaga taatcagaag cgttttcatg tcagtttggg ggaagttgta gctcaatgct    135480
     gaaatgaaac tcatgctctc atgtgttaaa gagttgacat gattggttga attggcagct    135540
     gagttggcag tagtggccta ttgggatatt acttgtgttt tatattgtgt gctaatacct    135600
     cctcactctt tatttcatgc atgtcttcat gtggtaaatc ttcactggca ccaatttctg    135660
     ctaccaagat ttactatcaa gtatctatca ccatgcaatg ttagacttaa tactctcaaa    135720
     ctagggaccc aaatgacttt aagtggtaat gtcaagtcat gtttgcagag ttacaatatc    135780
     tgactcctac atcatttatg atttctttga tctgtacaag aactctttca acagtgactt    135840
     tactatcaca gcatagtaca tcaagatggt gttcttctat tttaccatgt gactcatagt    135900
     tatgcttcat ttgatgacag taaactactt gacagacatg acagacatgt aggactaaaa    135960
     gttttaaatg ttagatcatg taagtgttgt acaacatttt tgtacaagct ttcattcctt    136020
     gaatgatgag tttctttttt tttaattttt aaataatttt attcctaggt tctaattatc    136080
     ctagggattc atgctgctta atgcatttaa taaatcatta aataaacaaa atgaagtagg    136140
     atatgatata aatagacatg aaaggctttc tctgggtgga atttgattgt ataaatgagc    136200
     caagagactt gactggtggg aaagcagtca ctgcctctca aggggggaaa tatgtgacct    136260
     acaaacaatt gcctacgggt caaggttaag gtggcatcca tttaccttgt ctctgaatac    136320
     aaccagggca tcatcctgag tgaggtaaca cattcacaaa ggaactcaca caatatgtac    136380
     tcactgataa gtggatatta gcccaaaacc taggataccc aagatataag atacaatttc    136440
     ctaaacacat gaaactcaag aaaaatgaag actgaagtgt ggacactatg cccctcctta    136500
     gaagtgggaa caaaacaccc ttggaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgga gctgagatga    136560
     aaggatggtc catgtagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca ccccataatc agcatccaaa    136620
     cgctgacacc attgcataca ctagcaagat tttatcgaat gatgagtttc taacagacca    136680
     atgactagtc taatgtctcc aggaggaaag agtgctatta tctccctaca aacttcattg    136740
     ctttgagaag acatttgagt gaaaatttag ttagaaaagg catgtgtggc atggttatta    136800
     cttcctgctt acacaggttt atagtgtgga ttgtggagta aatggggaat aggatagtgt    136860
     aagatggata caataaagaa cctctgcaac attgtggaca gaataggttt tacaatcagc    136920
     tgaagtttta taaaaagatt atcgttctta taatgaatct gatcagtgtg cagtgagacc    136980
     atcaggaagg tatctggagt gaaacactgc atctgtcaat gtctctagac atattctcac    137040
     ttgaatgaac tttcttgaga tagacggagt gtgaaaacaa aacctcctgt tgcttttcta    137100
     gaaaagaaaa gggagtctta gggagtatta tttccattgt caaaagacat gcagtcatag    137160
     agagaagtaa aaagttcata catcaacttg ataaagaact tgctgtctat gagatgatga    137220
     cagtgtcatg cagggttcaa gtgtgacaga gttatgagag cttgtatctc aattattatt    137280
     aaatgtctgt gatttcagcc aatgtgaaga aagaacatct tctattcggg aaatctatga    137340
     gctggtacgg cttgagaatg tagtggaaag ccctaattgc aaggaagaat tactgaccta    137400
     gaggtgccag gaatctgcgt catctgctca gagtagctgg tagctttaag ttatgtcttc    137460
     ttgggggaga gaaagacaaa gaatatgtac tattctgtca aggccacagg gtggtgctaa    137520
     gtctcttgga gcacagatga tgaaagcatg tgccccagac acttcgcaca aagctgtatg    137580
     atttaatgct tattctttaa agttaaatca ttgctttggt tcattgcttc ttttgtattc    137640
     cactcttcct tttggtaaca aaaatttcta ttttgtacca ttgtgctttg gaagtgtgta    137700
     actttttgtg aatctctcag attcatcgcc agctgtgctt gctttgtgtt tcagagggga    137760
     tttttggact tgggcttttg atcacttgaa actgttaaga tagtaaagac tggaattata    137820
     aggaattcct atataaggaa ttaatttata aggaattaat ttgtgttttt aggctggagt    137880
     ctactgaatt attgtcatgg catcctgagt gtcctaaaac aataatgctt tcgttcctta    137940
     tctctgagga tagttttcat ttttagaact ctttcatttg ctccactatg cttgagacaa    138000
     tcccattata aatttagtag tcattagtca ttccagacaa tatgggaaag cattggtagg    138060
     atcttctata acaaatgctt agtttgctta tctatgaacg aatggtgtgt ggtggaaagc    138120
     agctggaaaa tcatggttgt ctcattcttt gtgctgagaa aagagtaagt ggctgctgtg    138180
     tggtcagcag aatatgacaa cagtagagta caactatatt ctgaaaattt acatgatata    138240
     gttttttaaa atatagctta gatttttata caatcctgtg ttgataatag ggctggttag    138300
     ggtaagtgac acagaagcca ataatactgg gggaaaaata taaaatttgt atttaaaaag    138360
     aaatccttca agggtcagag tcttggctca gatgtttaga gcacataagg ttcttgcaaa    138420
     atatcagaac ttgatttgca gcacacatgt cagagagctc acagtgcact gtaactgcaa    138480
     tacaagtata tcagacatct ctaatcattg catgcacctt tcttatatgc aaaaacctcc    138540
     atacaggaac gcacatataa gtaatcacaa acaaaagtag ttcctaaaat cttcttcact    138600
     gacagttttc agttactcat ccctatgaaa attccgtgct ctgagtacta aaggcaaaca    138660
     aaacaaaaca aaaaacaaaa caaattccaa gtccatgcct atcttcaact tctgtgacaa    138720
     aaacaaagta atatgcttac cccccttatg gttagtgact aaggaagaat acttgtcaga    138780
     gaatcaggaa tcaggaatca ggactgcgca tgctgaatta ctttaattat tgctgtacaa    138840
     ggtaacactt gtagatgttg gtgagtggta atacctgcag tttcatgtgt cctaccataa    138900
     gatatgggtg tacaatctac cattgagcca gtctgaacat gtgtgtatag cagatacatc    138960
     tctaccaaaa tgtatcctac ttgctaataa agcataaata attattatac aaaatgtcag    139020
     tggtgattgt acttactttc gccattgtct gctccgtaac tcacacagtg cagaaggaga    139080
     tctgtaggct tttataaatg taggtgaatg acgacgtctt tacaatgatc ctagtacaat    139140
     cggtcagttc tctggctatg ttttcgtttt gtaccaagtt cagagaatgc tccctaatat    139200
     taatttgttc ttcgctcaga accaagacaa tctcgtttcc tttcaagtta tcaatcctta    139260
     gtcaccaacc ataaggggaa taagcctatt actttgtttt tgtcatggaa tttgaaagta    139320
     ggcatggccc ttagtgacaa atatcttggt aaatgtatta accatccctt cctggccctc    139380
     ttttcctgat gatcaaagtc ctaagctccc ctgtcttttc aagtgtttga ggatgaatag    139440
     ctggctactg tatatgctca agggccttag tttgaaagac cgatttccag ctacacacag    139500
     atcttcacag aagttgatgt cttgtttgtg gacccactgt tcatttgaac cctttaacaa    139560
     ttaatgagcc aaccattatt gccttccagg tgacacagtc attttagttt cttccttgac    139620
     aaggggaaac caattgatac atagtgtggc ttcctgctac aatttctatt aattttggaa    139680
     atttcttttt ttgcatgcat tttgtgttga tttgtgccta caaatgttgt agtggttgaa    139740
     gaaaatcatg tttaatttca aatggcctga catggtcttt tatgggaaag tcacattaag    139800
     gttcagtatg aaaaatcttt atatttacta ttttcggttt cagaaaccat ttggaccttg    139860
     tttgtatcat tctttggata cccatgttag ataagcaacc ttagtctttt gaagattcac    139920
     agaattcttg gcattgttcc caccgctttt gtgtatgtat tgttgttatt gaatactagc    139980
     cacaggacct gaaatgtttg tttccttgga gaatgttcat ttatttgttt agcctctctt    140040
     atccttcata atatttctag actgttttat tttgtttgag tataaaatat catgggtaga    140100
     gtcatgtgta aaacaacttg gtctctaagt gttataatta ttgtgggaaa tggtagaaat    140160
     ttggaaaagc ataataggag aaaatggctg attagatcca tacatttaaa gcccaaagtc    140220
     ctttgatatt tcttaattct taccttctat tacatagaca atgaccatta cactattata    140280
     attaggttcc tgtccagagc agcaggtcaa gcaagtgtgg gataaatttg ctgacatgca    140340
     tgctaaaata aaacttacct tttaaatttg ctcttccagg aatctttttt ttttcacaca    140400
     taagaaaatt ttagccaaag aggaaacttc attattgtga taaactagcc catgtgatta    140460
     ttaaacttta gcaagaagag tatggaaaat ttagagaaga taacaataga aaccccagga    140520
     accataaact gttaatggac aactcatttg agacctcaga ggtccatttt gttaataaga    140580
     agaaggacag tgaaggctgg gtatataaag tgtaaggaac actctatctg tacaaggaat    140640
     aaatgtcttg tagtctctct tctgcaaagc agatttctac aatgatgcat gtctgtataa    140700
     tttgtttcta gctgaatggt caagaaattg tctttacaaa atgcaaaata taaaggtaat    140760
     gcagaactaa atctttgaca ggaatattat acctattttt gccatattta tcattgaaat    140820
     caagagagaa tttcaaagca aaatactgga tatttacagt ttggttggaa aagactgtga    140880
     aatttgggtt tataaagata aacttccacc atggaaagca tgtggtttac atgagacaac    140940
     aaaaaaatat atctgtagta tgtcttggga attaaccata tgtcagccat caaaagttca    141000
     aggacaggaa gtgataaact tccctgaata tctcttgggt aaacagtgct tctacacatg    141060
     tgattcagcc acagccacct aggaaattgc agcaatcagt gatctttcat catattcagt    141120
     tttacagacc tcagaacttg cgggcattat ccatttgagc ctagacatgg ctgaaggtag    141180
     gggcaaaatt tgttgttaat cactcggtgg tagttttgca aacatgcaga acacaaatga    141240
     agcattgcaa tgaggagctt atacccagac ttcaaaggaa aagatgaaat agtcaacaag    141300
     cataaaggtt catgacacct gtaggaatcc cttgagaaaa tgctttgtct aataaaaagt    141360
     actacatggt ggaaataaaa caacaacaaa acaacaacaa gaacacctca gagatgccag    141420
     gaacacagaa tgtatataga gaaaatttga agtccatgtt tacgtagaac aggatacctt    141480
     ttcttgtggg ttaaagatgg ctagttctat taactcatat caagacagca caagccatag    141540
     aaactggaca tgctatttcc acagtggcta ttttaagtgt cagtcttatt ttgttctgct    141600
     tcctccttgt tttggtctca ttcgtttttc ttatgtaata ctggtttgtg catttgttgc    141660
     tagaagtata gaacatgatt gaagtttgta tgaactcata gtgaagaagc ttccttgagt    141720
     ctcagcagac attgttcttc ctttctttga gactaaatgt ccagtggccc aggaaggcct    141780
     catgtccgtg tttctgaggc taaccatgaa tgtctgatcc tagttcctcc atctcgtctc    141840
     ccaaatactg acattacaga tatgcaccat actctcatct ccagagactt tgcatttgta    141900
     ctttacatgg gtgtttccat ggataagaca ttggggcttc ttagaaatga ataaaataca    141960
     ttttgaacta tgagatggtc atgagctttt gcatgtcagt ctgggcaatt tgtgactcaa    142020
     ctatgaaatg taccccatgg tctcatgttt gaaccattta tactcaatat gaggtgctat    142080
     tatggaaggt agaactgtga tggatatagt ggccaaccag atcttgcctt ggtatttata    142140
     tccagtgtta aaatctcctc attctttatt ttctcaatgc caccatgttg tggtaaagaa    142200
     tctccgctgg cactaccttc tgtcaccaag atctccccga gtatatgaag acaaataatc    142260
     ctagtctcag tcatctcaaa acaagagccc aagtaacttg aagttgtaat atgttcataa    142320
     attacagctt ctgtcttgca cacttatgat ttatctaatc catacacaag ctcttcatac    142380
     aatgctttaa ctactgtacc atgactccac caaatggtat tcttctattg tgctatatga    142440
     cagatgattg tgctacattt gatgagagat atttaagatt taaagttttt tcattaattt    142500
     atttatttac tcactttaca tcccagtccc agcctttcct cctgccagtt cctcctcata    142560
     caacccctcc cctagttccc tatctcctat cctctcatga ttcgatgctt attcttcaac    142620
     gttgttttgt tgctctggtt cactgttccc ttttttactc catttggtga tttctatttt    142680
     gtgccattgt gctttggaag tatgcaactc tgcgaatttc taggagcttc gtctgcagct    142740
     gtgcttggtt tgtgacttgg tggggcatgg gggattttac tctgactttt gatcacacag    142800
     aactgtctat atagtgaact agagaactat gaggaattga ctcatacttt gaagctgatg    142860
     tccattgaat tattgttgac acaccttgag cttcctaaga cgatatgctt cctttcctta    142920
     tctccgagga tacagttttt cttttcaaaa ctcttcattt attcttctgc acgttggaag    142980
     aaacaaaagc tgcatttaca aataattctt caaggtccag agacatggta cagatgttta    143040
     gagcacttga tattcttgtg gaggactaga acttttttcc agcacccatg ttaggcaggt    143100
     catacaaccc agtaactgaa atacaagtgc gtcaaacacc tctagtctat gcatggactt    143160
     tcctcaggtg cacacagttc cacagagaca ggtattagta attaaaaaca ataaaaattc    143220
     ttttaaaaat cctcattgag agttttcagt ctctaagatt catagagatt ctttgattcg    143280
     caggattaat tttttaaaaa caaacaaaca ggaatcatat ttttagtgtg gaattactgc    143340
     tttacagggt agtacttgta taagttggtg atcagtaata cacatagttt cattgttgtg    143400
     ccataagtta tgagtgtaca accaaccatg aaaccagtct gaacatctgt gtatgacaga    143460
     aatgtcttat acaaaattta taaggctcac agtatttacc cagtcagaca gaaggccctg    143520
     agcacctgta aatgcacagg atcttggcag agagatagtg gacacttgag agttgaaggt    143580
     gacaggtgat ttcagtttaa tcaacatgat atccttatcc tctgtgtgtt tgttgttctt    143640
     ggggtggcag atgatctttt ctgcatcaat gaactgttca tttcctttaa ggacattttg    143700
     ttctccaacg agaacctaga ttctcctata acaacagaaa agcatttctg tgaatctcat    143760
     ttgaactttt tcttctccaa acagagaaac catattctta aagcatccaa tcctataagg    143820
     gctacctact taaggtagaa ttgtgaccca ctaccaatag atagagaatt ccttagggtg    143880
     tgtcctttga gtacagattc acaaatactc atccccttgg aggtgatact agcagacaga    143940
     cgggccttag agcacaggaa tttgagtatg gcttccttac tgtttattgg aatgagctgc    144000
     acacagtacc cactgaacac tgatgaggga accaacacac ctgtggccaa tgccatcatt    144060
     caaggatacc aggtaaggaa cataatgttt cagacaggca tagcctccaa caatatcatc    144120
     atcatcacat catcatcatc atcatcatca tcatcatcca cagcagcagc agcaggaata    144180
     gaactttgtg tgtttggcat aagacttgtc tcaaaattag tcttccataa gaagtttgta    144240
     cagtacaagt ggactgtatc ctactattca gtaaaattgt actgttttaa aagataatat    144300
     attctatttt tagcatattc tttttgatat cattgctaag acaatgataa ataaattctt    144360
     caaaaatgtt atttaattac tccgtgtgtg tctatgtatg tggcagagga gtataggtgt    144420
     gcctgtgtat atcatagttt atttttagtt aagaaaaaac cccaagtatc aaatattggc    144480
     tatatctgtc taccatatgg gtcctaaagt tcataatcta ttttgaaatc ttggtggaaa    144540
     gccctttcac cctgtcataa tgtagacatt ttgccaacct agttatcttt ctttaaaatt    144600
     catcctttaa atttaattat tgtcttatga cctaacatat agaaacggtt ggaaaattta    144660
     gtttttcgac acaatttgta ttcggcttta atcattatgc tatgttttcc ttccctatct    144720
     tttttttatt ctagttatct ttaggatatg aatcaatgaa ttcaggattt tgattcatcc    144780
     actgaatcac caagtacttg aaaagaagat ttttattttc ctttgaaagt tcaaaacttt    144840
     ttgtaaatta tattgacatt acataccatc aagagggcca gtggtataaa ttaacctgga    144900
     ctcctaagat ctctcagaca ctggatcaca accaggcagc acacaccagt tgatatgaga    144960
     ctcccaacat atataaagca aaggactgct aggtctgggt tcaatcagat aagatgcacc    145020
     taaccctcaa gagactggag gccccagaga gtttagaggt ctggtgggga gagaggagtg    145080
     tggggttggg acatcctcct ggaggcaggg agtagggagg aagaatggga tgtggaacag    145140
     ttggagggtg aaccagcagg ggaataaaat ctggagtgta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagatta    145200
     agtaaaaaga aggaatctat ctatttccat ctacctatct ctacctctat ctctatcact    145260
     atctctatct ctctgtatct atctctatct ctatagatgt agatatagat atatatagaa    145320
     aaaatgctac taatttctgt gatccattcg ttcctgtatt taattacaat agttgaaatt    145380
     tccaaacagg cagggagaag tgcataataa tacccatatg acatgtgaaa attattttga    145440
     tagaacatag tggggatcaa ttcccgattt ggcgtgcatc caaaaaatca cgaaggacca    145500
     tcttgatgta attacatgag gtcatttaat taaagagctc cgaccaacat gcatcccaca    145560
     caggagataa tggatgtcgg ccacgaggct tgaaagctag ggggttttat ggggtaaggg    145620
     acttaggggt gtggaattca gcatagcaac acactattgg cttattcaaa catcagcaga    145680
     aaaattacat gtatgtgcag ggtgtcagcg ttctgtgagt tgttgactca gttcagatag    145740
     ccctgttatg tcctcacatt cctctttatc tttaaggtta agctgttacc agggaatgtt    145800
     tttaactaca gggcataccc gggtttgttt tctttttttc ctcagcccca gtcagcctct    145860
     agctcacaaa caaccagcaa tttctgagta ctttatatga cttacaggtc ttgaaatttc    145920
     atctttcttt caattttaag ttgccatcat ggtcatgtcc tcctgtctta gtcagggttt    145980
     ctattcctgc acaaacatca tgaccgagaa gcaagttggg gaggaaaagg tttattcagc    146040
     ttacacttcc acattgctgt tcatcactaa aggaagtcag gactgtaact caagcaggtc    146100
     aggaagcagt agctgatgca gaggccatga agggatgttc tttactggct tgcttcccct    146160
     ggcttgctca gcctgctctc ttatagaacc aagactacca gcccagagat ggcaccaccc    146220
     acaagggtac ctcccctcct ggatcactaa ttgagaaaat gccttgcagc tggatctcat    146280
     ggaggcattt ccccaacttt tctctgtgat aactccagcc tgtgtcaagt tgacacaaaa    146340
     ctagccagta cacctcccta ccaatctata agttgtatga aaacactaag ggggttttca    146400
     gtcccaccct gggcagtgtc atgggcactc acagtaataa tgattgatct ttttcaaata    146460
     tcgctgctgg agcagattaa tgatttagtc acaaacctta gaaggagtta agagatataa    146520
     attgttaata aagttagggg taaaaatttt tttaagttgc tttgacatta aaaacaatga    146580
     gggaacaatt taaagttcag aaaggcacat ttgtaataat tgagcaaggg atttttgagg    146640
     taaggaacaa gaacaatggc agcccaacta ggagctgatg aaactttctt gctaaaactg    146700
     gtctgatggt cagggtgatg attaattttt ttgtacccat tttgccctca gcttcctaat    146760
     acaatttaat gaaaaattgt aaataattaa gtgtgtaccc tgaaaattta aagtagaaat    146820
     gactgatttt tatatgtata tgtaagttta gctttgtaat tcttttttaa tcacacttta    146880
     aagaactttt aaagataaat aataaaataa atgattcttg ctttataacc acaaattgca    146940
     gcctgccagt aagagaaact gagtaagaaa aatgtcttgc ttgctcacac tttgttaatc    147000
     tataacaaat ttcttagaca tgaatgcatg agggttctta ggagtaattt gtttttcacc    147060
     tgtaatacat aagatgttta atcatgtaag ggcattgggg aatgtgctgt tatttttttc    147120
     tttcttattc ttttttactt attgtaatta tttacttaaa gaaaaataaa atgtaaccac    147180
     attgtaattt ttatattgct tgaaagattt tgctgaaata tataagctgt ggaagaagaa    147240
     ataaagttgt taatgcttgt tagagccatg cttcatctag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    147300
     tgtgtgtgtg atttatgtta atcactgact ctatagcccc tccttggatt gttgcacaaa    147360
     ctgctggagc tggcctttag cagaatagcc ctacccacca ctgacccaca attgtcagga    147420
     tttgagtcac cttttttaat atagtctgac aagttgtgag aactgtgtgt tactccattt    147480
     gaatcaatga aggtggctcc agggaagaat tatagtaaaa gaagatatat agcctgcact    147540
     ggccatcttc tctaaccagg caatgcttcc agtagacccc catctaccca cagaaccttt    147600
     gacctataat ctgtcctacc tgcaagatgt accgaagcaa tggtccacag aacttgtggg    147660
     agtgaccaac ccattactag tctaacttga ggttcatgcc atgagatgaa gcccatgctg    147720
     aacactgcct tgataaccag gaactggagt ttggatatcc cagaggcctg agatagaacc    147780
     agacatgcct gtcttaaaga aaacataatc attgaaatga tttttttata ttctgctata    147840
     ttcaaagatc attggtagca caatcaacat cttagaagtt tcatccacta attgatggga    147900
     acagatacag agatacacag ccaaacatca ggcagaactt gggatagtca aaatgggagg    147960
     agagatttta agagtcagag ggtttccagg ataccaggag gatatagccc acagaatcaa    148020
     ctaagcaggg ctcataaggg ttcatagaga ctgaagagaa agccatagag actgaagaga    148080
     aaatcataga gcctatacgg atctgctcta gcttctttgc atatctgtta tgttagtgta    148140
     acttggtgtt tttgtgagac ttctaacagt aggataggtg ggtgtctctg actcttgcct    148200
     actcttggaa actttttctc ctactgggtt gcctcagcca gtctagatgg gaggaactgt    148260
     gcctagtctt attgtaactt gataggctgt gttcaattga tataactggg aggcttcttt    148320
     tttatgaagg gaaattgtag aggagtaaat gtgggggaga ggagagacag gaagagatga    148380
     ggagtgggag gggtggggtg agtaaggagg agaggaagga gggggtaaac tgcaatcaag    148440
     acatatagta tgagagacaa aaacacatgt tggtgacagc agtggagtgg gcacttgggc    148500
     aggatttggc aggctgtgct gtggcccgac aggccctgat tgtgggcagg cactggtgca    148560
     ctcagttgct ggccatggcc aaagggtcag tgttgctgtc tgtggttaga ggaacagagt    148620
     ccctcctgtt ggtggccaca gcaatgtcag aaaggcatct gtgcagaagg caaaatgctg    148680
     aagatagttg gcttgttcaa ggtgaaaaaa caaaaggaaa atatgagact gcacagctat    148740
     ttcttcatac tgttttgggc cacagaggga ttgtctgttt ccctgtccag ccagactgta    148800
     tgaccgggat gtggcttctg tagctccaga aaaagcagag aatactgctg gccatcttta    148860
     gagaggtaga aggcaaaact cactctgacc ctcatgcaca tattatattt actccccctg    148920
     ggttaaaaac ccatcctgcc agagctatgt tagaatagga ctgtgaaatc ccacacaccc    148980
     ctatgccaaa attccaggca aagaagctta gatcatgtca gtgttgttgt ttttcttaca    149040
     ctaaggagat gtttccagta aaagaagatg aatgcccaac ttgagactcc tgctgctgtg    149100
     ctttctcagg ctcaatgact agacaccact aaacagcagg ggatctggat gtcaaagcac    149160
     caactagagg ctaaaggggg tgtggaggta aagggacaaa cagaaaacaa gcaacaggga    149220
     gctgggattc gaatgttaaa ggcttctcag gaacaacgga gaaaatagac taatagcctc    149280
     atgctgaaac attctaaagt ctgtggaaaa gactcaaagc taaagcctaa atttagctaa    149340
     tacattgggt tgttatttca gttccagtga gatctggaag aactagtagt tgctgatcac    149400
     tgaggtccct gacgcaagca tcttagagct atttatgcat ttaagactga gattaacaga    149460
     aaatgccaaa ttattgagtc acatttcctg tttcccctgc tccactaagt ctcgtgggct    149520
     gctttgagag cccagtcctt ggcctggcat ctgcccagtg gctctgaaaa gcaagctgtg    149580
     tgcaaccatt tggtaatcat aagagtggtc aagggatgaa gctgacaacc tgtcttcatt    149640
     cttaaggact gctgatggcc acacacttca ttagacttac aaatggctcc ctccagtgat    149700
     aacattcttc tgggaagaat ccattaacag ggtcagagga ggaaaaccaa agtccaaagg    149760
     aagaatttac gcccagatta gaccctgata cttcacaact ctggcctttc ccaggtgaac    149820
     tttgatcctc cctctatatt ttcaggatca tcattaaata gacctaattc cttattacaa    149880
     ggcttttcca cactttctat actcttgagc atttgacaga tcaaatgttg aaacaggcag    149940
     tgttctgatt acttttctat aaccagaaat gccagttctt tgcttgattc ttcatggaac    150000
     agcaaggagg gaagaactgc taggagaaat gcattgattc ccagttttgt ccagtactag    150060
     gcagagggaa ttttccagga tctctttgct tctgttgtcc cttctggaaa ttcctcttat    150120
     ggcaccaggc ttctggctat tcttactccc agggcaggat tccctaagaa acttcacata    150180
     tactattacc ctatttcatc tttgtatttt tctcaaattt tctacatagc tctcctgctt    150240
     gtctaaatct tactatctca caaggtttat gtatacatgc aaatatattt catggaatct    150300
     tctccaactt ttcccccttg catttttgtg ttaaactgca gtgtctttga gtggatatct    150360
     tctctgatta catcaaaaac aaatgtagtt ttcgcagcca tccatgtctt tgtcaacata    150420
     gtttcttctt acactatttg agttaattag aatatctgag caaggggctc ttcctgtttc    150480
     tttttcactg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    150540
     tgtgtttatc agaaaaaaat accatcagct cttgataagc acttgatgag taagtgaata    150600
     aatatactat ttagtactaa tgctgagaga gataagtctt catgcttgta aaacagacca    150660
     aattccccac agtctttcag caccattggt tcattcaacg agcatggaaa cacaagatat    150720
     aagcatacag tgacttatat ttagttaaat gaattaagat cagatagaga aaagtgaaag    150780
     atatttttaa aatataagaa taatatacaa tagagtaatg atttgtagtt actgataact    150840
     tattgaccta agcctgaaat atgagaagca gtaaccatta gctttttagg gtattgagta    150900
     aaataagtag catgaagccc tacatggaga aaaacataaa aattctatag gtttacttgc    150960
     tatcaaaata tctagaggtg acatgcagtt tactgggaag ttgtacgtaa gagattgtaa    151020
     atactacccc attctacatg aaggacttga atcaaccagg aagtttgtca tcaaatttga    151080
     tgtaataagt tgacagatag aaataaggta atcacagggg tcagacctcc ccaaatagga    151140
     agaaacatta actgctagca caataccctg tcattaattt atcatccact tatatttgta    151200
     ctattttaat gttaactttt ctttttgttt tacatataac ttattattta taatctacca    151260
     tttacttatt tatttataat gtatgtgtat ttgtattttt aaaccattta tttataagta    151320
     tatgagtgat ttgtcttcac tctcatccag aagagggaag caatatccca ttacagatgg    151380
     gtgtgagtca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaac agcagccagt    151440
     gctttagcca ttgagtcatc tctgtacctc catgtatttg tactttaact gcttaatcac    151500
     ttgatatgct ataacttaaa ctttattgaa aagggttttt aagcatgacc ttttttgaaa    151560
     acctaatgta caatttttat ctactgcttt tcaaatttct agcatgtata ctttctttct    151620
     cacaatttct tcttgttcca tttcctgttt agcaccctat ttaaatattc atacctttga    151680
     aaattactct aaccatggca aaaaaatcaa aaccaataac cagaataaga caaaaatcta    151740
     taaataatat ttttttccaa actgtacttt agtatcacag tccacaaacc tttaggggac    151800
     atggaactgt tcaactatct tttcctgtgg ctgatattgg gactgttgtc taacttctgc    151860
     aatttctata gtcagctttt cctgaacata aatccaactg cagacaagct tttcctgaac    151920
     ataaatccaa gtgcagacag ctcacatgga gtaaaacaat caactaaaga gataagtggg    151980
     ggggggcatg caaactggag gacacataca ctctaaggga tgtctgaaat taaaaaaaag    152040
     aaaaatgtgt gaggagacat ccaacagtga cagtgtcaca aaccatcagg ctctcagtat    152100
     tggaaaacaa agttgatgtg gtagttgaaa tgccagaatg atcagttttt acttctagta    152160
     aatctaggac tatgaggttg aagtgtgtgc tatagagtct tttctgcttc tagccttttt    152220
     gatacaacat cctgaggtaa ctgagacaga atgcctgtac catcttatca ctgaagataa    152280
     acattccctt ttcaaagttt tttccaggaa tacaacatgt ctatgttcag gtgctgctaa    152340
     gttttctctc atggccatat catataatca taggaattat cataggagct tctccttcat    152400
     acacttctat caaagatctg tgcattggtg tttgttgagg gggagttaat gaaaaacccg    152460
     agtatgtctt ctctggcagg gctgaagaac agcaataaca cctctggatc cagagattta    152520
     tgaactctgg tttaacatgt ttattttaga gaaactgatt tcatttattt ttggcttata    152580
     ttttagttaa tgcatcattt aaattggtgt ttgaggtgtg gttgagaaaa agataggcca    152640
     gattatctcc atacacagta tttgttatta aaacaacatt ccattaaaaa aacaagagga    152700
     aatattagag tgtgaatcct tggaaaggta ggtgtagtag tgttgtggat agccctggtg    152760
     ctgtctgtat tttgatgcta attcaacttc cccaagagga actgactgga aagaggagtg    152820
     aatcaaatac ttgggatgtc atgtgaccct tctaatgaat aaagaaacca atcactgggc    152880
     aagtaggtgg gacttccggg gtgggcagag ggacagtgga ggagaagaga gtgagtggga    152940
     gggctggaga tgaggcaaaa atatagatag aggggacctc gtttcaggtg gtggatccat    153000
     ttggatctgc ttccagagga tttaacttag aatggcttgt aaattatgtt agttgtacgc    153060
     agtgattgag ttcccaatga ttctgaacta tgtttatgta gtgttttcct tcatgcagag    153120
     agaaaggtaa agtggcagag cgtgggtttg caagaagtgc acccaaaagt ctgtgggaat    153180
     tggcctggta atgacccacc agtgggaact tagtgagctg ggtggagaga tttcagagct    153240
     ctgagtcaga gcgtctccac aagatgagaa caggccggcc atgcctgcca gtgcctggcc    153300
     agccagctct ccaggccctg ccagcatagc atggattgta ctttttaata ttttacacaa    153360
     cacaatagag ttttggattg actgaagaaa aacatagaag aaatagcatt ctgtcatgga    153420
     aatggaaatg acctaggaat gctggcagct ttgacttcat ctccattcca gtatgagcca    153480
     tttccctgac ttttagctat tgcttttatc tctgcatttt ttgtatcata atctattaca    153540
     aataattaac actaggtcta ccacattggg gcataagaaa gcatatatca tagccaaata    153600
     ttcaactaag gtgtgccagc tatattaata aactagcaaa ttaggtttga atgaaatatt    153660
     taatatcctt tctaattatc ttcacaaaat agtagaacac tgtatatatt ttcttattgg    153720
     cagcaatttc aagagaaagt tcgttattat gcaagaacca ttcatagaca gatgtggtaa    153780
     aaacaaaatg tttttctctt gatagtggtt tagggcatag aaggaaggtg gatttgacaa    153840
     caaagagagg gcttatgaag agctaaaggc atttagttgg cagcgatggt ctgctgaatc    153900
     cagttcacat acttgcacac cttggtgtag acaccaggtt ttcctctctg agcacagcca    153960
     taaccccagg aaacaacacc ctggagttgt ccattgcaga ctacggggcc accagagtca    154020
     ccctgaataa caaagaaaag gtaagataat aagagttctc aaatatgtct aaacagattg    154080
     caagttgtta cttgattatc tcgggccact tttgtaggtt ctccatgaaa ttactttttt    154140
     acacctgtat cctgaagctg cagtctcctt gtatgccact gttctttatc tttcttacag    154200
     acctacacct ttctttagtc aatctatcaa cctacaaatg tgtgagaact ggggagactg    154260
     aatacttttt caaatgttct gctcttcttt caaaggtaaa gtctataata aagcttttga    154320
     ggtacacggt cagataaaat gtttgtagta atttctgtat atctttttta catttagttc    154380
     tagtcatcaa tataatagag acaattaaat ttatattcca aatctactat taccaatagt    154440
     ctaagagatg gttaatgttc tctctccatc tttttttttt tcaaagatgc agagggagga    154500
     gggagaatga ataagaggga gcacaaccac aaatcaaccc acctggcagg agtcctttcc    154560
     gccctccagg aagcccagac agaacatgtt gctagtgatc ttgcctgggt aagaacttgt    154620
     gcaagaactg tcagagagga caggagcatc aagacactga aggagtgaag ggtagttggc    154680
     tgtcaaacac aagaatgaaa atagattatc catggttttt ggaaacaact ttcccagcct    154740
     tctgcctctt tcttaacacc tactctgtct ttaaattccc cagtgactta taatttcgga    154800
     gaacattttt tgagaaagta actttattca attcacaaca tttttttttt ttaaaaatca    154860
     ggtgcgagca ttggtgtcca ccgctttcaa caagtgtata cttaaaggaa caccaaaatc    154920
     tttagccact gtttacttac ttcccccatt tcagttaaat gcttttgagt gtttttttct    154980
     acaagttcat ttttgttgtc tctattgtat gatgtgggca gaagttttct atctaattta    155040
     tgcatgttaa cactgcctac atatgcctct ctccttagag aaacttccct tgagtgagaa    155100
     tttggaccac cttgcccccc accgtgcttt tcatctctag tcttctcaca cttggtaatc    155160
     aagtcccagt ggtacttact gccagagctc agggtgttgc cccagccaga cacaagacac    155220
     ctagtaccag ctgatggaca agatcttggc agagcgacag tggacactcg agagttgagg    155280
     gtggcagctg tcttcagctt aatcaacatg atgtcattgt tataggtgtt tgcattatag    155340
     ttggggtggc ggatgatttt agctgcatca atgaattgct caccaccctc aagggcatca    155400
     atgttgtgtt ctcccaggcg cacctgaatt cggctggata taaggattag cagtttttaa    155460
     catatccaac ttcaatcttt cccttccccc aattttccaa tcatgcaaat aaacacaaat    155520
     attcacatag gtgattttat atcctaggta agtgtgcact cccttcctgc ttgtaggtca    155580
     gaaaattcct tggaattatt tccctcctcg ttagtacaga ctcacagttc attatctatt    155640
     aaaatacaag atataagatg ggaagaagca ttcttactaa gtagttggag atgaagaaca    155700
     gattggttgg tgtttgctat ttttccaatt gtaattcttc aagactttag atatataaga    155760
     tatacaagga tttaagatat taagataaat aaacagtggg atgaaacaaa atgtcagaaa    155820
     agaagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgtaccac cacacttggc tgaaaagcag agcaatgtta    155880
     taggacagag ttatgtatgc ttgtttttca taatgtattt aaaatatagt gttttatctt    155940
     tacatgccca tttccctttg ttaaagctat atgatgattc acaatctgaa tctattctaa    156000
     gacatcctta aaaaatgatg gttcccttct gggtctttac tatcatcacc tagaaagata    156060
     gtaatgaatc ctggaacaac actccataaa aatgtccctc agtagatcat ataattgttg    156120
     agatagaatc aagttcttga tatctgattt tttttaaatt tacttttaat tatatacatg    156180
     catacatgtc tgtgtgtagg tatgttcatg tatgaatgca gatgcccagt ggaatccaga    156240
     agaaggtata agatcccatg acactagggt tacaggtagt tgtgaaccat ttttttgctt    156300
     agaatcaaac ccaggccttc cagaagagca gcaagtgttc tcaacaactg atccatctct    156360
     acaatccagt atctggacgt tttaaatatc ctatataact gtgcacattt cctaattgta    156420
     ttttgataag accaaaggac aatggattta gagcatggaa atgtgaatat tggtcactta    156480
     cgatttgtag cagtgagcgg ctgaaacaac ccactgggaa ttgatgagtg agcctccaca    156540
     aaaatggtag ccgctgttca gagacacctg gtaggggaga gcattcctct ggcaggtgta    156600
     gcctccaaca attttgtcat catcatcatc cagggggaga gcaactgtga agaaagtcag    156660
     ccagagatgc ctgattgtga ctatttgagg acataaggga cagtttataa cacaatctgc    156720
     tgagaagcca tgcaaatgga tagctttgcg ttaatcttgg caggcgataa gttgttggca    156780
     tgacatgttt atctccataa gcaaagaaga aaaacttaag gaccaggctg aaagtattct    156840
     cactttaaag aaaaaatgtt taatgttttt attctgatta tctctcttat tgcttgtaac    156900
     tgaagttttt ataaacaatt tcaccaagca tgacaagatt tcccttacta accttttcat    156960
     ttaagccaac aacctttgca acatggactc ctgcattgtg tagtagggtc cactgttagt    157020
     ttcaaggtct tacattattt ttctgagcta agacatttta ttagctaaga tatttctgga    157080
     agtattgaga gaaatgtcta gtttatactt cctgagttct ggagaaactc atattacctt    157140
     tcagtgctgc aattttaatt gcatccttgc attttgtctc agacctgtag ttcccactcc    157200
     actgctttgg tggatgaggc agacttaaga tctgtctggg cgatagaatg tgctgagtgg    157260
     tagcttggac gatttagcaa gactcattat gaaaattaaa agtaaaacag gcatcatatg    157320
     ggctggagag atggctcagt ggaaagagca ctgactggtc ttccagaggt cctgagttca    157380
     actcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat gggatctgat gccctcttct    157440
     ggtgtgtcag aagattggac agtgtactca catgcattta ataaataaat ttatataaaa    157500
     aatagggatt atatatgttg gaagtggtga atattttcct ggtattcact aagtcttgag    157560
     tttagtccaa aacaccttcc ttgtacttgg atccttgggg gtttccagag attgaaccac    157620
     caaccaaaga gcaaagatgg ttaactctta gtgacttatt cattaaaggt actcaccagc    157680
     agctccaagg aaggcaagga agattaaggt cttcatggtt gctcactgtg gctagagcag    157740
     tcaataggat gaaggctttc ctccacagct atttatacct tcatgtcttg ttgacaccca    157800
     tggccatggg tgccagaaaa gttctttcat tggaaactca gaaatctaaa tttagaattc    157860
     aaatcagtga aagatggaag ataatgcagg acaaaaatct aaagggtgtg ggaatggaag    157920
     aaacaaactc acctggtggg aactgttctc catagtagga aaaaaagttt gtaaagtcac    157980
     aaggcaaaac ttcaggtttt caggttctca gacaaaagtc ttaggtactc taacattcca    158040
     gatgtaagca tttttataaa ggactcattg gaactctggt ctttcacatg acaatgtcta    158100
     ttttgtaatt attaaaaatg tataactttt cctagggccc ttctagtact ctacatcccc    158160
     attaagacac cattgctaat gtaaaagacc ttctctttca aggaaaggaa aactcttctt    158220
     taatgaaagc agtcactggg gacagaaggt gggagggacc tgggtaggag agaggacagg    158280
     gaagggaagg gggaaatatg atcaggtatt gggggtaata gaactgaagc cctgagggcc    158340
     atcaggaaga atggaaacag gcaacctcgg gaggtaggat gtaggggtcc ctctagaatg    158400
     tacaggagac ctgggaggtg agagattctt agaactcaaa gagagggacc ttagatgaga    158460
     atcccaacag tggggagagg gaacttgcag agtccacatc cagtagaaag acaggacatc    158520
     agatgaggga tggggttgcc atcccatagt caaaaactct gacccagaat tgttcctgtc    158580
     agaaagatct gcagggacaa aaaatggaga tgagcatgag agaaaggagg tccagtgaaa    158640
     ggcccaaatt aggatcaagt tcaaagggag gcctgggacc ctgaaactgt tactgatgct    158700
     atggtgtgct tacagacagg agcctagcat gactgccctc tgagaagccc aacaagcagc    158760
     tgaaagagtc agatgcagat actagcaccc aaccagtgaa cagaagcctg agacccctgt    158820
     ggttggcttg ggaaacagct ggaagaagct gaggagaggg cagctccatg ggaagaccag    158880
     cagtctcaac tgacctggaa ccctgagatc tctcagacac tgagccatca accaggcagc    158940
     atacaccagc tgatatgaga ccctgtatac atatacagca aaggactctc tggactgacc    159000
     tcagtgagag aagatgcacc taaaccccag agacttgggc cccagggagt ggggaggcct    159060
     ggtggagtag gggtggagtt gggaacatac tcttggagat aggggggagg aggtatggga    159120
     tggggagtgg ttgtagggaa gactgggagg ggtgaagtct ggactgtaga aaagaattaa    159180
     aaaataatta aaaaatggta aagttaaagg tgagaagttg tgtgtgttta tctagagctt    159240
     gttctaatct aggatatggc ggttcccttt tccgtgcttc ctttgcccgt gtttccaatt    159300
     gacttcagtc catggataca tgaaccaaaa ttatttttaa aattactgaa attcataatg    159360
     ttaatataac tatgtcattg catatcattg atttcttcca ttttattgct attacatttt    159420
     atgactcatt gtttcaatct cttaactttt ttatttgtaa actaaatttt atcataagga    159480
     tttataggaa aacatttata tgtatataaa catgtatata ggaaaacata tatctgtata    159540
     taaacatata tatgtatata aacatgcata aacatagaaa aagcttatat taatttagtg    159600
     ctccctccta agaagattga tttgatatac ctattttaat tcccaggttt cagatgaaaa    159660
     cttcatgaac cagatgtgta aattgcaagg cagtctccta gcagaattat gcagcattat    159720
     atattaaaca taaggcacac agaatgaact accaagttaa gtgaatatta ttgagttcat    159780
     agatttttca ataattgcat ttttgaagca gaaattataa gaattaatgg aagagtcaag    159840
     tatcaagagt taggcaagct tttctcctat gcagtatttg gagttgaacc cagggcctca    159900
     ctatgctaga ccagaaagtt catgttctat cactaagcta agctaatcta atcgacaaga    159960
     ccctttccac ttttgcttaa gacagagtct tactatgtac ccctggaact ggcctagagc    160020
     tggtctttat atagactagc tgcccttaaa gtcattggtg tctgcctacc ttatttttct    160080
     gggtgctggg ataaaaggca tgtaccattt ttcctgtcac ttccatcctt tataaatgtt    160140
     tattttgaga cagttttaaa atttcccagg ttagattcaa actcacagtc ccaggatgaa    160200
     tgggattaga gatgtgcact accatgtctg gttagaggga ttcttcatac aaagtaactc    160260
     tctagctaaa gacaatagtc agattctcta cctgtctaaa aatctcaact caaataccag    160320
     tatgttattt ttgtttaaaa tgtcattctt gaagacttgt tctaaaattt tgctgttacc    160380
     aagacaactt agttgggatg gcgaatcttc attatcaaca tgatggggtt tagaattatc    160440
     taggaatttg aagggttaca atactggcac tgtgtatgag gtcatttcca gagacagtta    160500
     actgataggg aaaaccctac ttgaatgtag ttggtgccat tgctgggttg gaggcccaag    160560
     atgacagacg tgaagaaagg agagagtcag tgcagtgcct ggcttctcct cttcagcttc    160620
     ctggcttgca ataatggctc ctctctgtta tgcatttctt cacatgatga aaagaacatt    160680
     ttaagccatg agccattaca ctttcatttc ttaatgtatc tgtgtttgat actttggtcg    160740
     ctgtgacgaa gtaatatatt atatataata tgtggaaaag agattctcaa ctttgacact    160800
     attgacattt ggagcctctt aagtctttgt gataggaaac tcctgtgttt accagaatct    160860
     tgatatagaa agagcactac ctctttcttg catttgtgac aaccaatgcc aagttttcaa    160920
     gtgtcctctc caagcaaaac tcttccaaca tgtcttagtc agggcttcta gtcctgcaca    160980
     aacatcctga ccaagaagca tgttgaggag gaaaggattt attcagctta cacttccaca    161040
     ttgcttttca tcaccaaagg aagtcagaac tggaacttaa gcaggtcagg aagcaggagc    161100
     tgatgcagag gccatggaga gatattcctt actggcttgc tttccctggc ttgctcagct    161160
     tgctttctta ttgaacctag gactacaagc ccagggatgg caccacccac aatgggccct    161220
     cccacccttg attactaatt gaaaaaagtg cctcacagct ggatttcatg gaggcatttc    161280
     ctcaaaggag gttccttttt ctgtgataac tccagcttgt gtcaagttga cacacaaaac    161340
     caaccagtac aactgatcca ttgtcaactt gacacacaaa ctcatcacta ttaagcttca    161400
     actcttactt tcttattcat ccccaagatc taaatagttt taaaagtccc acaatcttta    161460
     caaattctta catattaaaa tttcaatccc tttaaaatat ccagtatctt ttgaaattca    161520
     atgtattttt acaattcaaa gtctcttaac tgtgagctcc attaaaatac tttcttgctt    161580
     caacagggaa aaatatcagg gcacagaaca agcaaaatca aacttgaaca atccaatgtt    161640
     tgagatccac tcatgatctt ttgggctcct ccaagggctt gggtcacttc tccagctctg    161700
     ctctttagag caaacatctt gtgtcttcta ggctccagca gcctgtactg tactgctgct    161760
     attattgttc ttggtggtca tctcatggta ctgacatctc caaaacattg ctgtcttctg    161820
     ctgcaactgg gctgcacttt gacaaatagc ctatcatgtg ctcttttcat ggtgctaagc    161880
     ctaaacttct cttcatgacc ctttcagtcc tgggccttca actgccagtg aggctgtacc    161940
     ttcaccaatg gccttttctg gctttgttgt gccctgaggc cacaggaaac gcagatgagc    162000
     acaagaattt tgaattccac tgcaactgga aaaagagtct tttattgttt ctagttcgaa    162060
     cttggatctc tcatctaaca ctcaatgcat gaatgctggc aagcgaccct gagtccagaa    162120
     aacattgggt ttatatacag gatagttagg tatagtgtta aagaggagta gagggctgta    162180
     ctcatttggt ggaatagtac tgaagcagga gggagagtta atggatgtct gttcagaaac    162240
     taattttatg gctagctata actgtctgtg acttgacctc tgtttacttt tttcccccat    162300
     ggtctccctt gagcttgtta tttctctaag gtctcaagga cagcaacctg gagttctgct    162360
     gctaatcagc aggagtgttg ggttttggag acacaaaggc gggatgtctt ctcagaatgt    162420
     cctcattaag tgccatccta aggctagggg aaggggaggg agccccaggc tgctgaagga    162480
     agatgcagca cagaaaccag ctgtttgcat acccatacca tgttttacca agggctggag    162540
     ggggatggga gtgtctggag tggggaagag gggtgcaggg aatccagagg caaactgtct    162600
     gtacacaacg ctgatgtctc tctagtatca gtaattcggg ggttacaacc gcttctcaca    162660
     gtgccaagct tcagctgcta ccccttcatg tttcaaaacc agtgccactt ggatgactct    162720
     tatacattac caagtctagc tgccaacaca aggtctgtct ctggatcaga gcttctctgt    162780
     gctctcagaa aatacttcct agaagatttc accttagtga tgctggtctc ttcttaatca    162840
     ctgctaaatt tttagctcca gctaatcagc atcaatcatt ccagtaatgc aaaggtttta    162900
     ctgtagtagt tttggtatct tgttaatcac agctgattct ttaggcccag ctaatcaaaa    162960
     ccacagaatc tttacaatca aaaaagcaat ggccctgata agagtcatta atcttctttc    163020
     tgaaaatttt tttcaatttt ttattagata ttttcttcat ttacatttca aatgctatcc    163080
     cgaaagtccc ctataccctc ccccacgccc tgcttcccta cccacccact cccactttgt    163140
     ggccctggca ttcccctgta ctggaaaata taaagtttgc aagaccaagg ggcctctctt    163200
     cctaattatg gtcaactaga ccatcttctg ctacatatgc agctagagac acaagctctg    163260
     gtggtactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc acctataggg ttgcagaccc cttcagctcc    163320
     ttgggtactt tctctagctc ccccattggg ggccctgtgt tccatccaat agataactct    163380
     gagcatccac ttctgtattt gccaggcact ggcatagcct cacatgaggc agctatatca    163440
     gggtcctttc agcaaaatct tgctggcatg tgcaatagtg tctgagtttg gtggctgatt    163500
     atgggatgga tcaccgggtg gggtagtctc tgggtggtcc attcttttgt cttacctcca    163560
     aactttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt attttgttcc ctattctaag gaggaatgaa    163620
     gtatccacaa gttggtcttc tttcttaatt ttcttgtgtt ttacaaattg tgtcttgggt    163680
     attctaagtt tctgggctaa tatccactta tcagtgagtg catatcaagt gacttctttt    163740
     gtgattgggt tacctcacta aggattatat cctccatata catccatttg cccaaggatt    163800
     tcataaattc attgttttta attgctgagt agtactctat tgtataaatg taccacattt    163860
     tctatatcca ttcctctgtt gagggacatc tggattcttt ccagcttctg gctattataa    163920
     ataaggctgc tatggacgta gtggaacatg tgtccttatt atcagttgta ccatattctg    163980
     ggtatatgcc caggagtggt attcctggat cttctggtag tactatgtct aattttccaa    164040
     agaactgcca gactgatttc cagagtggtt gtacaagctt gcaatcccac cagcaatgga    164100
     ggagtgttcc tctctctcca catccttgcc agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct    164160
     tagccattct gactggtgtg aggtggaatc tcagggttgt tttcatttgc atttccctga    164220
     tgattaagga tgttgaacat ttttttaagt gcttctcagc ccttcggtat tcctcagttg    164280
     agaattcttt gtttagctct gtaccacagt ttttaatggg gttatttgaa tttctggagt    164340
     ccagcttctt gagctctttg tatatattag atattagtcc cctatcagat ttaggattgg    164400
     taaaaatcct ttcccaatct gccggtcacc tttttgtctt attgacagta tcttttgcct    164460
     tacagaagct ttgcaatttt atgaggtccc atttgttaat tcttgatctt acagcacaag    164520
     tcattctctc tgaaatttta caaggcaggc ctccatcttt gcactgttct caacactatc    164580
     ttccaagctc ctacagaaca tcgtacagag ctcttaacac ctaatggctc ttttggtcca    164640
     aagttccaaa gtccttccac agtcttccca aatcctggcc aggcggtcac atgaatgtcc    164700
     cactcctggt atcaacttct gtgttagtta gggtttcact gctgtgaaca gacaccatga    164760
     ccaaggcaac tcttataagg acaacattta aatggagctg ggttacaggc tcagaggttc    164820
     agtccattat ctttaaggca ggaacatggc agcatctagg caggcatggt gcagcaggaa    164880
     ctgagagctc tacattttca tctgaaggct gctagcagaa tactggcttc caggcagcta    164940
     ggatgagggt cttaaagtgc acaaccacag agacatacct tctccaccaa ggccacacct    165000
     actccaacag gaccacacat tctaatagta ccactttctg ggctgagctt atacaaactt    165060
     aagaatttca catgaaaggg agaaacaaaa aggacaaata ggttttgcat ccaaggcgac    165120
     tgtaaaaaaa aaaaggcctt aaatgttggg ccaatataga cactcaatat tcactaacta    165180
     aatggactcc aagataggaa gctgccacta attaattccc aaaagtcaga aaatattaaa    165240
     aagtaagaga agaaagagta cccagaatga gaggcacttt ttcaccctca tcaacgatct    165300
     gctgatgatt ctttcaacaa tgctagaagc tgggccattc cttatctccc ttagaactcc    165360
     cccagactca tctgagactt gggtctatag gaacaattat gtctcagtgc aaagcttctt    165420
     acaataatag actcatgtat tgctgtgttc aacaatgctt tccctggtgg tcctacctgg    165480
     gctttatcac attcactcct tctcagagga aaaaatggct tccatggagg aatgtaaggg    165540
     taaggtggat atatgattat tttcactacc tccttttgcc caaatccaag acaacagaac    165600
     atgctactac ttgacttcta tgaacattat ttagtcatca aaaagtggta gtagccatat    165660
     gggagggtac tgatctccag cctttagtca ttctagtagc atttctacat ctgtgtgcat    165720
     gcaaaacact taaaacagtg gataaacatt ttgaacgtta atcatttttc attttaaaat    165780
     aaatattata tttttaatca tgtgtaaata tttgtgtatc tgagtttgta tttttgagct    165840
     tgagtgcagt gcctgaagag gtctaaacct cctagagaca gaattaaaag caattgtgaa    165900
     ccaccagatg tgggttctgg acacgtcact tgaatcctct acaagacctg tatgtacttt    165960
     catacctgaa ccatctttct agcactctag acttctttta gcttagtctc ttcttaaaca    166020
     ataatgttga cctttcatgt gctggccatg ttttatatga tagacattaa aataaatgat    166080
     cacttttaaa ataaaatgat attcttcatg ctatctaaat tcaagttgaa gacaaataat    166140
     gagcatatca ttcttgaaat aagatgtttg acagatggtt cagaaaatgg caagcttgta    166200
     gctcctgtgc tggtcggctg tgaatgaaaa ttatattgat gactgcagct agtcagaata    166260
     ttaagacttg attaccatat ggttatatat gtttaatacc ttacggtatc tttaatacat    166320
     atgtaattat atgtgtatat gaatatgcat agtttatata attatttatg tacagtgatt    166380
     gaacaaattt gagaaaacat atccaggaat aatctacttt ttcttaggcc tataaggttg    166440
     tcacaaggct gtctttaatg tctgatgttc tcttagaaat agtctaagat gcttgataaa    166500
     gataagggag ttaaaagttc cctgacttca taataatata ttcttttcta ctccttgtat    166560
     gaaatatctg tgctcagtgg caccagtgaa ttctcaagta taacgagaac tgatcttgtt    166620
     atagactggg tgggttttcc ttttatgtca ttttctaaaa caagaagcat gagctatggg    166680
     gagtttaagc acatggttgc ttaaagcctc agtttgtatt taactagact gtgtttgtta    166740
     tttgtctttc ccatgcatgt ggtttagtgg ccttgaaaga atcaattaaa ctgaggactg    166800
     attgagctca aatattgatc tttgcattgg caggatcaag aggaactaga cattgaaatc    166860
     actgaaggct cttttcctat attaagacat tggatttttc tttagtttct ctaactactt    166920
     tcctggttaa tgtgctagtc attactggga agaaatcacc ccttttatca tctctaatgc    166980
     ccatggatta ttctaaatta aattaatgtc attcaaaaat tctagtaagg cacctaatat    167040
     atgatataag caaatgggac aaccaaaata caaagagcag gtcacaattc acaagctaag    167100
     aatcactggt ataggtaaag aggatatccc cagttgagtc tggtgtttag tgcaaatgag    167160
     acacattaag cagcctcaca caggctgttg aaaccacagc aaatggagaa ggtcatatga    167220
     gcaacaaagg gcttgcatgg gatgtgagaa actgggccaa aatgaggaag acttgtacat    167280
     attgcttttc gggcttgaga attcagaaca agaacagggt tgggaggatg ttaacaggtg    167340
     agagggggag acagccaaaa tagtcaagtg gctgcctgca gactgggtga tcacatatgt    167400
     aaacctatta aggataacag atgctaggtt tctcagcact gcctcagaaa actgcagaca    167460
     aggaaaggga gaaggtcaga gctagaatga acggaaaata ttagtaaatt cccagatttt    167520
     cactatcaat gtctgcagtt gtctgtagac tgcatttgct ccctacatta attactccaa    167580
     tgccatggca acagtgttat acctcaaatg cgtatctaga gctcactccc tgtttcctaa    167640
     atattcttgc tctaatgaag taaaggacag tttttttgtg tcataaagca atgaagtctc    167700
     ccaagaatga ggggatcctg acaagaaaga ggaattaaga acggaaatgt tgccaagtat    167760
     ccgtgtcaca tgcctttaat tctagcactt gggatgtaga agcagacaga tctttgtgag    167820
     ttgaaagtca gcttggtcta cagagctagt tctagaacag tcacgtctac acagagaaac    167880
     tctgtgttaa aaaaaaataa gaacaagaaa taaatgaaaa taaatgaaag aaggaaggag    167940
     agagggaagg aaggaaatat ccctcttcca ttttcattga tcctttaaac aatgtttggc    168000
     acacactaaa aaactactgt tctatgacca cctttaaagt acaaatgttc tactcacatc    168060
     agataaattt attttagtca tttacatgcc agtcttccat cttgagactt cacattcaat    168120
     ttatgctaag cctcatatat atatttcagt gcagacaata catcactgga agcacttaaa    168180
     gtatttcaac ttaaccttta catgtgatct tttattattt atcattgcac tcatttattc    168240
     aactactaag aagcataatt tttttgtttg tttgcttttt gcttttttgt tttgttttgg    168300
     tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctagctgtcc tggaactcat tctgtagacc    168360
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg    168420
     cgtgcgccac catatccggc catagcctgt aaagcattgt gacagaattg gagaacactg    168480
     gagttcctgc tgcagaagag tagacatctt ggttaatggt tgcccgagta gtctgactgt    168540
     ttggcagagg gctataaata attatttcag cctttatctg tatccaactt tcaagggaaa    168600
     tgaggagatg aaattattta gatgactaaa agcaattaca tttaaatttt tccaaagtgt    168660
     gcattgtaac ctccactgtc agcgttcaag aggaataaca ttattcacta gtgatttttc    168720
     aacaaactaa ggtatcctat ttcaaaacag tctgtttttc tcctctgtcc ctagtgtttg    168780
     agaagagcct ggcaagtggg aatgtgttca gtcgatagtt ttttattaat tttggatgtt    168840
     tcaccaagag ctgatgtttg cagcccatat aatgcctcca tagtctatgg atcaataccc    168900
     tcgttaattt ttctgtgtat ctcaagctca tgaagggaaa tgatgacaga gaggagtgta    168960
     atgtgcttgc tttttctcta gggggagctg tgacctcaca gaaactcttg aggcatcaat    169020
     gatgaggtta ggtgagaagg gaggatggga agggagttgg gcaggaagta aaacataagg    169080
     ctctgctctt tgttctattt gtgagatggt gtggatgggg ctcagagaca ctaggacttc    169140
     cagaacctgt agggtattgt tcctgaaaat tccttggctc tgtctctttg agccagatat    169200
     tctctgttct cctgtatctt cctctgctta ttttcttgag gtgttcccag tgtgtgtgtg    169260
     gtgggggggt ggggtggagg aggagggtac agcatctcct ctccttcctc tctcagtact    169320
     ccctgacatg cttcttatct acttaccatt aaattattgt gccttgaaat gatgtacagg    169380
     tggcttcaga aaaggctctg atgagcagtg aggctcatct taggctttct taggatgaag    169440
     gagagaaacc ctgggtatgc ctaatctgaa tccatgagag tcaacaggaa gggtgtctat    169500
     ccaagggaag tgaatctgtc tgtcagggga gaaggggtaa tacaaagtag aaagaagaaa    169560
     ggaagtacca tttactggca caagaaactg tctgaggaga cccaagaggt agctgggtat    169620
     ggtctaggtc tgggagccta tgccctgaca agcatgaagg gcaaagagga agtgtgagct    169680
     gaaaccatct acacaacagg gagcatccaa gcaaagcatt ttacaggtca gcaaaaggca    169740
     cccagacagc caggatccaa agagaaagag atcctatcct gtgtgacact gctatgggct    169800
     ccattttcct cagttgcctg gccgtttgtc tcctggtggc aggtgagtcc tagtcttggc    169860
     ctatacacct ttgtatttta catagaacat ccttctacaa ttatcttgag gattaaactt    169920
     gttttcttat ttccacaggt ccagtcgacc cgaaaattat ccagaaacca aaatatctgg    169980
     tggcagtcac agggagcgaa aaaatcctga tatgcgaaca gtatctaggc cacaatgcta    170040
     tgtattggta tagacaaagt gctaagaagc ctctagagtt catgttttcc tacagctatc    170100
     aaaaacttat ggacaatcag actgcctcaa gtcgcttcca acctcaaagt tcaaagaaaa    170160
     accatttaga ccttcagatc acagctctaa agcctgatga ctcggccaca tacttctgtg    170220
     ccagcagcca agacacagcc ctgcagagct cttgcctccc tgtacacaaa cctcctcagt    170280
     ctatccagga aactgttgat gtaactggtc tacctgagcc tggggactca gttcagtagt    170340
     ccacaggact caagtaaaaa cctcagacca caataccacc tgttaattag atgtcatgat    170400
     gccaaactct tgagtctgca aagcagcagc tttgacttga gtaaaaaacc cctgggtttc    170460
     tactatatcc tttctcccat agagggcagt ctgcagatga taactgttac cactcaccaa    170520
     tagccctgtc agaccttgcc tatgggacca taggatgcta gcatacccct cctgtttctg    170580
     atgtgcagtc agtcaagcta ggagaaacta cattcctgcc gtgaccctac tatggatatc    170640
     tggcttctag gttggataat ttttagtttc ttggaagcag gtgagttctt agaaattcta    170700
     gagttttcat ttcatattga gacaatttta aagtattcca ttaatctttt ttctctttct    170760
     acaggacaca caggacccaa agtcttacag atcccaagtc atcaaataat agatatgggg    170820
     cagatggtga ccctcaattg tgacccagtt tctaatcacc tatattttta ttggtataaa    170880
     cagattttag gacagcagat ggagtttctg gttaatttct acaatggtaa agtcatggag    170940
     aagtctaaac tgtttaagga tcagttttca gttgaaagac cagatggttc atatttcact    171000
     ctgaaaatcc aacccacagc actggaggac tcagctgtgt acttctgtgc cagcagctta    171060
     gccacagcct tgaaaaaaca ccgtcttcct gtacacaaac tcttatgtgt ctgcctcttt    171120
     cctaacaccc tgtcttcccc aggagaagga agtctatatg aatatgtttt ttttagttgc    171180
     agttgtgttt tgaacagata aatatctgaa attaaatgtc taagatagga tatctcacat    171240
     aggaaagaca agaggtcatg gatatacaga ttttctctag acactacaga gtgtggttgg    171300
     taaataatct tgagcaaata ctatgtcatc aagtaactaa gtgacccatg ttgtcttttt    171360
     tttctccatt ttaattgcat tgcattagaa atctttttaa tttcttttat tgattgtttc    171420
     ttacataaag tatttaaatt cataatgtag aagtagggtc actgccctgt tgatcttcac    171480
     ttccagtgac tcgggggctg caatagtagt tcctttcctt gtattaatca gatctgttgg    171540
     ataagaaatc ttggtttatg agaaggagaa gaaggaaatt gacactacaa ccacaacaca    171600
     aaataaacat cctgttaatt gtgaactgga actatgtttg cttttttttt tcccccagtg    171660
     ccagcattta ttatttatta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta    171720
     tttattgtat ttattgtatt tatttcattt acatttccaa tgctaaccca aaagccccct    171780
     acacgctccc ccacccactc ccccacccac ccattcccaa ttcttggccc tggcgttccc    171840
     ctgtactgag gcatattaag tttgcacgac caatgggcct ctctttccac tgatagccga    171900
     ctaggccatc ttctgattca tatgcagcta gagacatgaa ctccaggggg tactggttag    171960
     ttcatattgt tgttccacct ataggtttag ctccttggtt actttctcta gctcctccat    172020
     tgggggccct gtgatccatc caatagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg    172080
     ccccagcata gtctcacaag agacagctac atctgggtcc tttcaataaa atcttgctag    172140
     tgtatgcaat ggtgtcagct tttggaagct gattatggga tggatcccca gatatggcag    172200
     tctctagatg gttcatcctt tcatctcagc tccagaattg tctctgtaat tccttacatg    172260
     ggtgttctgt tcccaattct aagaaggggc aaagtgtcca cactttggtc tttattcttc    172320
     ttgagtttga tgagtttagc aaattgtatc ttatatcttg ggtattctaa gtttctgggc    172380
     taatatccaa ttatcagtga gtacatattg tgtgagttct tttgtgattg ggttacctca    172440
     ctcaggatga taccctccag gtccatccat ttgcttagga atttcataaa ttcattcttt    172500
     ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtaa atgtaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcctct    172560
     tttgaggggc atctgggttc tttccagctt ctggctatta taaataaggc tgctatgaac    172620
     atagcggagc atgtgtcctt attaccggtt gggacctctt ctggatatat gcccaggaga    172680
     ggtattgtga gatcctccgg tagtactatg tccaattttc tgagaaacca acagactgat    172740
     ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cttgcaatcc caccaacaat ggaggagtgt tcctctttct    172800
     ccacatcttc gacagcatct gctgcacctg aagttttgat cttagccatt ctgactggtg    172860
     tgaggtggaa tctcagggtt gttttgattt gcatttccct gatgataaag atgttgaaca    172920
     ttttttcagg tacttctcag tcattcggta tttctcaggt gagaattctt tgtttagctc    172980
     tgagccccat ttttaatggg gttatttgat tttctggagt ccaccttctt gagttcttta    173040
     tatatattgg atattagtcc cctatctgat ttaggatagg taaagatcct ttcccaatct    173100
     gttggtgacc tttttgtctc attgacggtg tcttttgcct tgcagaagct ttgcaatttt    173160
     atgaggtccc atttgtcaat tctcgatctt acagcacaag ccattgctgt tctattcagg    173220
     aattttcccc ctgtacccat atctttgagg cttttcccta ctttctcctc tataagtttc    173280
     agtgtctctg gttttatgtg gagttccttg atccacttag atttgacctt agtacaagga    173340
     gataggaatg gagcaattcg cattcttcta catgataacc accagttgtg ccagcaccat    173400
     ttgttgaaaa tgctgtcttt tttccactgg atggtttttg ctcccttgtc aaagatcaag    173460
     tgaccaaggt gtgtgggttc atttctgggt cttcaattct atttcattga tctacttgtc    173520
     tgtcactata ccagtaccat gcagttttta tcacaattgc tctgtagtac agctttaggt    173580
     cgggcatggt gattccaccg aaggtttttt atccttgagc agagtttttg ctatcctagg    173640
     ttttttgtta ttccagatga atttgcagat tgccttttct aattcattga agaattgagt    173700
     tggaattttg gtggggattg cattgaatct gtagattgct tttggcaaga taaccatttt    173760
     tattgatcct gccaatccat gtgcatggga gatctttcca tcttctgaga tcttctttaa    173820
     tttctttctt cagagacttg aagttcttat catacagatc tttctcttcc ttagttagag    173880
     tcacaccaag gtattttatg ttatttctat gtttgctttt ttgtttgttt gttttggttt    173940
     tggttccttt gatggggatg caagaaggta tgtagaaaaa ttgagattat ataaaataaa    174000
     gtttccagaa attgatacca tatggttaca aatttggtgc tcaatattgg gaaccaagga    174060
     aaggttgttc tagatatgag tgaattcaat caagtttctg tattttgtga gtgtggtgat    174120
     aggtagcaat ttgttgactg agtcagtcac aatataaaaa gtaggtgtac cacaaaaaaa    174180
     aataataaat caaagccata aggcagcaat tctcaccctg tgaatcacaa cgcctttggg    174240
     agctgaaaga ccctttcaca caggttgcct aagaccattg gaaaacacag atatttacat    174300
     tatgattcat aacagacaaa attgcagtta tgaagtagca accaaaaaat tttacggttg    174360
     gaggtcacta caacatgaga aactgtctca gcaatcggaa ggctgaggac cactgccata    174420
     aggagtagag atcctactga acaaggaacg tccacagaga agcagagcaa ggctagggga    174480
     aatctagaat cagtggcaga gcagaagaca aggaacacca actccttgag aaccactggt    174540
     tgcatcagcg ctgaagttta gtctatgaac ctcctatgtt tgccactgtt gcagctgacc    174600
     accgtcttaa aggcttaatt acttggactt gataaaaata taaactgtat catttgattc    174660
     cagccacatc tgtgatgagc aattctatgc agacacagat ttgctctata aaaatggtgc    174720
     ttagatattc acattatgtt cccaagggat cctgctgctg ctatgagtta tagtagtggc    174780
     ctgtatgata tttttgcagg cagattccaa aagtgtggaa caggtggatc aaaagttttc    174840
     cagatcttag atttctggcc aacctatcta taccaatgcc ctaattaaca tattttcatt    174900
     tgtatttttc tttttttttt ctgtctctaa ttttgtttgg gtagtttcac cttatctctt    174960
     caacttatct attcttttaa gctttgccca ttctctttat aaacaaatat agtgaatgta    175020
     tatattaaac aatcagtata actcagttca gaatttctat tagatcatga ttcaagtttc    175080
     aagttctttg ctaaaatttt ccactatatt tactttgtta aaacattaac tatttaaaaa    175140
     ccagtgtcca gtaactgtag tatctaaatt tttgagccac attttttttt tgtctgttgt    175200
     catgtcttgg cacgtgatga tattattttc atgtgaatcc tagattacac ggaacattag    175260
     agagtacttt agggctctga atggtttcat ttttctcttg agaggactga ggccatatct    175320
     gctaggaagt tgtgagagtg acaggccatc tccatgaagc tgaggactga cttaaactga    175380
     agttgggctt tgaggagtcc cgggatcact gttaagtcct ggcattaagt ggacagtggt    175440
     ttaagtttta aacaatgttt gagtgtttag cagctttatt gacatgaaat tcatgtaaca    175500
     tgcataacat ttattcatgt ataattccat gagctttgac aagtccatac agctgtgcca    175560
     gtggcatcat ggtctagctc taaaacattt tcactctctt tgaagttccc ttgtgctcat    175620
     tttcagcaat tccctgcact atctgcaggc cccaggcctg gagctgcccc agggtccttt    175680
     tgatcagtag cactgaactt aagtgttagt ctacatatct aggagccact ggttgcttta    175740
     caaagcaccc cactcttttc atgttttccc catcttgtcc tcttagcaga ttctgctaaa    175800
     ctggtaaatt gtattaaggg aaaatatctg caagagttat actttctcta attttttttt    175860
     tgtcttttgt gtcctttctg cctatgcaaa caaatgccac caaacacgaa tcacttccat    175920
     taaccaaaca tttttttttt tagtttattt tagagtgaac attgtagtaa ttcgatcaaa    175980
     ctttaagggc cagagtatgt ttgagcatgc ttgatttagg gtggaaacac ccttaagaaa    176040
     agaaaagcct cctgcaactt gttctagcaa ccatattcct attaagtccg agtatgcaaa    176100
     ctcttctgaa gctatatggc tttagtgacc tggaggatac catcccttgt ttttcacacg    176160
     tagaaatgtt tactcctcag agtcttaagg aatacctacc cgtgttagtt agtatttgct    176220
     aagtctttac tttcattgtt tatcaacagg atcccaattg gcatctggtc cagaacattt    176280
     gaatgacaat tccccatgcg ttgcgtaaaa tttggaaccc aaccaacatt tcagggcatc    176340
     aagatactta cccaaaagtt tctccccatt ccccaaaatg ttaaagacgc gatgtctagt    176400
     tgagaactca aacatcattt gcagaatgtg tgagtctgat attttccctc aaatgatgaa    176460
     cactaagaga ccaactatcc actagttaca ctgcagtttc agctgctgga cttagaactc    176520
     ctccgtttgg aaacttcttg agaatgcctg tagctctcag agattactcc ttgcatgggc    176580
     ctcaggccat gtgcattgtg tgacctctca ggctgagtga tagtaggagc ttgggtcagg    176640
     cttgtgtcct ctgtgaacaa aagctctctt tccctgtgaa atgtgcttcc gaagctaagg    176700
     gtgtttaaag ataatgccac tcctcttcca gcattaccca gagaggccct ttatgtcctt    176760
     gtggccttag ccagccccag catcactctc ttcctgcctt cttacttgtt cattggccac    176820
     cacttcctca gatggtgcgt attgagaaat tagtctgaga tgggagtgcc ttggacaaat    176880
     tataataccc ctcctatatg tatccctcct tctaagacct ctgctacctc ccagccctag    176940
     tacacagcag atgctaaatt ctaaaacatt ttttcttgtt ggtgtgctct gttttctttt    177000
     ttacatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atacttactc actttacctc    177060
     cctctctcac tgccctcttc ttggtcaccc ccttccccca tcccctttgc ctctgagtgg    177120
     gtgggacacc tcctgagtgt ccccctcatc ccggcacttc gagtctctct gaggctaggt    177180
     gcagcctctc ctactgaggc cagagaagac agcccagctt gaagaacata tcccacgtac    177240
     aggcaacagc ttttgtgata gctcctgttc caattatttg ggaccctcac gaaggccaag    177300
     atgcacatct gctacatatg tgtggggaaa cctaggtcca gctcatgtat gttctttgat    177360
     tggtgattca gacattgaga gccccaaagg tccaggttaa tgggctctgt tggtcttcct    177420
     gttagagttc ctatcctctt tgctttcttt tgtattttgt ttgaatcata agaagcagaa    177480
     agggggaatt tattcactgt gctcacattg ggaagagggt ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga    177540
     aaagaaaaag aaaaaaaatc cagtgactcc ttgagtccat cttcaggctt ccgataaagc    177600
     agtttagttt cagctttaaa cagagggcca gaggtatgca tatctaaaca acctccatca    177660
     aatgtgatcc tgcccatcac tgttttagct ccatctttct gaaaagtata gtctgataac    177720
     gtgcaaatct ctttctggga gaaaagtttt ccttctggta ggtcctgtat gattcccagt    177780
     agtttaatat cttgaagtcc attgtttcat tcttatgaaa gccaaaggga ggtagataat    177840
     atacagtgtc ttttttgaat gtcttcactc ttttgattct gtcgcataac ctcaaccttg    177900
     aggtggtata tatttgtaaa acaaaaatca tcaacgggct ccaagaagga agaaaaaaga    177960
     ttaagaatgc ttttcattcc actggccaca agggggagct gtggcaatga gattcagact    178020
     tctgaggaag gcctaaaaga attcactgtt tgagagaggg ttaagagaaa ctttgactta    178080
     tttatagcat ggaaaagtgt ggtctgcaga ggctctgaac agtgctgtca ggtgaatggc    178140
     taaacacaga cctctttctg cactgaagtt ccagcaaatg gtctgactga cttcttttat    178200
     gtgtacctgc atggaattag aaagtagttg gagatacaag aactgggaac ccacaggtag    178260
     gtgcaggtag agaatacatc tttgaaagca atatatgaag ctctaggagc tgggtttatg    178320
     gtctaactca gtcaactcta gtctggtcca atcttgcatg atgtgagctc ctatgactag    178380
     cagtgaatgc tgcagaccag gggttcctta ggacatttga gcatacaacc agtgacaaaa    178440
     tctactagtt aggacgaaag agaccaagaa tctcatttct gtttccctca atgaatttcc    178500
     gtttatatca tcaaagaatt agactagcaa tatcctgtgg ctgttcttct tctgggcaat    178560
     cctctccatt cttggagaac tatatttaca caataatagg aaacacttcc tctgggcata    178620
     tgttctatta aaatagcaac agcttcagaa gatatcaaga gcaaagtccc atttggattc    178680
     tattttcaac ttctatctct atctacaaat accctggaaa caggactgcc ctgatgcaga    178740
     catttttgat gctatcaaaa tacccgaaga tagaaaacca gagggcattg gctgccaccg    178800
     agaacatagg tctgagacaa tgtgttttaa ctcaagactc tatctcactt ttaatgaatt    178860
     tggaatttcc cttgctttgt ggaaatctga ggatgtcata aaattgcatt ttctgtgcgc    178920
     agttgctcag tagcagaaag gaagttctag gatatctacc catgctgccg tatctattcc    178980
     accatattgc acaaagtgag agtctagcca aataagttaa ctggaaaatt atccactttt    179040
     cttcaaagct tatttatgta gctcatctta gaacaaaaca aagaaataca ctgaagattg    179100
     ccaattcaat tttctaagct aaaacctaac ttgctttctg tgtcgagctg ctttcaaaat    179160
     cctctgagaa caccagaaaa ggcaaacaca tgcatatcta tcatcaaaat taaaatttaa    179220
     tagtgaggat ctataattta gtgcatggaa tctcttggat tgttctcttg cacactcaat    179280
     taaaatattt acaactctct cccagtagtg tagatcatat tgttacaaat aaattttgtt    179340
     aactgctctt tttaagaaac tggattgaaa ttagagtgat actatgcaat agtatcaata    179400
     acatatgtaa ttgttgtgag aggttggatg agaatttaat agttaaatag gcaaaacaac    179460
     tgataatttg taaaggtaag tgggaaaagg cctataatgc aatgtcttct ttggtttgct    179520
     ctgagttttt atttggaaaa ctggttgata aaccttctgg ctcaagataa cattaattag    179580
     tgtgtatgtt gacttttatg gtttttttgc cagtgagaat gttgatcatt cttttctggg    179640
     tcagtgccac cgtaacattc cctgcactga gcagaacaga accaggctgc cttgctcctt    179700
     gttctgtagg agatgtgaga aacagtctga gcacagagag atggaacact tgtgacaatg    179760
     acatctccat gggtgcctgt gccacactaa ccacaggtga cagagtcagc tgtgagactc    179820
     tctcttcacc atgacctgcc agggcactgt cccctgattt ctcgggggat ttcttctgat    179880
     ggaaatcact caaggcagaa gcaacagtgg gagttttggt ccaaggtgga cgatttcata    179940
     tataaaacag atgaacatgt aggcttctcc cactgagaca cacactgtct cagcgtgtgt    180000
     ctcagtggcc agatagaagg agcttaaaga aagctaaatt cagactcagt gacaaaataa    180060
     ggccctggct gccagttagt ccacttcctg ctttcgctgg ttcttctcca gcctctgcct    180120
     catccccact gctcctagat agttctattt ttaggtgaca gccaagctaa aattgcttcg    180180
     ttcaactctt gttagggatg gcagagtcag ctctgggttc tctgtaaggc tgccctctct    180240
     ccagcttcgc tagagctttc aggaagtaaa atctgcatca atatttgttt ctgcctatcc    180300
     ttcgggcaaa actaacaatg ttttttttta attatttaaa aagtatttaa cagtatttct    180360
     aactaacatt gcttcctgta aagaaggttt ccttgggtca gggtccgttc ggcatcattt    180420
     ctaggcactg ctcacctgat tgcatcaaga atatttacag aaaataggat agataattac    180480
     tttaaatcag cttcaagcat tctcactgtt cctgcatggt catgattaca ttgtgacctg    180540
     tcccttacaa tgtcccccct cccacctctt ccttgttttc tatttcttct tattatcttc    180600
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct ctcttactct    180660
     accttggttt ctccaccaaa ctttctctct cccctttccc accctctttc tcttactttc    180720
     cccctccctg tcttccttcc tttctctctt ttcttctcct tctttctcct tttgtatctc    180780
     ttgctttctc ctttgaaaca cttcatatgt gagctttgtg aagtaaggaa acacgatgtg    180840
     ctaagggcac caatgaatgc tcacagaatt tttaaattat tgactttagc tcactgtttt    180900
     acagatgaga aaatggagtg cttaaaaatg aattgctgat ttccacataa catgacctgt    180960
     atgatccaca ggtaatctat atattttcta catttgtttt ggctcttgaa ctctggctga    181020
     cttagtcctc actttatggc ccaggttggc cttgaactca gcaatcttcc tgtcttagcc    181080
     ttctgagtgc tgggattata ggagttaaga ccgcatacct gtattcaatt ctttttgctc    181140
     ctttcagaat attaatatcc taagtgtgtg attattttct tcttgctttg cactgtgttg    181200
     gcatttaatg tctcaaacaa gtaagccaca tttgtccttc cgggaaggct tgtgttctta    181260
     tttcttctac tgatgtagtc ttatgttcct tctgtgtcca gtaaaacata catgtaccac    181320
     ctgggtttac tgtttggcgg tattaccaaa tttttcctgt ttgtctctct ctgtctgtgt    181380
     ctcttgtgtc actctgtctc tctttctctt catgtctttg tcttactcaa tctgtttctg    181440
     tctttgtctc tctctttttc ttgccctttc tctctcctct cctctccctt ccccccccca    181500
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatttt    181560
     tgaatcaagc acctttctgg ctgtggtgat agacagacaa atcacatgtc atctacagtt    181620
     gaatctacta cctggtctga tagctgcagt aggtagggct tatttgccct gccttgaccc    181680
     aactatgggc tgtaggctcc taagctgtgt ggccttctgc ctcttgggaa taggtgagta    181740
     gttgtggtcc taggccagga gatatgattt tgtttgagtc ctttgagaat gactacttct    181800
     gaaatgtttc cgaattatga ttatctttca caggcccttt ggagacggct gttttccaga    181860
     ctccaaacta tcatgtcaca caggtgggaa atgaagtgtc tttcaattgt aagcaaactc    181920
     tgggccacga tactatgtat tggtacaagc aagactctaa gaaattgctg aagattatgt    181980
     ttagctacaa taataagcaa ctcattgtaa acgaaacagt tccaaggcgc ttctcacctc    182040
     agtcttcaga taaagctcat ttgaatcttc gaatcaagtc tgtagagccg gaggactctg    182100
     ctgtgtatct ctgtgccagc agctaagaca cagttgtgca gagtcactgt ttccctgtgc    182160
     acaaacccag ccagcgagga agcagtgcaa gccaagtgct aaccacctga ggctccatgt    182220
     ccccagagct tttgaagcat cagtggtatt tcagtctgaa gtccagcctc ctacgataat    182280
     acatgaggtg aaccagttct gtgttttatg caccgatgag tctcactgag ttctacagat    182340
     tagacagaaa ggtagttcac atcatagtca tccagagcat ccacattgca tcactaacag    182400
     taacacacat caactgctct gagttactta cttcttatag aagtacagtt ttatcctagt    182460
     gtttgaatgc attttgaagg gtcaagttca gcattgttct tattattagg tagccctagc    182520
     atatagctat tattgccagt aaacagactt tgcattgaag ttaaagtgta gttacttatc    182580
     aatatctctc ccatgtactg ggggttgaat cccagagttt tccatcctaa gtgtctgctg    182640
     aaaactcctc tcagctctcc agccttctag actattctcc actcaggctt caggtagccc    182700
     atcctctgca tgcacaaatt gaatagtgtt ctcccccttc aaaaatgtct ttactcagat    182760
     tcttgggtct actttgcact tctatgcacc ccaagatcta tctgtattgg aatctattta    182820
     acttcaaaca ctatgcatta tggtgatttt tcaatataac cacagcagta agtgaatact    182880
     ccaatttatt tagggatcat ggatcatttt actgtgttta ttagtatcct ttcatttctt    182940
     agcctaaaaa caaagactca acactttcat aaaaataagt tggaataaag ataatatctg    183000
     atggctaagt ggtaaagtgc atatacattt tattcaaagg aatagaagtt accatgatgg    183060
     gcctccccag ttaatctcac tggatgggca tgggacatca tgatgatgct ggttccattt    183120
     ctaacatttc aaaaatggac ataactgggg atattccatc tcagcttctc tggttgtata    183180
     gatgtgaaat tgtattatac ataggaaata atttaaatgc tacaatacaa atgacaccct    183240
     taaatgtatt agaattttat tttatagttg ttatctatga atactcttaa ttgtcctgct    183300
     aatctgtagg tgaacatagt attttgtttc ctgctcttaa tcattggtca ctgaagatgg    183360
     aataaacaaa tttagtccat aaactctata tgagctgcat agttaatatc cattttactc    183420
     ggtgctatgt aaaaatactg gcactgccaa tctctgcata gcagaaatca gtgagactta    183480
     attgagtata aatggatcac tttggccaca gggtggagct gtggtctact gatgtatctg    183540
     aaggtgggca tgggcaatgt gagccactgg agaacgggaa agaaatgaag ggacccatgg    183600
     ctccagccgc atatgtagca aaggatggcc ttgttggaca tcaattgaag gagaggtcct    183660
     tggtcctgtg aaggctcgat gcttcaatgt aggggaatgc cagggcgggg aagcaggagt    183720
     gggtgggttg gtgagcaggg ggaaggagga tgggataggg ggttttcaga ggggaaacaa    183780
     ggaaagggga taacatttga aatgtaaaga aagtatctaa ttaaaaaaaa aaaaggaagg    183840
     gaatctcact ccttatcgag gagcttagat cacaaacatt ctaaacagtt taactgtaaa    183900
     caacataaac attcgaagac taggttgtaa acatctcaaa atcactggca acagtttcta    183960
     attgattttc ttttggtcta acatcaaatg ctgtttctct cggcatctta tgtacagtgt    184020
     cttttctcta tgcctaggca agctctattc cttaaacaac atgcacacag gctgtcttat    184080
     ccattgtatg ctctgtttgg tggactgacc agtgtctggc tcctagatga caccactgtt    184140
     atacacttca aatgatgtct aggcactcag aatcatctaa tcaccaagct gcttccacaa    184200
     agctaggtca tcaaagttgg ggcatgaagc aacactttga aggtgctatt tcttgaaact    184260
     gagaaaggtg gaagggggac tttcgaagaa gaaatgggct atgttagaga tggtggtggg    184320
     aaagagcttc aggctgagag taaagctaca agaatgcgag taacttctag aaatacccat    184380
     gagggttaaa agtttgggca tttttttaaa catttcattt ttatccctcc cagcccagtg    184440
     aattcagttg acagttaaag gggaaaaaga aacatctctt gatgccaaga gagatagtga    184500
     cttcacagac aaaaccacca atcagggcca tgcagagtag agctaattct catccagggt    184560
     atcatagcta cacaataccc gtctggagcc tgattccacc atgagctgca ggcttctcct    184620
     ctatgtttcc ctatgtcttg tggaaacagg tgagacttgg attccacagg ctcctagctc    184680
     caacttcctt tttgctgaag ctaccaccct tttttctgtg ccgtgtctga attttgtcct    184740
     tttcttcttc cagcactcat gaacactaaa attactcagt caccaagata tctaatcctg    184800
     ggaagagcaa ataagtcttt ggaatgtgag caacatctgg gacataatgc tatgtactgg    184860
     tataaacaga gcgctgagaa gccgccagag ctcatgtttc tctacaatct taaacagttg    184920
     attcgaaatg agacggtgcc cagtcgtttt atacctgaat gcccagacag ctccaagcta    184980
     cttttacata tatctgccgt ggatccagaa gactcagctg tctatttttg tgccagcagc    185040
     caagacacag ccctgcagac tcattagatc tctgtacaca aacctacata ttcaggaagc    185100
     tgtggggcaa ctgagggctg cattgaagat ttcacgtaga aaccaaaaca gatgttgcaa    185160
     actatagcac taccttaaaa gtcaacccat gttgtaaccc tatatgccag gctcatattt    185220
     agaggtagtg tctccttact tctacacggc tctgctgtca acagatgtaa agataagtac    185280
     ttgtggttat cagttcttaa atgagtttta taattgtgag agaaaataaa ccagctagaa    185340
     agtgaatcat ttcaactgat catttaccaa atcacctcac tagagagtta gattcaccac    185400
     agggctagaa agtgggacat tttgctgaga gaggaatcct attccacata ctttaggtcc    185460
     tgccatccta aacctcttct ccaatactgt agccaccagg tctttagcag cactaaatct    185520
     tgaggagcca gggactgagc ttctgagaaa ggatcccaga gattttgaaa aatgtatcat    185580
     tcctatatat tccctcagcg gttcagtagt cttcagtcgt tctttatgtc tgatactgtg    185640
     tatgccatct tgtctggttt ctgattttct cttttttctc tacttttagc tagtcttaag    185700
     ctttcgctct gatcaaagtg ctacctctgc acagactctt tctctgaatc ctgcaagtag    185760
     caacggcagt ggtgtgccca ctcatccagc tggaagcttg caccctcttc atactaccgc    185820
     cttactcttg ccaacatcta ttcctttagc ttcataattt taaaccatca tgctcagaac    185880
     ctttggcatc tagcctttca ctggacatca gaaaaagcag gtggtctgtg gtctcgcttt    185940
     ctgcctcact gctggggtgt gggaatgcag cctgggcggg ggaaatgggg gcggtctgct    186000
     ccattccatc tcgcctcagg ggtgtgggaa ctcacctgta cagaagaaat gctgaacact    186060
     agactgtatt tatcctatgc catcactggg tattggactt gtggaaagcg ctaaggcact    186120
     gctcaagagg tgcgagaatg tagcctaggt tgggggcctc agaccgagct agaaactgag    186180
     gctgaagttg agtttacctg atttacaggt gtccagttgc tgctggaaac tgtgtggtgt    186240
     ccagaatgaa ggggtcctgt gggctggggg gctgtgggga ggggatctcc ggcttagctc    186300
     tgctgtgaca ccgagtccag taacagaggg gtcttctgca ggagacttag gtggtgcagc    186360
     tctgtagaca gtgagtttct tcatgctccc cactgtggtt cttaatggga gagacactct    186420
     ttggttccaa actgtttatt gagtgtttgt tgtgaaaagt gggtgtatac cacctcctaa    186480
     gggtggacca gagatcaaat accttttaca ggaagaaatg tctgagaaga gaagcttatt    186540
     ggctaaactc tcatggcctc taggtacctc attagcatgg agaactctgt tatgggctac    186600
     atacatggcc actggctctt tgtgggaagt gaagggaacc aatgtgagaa ttctgccaat    186660
     ttctaagtat atgtacccca cttatacatc ctggaactgg ggaaatgacc acaggatgtg    186720
     ttcagagatc tactggatct actgtgagtc agacatcagt caaaaaaccc actaatcacc    186780
     tgtcctccat aagcccctac tttaactgga gagccacaat gtttctagtt ttctcctggg    186840
     atcagcgtaa attcagaacc agtatccaat aggccccgca aagtctgatt atttcctttt    186900
     ccccactgta cagttaccct tgtaaaagcc ataggccctc tggggaaaaa tggagaaagg    186960
     cgaacagcaa aacttttagg tgtcttatca agatccttcc tcaggggaac ctggccaccc    187020
     cttcattcaa ggggtcctgg gtctgcaaac tggctcaagt ctggaaatta attcactggc    187080
     caagatcacc ttttgccatg atccaatgta gccttccttt catttgagaa tttttctgct    187140
     tatacagatc aaacagatat gcaataggct tcctatctac ttcatacctg aaaacaccat    187200
     gatttattag ccagtaccaa aggtccttac gagtcatgcc gttataaatt tcacctctcc    187260
     tgtgctgacc attacaggct aggtcattat aaacgttgtt ttgtctactg tgtccattat    187320
     aataactatg atcaccttgc ctgtggcaat acaatgcttc tacctggccc ttgctacctt    187380
     ggaacacaat taaacccatt gcatttaatt catccaattg agcagcagca tctccaaccc    187440
     taaggtatgg cacaaggaaa aggacaagaa caacctcttc aaatgtgctg gtgcccctct    187500
     caccagtttg tgtcttatag gattcatgaa gggcatatct tctcagcctt tccattaggt    187560
     tttacacaac ttttccatta tagcattgca atttctctga gccttaaaat cccttcctca    187620
     acactaagcc aagggatatc aggcacctcc aatttctttt cagtaggcca tctcttgata    187680
     aatgcttcag ccaaccttcc aaaaaaactt ctatcacatt ttacttaact gtgtgagctt    187740
     ccatattaaa aatagaatct ccactcagag ggcccatatc aataagctca gcctgatcta    187800
     gtgttatgtt ccttccacca ttataccaca cccttaaaat ccattcctac acatattccc    187860
     cagacttttg cttgaacgaa ttagcaaact cattaagctc cttagtagtg tagcacattt    187920
     cctcatggac tacactttct acctcccctc taggggcctg ttttgccttg agtctggata    187980
     caggtctaga agaaactatt ggtgggcctt gatggatatc agtattgtct tgctcagcat    188040
     tttcttcaga gaaaatcacc gctggcttat cagactctga gggattaatt tcttcatgtg    188100
     aaaaaggcat tatttcaagg ggttgggggg ctgagggtac tacttcctca ggtgaggtaa    188160
     gcccttcaga acctgaaggt tccgggttct cagtatcaac aggatccacc cacacatccc    188220
     aatcccaagt tatagaatcc cattctttgt caactattgc ccttacttta acagctgaca    188280
     ccccctgaga cagaggcttg aattttcact gtaattcagc caatcttata atgaggtctt    188340
     cagtttgatt ttctgtaact caagctctat ggctgctgga gagaagattc tcttcaaggg    188400
     cacacttaga aacctttaga ttgtttattt gcatctggag cctttcaatt tcatcataca    188460
     gctcattctt ttccttcatc aatttttcca gagatactaa gagcaaacaa gccagcaaaa    188520
     ttattttctg atttttcccc caaattatag aaaatttgta cactgggtca cctaattcat    188580
     taccagttgc aattgatgga tcaagataat caaaggcatt agcttcttta agtttgaaat    188640
     ccagtttcca cctcgggcct tcaatattct acaagctccc aagagagaga gagagtatcc    188700
     tggagaggtt ggagtagttg atggtgttgg tgaattagaa aatactagca cattactaag    188760
     gtgattccag attcttaaaa gattcttctt tatacttctg ctcctctaga accacttctg    188820
     gtacatgtgc atactttaat gcacgctgaa ttcttgagga tactcatagg gctacactgt    188880
     agcatattgt gcccacgatg actctctggt ttctatcctt atttattctt attaggtcat    188940
     cctagcatcc ctgagtgcag tacagactat gtcattgtgg acttctcttc cagtttgtta    189000
     ggaaccaaag ccctagcttt gaaggtactc agaaaattct catctgcatt tacataagag    189060
     taattcttaa atttctcatg tcttttttat gtcctctgtc ttctccagag gaaatatgga    189120
     atctggagtc acacaaacat tcagttatga tgttacagac atgggacaga atgtcattta    189180
     gagatataac acaatttctg gtcattttgt cacattttca taccaacaga cactaggaaa    189240
     aggtgtggag tttctggctt cattctatga tacagttcat ttggaaaggg ctgacgtttt    189300
     cagtactcaa cagagatgcc tgatggattg ttctccactc tgaagattca gcatgttcag    189360
     ccagagactc cactatgtat gccagcagct tggccacagc cctacagaaa attttcctgt    189420
     ccctgcaaaa attgaatatt ctcccatctt tccggaatgt cacctacctt tcatgcctaa    189480
     ggaggtggag acagatgatc aaggagaaag gcacatccaa tggaagtaag aaagtccaat    189540
     agccagaggc cacctccagt agataggcat gacctccagt caaaggatgg ggccacccac    189600
     ccatctcaaa gattttaaca caaaaaggtt cctgtgcaaa ggaaagatgg acaaaaatgg    189660
     agcagagact gaaggaagga ccatttggga accaccacac ccagtgatcc atcctgtctt    189720
     cagacaccaa accccaacac tattgctgct gccaagaggc acttgctgag acgaacctgg    189780
     tgtggcgggg ttcctgggag gttctgccag aaattgatca aatgcagata tggatatttg    189840
     cagccaacta tctgactgag ctcagagtcc ctgatggggg acctggcaga aggactggaa    189900
     gagcagaggg gaatcccata ggaagaacaa tgtcagctgg ctggaccacc taatgctccc    189960
     aaggactaga ccaccagcca agaagtatac atggctccag atacatatgt agcctaggat    190020
     ggctttatct tcaatcaatg ggatgggagg cccttagttc tgaggaagtt tgatgcccca    190080
     gcataggggg atgctggagt ggtaggatgg gagaggttga gtggaatggg gaacactctc    190140
     atagagacaa aagggaggga tgagagggtg gatgtgggat ggggaggggt aaccgggaag    190200
     tgggttatca tttgagatcc atgtgccatt atgcaagcaa ctttacccac agcactccac    190260
     agataactca gtgtatagaa atgacagtca agcaggggag ctggcagtgt ccagagacga    190320
     ccaagtcttc tctttaggtc tgcttcatca tgctggtaat tcctgcccca gaactcctct    190380
     gtcttcatat actgctgact tcaaggcttc attgtctctt ttctttaatg acaattattg    190440
     cttcctttca tttgggaata aaattctaga tttatcttaa taaagtctcc ttttcatttt    190500
     ccttattcct taccctcctt tatttctttt ggattctgat taaaaggttg cctcattttt    190560
     tgacccattc cattacccgt taccatggta atctctcctc acatcaagcc ttaggtactg    190620
     actaaaatta acccaatttc tactctctat ggcatataga tgataacttc tacttcacaa    190680
     atggccaggt gttctgattg tacgtttgtc aaggatatag tagcaccttt tctaagggtg    190740
     tctttgatcc aaaaatacta catcttacag aactggaggt tgtacaagac tcacagcttt    190800
     tttaaaaagt catgcctatt ctagtgacta tgcaaacaat atgaggcaaa caattacaga    190860
     gcatgctaga aaggacaggt tacttatatt tcaaagattc tatccaacag aatggtttta    190920
     tgacagctag aaaccagcct cctacttgca gttttgataa tctcttcccc cttggcattg    190980
     gaggatgctg ttatgcttcc agccagggtt gtgatagaag aataaagtta taaaccaaac    191040
     ctcttccgaa cccataaaat ctctctagaa aacaagaaaa ttgttcagtt attataacag    191100
     aacccagact ttagcacaac tgactccatg gtggaagtac cattcaggct gtaaaactca    191160
     gtatgtcgac atcagcacct gccaaaagta aaacaaagac ttaatccatc aaagtccata    191220
     tagttcttgg aaattctcaa aatgtactaa tcttcctttt tagcttcgtt agttctgctt    191280
     ctggctaact ttttgttaac tgaagcatgt taatcaagaa cttagttttt gtgcttaaaa    191340
     gctcaccctg agaaaaggat caggctacac tgggattcca aatatccagt gtcttgctgt    191400
     gaagagcaat gaccatggca actttcctat aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaaaacct    191460
     ttaagaggaa ctggcttaca gtttcatagg tttagtccat tatcatcacg gggtgaagca    191520
     cggcatcttc caggcctact ttgtgctgga gaaggagatg agagttctac atcttgatcc    191580
     caaggcagcc aggaagagac ttatcttcca caggaagcca ggaggttata atagtcatcc    191640
     tcacaggcca gagtgtgagc ataggagacc tcaaaagccc aagtgatata cttcctccaa    191700
     taaggacaca catcctaata gtgccaagca ttcaaacata tgaatctatg ggggccaact    191760
     ttattcaaac caccccaccc agtctagtca cctgacagct aataaaaact ttttattggc    191820
     ttaagtcagt aactgagcag tcttctctgg tgaatgcctc acaaaagtta tttcataagc    191880
     attacccata ttgtggtatg gatatagata atctgctgaa actcatgtaa acacataaat    191940
     tcactgtgca cacatgatct taagaggaat aactactaat cttcagtgaa ggggattgaa    192000
     caggtccgtt gtcaccagta gttcattcta gaatcacttg ttgattacag tgattatcag    192060
     gatagctaat tgggtttacc tgaaggaaaa tatactattt ttatccttat gaaataaggt    192120
     agctttgcac attaatgcaa agcacatatt gtctattaag ttagactcct aaattagagt    192180
     ttcctagtga aggaagcttg agcaaagtgg actcccaagt tagactgtaa ccctccctcg    192240
     gaccttgaga tgatcttgtc tgtatacatt ctacaataag tcagtgttac atgtacaact    192300
     gctgtgtctg gcatgacctt ggtgggcata gaatgacttg gttcctgccc ctggggcagg    192360
     gctagcaggt atggccctcc acaagtgtta atggtcactg tgggcacaag acttatttgt    192420
     ataatgtaca tattttcaca ttctatgaag aatgttcttc ctgttaatgt taatgactcc    192480
     aagccaaggg tggtccttgg cattcactac tcagtgtctc tataaatatg gagaggataa    192540
     attctttttt ggaagtttct gtatagtaca tgtctgtcca aatatatcta cacatacagt    192600
     gggtagatac tggatatatt ttactttttg tcattacatt taccttgtag gtctgatttt    192660
     atagctatat tacacgatgc tagttgtatc tttatatatt ataccctttt ttatgaagtt    192720
     gacttcctag tgaatagaca gaatagtcat tcattaccat gttggccata cttgattaga    192780
     gctaaaagca aatatttggc ctctaggatt gtgtataatc atagaggcag gattttgttt    192840
     gtttgtttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttat gttgtggtgt aagagtcttt tttacatgcc    192900
     aaaatttcta ttaaaatttt atggaaatgt atgcagatta aaacaaaaca aacaatagtg    192960
     ttgccatact acccatccat gaccagtcct aagtatttac tcaatgattc ttaagtcaac    193020
     atatcacaga ggtacttggg tttcaatgtt tatggccaca ctgctcacaa cagacacatt    193080
     gtggaaccaa gctaattgtc tatcaacaga aaaatggata aggaatttgt ggtatagagg    193140
     atagtaatat gtctcatcag gtaaaagtgt ttgttgataa gcttgaagat gtgacttcaa    193200
     tccctgggac ccatgtgaca gaaggaaaaa ctgattcctg caagtcattt tttgatgtcc    193260
     acatgcatga agcagcatgt aatatgccac ttcccacaaa ttaatgaaat atttacaaat    193320
     gtgttgtacg cacaaactgg ttatattttt ttagccacaa agaagagcag agttatgtca    193380
     tttacaataa aataggtgca actggagata attatttcat gtagaagttt ggtggattag    193440
     agcaattgta ggaagacaag aattgaatat tttcttattt gtagtcctta tattttatca    193500
     gtaattatat aaaatgatat atgtatatat gaaatagaag tagacctgaa cctatctaag    193560
     gaaacaaatt atatgcatca gtggggacaa gaaagggaga ataagaaaac atgaaaatag    193620
     ataggctcat caaacaatat acacatatct gaaaaaatga aaatacatga caaaaatgaa    193680
     attttaaaat attggttctc aaagattttc tagtcatatt tttctcttag atttattgct    193740
     atactgttag aaattttaaa gcaaaaaaac atattatgaa gatgtaattg tgtaattata    193800
     aataaataaa aacaagtaag ctgtgattat tgttatttgc ataagatgca taaatatcaa    193860
     agtgttccaa gtgttcctgg gtgagctctg cccaattgca tgacagcact aggatgttgt    193920
     agttacaaat gctctttact gagagtgggg aaagaaagaa aaacaatcca ttcctgattt    193980
     atgaaccctg tcttctataa atctctcttc ttttggtttt agttatttgg aaaggggaat    194040
     atccattgag gattctgatt caattcattt tatcatttca tttctaccat tggattggaa    194100
     tggcatttca cccactgctc ctagcctcag gcttctgcta ttcagtttca gtgtttttcc    194160
     aattgtttat ttcccatttg gatttatccc atgctctaaa acttcttatt gaatttccag    194220
     ataaatacct tcccctgagt atgctatgga catacacgga actcaaatat gggaaatgaa    194280
     attagttcac actacacaaa acccactgaa gactgccatt gcttgtgcta tataatttgc    194340
     tccttcataa atattttcaa taactgactg agtaacaagc aattgaaaat attcttggaa    194400
     atcatgactc aagcactcaa tcagtcaagt tacagaaatc aataacaagt ctgcagaatt    194460
     tgtgttacag cttctaattg gtacccttgt ttgaagggag taaataacca tttactttgc    194520
     aagaaactcc acacttgcac aggttttaaa aagttctcca agagaatgac tcatttttca    194580
     aaaatttaag gaaaagcaat atttttctgg ctaattcagg tcctttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    194640
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgatgctga tgggagatta aaatagtttg    194700
     gcccctcact ttgggaaaga ctatggaagt tcctcaaaac cttaagcata aaattactct    194760
     gtggtccatc acctcagctc tcagcttttg gatatacctg tgcaaagagt gactgctgga    194820
     ctagaagaaa tactaggata acagtgcatt ccaatagaac aactgaaagg tgggagccat    194880
     gtctgtccat gggagcatgg ataaatcatt acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    194940
     acacacacac acacattctc acacacatac atgaacacaa acacatacta aaatattatc    195000
     taagctgaga agaataagct tttgacacag acagggccac agatgaatct ggaagacatt    195060
     gtgtcatatg aaggtagcca aatgaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa    195120
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaatgacaaa cattgtatga caatgactcc aaatagaatg    195180
     gcaacatctt gacaattgga gcagagagaa tgggcagttt gcattcaatg agtgtgaagt    195240
     ttccctttgg gaacatgaag aaatggggaa gacagatggt tataataggt gcacaacagt    195300
     atggattttt ttaattagac attttcttta tatttcaaat gctatcccct tttctaggtt    195360
     cctctccaaa aattctgtat cccctgccac ctcaccctgc tccccaaccc atccactcct    195420
     gcttcctggc cctggcattc ccttatactg gggcatagaa tcttcacaag accaaggccc    195480
     tctcctccca ctgatggccg actaggccat cctctgctac atatgcagat agatacgagt    195540
     cccaccatgt gttttctttg gtggtttagt cccagagagc tctgggggta caggttagtt    195600
     catattgtta ttatatggat gtttttaatg cttctggact ctatacttaa aagtggttaa    195660
     aattaacatc aaggaaaata gtttcattgg tgaattctat atatctcttt atcacaacaa    195720
     ctaaaagata tttaattatt gtaggtttat attatgtaat ttatatgaaa atatcattat    195780
     aaaaactaaa gaatagttga ccaatcattt agaaagacag tctcagtcat ttaagtatga    195840
     gttccacttc agaagagatt ggtatggtgt gaattttcat gaagggattt gaacaattgt    195900
     ctactagccc agatctagca gaggaagcag accaagaaaa tgctccactc atggtgcatt    195960
     tgatgaatca atgagtttat tggagctaat tacagaagca tatgtgaaga gttgcaggag    196020
     catagtgact caaaggcaac agcagcatct aaaaacttat cgtagagtgg gtgaccacac    196080
     ataaaagcct gacttagtta gggtttccat tgctgggaac agacactttg accaaggtaa    196140
     ctcttataaa gggcaacatt taattggggt ggcctacagg ttgagaggtt cagttcatta    196200
     tcatcaaggt gaaacatggc agcatgcagt caggcctggc cctggaggag ctgagagtcc    196260
     tacatcttgt tcagaagaca accaggagaa gattgactac tatcacaact aggaggaggg    196320
     cctcaaagcc ttcccctaca gagacacact tctttaaata aggccacact tcataatagt    196380
     gccactccct gggccaagca tattcaagcc ataacaaagc cgtatagctg aaatgcactg    196440
     ccaaccaaaa gaatctcttc tctctgacca tcagtaattt cttaaactgg gacagggcct    196500
     tgtgagacct caagatttca gagttttctg tatttcataa atgtctttat cttcatgaga    196560
     agtatgagcc tccttttccc tccaggtggg aatgaatatt tctattttct ggagtaaaat    196620
     gttattggtg gtggaaagca tctttgtatt tttttatggg tccttgggaa tgtgcttagc    196680
     cttctgctct ggctctcctg catcagcctg cactccagtg aatgatttgt tgaggaagac    196740
     aagaaaagcc acctctctgg ctagataata ggacagggct agacaagcag gaaaaattgc    196800
     ctacagcaat gagcagaacc cctcagtttg aattccatca tttttgaatt taatgggcta    196860
     catagaaatg tcacatacat cttgaaaaaa aatctttagg cagtattcag attataaact    196920
     tactagctaa aatctcccag ataaattaag aggggaattt aatgattgga cccatttcta    196980
     tagttcctat taggaaaaat attctttgag tatttttaac cttacacact gataacattt    197040
     tcttctacat caaaatacct ggaaatgtgg aatgcaaata tatttgatgt gctattgctg    197100
     tgacctctaa taatttaact ctacatggct ctatatactg aaatctttta cctccctgta    197160
     tatttgcata aggtatgttt acaaaatttg tttaaacatt cttggttcac ctacttgagt    197220
     aatttgcaca ctggagatat aaacttatca cctggttact acctgttcca tttggaatat    197280
     gataacaaaa taccaaagat cacaaattca taagcaacac acatgtattt ctctatggtc    197340
     aggggtcctt cagcaaggca gaatggattc agtgttaaga gaagtcttaa tataactgtc    197400
     tcctgagagt ctctaccaga gtctgacaaa tacagaggcg aatgctcgca gccaaccatt    197460
     ggactgagca tggggtcccc catggaggag ttagagaaag gactgaagga gctgaagggg    197520
     tttgcatccc ataggaagaa caagaatatc aaccaactag acacccccag agctcccagg    197580
     gactaaacca ccaaccaaag agtatacatg gagggaccca tggctctagc tgcatatgta    197640
     gcagaggatg gccttgccag gcatcagtgg gaagagaggc ccttggtcct gtgaaggctc    197700
     aatgccccag tgtaggggaa tgccagggtg aggaggaggg agtagatggg tgggggagca    197760
     ccctcataga agcaggaaga gggaggatgg gttagtggat ttccagaggg gaaaccaggg    197820
     aagggcataa catttgaaat gtaagtaaat aaaacataca attaaaaaat attttaaaaa    197880
     aagaaaaaag aaaaagaaat cttactgtct ggctcatata taatcctttc ttgtggtctt    197940
     cccagctaat gaaactgcta tcagtaaacc tacaattgat ttctgcatta aaaattcagc    198000
     tagattattt caatgcgagt gtcaagtcaa atgaaacaga acttacacaa ttttcctgcc    198060
     ctgttttctc acttcaggct taggctcacc tctcttctta cccacaatgc agcttctaag    198120
     aaggtcctcc caggaggctc tcacagtttg aggttcatct ctggtctctg tatttccttc    198180
     ttgcttcatt agcttcagtg gagaaaaaca gctggaagac gaagccacat tgcaggatta    198240
     gaatgagtca ggcatttata tttcagacat ttttatgtta ctatctgggc ttccttccat    198300
     ctgaaatata atagttattt tcttcctggt ggctaatgca tttccaagct attactttgt    198360
     tgcattttac agttcaagct tgactggtca tttagaagtt tgatctaatt gaaacaaaac    198420
     attactgggt attcccttta agttagaaaa atacaatttt tctcaatgag ctttataatt    198480
     ttgaataaaa gctgtcattt tttttttaac caccgaaatc tccattaggt atgtcagctt    198540
     ctgttatgag aggttttaat gaattttgta tgcataacat tttaaaatct gttaaaatag    198600
     gatgtgtttg ggagagcttt atttggctta taactatgaa aaattagggt agaatttttc    198660
     ctttcatcct gtcgggccac tgtttctgag taactggctt ataaataaat gattgcttat    198720
     ctttgataat tctcagtgaa atatctatag atcgtttgca tttataccca aaaaatgatt    198780
     gtttaaaagt ttctacattt tattatatgt aatgcactac ttaaaactta ataacagtta    198840
     agcagacata tttaaagaac ttaacactat aaataattta gctcagaaat agcacgtgta    198900
     agaaggccag tgcttagaaa ctattttctc aagtgtaact gtcaactgct aatcctacat    198960
     taatccaggc aggactcccc ttccttgctc catgagcata gagaatagga gtagcttatg    199020
     ttcagctaca gtatcaaaga aaaagtcaaa gaaacttaat cacctgtatg ctccacctgt    199080
     caactcatat actgggaagt aagaactgga ttatcactaa ttgaacaaag ccaaaagagt    199140
     tctagaatag agagaatgaa tgagaagaca gcaaataccc cagaattcca ctgctgctaa    199200
     ttttcaggat aaactgatca ataggcacct ggtaaagata agccagaaag atctcttctt    199260
     tgagagaatt ggccagggct atctaagaac aaaacctgtc tgcagtgatg atctctggat    199320
     gaatttgata actcattcta ggtttaccgt ggagagcttt gggggctgct tgctaggaat    199380
     ctgacattgg tcaagaacaa ggaaatgggc ttcaagcagg aatctgacat tgggccatga    199440
     caaggaagta agcacaggca ggaatctaat tttaggctag aacagggaag taagctcagc    199500
     caggaatctt aaatttatgg tggaacaaaa gtaggcttca ggcaggaatc tcattttggg    199560
     cttggacaag gaagtaggct aagatatttt ggtcatgctg ataagtcctt agaaacagtg    199620
     atggcaggac tgcgtattgc cttgcttgtt ccttgactat ttgtgtttat tacactgttt    199680
     tcccttattg tttacatgta attaaaatgg tataaaagtg gattgggaaa aacataaacc    199740
     tgcctcagcc tcagaactgg atggggtcat gctacaatgt tgtctaattg tccttttttc    199800
     tttttaatcc tcactcctgc cctggagaac ctgttgactg actgggcagg cttggtcagt    199860
     tttctttacc atttcccttc cgaagagtat ctaagcttgt ctcatacttt tcatcaaaat    199920
     ctcaaaggga atatgttaat tctctatgac tttttttttc ctcccagtgt caaaagtgat    199980
     gttaagcaag gtgcattcca acgttctggg gatggaacat atttattttg tgcacgatgc    200040
     ttgggtcatc tgtctagctg gggaaagtat gtaacagaca aggttacacc aaaaagctgc    200100
     tattgtttct ggtgaagagt cctgcattat ggaggatgaa aaacagcgct gtttaatgac    200160
     tttatccatt agaaagtcaa atagtaagtg tccagcaatg agcacttata agcttccaag    200220
     ttcagttatg caattacaaa tctctgagct tgtaaaggag aatgaaaaat gtgttccagg    200280
     actagggtgg catgcatatg gaggtaggtt agggaaggga gagaccgtaa caggatagag    200340
     atagggaaag agacaacaaa gagaagcaga ggatacgcgg cccaaagcag cccagcctag    200400
     agcagtgcag tctatcctca ccaagtagca agtggtgttc taacaggcaa gttgtggcag    200460
     acaatcccac ttggggacat ctctggtgac tgtttggaag atatgagaag cctggcactt    200520
     atcatggcat ccccctgctg acattctgtc tcagatgaaa tgcagaggag gtcatatcac    200580
     acctggtccc aaatagattc tccaacttcc caaacatgaa ttctgctccc ctgggttaat    200640
     gttctgaaac ccattgacag attatgtttt cacagattct cccagagatg gctattgcat    200700
     ctgtgactga agcactgtgc gcttcccaga gtggacagat gctgtacagt ggcaagacct    200760
     ggcttccagt tactgtgctt ttccaaggca ccaaatagtc ttgctttctt gcccttgctt    200820
     tcaaaataaa gcaatgtatg caatctgcca tgatgtttat gaaacaaaaa ttaatacctg    200880
     tttccaggga accgtagcct actatcaatc actactgccc tccctcaagc agccccctta    200940
     tctacaatag gatgaagtgc tatgggtcat ctcaagtttc catgtacctt ttgtagtgct    201000
     ctgagccatt atgatttctc agtcagagtc aggcaccatg aaatctcctg gctgtatgaa    201060
     caaaagggtg agtttgccag catgcttttg gaacaaagac aatgttatag cattgctcag    201120
     gcagcagcat agcccctcag caaagaaaac tgacactgct gccacatttc tcatcatctc    201180
     atctttaggg agttgatgca gctggaaaca aatttctcag aatttacatt aaaactgaaa    201240
     gcagacttag ctgtgctgag taataaaaat ctcacttctt gccaattaga aggcattgtg    201300
     cctgtgagtg agagtttgtg tgtgtgagct ctttcttgag actcgcccac ctgggtacag    201360
     ttcctctctg gtgtgtttat gtttcatgtt tcgtaagcat ccctgggtca ctggtgagag    201420
     ctcagagtaa acttagatcc tgcaatatct gccataattg ctgcatatgg agttgaatat    201480
     tttgtgaatt tgtaagtttg caaatgaata tacagattct aatgactctc tttatgaaat    201540
     gggctatgta aattttggta atgatttaca tataaagagt caaaatgcct aggtccgatt    201600
     aatgaggagt agctgctgaa tagcaagttt ccaggtacat atccttgaga tcactgctca    201660
     ttatttttat tatctgtatt atcctagttt aacacttcat ttagctacta attccaaagg    201720
     agccacaggc aacattttgt cttttttttt ttttttttga accataatgt tagtccacat    201780
     gtttttgttt ttgtttttgt ttttgattca caggatgatg atggatttgc aaatcaaccc    201840
     taagttgggc aggttgggaa agcagacaaa tgtgtgtgag gctggatgag agcttggtcg    201900
     ctgtttctgg ttcagccagt cagtcatgag cacactacct tagaaggtag gacttcgaga    201960
     actgatgtgt gtcacccact tggaggtgct gtgatgccac agggtgacag ggagccctac    202020
     agcgacaatg aaagcaggct caaaaggatg gcttgctgcc tggccagatc cagaacctag    202080
     ttagtcatag acctctcaaa acagggagag aaccagggct cttgtgggta ctaaagagtg    202140
     agctctctgc tccttcttgg gcagtggagg gtaaaggcat acggatgcca gagtggggaa    202200
     ctctggtcag gccgggtgca gcaacaagca gaggaaaagt tattatggaa ggaaatgtga    202260
     tacaatatga acagaggaaa atggaactga acctaactat ctccactttt gggggtgggg    202320
     tgctacagtc agggcgtcct gcttctctgg aagaatatat cttgccatag gtattaaacc    202380
     agggtgtctt ttagagagag taatatcaga gcctattagg agactacaga tccaaacctc    202440
     caaatagttc ccccagaagt cctggaccct gaacaagggg atgctgtcat gggctgaaaa    202500
     atgctctgct gtatggccct ttgtctcctg ggagcagatg aatcatagga acaatttgca    202560
     agattttgcc ctttggtttt caagctagcc agtgagggct ctagcaggct ctgtcttctg    202620
     acttgtggga cctgtaaatt ccagagtcat gtaacctgaa acctcaaagt caaagaatag    202680
     ctagcaacta tgaaatagtc ccttctctct ggacacctct ctgtgctctg gtaccagaag    202740
     accctgggcc ccagttcaat actacaataa agaggagaaa ggaagaggaa atgtccttta    202800
     ttcaatttac agcacaccaa tttggtgact agcatcctga attgaatctg agctctctag    202860
     agccaaagga ctctgcactg ttcttcacag cacagccctg cctgattgtc agcagtctgt    202920
     acaaaaacat tggtgatcct gctaggaagg ggaccaggat gaggaggctg gcagtgaact    202980
     tactcaggcc ctgagaagtg gcaggtcttt cttagacact tgtggctgcg aacatctgtg    203040
     gtctgtttaa tgtacacaga ttttgtgcaa tgtaaacacc actttacctg tgcatgtgtc    203100
     taaggtggaa gcagccatcc tggcttcata ttcactacct acctacctac ctacctacct    203160
     acctacctac ctgatatttc ttttctcaat acttgttgct tcctgcttcg ccaccctttg    203220
     ctctagatct gctaccaaac ctgacttctc catctcaggc ttccattaac aaggtggtat    203280
     ggcataagat gattatttta acctcatcct gaataagcct aaggaataca cattttgaag    203340
     caagcatata cagtgagaag agctactatc ttaaacattg tgaagtgtat agtgcaatgt    203400
     tatattgcat ctaggacaat gttttacttc ggagctccag acttgcacct cctgcataag    203460
     ttaaactttg taccctttgt cagctcctcc cacctgcccc atctgccaga cactggtaaa    203520
     ctgccatttt attcattgct cacatcgatc tgtctgcaca taagtacaat aaggcagtct    203580
     ctgtcttttt atctatcttg cttacttcaa ttaacatagt gtgctggcta gttttgtgtc    203640
     aacttgacac agctggagtt accacagaga aaggagcttc agttgaggaa atgcctccat    203700
     gagatacaac tgtaaggcat tttctcaatt agtgatcaag ggggaagggc cccttgtggg    203760
     tgggaccatc tctgggctgg cagtcttgga ttctataaga gagcaggctg agcaagccag    203820
     aggaggcaag ctagtaaaga acatccctcc atggcctctg catcagctcc tgctttctga    203880
     cctgcctgag ttccagtcct gacttccttt ggtgatgaac agcagcatgg aagtgtaaga    203940
     tgaataaacc ctttcctccc caacttgctt cttggtcatg atgtttgtgc aggaatagag    204000
     accctgacta agacacatag tgttcttcaa tttatagctg cagttaaaat agaaaaatag    204060
     cctttataat acttcataat attacataat ataataatat agcattttac agaagaataa    204120
     tgctatctgg ccctcgggtc agtcaatggg gtctgcaagg gagagagtgg ggatggagga    204180
     gcaagagata cgaagaatgg agacaggatg gtctgtctga tcaagtctca tttattgaaa    204240
     ggcaactatg ggtatataag cacaagctgg ggagtgcagc tggagtcact taaccacaag    204300
     ttcaggatgt gtctgagaaa aacaggatgt tatcagagtg tgttcagttg tggtgggctg    204360
     cttgcaaaaa catcatgcta ggaaaacaag tctctgatca gggtggaaaa gtaccaacct    204420
     gtaagtaaat agcccgagat ggctgcagag atgatagtcg ctttctacta agagttggtt    204480
     cccaacatat aacttatgat ttctatgaaa gacactctgt agttgcaagg tctaaatgca    204540
     ctgtgcatgt cagggtccag ccacaattca gtcaagatgt ataaaacaac tcagaaacaa    204600
     gtagcagagg catcatcatt tattgaagag gtaaccatat tattgtgctt tctttataaa    204660
     taaaaaaaaa atgacctata agtgtaataa tttgaccaca tcaaatagag gtcccgaatg    204720
     cagttaaatt cttagtctaa gtcccatatt tataactctg tatgacaatg tttacttcat    204780
     ggaaaagata cctgtcttca aatcaaaatg ctaccctttc catccctctc atatctggca    204840
     gttctgataa aaattagtga cagaaattgg tgtgcctgag agatacatat ggaggcaact    204900
     acatgcaatt cttattctct tcccaacatg agctcatcaa gacaagccac gttcttaatt    204960
     tccccaactg atatttttca tctttaaata taattaacag tatccagtca cactggtcag    205020
     aagtatccaa agagacagac ccatcaggat cagtctacca tatttgtcta tcatctatct    205080
     gtctgactgt ctgtctccta gcaaccatat atctatcact gaaattctaa tgaactagct    205140
     aacgcaatta tgaaagtctc aaaatccaga tgagctggtg ctgcagaagc tcaaggggga    205200
     gctgttgttc cagttaaaca tctgtgagct gtctaatgga cacattcttc cacacctgag    205260
     agagtggctc tttttgtctt agtcacacac tgatctgcta agtcgtattc tgaagggcta    205320
     tttaattttc tatactgact gaattactag tttaatttaa tgataaaata tactgattta    205380
     aatatcatta ttcaaaagca ttcaaataga ctagtctaga atgtttgaca gtcttgtggg    205440
     tacccatgac ctagccaagt tgtaatatga acttagccat aataccatct tcacagatgt    205500
     ataacacctc aataagcata aaatacatag tacatgacat gaatccagat gtttgagtcc    205560
     attttctaat ctatgattag agggacagcc tccgtcatca ttatctatgt gcaaaagcag    205620
     atgtagacat ctgtcgcctt gtcattttat agttgaagaa ctaaaaacaa cagaattaga    205680
     aacacatgta attggcaagt catcacatga actagagaac ttagcatgta tccctagtca    205740
     gacatttaaa aactttattg acatataatc aaacatgaca gatattacct attaacagat    205800
     tagtgatttt ttttgagcaa tgtatatgta tatatagtca tcttacatcc accctactga    205860
     gatataggac atttatataa tttaggaaat tcattctttg taatgtcttt ctccatatat    205920
     gataatttac atttttattt tgtaaattaa tttggcttgg acatttttaa agcaaaaaac    205980
     ctatatctat acatattaaa ttatttttct gtctggggca aggtaatatt acatatggat    206040
     tgtgcctcaa ataagatcat atcacttgtt cccatgtagg actgtgccat ctcacccagg    206100
     tctttctcac accttcatat ccatctttgt tactgattct tatcatattt tattcatatt    206160
     attttataat gatacctcta tcattataat gactctaaca gtcatttcca aagttatttt    206220
     gagagaacat gtcgtaggtc aacagatttt gccaagaggt gatctgttat actgagtgtc    206280
     catcacagtc cataatgaca ggccagtcac cagcatggta tgattctctg atatggtctt    206340
     acctggagca tgagaagtaa ttcattggct ttatatataa aggttctctg gctacagttg    206400
     gcaggtgttc tgtttgttat aaattgacaa gaaacagcaa ataattcctt aaaggctgat    206460
     gggtcttccc attaggctta aaaactgagt atgagagaga ttcgttgcag ggagagtatg    206520
     ttaataggac tgtgattagt taagcaaaca gaaaaggata atgtgagata catgcatcaa    206580
     aagccaccag aaaacacaga gtgtttgcta taattctaga ccaatatatt aatgaggaat    206640
     tatacatcag tgggaatata ctatacatgg actcacaggc cactttacaa agaagtcaag    206700
     aggtagttga gtcaatttgg acaactgact tctatttggc cattgcatag acacatattt    206760
     tggagatgat tttctggtgg aaggagtgtg gcctctggtg cccaggttgg gagactgaga    206820
     actcagttgt ttgcttcaga gctcattttc tttctgctac acagagattc agtcagtggg    206880
     ctctctccta tactgaatct agaccatgaa cctcagttta ctctgcagtg ctgcattttg    206940
     tttcctgcag gcaggtgaat tctgtgcagg tcttggtgtg gcattctaag gtactgaaca    207000
     aaacctttcc atcattgtgg aagcattcac atgttctcct tttccacagg tccagtgagt    207060
     gctggtatca ttcagactcc caaatcattg atcctaaagg caggacaaca tgtgacaatc    207120
     aaatgtactc aggatatgaa acatgactcc atgctttggt accgacaaga tccatggtta    207180
     gaactaagag taatctagta ttcctatgat gctggaatca ttgacaaaga agaggtctct    207240
     aaggggtaca atgtctccag atcatgcaca gaggacttca ccttcactgt ggaattggcc    207300
     tctccctccc agacatctgt gtacttcggt gccagcagtt ctaccacaga gctctggggc    207360
     tgcctccaca cataaagata catatagaga agaggcaccc tatccctggg aactcagtgg    207420
     tacattggga ctctcaacac tggaaccttg gagatgtgaa tattctgggc agtatacacc    207480
     tccggtctcc tctgaggggc atcttttggt aagctcagcc aggtttggtc cagaccttgt    207540
     actcagatgt ctccactgta gctttctttc ctctgatgct gctttaattc ttacttgtgt    207600
     agtctttttc ttaagtccaa gtgttcctgg atgaaagatg gcttgttatt tgaatctgca    207660
     ttgactcctt gctctccttc acacaaccct acttcactct tcctctgaag ttcagctcat    207720
     gtcattggaa agacatgatt gaatatctac tcactaaatt aatgaaccaa caccttggtt    207780
     cctactttgc cctgtaagat ctgaagcctt actctgatca aacatagctc cttgggctat    207840
     gatgagtact ggagtatggt gctatgcttt tttgtcccaa tggccagagc gtgatcaagg    207900
     cttcattaag tgactgcatc tcaagacttc taggtgattt tctataagaa atttagatag    207960
     accagagacc cattcccaga ttgctatcct tagagtcttc attcattgaa accacttatg    208020
     gtactaatac atctactaaa ttttcaccac agtgatgata tggaacctgt taagcatcat    208080
     gagaagatag catttatcac agatgtggtc acaggtattc tgatctgaca aaaaagctag    208140
     attgaaaggt agaagttgta gattagtgag tccgctagca gccagagttt tggctttctg    208200
     atgcagggca caagatggag ttacaaggga gagggatcga agtgtgttaa gacattccta    208260
     gtaggaatca taagcttgaa cttctaggat ctttaataag aataagaaac atataaacac    208320
     accaaattat ctgttgcaac ctctattttc agctgccctc tggtgctcaa catgtgggaa    208380
     aataattaga tacagaatac agaagcaaaa atccttttgg tctgtaggca cttttgtatt    208440
     tatgtcatca cctcactgtt tcactttagt aaccttacaa gtacagtgat gcttttttta    208500
     attttttcta aattataaaa aaaaaaggtt tcactattaa gtacaatctg aaaatgcttg    208560
     tagcctgggt aagttgattt gataccacct agcacaaaat gggttctcct ggactgagac    208620
     tggactcata cctgtctcaa gcctgctttg gtacccaggc tccttatctg aattttcctc    208680
     tcttccccag tgaactgtga ctttaactag gatgtttctg tcatgactgt gatagaaatc    208740
     ttcctcctac acatccatgg ttttatctct tgcttctacc tttttctcat aatcccctat    208800
     gatgttggag tctcaccagg caggattaac tcatgattaa tgtgaccgat taacctactc    208860
     gaagttagaa cactcattct acttcaacta aattggtatt aagtagtaaa tagaggaaca    208920
     ccagggccaa aaaaatggga atggatgggt agggaagtgc ggggggggga gggtatgggg    208980
     gacttttggg ataccattgg aaatgtaatt gagggaaata agtaataaaa aaatattaaa    209040
     aaatttttaa aaaaagatcc tattgtgggg tcttgagagc ctttgtccat cagctcagct    209100
     taaatgtaag taaataaata aacaatgctc ttttaattac tgtgctaaaa aaaaaaagag    209160
     tatttttgtt ctgttgcttt tgtctggcca atgtagcaca tgtctttgat gtgtctttca    209220
     tgtctttcat atcttaggct ctgaatgttt tatatatttt cagttacctc atctgtgatt    209280
     cagaatacat gagaattgat ggatttgtag aggaacactt acttattaaa caagtctgga    209340
     tgcatttgtg tgtgcaatcc aaccaacctg tcagttggca tagggatttc ctactaacat    209400
     atgacctgtt ctttaatgca aatgtgtgta aacctataat gtagctcaag catctgggct    209460
     attcctgaaa ccttggaata gactaaagaa gagaggttct atctaaaggt catatctaaa    209520
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtata tatatatata tatatatatt cctttcttat ttccttttaa    209580
     agggatatgg aatctctgtc caggtagcat tgaagctgaa aattaagcct catccattgg    209640
     tcctgttaaa agaaatgtat aaatgtttaa gtcagtcatc taattactgg taatgcaaat    209700
     tgtgtgtccc tgatgttggg agtaacgtca cagtgggaac tttcatgtga ggagatggat    209760
     caccacagtc ttcctgtgct cttactcagt agggtagaca tccactgaac tttacaccct    209820
     ctgccaatct gttgggtgat tgtctatctc cttggcacag gtgaatcatt agaacatcaa    209880
     ctgttttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    209940
     tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtt taatgaactg ttgctataac    210000
     cattttcctt ttttggggtt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttgag acagggtttc    210060
     tctgtatagt cctggctgtc ctggaaatca ctttgtagac caggctgggc tcgaactcag    210120
     aaatccacct gcctctgcct cctgagtgct gggattaaag gtgtgtgcca ccacatccgg    210180
     caatataatc attttcctta ttctgttcac aacttatatt tttgcagacc tcactagtgc    210240
     tgaattctcc caatatccca tgtacagagt tacaaagagg ggataagatg tagttattaa    210300
     gtgtgacaca atttctggtc ctactggact ttattgctac tgacagaact caagatgagg    210360
     cccagtgttt ctggtgaatt tccagggtga gtttatatcc accaaatctg gaatgcccag    210420
     tgaccatttc tctgcagtga ggcccgaggg ctccttctcc atgttgaaga gccaatcaac    210480
     acatcaagaa gacttaggca tctatctctg tgccagaagc ttagccacag catggtacag    210540
     gcactttctt tctgctcaca aacttctgac tatatgtttc tcatagtgtg tagaacctct    210600
     atgcagatat cagctaccat ttatataaag ttatcacaga aaaaattcac aaaactggct    210660
     ttagatatgg ttgacagaaa caactgagac ctgttgcatt ctagaagtct ctagaggcag    210720
     ctgggcgcta cagggcaagg actggacata ttaacattga ccttcaggcc acagtaacca    210780
     accatctatg gaatcttgag gctcttgtta ctcattcaca agcctgtggc acatacagtg    210840
     tcctgcagtt ggttgatcac tgtggtatct ataatgtctg caatcattag ctatactatt    210900
     tcttcagttt catcttctac tttagccaga ttagacaatt ggactatata gtatgaaatt    210960
     tgtcttattg ttttggattc aaaatcttca ctacatttaa tgccggttac ttgataaact    211020
     aactaactaa ctaactaact aactaactaa ctagcaaaaa tggtaccaag acttcacttt    211080
     atctgcatat attaaacatg tttttcatta tatgactatt ttcccccctc ttgtactgac    211140
     agctacactt taatgcatac acacattcat tcccatttca gtgcagtctt aatatcctaa    211200
     agcaataact agaaattgaa tttttcagat cctgcccaag actttcaatt taaaatagtt    211260
     cccttgaggt ctctaactta aaaagataga attaaaaatt aatgtcctta tttttttagg    211320
     ttagtatata ctgctatata tttattgtca aaaatataat tatattgttg aatagtttcc    211380
     tgcccatctg taagtgaaac cagtttctat ctatgagacc taaacatata atgagagtgg    211440
     atgaaaagtc ctgcatttct gctactcctc atagacagcc cagggctcca agattggaac    211500
     tatacatcac agaatcaggt accatagggt gcacttgcaa actggttaga ggaattccag    211560
     tccccctaaa acccacttgg gtggctctgt atgactaatt tcttttctct attatgatga    211620
     cattgacaag gaattgtcca ggtcctattt tactgttgtc atcttcaaat atcctacatt    211680
     ttgtctttct gtctcctgga aggaaataaa gccatactat gcatggctac tacctgtcct    211740
     tgacaattca agtaatttgt tcttagactt tgtctcaact ttggctactt attcacagta    211800
     gcagaatagt ctgtgattgg tgttctggtt tatgcagagc acaaaccttg gttatagata    211860
     caatatttgt agtggtgaga ttgtaggaca tgggctctgg aaattctttt caaatattta    211920
     atagaccttg ctgttttctg tttcattcca aattctcatt gattagaaga attcctctgg    211980
     cttgtgctgc ttatagcact aaggaagggt ttcttgcttt aattataagc agaaatcatt    212040
     tcaacttatc tgtttggtaa aatttaagac agtaaaaatt aagcactaag cagcaagcta    212100
     tgtaaaacag acactgtcca tgtcacacaa tgaagacctc tttgaaggtg tattgttaac    212160
     aacaaatttc tagtgtagtt gaaatgagag ggcatagagt ttaagaacat gtgactaggg    212220
     gagaggtctt atcatgaatt atggaatttg aagaaggaag acttccacat gatacagtca    212280
     gtattcgggg gtggggggga gaaggagcca tgagctggta cacagaaact aaggaagtca    212340
     aaacaggatg agtaattcta acttcgtgga ggaaggaaag agacaggaac acatcttgga    212400
     aatagaaatg agccctttgg tccagcccac agacatcaaa tagttataat ccagcatgtt    212460
     ctgttactgg tctcatgttg tctgtagtac taatttatat ccatgttacc ttgtttccca    212520
     taattctgct ttgtattctc ttcccaggac tcaaaccagt aggtgtgcgt tgtataagtt    212580
     atccattcac acactctcgg ctaattatac ccagccttga tcccccacca ctgcttgatc    212640
     cataatcagt tggcttacaa tacagcctgc attctcttcc cattttattc tttatacaca    212700
     tacttgacct catcttgaag aagatcttgc tgttgatcag tttattttgt tttgtttggg    212760
     ctattttgct tatctttaat aagaaagatt attcctttta tttttttaat ctttttattg    212820
     gatattttct ttatttacat tttaaattgt atcccctttc ctgttcagtc ccccggaagc    212880
     ccccatccca ctccaccccc gcttctatga gggtgttccc ctcaccacct agccattccc    212940
     ccatccccgc cctggcgttc ccatacactg ggggcattga gccttcacag aaccatgggg    213000
     ttctcctcct gttgatgcct gacaaggcca tcctctgcta catatatgcc tgaagtcatg    213060
     gagttttgag ggtctgattg tttgatattg ttgtttttcc tatggggttg taaacccctt    213120
     cagctccttc agtcctttct ctaacccctc cattggggac ccagtgctca gtccaatggt    213180
     ttgtgagcat ctgcctctat ttgtcaggct ctggcagaac ctctcaggag atagatatat    213240
     caggctattc ttacacatca atcctatgtc tttattccta atattttata cctagtagca    213300
     gatcttttca tgcctatgta tcttgtataa gaaaaattta aggaaaatat tctcataatt    213360
     gtttgtgtag tagtaaaata aaggtaggat agatcataag tgtgaaaacc ccaagaatta    213420
     atcacaacta gaattaaagt ttagattaag gtttaagaaa attgattata gaaattgtcc    213480
     tgtaatactt ctggaatttt ccggttcctt gggtgaatac aaagaaaaat ttctgtcatg    213540
     gccacaagat ggcactcaac tccacagatc tccggagaga ctgaggatgg agccaaggag    213600
     ggacattaag gcaaaggcag acttgggaag gtttcagtta ctaggttgtc cacagctatc    213660
     taagaggttg ggggatatct ctatgcttta atgagactca cagttagagg atttgggcag    213720
     ggtagcctgg atatcaggac aggtgctgac aaccgacaaa ctcctcagag aaaaagggga    213780
     aaccactgga atgtggttta ctatcatttc ctggtatctc tgagaaactc acttttcctg    213840
     ctggctttgc tgagcaagag aggagttctg tgacagaagt ggtgaggggg aggtgacatc    213900
     acaggcccaa ccatcactcc ctaggacggg aagttcagaa ttattttctc agtcctaaga    213960
     gtacagcttt cagtgggggt gatttctttc taggtgtgac ctgaaataat ccccacattc    214020
     ttttgtgtga tgctttgtct gctaagagca ggtgagttct gcattttgtt ggaaaattct    214080
     accatcatct gcagtgttct ggctccaaaa gtttccattc cttacacaga cacatcttgt    214140
     ttctcgtttt tccttatgcc tccttctcca gcaggagatg gtggaatcac ccagacacct    214200
     agatactgga tcacacagac ctcaagaaag ataatcctga actattctca ggatatgaac    214260
     cactatcgga tgttctggta tcaacaagat gcagggcagg ggttgaagct gatccattac    214320
     tcagtaggca ctgacagaac taccaaaagt gatgtccctg aagggtacag tgccttcaga    214380
     aatgagatac agagctttcc cctgacatta gagtcaacca gttccaacca gacctccatg    214440
     tacttctggg ccagcagtga acaaacacag cactgcacac gaaggtgctg cctgcacaag    214500
     aaggacaacc atgagattga catgggacct ccctcttcag ccccttcccc aagcaaaaga    214560
     aaagtctaca ctttctgaaa ctcttcatgg cagtggaatc tcagccagag ggaccttata    214620
     cagcatgaac cttagtgtga gctgagctct gttatggctg taaatgatat tggatgttac    214680
     cttttctaat ttggagtctc cttgtaactg tgcaaagggg gtagtcacct ccaacatggc    214740
     atttatattt cattttcttt gcaaaagagg aaaacagcat agggaagcat ccggtcactc    214800
     tgagcttctc gaatcattct ccaaggttaa tgtcagcttg tcctccattc cgtattactg    214860
     ctaagataaa gacatgcaag tcaagactta caggggaaca ttgataaatg caccaaacag    214920
     cagccttaga tgtaaggatg ttcagactgg agagttactg aagtgagaac aaagtaagga    214980
     cccatggagg cagagtggaa atgaatctta ctaaggtaga tccagataag aaacgaatat    215040
     acttccttgt cttagattaa aatatgtgag gactgcaaca tttttacctg tgaatatcga    215100
     gtaagcactt tccccaaagc ttccattatt ccttagtacc tagaggcagg agtccagacc    215160
     caggtgcaag ggctcttaat ttagaatctg agctccaaag ccatgaggtc cagagctgaa    215220
     cttcacagaa aactcaatcc tatgtatcca atagtgtgtc caaatgtgac tctgtaaaga    215280
     tgctgcaaga ttgtactggt tcccaaaggg agccagcaaa taaaggacca ggctatttgc    215340
     cttatgtaaa ataactcctc agttggccaa tctgaattta caaataatgc cacttatagc    215400
     catttatcaa tgatttcaaa agctccgagc tgtgtttagg tttttgtttc tattcagctt    215460
     tcatccagca attgatcctt aggtcttccc aggcaaactt gtcaatccag cttactttga    215520
     tgttaggttt ggttgtctct attctaatca cgaagcactt ctcacatttt caatattttg    215580
     tgtaaatatg tgttcaggga tccacttctg tgtgatggat ttgaaattgt actatgtaga    215640
     ataaaagtac atatttgtat aagactcctg tcttttaagg aattttaaga ctttcattca    215700
     ctatataaca gagaattctc attaaggtat tactgtgaat ataatactca aactaatcca    215760
     tcactaactg gtaatactca cattccagta tgatgacgac taaaaagaaa acaaagcttc    215820
     tccattgggg gccctgtgat ccattcaata gctgactgtg agcatccact tatgtgtttg    215880
     ctaggcccca gcatagtctc acaagagaca gctatatctg ggtcctttca gcaaacgctt    215940
     gctagtgtat gcaatggtgt cagcgtttgg aggctaatta tgggatggat ccctggatat    216000
     ggcagtctct agatggtcca tccttttgtc tcagctccaa actttgtctc tgtgactcct    216060
     tccatgggtg ttttgtttcc aattctaaga aggggcaaag tgtccacact ttggtcttca    216120
     ttcttcttca gtttcatgtg tttcaggtat actaagtttc tgggctaata tccacttatc    216180
     agtgagtaca tatcatttga gttcttttgt gattatgtta cctcactcag gatgatgcct    216240
     tccaggggaa tgccagggcc aaaaagtagg aatgggtggg taggggagtg tgggggaggg    216300
     tatggggaac ttttgggata gcattggaaa tgtaattgag gaaaatacgt aataataata    216360
     ataataataa taataaagaa caaactggat tacaaagtga gacatgcaaa aaaaaaggaa    216420
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaacaa    216480
     agatttcttc atccctcttc caaacaattt ctcttggaaa gataaaaata attttatttc    216540
     agttactact gtttgattgt tctacttttg aaagtcttac aaataaaatt atatttattt    216600
     ttattaactt atattccttc aaaattaaca ttttctgaaa tatactcatt ttgtagtcta    216660
     attctgcaca atgctcaagt atatattaca tcaaatttgt atgcctcctt tcctatgtaa    216720
     acatatccgg gttacttacc ccagccatca agcatttctg ccactgaagc ttctttgaat    216780
     gttattgtat agttctttgt gaatgtgcat atatttcact tgggtagaga tatcagagta    216840
     gacttattga ctcctaagcc acatgcatac ttaaacttac ttaaaacatt gggaacatct    216900
     tccaaagcgg ctttctgaat tacaattctg aaatcttagt agtctctagc tccgcagtct    216960
     aatcagcagc tggtgttctt cgtcctatta ggtactcatt agattagtaa tagtctctcc    217020
     ctcacagttc tctctggtga atgataatat ttactccatt tcatttttag ttatgtatat    217080
     gtgtgtgtgt acacatgtgg atgtatgcac aagagtccag atacccctga aggctagaag    217140
     acagtgttaa atctcctgaa gatcaagtga taggctgtaa ggtatccaat gggtgctgag    217200
     aaccgaattt gggtcctcta tgtcttagtt agggtttcca ttgctatgaa gagacaccat    217260
     gaccatgaca attcatataa agacaagcat ttaattggga ctgacttaca gttttagagg    217320
     tttagtccac caccaccatg gcagaaaaca gcaatgtgta ggcagacatg gtgctggaga    217380
     aggaactgag atttctacaa cttgatccac aggtagttag gagatgtgta ccacattggg    217440
     cagatcttga gcatttagaa actcaaagcc tgccttcaca gtaatatact tcctctaaac    217500
     ctagtccaat aaggccacac ctcctaataa agccacttcc tatgagccaa gatatcaaac    217560
     acgagtctat aggggccata cctatataaa ttacaacatt ctacaaagca aatgtgtact    217620
     ctgaattcct gagctacctt tccaatccac aatatttgct aattttttat gttctctctc    217680
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtc tctctctgtc    217740
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg    217800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcatg atgtgcaagt ggcctcagat taaccacagg aaaccatgca    217860
     ggttgtgtta tgagaccttc actgacctgg aatgtgtgat aaggctagag tgacagatcc    217920
     ctgcaatgat ggctttacag gtatgtgtgt agttttataa gaatactggg aatttgaact    217980
     caggtcctaa tatttgtgca gtaggaactt ttaactgctg atcattctcc ctagtccctc    218040
     cttcattttc ttcatagatt ttttttaaat taggataatt taacaccttt attcaattct    218100
     tttacattct agaagggcat tataaaagcc ataaaagaag ggtagaggat ggcccatggg    218160
     gaagattgag tacagaagga cacagtaaga caagtagtgt atatatgtag aaacctggtt    218220
     atacattctc agatccagga ttttttaaaa attgtacctg aagtttaaaa aaaatgaaat    218280
     ttttttcatt tcattatttt tttacataaa attaatcact tcagaacaga tttaggttca    218340
     tagtaaagtt gatgaggatc tagagagtct cctcatattt cctgattcct tataagcatg    218400
     gtttcccccc acccccctta taatcaactc cctgcaccag aagccagata tgctatcttc    218460
     atagacaaat tgtcactatt ccaaggccat tgtttatacc aggtttcatt cttggtgtca    218520
     cataacctaa gagattttat agggaaaact atcattacac cttagtatgt atttttcctg    218580
     ttctaaaatt cctctatggt ctacctactc atcctttccc taatcttaag tttttatctt    218640
     ccctgaacat tttatcttca tggttttagc ttttgttgcc tgttaaatat tagaatctca    218700
     catcacatgt ccatttccgg ttggtttcat ctgctgagta atataataag tatgtatata    218760
     taacaataag tcctccttca catattctac tggcttgata gattattttg tttttagttc    218820
     tgaatatctg attattaact gtattggttt atagatcatc tcacctactg ataggtaaca    218880
     acggtgctct ctacttggga caagaattaa taagttaata taagcatttg tgttcaggat    218940
     tttcatttca tttggacaaa tagcaaggag ggtacttcct aaatcacatg ataaggatac    219000
     acatagttct ttaaaaagca gcccaactga ctttcagcat gatagtgcca ctctgctttc    219060
     caccagcaat gaatgggagt ttctacctct ctacatcctt gccatgggct gctactgttc    219120
     tttctaattc tggggattgt aaccagtggg taatgacaac tattatttta aatacatttt    219180
     aaactaaaat ataattatac ttattttgcc tttcctttcc tttctatcat ccatttcctc    219240
     taatttcctt ttctgaaatc ttccatgcct cctctcttaa attgatagtc tgcttgtaag    219300
     agccagagta ccagaaagcc ttctgtgaga ctgccttctt tagaaacggt ggagggaaca    219360
     aggctagaaa gataatagat agcatcaaaa gagacactac cttagaaggg ggaaaatgtt    219420
     accccaaaca acaaacaaac aaacattaaa ggacatggct cctctgtgtg gtggatgaga    219480
     aagtttattg taggaaaaag ggagagcatt accacaggca gacacatctg ggagagtcca    219540
     gagaagtcaa gaccttaagg cagcgaggaa agcagggagg agaagggaga ggggaaagag    219600
     cagaacaagg tgcagtagcc tggaggccaa aggcacaaaa aaggcaggta actaaaatgg    219660
     ctggattgta tagagtagag cctctgggga agggcagcca aacccatggg ttgaagaatt    219720
     aaggtgtagg ggccagggta agccagcaac taatagggat tgaggaacac tgggagaact    219780
     tatagggcag gtccactttg atatgttaaa taggcacctg agcagtttgt tctgggtttg    219840
     aagtttaaca cttccaaagt taaacattct accgtcccca aatgtttatt ctaccacatc    219900
     agttcttaga catgattaag atcacttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttataa gtgtacttaa    219960
     gttttcctta gggccagctt ggggcacacc tctgagggtg agagggtgtc tccttaagag    220020
     agcatttata tacagtacca cagtttctat gtacactata tatataagaa gcaaacatca    220080
     ccttcctaag atctccctac tgggagtaga tgaggatgca tagcatatta atggatccct    220140
     ttggagtctg tggccccaag ccatagtgtt tattttcaca ttctgagttc tttcttagca    220200
     tttctacagg ctcacttagc aatgctaatt gcaaactgct agaactttcc ttactgctaa    220260
     ttgcagaaca gtagatgctt tattgcctct aattgctgca tgttagagca tctttcgctt    220320
     ttttacagga gaaaaaatac attatcagag ctcatttttg cagttttatc taggtctttt    220380
     agtcaaggtg ctggtaaaac tgagaatgaa gaatgaggaa gttgtttaca aatgtgtgtc    220440
     aaaattaagg agaaatgaca gggaaagagc aagcatgggg cataggtgtg tagctcaaaa    220500
     ggcagtgggt ttcagtcctc aagctatcgc acattgggaa aacagctgtc tgcaatgtat    220560
     tgtgccgttt aaaagagcaa cccctgagag gttctaccag cacctaacta atacagatgc    220620
     agatactcaa agccaatcat cagactgaac ctagggattg caaccccaca ggaggaacaa    220680
     tatcaactaa ccagaccacc cagagctccc agggactaaa ctaccaacca aagagtacac    220740
     atggagggac ccatggctcc agttacatat gtatcagagg actgtctaat tgatgggagg    220800
     cgaggccctt ggtcctgtgg atgccccaac atagggggat gctagagcaa tgaggtggga    220860
     gtgggtgagt gagtggagga gcacccacat agatccaaag aggagggggc tgggatgggg    220920
     ggttgtggag gggaaaccag gaaggggaat atcacttgaa atgtaaacga ataaaatgat    220980
     tgattaatta attagagaga ggagagagaa gagaggagag aggagagagg agagagagag    221040
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagct atgaagcaat    221100
     gtgttctaga aagaaagtag ccaaaatata gaacttacaa acctggacag ttggttgtct    221160
     tagtaccctc tattctcttc acatctctgc cagactctga aggcaggatg gtttagaaga    221220
     gaaactgaaa ttatgtagaa tgctatacat gcaaacttca gggtacaaac accttttcgc    221280
     agttctgaga tataagctga taaagttgca gagtgattgg gagaaatcat attcttaata    221340
     atttactacc aacacaggtt ccgttcagat ttgataagag cagcattact tgccacttaa    221400
     ggcaaaggtt aagaatgctg gtctaaaagg aatacatata gagagaacaa aaacaaacaa    221460
     atgaacaaga aaacccatgt ggttagaatc ccaaatcata aagataatgt gaggatgtcc    221520
     aagtagagtt gggagaggag gttcccatca ctgcttgttt gttggtctcc tgctcaagtg    221580
     taagtgtgca aagtatgatg tgtaagtaag ctccagcaat ggcctcagta cagagtaagt    221640
     gaaaaaggag agagatgaga acttgcatat tatgggttgg gaactgcagg aaaccttcaa    221700
     aatatggtaa aaagatagta aaagtgacat cacagggtaa tctttgaatc agagaaaata    221760
     atgttggcca agaactcagc tcttacccaa gagtacctac cttctgcagc ctagccataa    221820
     tttccttttc ttaactactt tgctttgacc aaaaggctct gcttctccca atctgtactc    221880
     tctgtgaatg tatgtcaacc tttctccctg atgcccaaca ccacttcctt aaggaaatgt    221940
     tcttttgact attagattag gacactagag catgttagat tttcctgatt ttgacttaac    222000
     agtcactatt tcacatttat ttgttgataa acaaaaactt cctctcttct tcttggggct    222060
     gaaaagctcc ttttgtagga actgtggttt tgttctgatt ttattgcttg tcccaaaaga    222120
     tgtcctaagt actaaagccc aatatttgaa caaagaaata taaggaaatc atctttagtt    222180
     tttgacttgg ccatttcaga agtccagccg tattatctga gaatctttat ccctttatct    222240
     tatggaacca gaaatttcta tcctgagttt tatcgtgatc acactccttt ctgcaagtct    222300
     gagcttcata tcctctcact aacctcctgg gcttctttct tctctctatt tcagtccctc    222360
     atcttctgcc tagattttgg tgtcttctga agataggata gcaagtcgaa aaatcatcaa    222420
     cactagaaat aaaaagtgat ggagaaaaca aatgacttct ctaatgccac ttgattttct    222480
     tgagagaaag atacttcttg ataatttgag gataggacac ctgctacatt gtctcatgag    222540
     tgtgcatttg tgggtttttg gatgtccaag acataactgt gtttcatctg ctacccattc    222600
     tcaacctcgg ccatggtaca aggcacttac cagagctctc tgcttacttt aaacaaggaa    222660
     ggttcagttc ctcctttata gctataaagc atcaattatg acaatgcaga atccatttat    222720
     agagtgaata tagtatgtgg ttttgtaaaa ttctgagaat catttgaggt tgaaataatc    222780
     cctcaataca gaccgaaagt agattaaaac acaagcttct tgcctgaatg attcacatta    222840
     agtcttcaaa gacttgtgta atttaatgtc ctgaggcaga gaagaacaaa aatagatgac    222900
     ttgagaatca aagcttaaaa ggcatcttct ttagggaaaa tagatcttcg cacctacttg    222960
     ctgaagtcac acttgacaaa gttgtaacct acgatgaatt ctagaataat agtgtagttg    223020
     acatgacctg aattataaac aaaaccgagt ctctctagag gcccagagaa attaaaacat    223080
     gaattaatag aaattataca aggaacttaa ttcagattta aaacactagg cactagatgg    223140
     tgctaatgca cttttcctat taaatacaga attattcaaa ttctctgaga ataaagagtc    223200
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc cacatacaca acacacatac    223260
     attttcctac tttgcttttt attgttgtaa taaacaactg taactgaaag taatttggga    223320
     aggaaaggat ttatttagtt cacaggttgc cctgactttc tcatggtagg caggatttaa    223380
     caggtcaaag ccaagttagt tataattatt aaaatcaaac agacatatca agtacatcaa    223440
     actccttttt acccaccccc agtcataagc cagccacgat acttaaattc ttgggccttt    223500
     tatgctttac aatttattaa gtttattaag gaaatgaacc ttttttcagt gtcccactgg    223560
     tatagatttt tgtctttttc tatttagaaa ttataaaata ttccacctga tgaaaaaatt    223620
     ataaatgtca tagttttatg gagataaaat accttttaat attaaaaatt caatggtgta    223680
     taaataaaat gctaatgata tccttatact cctatctatt attagtaacc aatttttcca    223740
     ctttagtgtt ttgtaataat tccttttctc tataagcatg tgtcactgac tcttaactgc    223800
     atatgcatat ttcttatcta ttttgatata tatcatatat atgatacata aatataaaag    223860
     agagtaagac agacagaaac acacacacac acacacacac acagagagag acagagagag    223920
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agatattcgt    223980
     tatttgtctt ctattctctc atgggtagac agatatattt ctagtgtcat atttctcttt    224040
     acatctctgc tgaatgattt tcaagttctg acagatcttt cttcaactgt ctgagcaact    224100
     tcctttcagc ttctcttctc tgatgacctc agttcttctg tcattcacaa tcctagccta    224160
     tctgagagtg ccaatcatac ttttaatatc acttgatggg aatggagggg aaaggagaga    224220
     tatggagccc tccagaactt gtttcatgcc tcaattaatg ctcacggagc ataattaatg    224280
     ggagttacct ttgccttgca aaaagactaa taactgtatt taaatagaat aaattctagc    224340
     tccctatgac cagtgacagt ctgattacat ctgcatgcaa tgctatcata gagaccagag    224400
     ggtcactgga gtggcagcgg gaggagccca agttgtggtt gtcagtcttc agaacaggaa    224460
     ctgtaaatag agggtgcagt gtaaacctct ccatgggagg taaatcatct tgatgttggg    224520
     agtgagaagg gactgtatgt ggtttttttc ttcctctgtc atgagagctt atatttgaga    224580
     aaactgcatt tcaaataaga tgtaacagag atgcagatat gaacaaacta agaaaggagc    224640
     tctgtgagga gttctcattg aaatgaaaat ggagaaagtg gggacaaacg ctgggtacct    224700
     tctctcctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    224760
     ccacatacac aacacacata cattttccta ctttgctttt tattgttgta ataaacaact    224820
     gtaactgaaa gtaatttggg aaggaaagga tttatttagt tcacaggttg caatccatca    224880
     gtgatgggaa gaagtcagaa cagaacagga actcaagaca ggaacatgga ggtaggaagt    224940
     gaagcagagg ccatagtgga acactacttg ctggcttgct acccattgct tgttcagttt    225000
     cctcctctgt acaactaaag actactttcc aaggatggta ccacctttag tgagctgggg    225060
     tcatcagctt actgatcaat cattaagaaa atggccaagg gatttgatta caggccaatt    225120
     tgatggaagc atttgctaaa ttgaggttca tttgtcctga atggctatag attttgtcat    225180
     gttctccgcc ccccaccccc atccccaccc ccacccaaat aaactaacta gccaggacac    225240
     acatgcacat acacacatgc acatacacac atgcacacac agacatgtac atgtaaatga    225300
     aaatagaagc aaagaaaccc agcgtctttg gataggttgg gaagaaagta cagggatgaa    225360
     gaggaacaga gaggcagttg agaactctac aaggagacac caggattccc caaaccacta    225420
     cctaagctgt ttcaagtctg ttgtataacc ttcctttttt tatccaacag ctaattttaa    225480
     tgtctcaagc atagacacat gcctgggaaa ttggttttgt agaaatccag ggcaaggagt    225540
     gccattaaaa gccaattaga aactcatttt acaaatcaca tctggaaatg gaaataaggt    225600
     tgctctttag aacttcccaa cctagtatat actaggttgt ccccttcata gcaaggccag    225660
     aagtgatggc cttggtagtg gtgggtgttg gccagcaagt gaagagtgcc ttgctttact    225720
     gtcctgagtg tgaattgcag gtctctaaag aatggctttg acttcctttt accttctctc    225780
     attccaaaac caacctctcc atcattatgg aagtgtggag atgagaacca ggagaacaca    225840
     aattcttctg cttgttcagt acataaaagg acttggagga attgtctcaa ggatagagac    225900
     agggcttatt tatactgaag aggtgatgat gttcacagaa aataaacacg tggaaagtca    225960
     tagggaagac acgacagtgt acctgcaaga tagtttctct ccagaagatg gagagaatcg    226020
     tctaccttca gttttgatgg agtggtgctc catagataaa agtcaacttg acttttctta    226080
     ttgacattct tcagaatatc agttaccaga cattgttagt gatcccctct agggagtagt    226140
     agactcattg gactgacagg gaagcacttc ttgtgctgtt taagattaag gttattctgt    226200
     tcccttgggg acttaagata tattcctgag tatggaaagg gcaaagtcac aaggaacaaa    226260
     gggataggag ctaggatgaa agggtaggtt tgagcaatga gcgtttcaga tatatttgtg    226320
     tcacagaagt ttgacggaca ccaaagtgaa aatctttcta tcacatcaag ataaaattgg    226380
     agccagggtg ttaggaaggg tgtggactca tgcttgcctg tctgagataa ggacttttca    226440
     caaaggcttc tgaaggcttc aaagagagct tgtctccacc caccccatgc tgtacacacc    226500
     tcccacacat gcacagactt ctataccaaa gtttatcttt agaattctgt aagactgcaa    226560
     caattcagac acgattctga gcagaacact tgcccagcaa cagcctttac cacttctgca    226620
     ttgggtttcc aagatcaatg agttttgtat taaagtagct taagtatttt ttcctttatg    226680
     cctttgaaac ttctctctgt ttcaatctcc ttaaataata ctcatcttcc ataacagttt    226740
     tcatcttctt cttccaactc tttcattatc aaagtaatat tattatttca atgatgtctc    226800
     actggttgct tagattccac atgtgtgcag ggtggaagcc caagctcccc tcagctccta    226860
     gagaatggag attgacctaa aatctaggag acacatgact gtgcagcact tgataaaaga    226920
     ctgatatttt taggaatcta gtgggtattt gttacctcga attttcctag attcctgcat    226980
     caagaacatg gtttgtaaca ctgtgtatct atgatgaatg tcagcagtta agtctaagac    227040
     tttcactact aaacgtgtct ttggatctat agatacctgg agacaaagca atacctggaa    227100
     gcaaagggtt ctgctatcca aagccaatct ccatcctcac actcactata ccactcagag    227160
     gcatgtgtac aagaaagctc agagaaacaa tgggaaaata gtatgactct tctttgaagt    227220
     cagtatatct tattattgaa tattaaaact cttactgcac aagacaatta cataagacaa    227280
     ttgaccaagc agaagataaa agacccaaat attcttagaa agacctgtga gtggagccat    227340
     gagcagaaac aatatcacag acatatatgt accagactca gcggctcaaa ggaggctttg    227400
     cccctacaga actgaaacac tgagatgtcc tttaccttta tggacctggc cctgtcttgt    227460
     atgatcatga gaatattgga tatgcttttg gaatttacca aatcttacta taggatctat    227520
     atacaccaaa attataaggg ttctggactg aaaatgagat tccttttgct aaggtatttt    227580
     aagagtctgt tttcctctgc ttgactgccc tttgtgtctt cagaagatgt agcagccaga    227640
     acccttgggg acgtctcaga acatagaact gctgaacttc ctttgtttcc gtacataggt    227700
     atgctagcca ctatactgac actgcatagg cttctgatat catccttgtg cagacccctt    227760
     caaaacagat gaaggaggat agagtgacta aaaatgtctc actaaagtgg cagcatctct    227820
     atgcaataac acaagatgga accatgcaga agttttataa gatagtggaa cacctcaagt    227880
     tgaagatttg ttatatcctg taagttgagt aacttcttta agttggtctc actttgtaaa    227940
     tagactgtgg attccctctt tggataacct agactgagct aggccatctc tgctttttaa    228000
     actattgact agggttttaa tcatctttcc taacaaatct agcttcccta cagtgtcaag    228060
     ggctgttatt attgtttctc tcatacaggg ctccttctgt gaagcagtgt gagtcaaact    228120
     agcaatagta gcaaactatt aattacttac aatgcaaact gtgaggaaaa tcaacattga    228180
     ttcaattgcc aatttctact gtcctgttag aatgttaggg tagaaagttc taactcctcc    228240
     tgaaagtaag gtgtattttg aaagtaacat tttgaagcat cctttagaaa catcactgaa    228300
     aatcaagagg tgtcatagta aagtgttgag gaccaaaagc cacatgaaag tgtggagatt    228360
     aattaattag taaagaatgt tttaaccctc taaaattaac taaagattgt aacttgcttt    228420
     ggtatctgtc agaggcagaa tttcttctct tgcttttatg attcaattca aatagatttt    228480
     gggacaagtt ttttttttat taattccttc attcaacctt aagcaaccag tgatttcttt    228540
     taagcataat tagagacagg tgaattcagg agcaagatca gaagtaggac atctctgatg    228600
     gagtgtggag ggcagaattt agatctctaa tgtgaggtgg aattgaaaca tccaggtggc    228660
     aagagacaac tgacaatgtg gaaagaacaa aatgagctaa gtgggacctg gggtgcagag    228720
     gagaggcaag tggtgctctc agaatgagca tgtgttaaaa ttaaaccatg gttttgcctt    228780
     tctctgaatt ctgcaccatt ccatttctat cttatagcat ttcctacaat gccagtactt    228840
     tacttctatc ctccaagcag ccttattgat acaggataaa atgacaaacc tcaaactctg    228900
     gtatcctagg cttgatatta gatagttctg aagctcattg atgtcactgt gagaacaacc    228960
     ctgtgggtac aatggatacc tgtatttact ctctgttgct cacagggact ctgatctaga    229020
     tagttatcat cctctgcaaa ccatgccacg gacaccaggc acttctgata tgtggcctct    229080
     cacttcctag gggcaggtga atcctcagaa tatcatgaag ttctactgtc tgtctgtctg    229140
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    229200
     tctctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtaaaaa    229260
     tatatattcc cagtctccta ctcataggat caccaaaaag tgaaaggatg tatgtttcag    229320
     ggtgatctaa tttcaggaca caatcccctt tactggtatc gacagatctt ggggcaagag    229380
     ccatggtttc taacttattt acagaatgga gctccaccag acaaatcagg atttcctagt    229440
     catcacttta ctgttgagag gcttgaagga tcctactcta ttctgaagac ccagactgtg    229500
     aagcgggact cgacagagca cctctctttc agtggcttag ccacaacgta ccacaggcac    229560
     cttctgttca caaacctcag atgcttagcc ctcttcattg ctgtcctaaa ttctgaagaa    229620
     atgagttgtc tggttcttca acatcaaagg gagcaagtaa taacgacaaa cagatgcttt    229680
     cttacaaaat tgcgaatttg cattgtattt acacaatcca ggtctcaatg tcactaactc    229740
     agtctacact atgctaagca gtggcccagc caaagcaaag caatgtcaag gccagcctta    229800
     aaaaatatca tggattttct ctgaaccttt tatataatat ataataaata tataatatgc    229860
     aatatatggc acatgacata agacatatag catgtgacat ataatatata ctttatggta    229920
     tatagtatat aatatataat gtgtaatata taaatgatat ataaataata taaaacatat    229980
     aacatgatat aaaatatatg gcatattata tgtgatatat gatatgtgat atgtggtata    230040
     tactatatga taacatgata tataatgata tatatgtata gatatataca cacattatat    230100
     atatatgtat atatatgtat atatatgtgt atatatgtgt gtatatatat gtatatatat    230160
     gtatgtatat atatatatat atatgtatgt atatattgta aggaccaaca attatctgcc    230220
     aagattttcc atgatttcta tttttcagtg aattgagcac attacggaat aaagctatgc    230280
     atgagtgcac tcgtaagaaa actatggtat ctaggaacac aaaacatgaa tatactgttt    230340
     agtattaaag aaaaaattgc agctttacaa agaaggaaga aaatggggct tattactagg    230400
     ataaaaatta atcacaggaa agcaatctat ttctgacaaa ttgacaatga cattaaacag    230460
     tataactgca acacataccc tcaccaattt ataaaaatga gggagatatg caacaattca    230520
     taccaaactt ccagaagtaa atattggagt ctgtgatgag aaatagatga ctgtaatagt    230580
     agattgggtc ctttagatag aagggttgat gaatatgaag atgatattca taaggaaaca    230640
     cagaaaatga gagcaaggta taagtgaagc aaggataatg ccaatagtca aacatgcaat    230700
     ctgagtgtcc aatgaaaatt ttaatacata aacttcttga aacctagcta ggaatctaca    230760
     acaataattt caatattcta cctttctcag ctttattttc tttagactag tttattcttc    230820
     caagcgctca gaagatgtct ccattgacag tatcgttagt cagtgcatca tgaaaattcc    230880
     cttggactga agactgtttt gcccaggccc actccttccg aaggcatctg atacctagtg    230940
     aatagtgtat ggacccctgc agcactatgg caggaattag aaattcttct ttcttaaatg    231000
     agtttctctc tcaatggcac agataatatt tgagattttg ctgggtaaac tgcaactggc    231060
     aatcactctg atgttttcat gcccaccaca gatgcctgat tttgagagtt cccagcctct    231120
     tccacacagc ctgtcaggtt acagcccagt cagtgtctat agcaggtcac tatggggcac    231180
     tgaggaacca tctagtgagc ttctggcttc acatcagtag gtggatgcag gcagagcttt    231240
     ggtttggagg cacaataggg tattagctgt ggaaccagaa acagttctgg ctcaggaggc    231300
     aatcatcttt gcacacacac tgtgcaccac tagagggaga aataactgta gacttgaact    231360
     gtagttttgg tgatctaaag cctccggagc taggtggaaa aaagaaagca aaggctttga    231420
     tgttcatttc cctgatgact aaggatgttg aacatttctt taggtgcttc ttggccagtt    231480
     ggtattcctc agctgggaat tctctgttta gctctgtact tcatttttaa tagggttatt    231540
     tggttctcta gagtttaaca tctcgagttc tttgtatata ttgaatatta gccctcgatc    231600
     agatgtaggg ttggtaagga tcttttccca atctcttggc tgccattttt cctattgaca    231660
     gtgtccttag ccttacagaa gctttgcaat tttatgaagt cctgtttgtc aattcttgat    231720
     attagagcat aggctattgg tgttctcttg aggaaaattt cccctgtgcc catgtgcttg    231780
     aggctcttcc ccactttctt ttctattatt ttcagtatat ctgattttat gtagaggtcc    231840
     ttgatccact tggacttgag ctttgtacaa ggtgttaaga atggatccat ttgcattctg    231900
     agattccacc tcacaccagt cagaatggct aagatcaaaa attcaggtga tagcagatgc    231960
     tggcaagaat gaagagaaag aggaacactc ctccattgct ggtgggattg caagcaggta    232020
     cagtcactca agaaatgagt ttgttggttc ttcagaaaat tgggcctagt actacctgag    232080
     gacgcagcta taccactcct gagtatataa ccagaagatg ctccaacatg taataaggac    232140
     acaactatgt tcatagcagc cttatttata atagccagaa gctggaaaga actcagatgt    232200
     ccttcagcag aggaatggat aaagaaaatg tggtccattt acacaatgga gtattactca    232260
     gctattaaaa atgatgaact cataaagcgt ttaggcaaat caacagaact agaaaatatc    232320
     ctgaatgagg taacccaatc acaaaagaac acacatgata ttcactcact gataagtgga    232380
     tattagccca gaagttcaga atagccaaga aacaattcac agaccacctg aagctcaaga    232440
     agaaggaaga ccagtgtgga taattctgtc cttcttagaa tgggaatcaa aatacccatg    232500
     gaaggagata cagagacaaa atttggagca gaaactgaag gaaaggtccc tcagagactg    232560
     ccccacctgg ggatccatcc catatacagt catcaaaccc agacactatt gtggatgcca    232620
     acagtgctta ctgacaggag gagcctgata tagctgtctc ctgagaggct ctgccagtgc    232680
     ctgacaaata caaaagtgga tgctgatagc catccattgg actgagcaca gggtccccaa    232740
     tgaagaagct agagaaagaa tcgaaggagc tgaagggatt tgcagtccca cagaaggaac    232800
     aacaatatga accaaccagt acctccagat ctcccaggaa ctaaatcacc aaccaaagag    232860
     tacataagga gggacttatg gctccagcca catatgtagc agaggatggc cttgtgggac    232920
     atcaattaga ggagaggacc ttggtcttgt gaaagcttga tgccccagtg taggggaatc    232980
     ctaggactcg agagggagtg ggtgggttag taagcgggga caggggggat gagattgggg    233040
     gtgttggaag ggaaatggtg gaaaattaca gccacatcag aaacccttca tagtacattt    233100
     tctgacaaat aacacttctt ttagatacca atatacctta attacttgag atcttttcct    233160
     ttaagtacct ttggagggtc cagttattaa tactcacatt tattcacttt tctcattttg    233220
     aaaatcatct ctgtctctct tttacccttt aaggattgta atgaagtaga tagtaacaaa    233280
     atatctgcac attgatggtt acagggagtg catatttgtt taccctcttc aatgagtctt    233340
     aacataaatt cacgattaat agtcaaaatg ctatgcaagt taacgaacgt caaccctggg    233400
     gatgtgaaat gaaagcaaag tgaatatcta aagtgatacc cttatctaga aacttctatt    233460
     ttccttttca caagctgaga tataaaatga tgacgacaag tggggaagaa tgaattgttt    233520
     gggagaaaac tgtaaatggt cattggaaaa tgagtgatag acttttgtgt agtctatcta    233580
     ggaggcttct ggtgtctcct cacataagtc aactaatcat tcctggttgg tgggacttct    233640
     gggaaagaaa tttcatattt cttttgggga atcggtgctt agtctactag gggaagctga    233700
     gagaaagatt tttcttcact tgctttcccc caagcacttt ttagttcaga agaagcagaa    233760
     acaaagtaga gtattggaca gtcattttct gaattccatc tgtgttttca tatttattgt    233820
     cccatgatat tgtacaatgt ttatgtactg tagaaccatc accatcacgg ctttcccaag    233880
     aagttttcat ctttaaactc taaataggaa ctattcttcc ctcagagcct tcatcttgtc    233940
     tattttagga agtgtatgtt agaattgaag ttttttctct ttgtgcctga tttctttcac    234000
     tttgcatatg tcttatatgt gtaatatgta agaactagac ttatgtcaat acctcattgt    234060
     aataaagctg cacacttttc tacctcacat tcactttatg gacttttaag ttctgactat    234120
     atctatgttt tatatctatc ttttcaaagc ctacaaagag caataaaatt gctaaaaatt    234180
     tctctgactt ttgtttctca gtgacacaag gcacattgct taacaaatct atgaatgtat    234240
     taataaggaa accatggtat cttacttcct caaacataaa atgtacagtt ttacatctca    234300
     aaaaagatta caactttgca aagaaggaag taaataggac tcatcactag gagaaaaatt    234360
     aatcactaga aacaaacttg tttctgacaa gtcagctact atgacattta actgtgtaac    234420
     tgtagcacat acctcaacct gtctgtaaaa atgagggaga catgcaaaga tccaactcat    234480
     gcttccagag tagaaactgc agagtctgtg atgagcaata actcactgta agtaacagta    234540
     gactggatga cccagaagga tgaattaatg aatttgaaaa tgatgctgaa aggaaaacac    234600
     agaggaaatg agaataagat ataagtgagg tgaagataca ctggtggtga aatatgcact    234660
     cagtggggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggtt aagggcactg actgctcttc agaatggtcc    234720
     tgagttcaaa tcccagcaat cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tccatcaaaa ggtctgactc    234780
     cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac atataataaa taaatacatt    234840
     taaaaaagaa tgtttattta aaaatacaat caggaattgc aacataaatt ttaatattta    234900
     agtttcctca aaggctatcc agctgtctgc aacaacaatt ccaaaattct accttctcag    234960
     ctttctcccc cccccccttt tttttttggt ctggtttatt tttccaaatg tccagaggct    235020
     tcttcttcac tgacagcagc taccatctgg ccttctgggt atttgcttcg actaaagcct    235080
     ttatttacta gttccaacca cttccagggg cagctgatac ctaacaatta gtttaatgac    235140
     aacgggcaaa atttgagatt tcagcaagta cctggtactg tcaacatctt tgtgatgttt    235200
     tctgaaccac cactgatgct agatttgttg agagcttcaa tcctctacct ctcagcctgt    235260
     agcggtacag tccagtgatt gcacagctga tcactaggtg gcgctgtgga cccactggca    235320
     tttcttcaaa agtgactgca aagagaactc tggttttgga gcccacagta gggtattgtc    235380
     tgtggaacca gatatagtga tggctccgga gacccagaac agagcaggga atgacatcat    235440
     atttgcaaaa ccactgtgca tcagcaaagg tggctttaaa ctgtagtttt ggcaatctaa    235500
     aaccatctag agctaggaaa agggaggaaa gcaacttcct cagagaaaaa catgaagggg    235560
     atttcccatc cccagcccta tttattcagt acagtcatct ctccatccac taagcaggct    235620
     gagcctaaag cacagaaggg catagccaac actgtatacc caagagtaca gagagcccat    235680
     gggagtcagc aagatcgctg acctcagaac ctgacatcat aggcagtaag atgaaaggag    235740
     gaaagagaaa ggaggagccg actctcactt tctcaccaag aggaccagca tcctgagaag    235800
     aagcatgtct aacactgtcc tcgctgattc tgcctggggc atcaccctgc tatcttgggt    235860
     tactgtcttt ctcttgggaa caagtaagcc ctgagtgctg gcaggactgc acctaagctc    235920
     ctttattgct gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct gctgcataga cctacccttt    235980
     ctctagatca cccctgtctc cttcctcccc aggttcagca gattctgggg ttgtccagtc    236040
     tccaagacac ataatcaaag aaaagggagg aaggtccgtt ctgacgtgta ttcccatctc    236100
     tggacatagc aatgtggtct ggtaccagca gactctgggg aaggaattaa agttccttat    236160
     tcagcattat gaaaaggtgg agagagacaa aggattccta cccagcagat tctcagtcca    236220
     acagtttgat gactatcact ctgaaatgaa catgagtgcc ttggaactgg aggactctgc    236280
     tatgtacttc tgtgccagct ctctccacag ccttacaaag ctactggctt tctgtaactt    236340
     aatctttctg tttcagctgg caatatacta ggaaggggtt gggcaatgcc acgaaggctt    236400
     caccatagcc cagaaatgat tttatctcta tactaatccc cctatggtct actggagcta    236460
     acatagatat tcctaacact gaggttgagg ttggcctcaa gcctgccaga tgttcttacc    236520
     tctctgccag tacatttcag ctcctagaca gttgcaggaa accttattct gtgctggggt    236580
     gttaccctag ggcatgcatt ttatgactag ggtagatatt aacatgcctg ttttggagac    236640
     gaagattttt atacatttta ataggactca gaattgaaag atacacctct ttgccctcaa    236700
     agtaatcatt tggaatctcc ttgctgttcc ccagtttagg caaaaatata atggagtatc    236760
     ttggtctctt gtattacagg atatgctgag cttagtttgt gtgtggtggg atcctgacag    236820
     cttatagctg tattatatta agccagataa ggtttatctt gaaagtcaag acgaagctta    236880
     attttcaaca aagagaaagt tgctactcaa ccaattaaac tataaattaa aaaggaatag    236940
     taagaaggtg ttcatgcaga tggttctatc tccaatggaa taagggtatt ttccagaaaa    237000
     atatcattag tggtagatca gacattatct tggaaatgtt cttaagagct atgaaatttc    237060
     atgttccata ttccaaccgt ctaagtctaa aatagaaatt gctgttttct taacctgact    237120
     caaccatgac aatggcttca tttgttgatg gctcttggtt tctaaggact agacaagctc    237180
     tgagcatgta ggacaatgtc cttttttgga atggcaagac tctgatacca gcttcatcat    237240
     atgggagttc tcttgacccc ttatatctct gcttttggat gtgagtcttt cctcaccagg    237300
     gcagggttat ataaagtgtc aattaaaatc ccaacaggat gaatggacac agaaagaggg    237360
     cttgataccg agatattatc tatgtaggga gtaactgaga aatgccttac ctaggaagga    237420
     acctgtactg cccttgagta aagaaaagtg ctacatgtta gcaaagttat gacaaaagtg    237480
     atacaagagc ttttggatga ctatgataaa atttcttggg acacttcaca caccagatgg    237540
     gactatcact aggcaaacca cttacccata ttactaatgg ggatttccac ttgagaggaa    237600
     acacaggaac aaagatgtgg gcccactctc tatatagcct tacctgaaac aaagggagaa    237660
     tttctatgaa tgagggcaaa gtgaaggctg ggcctagaat gcagagctgt gtccctgagt    237720
     tggtgtgcaa gatcttaaag caattgttca cattgtaatg aactcaacct tgatgcttta    237780
     taagccaccg ggatgtcaca tagttattgt agccatagac tgcacggaca ctattattct    237840
     ttgcctaaat ggcaaagtga agaatcagaa caaatctcac agaatgcaga attttgtcat    237900
     aatgaagccg agattacaga agtaccaaaa attaaaacaa cataaaataa ggaatggtat    237960
     cctattagga ataaaataag cctaatatgt tgattaaaat caaagaaata gtatacacaa    238020
     gtataaatac acaagccata aattctttct gttctgagat gataatttat gtctttacac    238080
     tacaaatatt attgtacagt tcaactatgg gatgataatt aatagtagaa ttgtctgtag    238140
     agaaggggtg tggcgtgtta actgtgcagc tcaaacattt gttggagaca gtgacatcac    238200
     taagtcactg aaagccccag ctctaatttc ccaagcaggg ctggaacata caagagcctg    238260
     acttggtcgc gagatgggct ccaggctctt tctggtcttg agcctcctgt gtacaagtga    238320
     gtgctggtta gcccaagtgt gcttctctcc cctgaattcc caagtctttc tgctcagatg    238380
     acatcatcag gctttgtctt tctctatcat agaacacatg gaggctgcag tcacccaaag    238440
     ccctagaaac aaggtgacag taacaggagg aaacgtgaca ttgagctgtc gccagactaa    238500
     tagccacaac tacatgtact ggtatcggca ggacactggg catgggctga ggctgatcca    238560
     ttactcatat ggtgctggca accttcaaat aggagatgtc cctgatgggt acaaggccac    238620
     cagaacaacg caagaagact tcttcctcct gctggaattg gcttctccct ctcagacatc    238680
     tttgtacttc tgtgccagca gtgatgcaca gtgatgtgtg gcttcctccc ctttgcacag    238740
     aaagtgaatt aggaaaacaa attgcctgtg tgcctcagga agtccctgcc tctataagag    238800
     tcactgagat ctgagaaact aggactcttg caggatgggt ttctagctgc ccgaaggcca    238860
     ttgtaacacc ttttcaagga tggttgtctt atccccactt cttgtttctg ctttcaaaga    238920
     caaaaatgaa tttttaagaa gacagcattt ttttctttat aacagtcctg gtcattctga    238980
     aactagtatt gtagaccaag ctggcctaaa agtcatagag atctgtctgc ctctctctct    239040
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctccct ctctccctct ctccctctcc ccccccccct    239100
     ctctctctct ctctctctct catgatgtat ttaaagggtt gtgcaatcac atctgggtga    239160
     aaaatgaatc tttaatggga attccggggg atgcttttga taatctcaca gccatagttt    239220
     cagtcccatt ggccttcaat taactcccac cattttacaa tcaaactgag tcacttatat    239280
     gatctcattc cagccggtgt ttattctata ggtcagtagc ctcttctttt gtatagagcc    239340
     cataatgtta tgtgtcactt ttcttcactc attggtgtca tcagctatta atcaacatcc    239400
     tctgatgttt tcttcatcag ctaattttat ctacatttca agtacttctt catatatgtt    239460
     gtggtatttt ctattctgga gatttttttc cctaggacat ttcttcttca tggaagaact    239520
     ttatctttcc ctcttgtttc tagatctctt ctcccagtga aaatatattt caggtttgat    239580
     tacttttacc ttcttaaggt ttcaatttaa taacattatt tcctcattta gttctaactc    239640
     taacatctca caagttttgc tcccctttca tattcatagc ttctttttct tatattattc    239700
     ttattggttt gtgttttgta tgtgtggtat gaataaataa atgcaatcta caaactctat    239760
     ttagtgttaa ttgattgtat atttttaaag ctacccactt gtgattgggc aaccatgtag    239820
     ggtattcatt ttggggaaga gtaatagagc ttctctcagt agtctttaat tgaaaaaaaa    239880
     aagcaggcag aactactatg ccagatttca aaatatatat cattcttttt ctatatctta    239940
     ttgaatttac aaataaaaat atcatattct cttgttacaa tgtgtgagta acttgtgcca    240000
     ctcagtggta actggaaaac tccacccaag ccacactgaa ttttatataa tgagcagtaa    240060
     gaaagagtca gaatggagtt tggagatttg tatgatggct acctttctgg catcatgaca    240120
     aacctaagaa tggaaatgaa gaaggaatat tttaattttt tcctcagtgt ttctgatgtt    240180
     tctatgcata tatggaccca ttgttttggc cctgtggtgt tgcagaacag actggcagaa    240240
     aaaatgtggc agagctgagc tgcccatgac aagaagaaag aggagtaagg atagataggt    240300
     atgcagatag ataaatagat agatgatagg tagaaagata gagatagaga gatagagaga    240360
     cagatgataa atagatcttt taattgcatt gtgttgtggt tttctttggg ttttgtctgt    240420
     ttttgaaaaa tgacggtcct ttcaaactgt tctcattgcc atgggcaaaa tttgacattt    240480
     gggtgcatta acaggtactg caaactgtgt taaggtttct ggaatacccc agaagcctta    240540
     ttttgagagc tcccatctct atcatagtca gtagcgatcc aatccagtgg ctgcacatta    240600
     gggggcgctg ctgatccact tgtgagctgt gggcagtgct aaacaagatg gatgcagtgc    240660
     tttgatatgc agcccgcaga agctgtggaa ccagaaacaa cgctggctta agaagcacgg    240720
     ggctgggagg taaagcctat catctatgca cacacaccgt gtgtcaccac agggagcatg    240780
     gattgtagac ttaaactgta gtcttggcaa tccaaaaccc tctgaagcta gaagaagaga    240840
     agaaagcaac tgactcagag aaaaacatga agaggacttt cccacaccca gccctattta    240900
     ctcaatacag ccatctcccc ttctattgag aaggaaaagg gctgagacta ggtccagtac    240960
     tacagagagc ctatgggagt aacagtatca acagatcact gacctcagaa tctgacatca    241020
     caggcaatga gatgataaga ggagaaagga ggagctgact cctgctctct caccaaagag    241080
     accagtatcc tgagaggaag catgtctaac actgccttcc ctgaccccgc ctggaacacc    241140
     accctgctat cttgggttgc tctctttctc ctgggaacaa gtaagtccag agtgctggca    241200
     agactgctcc taagctcctt cattgctgct gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgca    241260
     cagacctact ctttctctag acactcaccc ctgtctcctt cctccccagg ttcagcaaat    241320
     tctggggttg tccagtctcc aagatacata atcaaaggaa agggagaaag gtccattcta    241380
     aaatgtattc ccatctctgg acatctctct gtggcctggt atcaacagac tcaggggcag    241440
     gaactaaagt tcttcattca gcattatgat aaaatggaga gagataaagg aaacctgccc    241500
     agcagattct cagtccaaca gtttgatgac tatcactctg agatgaacat gagtgccttg    241560
     gagctagagg actctgccgt gtacttctgt gccagctctc tccacagcct tacagagcta    241620
     ctggctttct gtaacttaat ctttctgttc cagctggtga tgtactggag aggggttggg    241680
     tgatgccatt aaaccttagc caaggaccag aaatgcttct agcttgttac taatcctctg    241740
     actgcctagc taaggacaca cagaccgttc ctaaacattg gcctgggcaa ggcccttcag    241800
     ctactctcag atctctacta ataccttcca gcccctaggc aatggtaaga aactctgctc    241860
     tgtcattgat tatggccata ggcaacatgc tttaagacaa ggatagacat tatcatatcc    241920
     attttctcag tgaggacgta catataccac ttcaagaagg aatcagtagc ttatgaaatt    241980
     ttccaacatt ttttgtttaa gaacataaac aataaaattg aaaggtacat ctctgtgcct    242040
     tctacatcaa agttctgaat tttctcggtg ttactcagtt tgtgtaaaaa catagaaact    242100
     catgtttttt gtttttttgt attctcagat cagctgaact cggggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    242160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgg cagggtgata gattatagat    242220
     gtatgatatt aagccagatt atgtttgttt tctcatagtt ccaaggtgag atttacattt    242280
     tcaacaaaga aaatttgcta gtaaacaatc cgttgaaaag gaataaaaag gagatattta    242340
     cacaaattcc attatctcca gtgaagtcag agtattgttt agaagattaa cattactggt    242400
     agatcatatt tgaaatgatc ctacaagcta tgaaacttaa tgttccctac cccaaacatc    242460
     taagtcttaa acagacagtg ccttttcctt agacttactc tgccacacgt aatagcctcc    242520
     tttttggtgg ctcttggtct ctaggaacta gccaagctat gggcatggaa gataatgtcc    242580
     tttctgggaa ggtcagatcc tgtttccacc ttctttatac ggattctgtt ctgagcactg    242640
     ccctgaccct gcttttgagt ccttccccac cagggcaagg ttatagaaag tttccatcta    242700
     aatcccacta ggatgtgtgg tcccagaaag gaggcttcaa actgagttac tatccttgtg    242760
     gtgtgtaact ggaatatgct ttatctagga agggactttt actgccattg aagagaggtg    242820
     tttcacatta gcaaagtttg acaaaggtca cacgagaact tttgaatgat tttggtacaa    242880
     ctctcttgaa ccgtataagc accagacctg aacatgacct ggaagacagc tcactcacat    242940
     tgatgaaggg atttccgctt gacagaaaat acagtggcaa agtctgaggt ccctcagcta    243000
     cagtgtcacc tgaaacaaag ggagaatttc tatcaccgag aatagcctga gggttgagtt    243060
     tacaatgtac cgcttgtgtt cttgagtagg tgggagagtt cttaaaacaa ttgttcaaat    243120
     ttaatgaccc cagtcttggt gctttgtaaa cttactgggt gtcaggcagt ctttgtagcc    243180
     acagatagca ctgaaagttt tctttggctt attaggcaat gttgaaatct catagaatgc    243240
     atgaagcatg ttgtgagagt acaactgaga tcacagaggt aacaaaaatg aaaacataag    243300
     gaacatgaaa atataaggaa ttctatccta tcaggaataa gtctaatatg gtgactaaaa    243360
     tcagagaaag agtacataca agtataagta gaaaacaagc cataaactct ttctgctctg    243420
     agctgatgct ttgtgtgtat atactacaaa tgttgttgta tagtccaaat gtgaaattat    243480
     aatcaatagt agacttgttt gtgtaaggaa gggtgtggtg tgtgcagttc aagcattttt    243540
     tggagacagt gatgtcacta agtcactgaa agacccagct ctagtttccc aaacagggct    243600
     ggaacataca agaacctgcc ttggtcccaa gatgggctcc aggctcttct tcgtgctctc    243660
     cagtctcctg tgttcaagtg agtgctggtc aggccacagg tgtgcttctc tctccagaat    243720
     tcccaagtct ttttgctaag atgacatcat caggttttgt ctttcttttt atagaacaca    243780
     tggaggctgc agtcacccaa agcccaagaa acaaggtggc agtaacagga ggaaaggtga    243840
     cattgagctg taatcagact aataaccaca acaacatgta ctggtatcgg caggacacgg    243900
     ggcatgggct gaggctgatc cattattcat atggtgctgg cagcactgag aaaggagata    243960
     tccctgatgg atacaaggcc tccagaccaa gccaagagaa cttctccctc attctggagt    244020
     tggctacccc ctctcagaca tcagtgtact tctgtgccag cggtgatgca cagtgatgtg    244080
     gggtttcctc ccctctgcac agaaaggaaa taaggagaac aaagtgcctg tgtacctaag    244140
     aaagttcctg tctctctaag agtcactgag ctctgacaaa ccaggaacct tataacatag    244200
     gtctcagcct gactagaggc cactctaaca ccttttcata ggtgcttgtc tcatctctgg    244260
     attttttttt cagagagtaa aatcactctt tagttggagt tcatgatgac ccctttagtg    244320
     atcttacagc cactatgtct atacctgtgg ccttcagtga cctcttcaac ccctttctga    244380
     cagctgagtt aattatgtga tgtcttttct ggctatatta aatagtagat catttttaaa    244440
     aaatatttta ttagatattt tctttattta catttcaaat gttatctttt ttctccctat    244500
     cccctccccc atccccctgc tccccaaccc acccactccc attcccaatc ctggcataga    244560
     atggccataa ggtcccctgt catcagtcat cttgtatcac cagtctttac ccttccctgg    244620
     ttcattctac ctaaatttat ctgcagtcag tgcttattca tttgtgttac gctgtttttg    244680
     accttgggat acttttccat gtcaattctt gtgtaccttt ccctcttatt tctggaactc    244740
     cttttccctt taaaaaatgc ttcaggaaga attatttttc tttatccttt taaaaatgtt    244800
     agtttagtta cattgttccc cccccccact tctccctcta actatttacc tccctccccc    244860
     tccatattaa aattcatggt ctttattctg tagttattat tttaattttc tgtgtttgtg    244920
     gtgtgaataa atataagaat acaacctcct gtgactgttt agtattgctt gttagtatgt    244980
     tttttttttt tttccgatca cttgtgtttg gaaagccttt aaagggactc ctcctgtgga    245040
     ggactcattc cctatgcctc aggaaaaaaa aaatgctgta gtgatgacca ttccagatgt    245100
     caagttttaa ctccttttcc acaacttgct gagtttacaa actgaagtat catatcttcc    245160
     tgttacaatg tgccagtaac ttgactctca ggaggtagta attgggcagc cagtagcaga    245220
     aagttgttca ttcatgctgg attttatact ggaattataa caggactggg aaaaacaaaa    245280
     acaaaaaggt atgttttctt cagcgtttca aaatttcggt ctatgattat gtgggttgta    245340
     tgttgctagg cctgaggtat ggcagaacag tctagcagga ggaacatggc agagctgaac    245400
     tgcctatctc atgagagtaa ggaaagaaag atggataatg ggagggaggg aaggaaggac    245460
     agagggagac agggagggag agagaggagt acagtggcct acatgttcca atgggtctct    245520
     tctttctgaa gttgcctcca tgattcaatg tcatttgtaa tataaagcta tctatagatt    245580
     ggccattggt gataaaaaat tcttcatgat gtactctttc ttgaagctct ttgtctgaac    245640
     actatgtgaa actaaacctt taatatgtgg atctttaggg aatacataat atataaaata    245700
     aataagcact attttgcatc ataatatgac acaacatccc tgaatataat tcttatcaaa    245760
     aagagataaa taatactttt atcaatataa aatttaactc agttcttctt gagtttcatg    245820
     tgttttgcaa attgtatctt atatcttggg tatgctaagt ttctgggcta atatccactt    245880
     atcagtgagt acatgtcatt tgagttcttt tgtgattgtg ttacctcact cagattgatg    245940
     ccctccaggt ccattcattt gcctaggaat ttcataaatt catccttttt aatagctgag    246000
     tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc attcctctgt tgaggggcat    246060
     ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggctg ctatgaacat aatggagcat    246120
     gtgtccttct taccagttag aacatcttct ggatatatgc ccaggagagg tattgcggga    246180
     tccttcagta gtactatgtc caattttctg aggaacagcc agactgattt ccagagtggt    246240
     tgtacaagct tgcaatccca ccaacaatgg aggagtgatc ctttctccac atcctcacca    246300
     gcatctgctg tcacctgaat ttttgatctt agccattctg actggtgtga ggtggaatct    246360
     cagggaacaa aacacccatg gaaggagtta ctgagacaaa gtttggagct gagaagaaag    246420
     gatggaccat ctagagactg ccatacccgg ggatccatcc cataatcagc ctccaaatgc    246480
     tgacaccatt gcatacacta gcaagatttt gctgaaagga cctgatatag ctgtctcttg    246540
     tgaggctatt cttgggtcta gtaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag ctattggatg    246600
     gatcacaggg cccccaatgg aggagttaga gaaagtaccc aaggagctaa agggatctgc    246660
     aaccctatag gtggaacaac aatatgaaat aacaagtacc tcctggagct cctgtctcta    246720
     gctgcatatg tagcagaaga tggcctagtc ggccatcagt ggaaagagag gctcattggt    246780
     cttgcaaact ttatatgcct cagtacaggg taacgccagg gccaagaagt gggagtgggt    246840
     gggtagggga gtggaggagg ggaggacatg ggggactttt ggcatagcat tggaaatgta    246900
     aatgaagaaa atacctaatt aaaaaaaact cagaaaatac agcaaatata tctaaactct    246960
     catgtcacag aacagtaaat agaaattacc acaaaagatt aattttcaat tgttatttga    247020
     aataaatcat catcagctga agttatgaga cctgaattca agattaccag ataggaatat    247080
     tttctaaaga attgcaatac agaatatgtg ttgaactctg gacagcccgg aactgtgtta    247140
     actacaaaag aaaattacag ccacaacaaa aatctcttca caggatgctt tgtgacaaac    247200
     atcacttctg tatgttacca atgcatctga tttggttgtg gttttgtttt gttttgtttt    247260
     gttttgtttt gttttgtttt gtttctctct aagtgtctcc ctggaggatt cagtttcttt    247320
     tgtcgttttg tctttctttg tcccttttta aatgcttatg attgtaatga aacacatgat    247380
     aacaaaaaac gttcattttg atgcttgtac atgaggtata tttgtttact ctatgccttg    247440
     tgtctatgaa ataaattcac cgattaacag acaaaaactg caaggtaatc acatttatgg    247500
     agatatcaaa aggaaagaaa aatatttaaa gaactccatg tatgctgaac tttgaattcc    247560
     ttgtcacagg ctgagtgcag gataatatgt ataaactggg gaatattaaa atatttgtga    247620
     aaagctgagt attcccttaa gagactggtg atagactgag aaatctcttc agacatatta    247680
     tgggtatcca gtgtctcctt ctggggtaca acttaatcct ctctggttgg tgggattccc    247740
     agggaggtgt tcacgtatat cttttgtagt atctgtgtgt tttctaccag gggaagaatt    247800
     ttatgcttcc ataaagaatt ttttctatac ttgcttttgt accttaagtt caaaagaaat    247860
     aaaacccacc aaattagcat actgaactgc cattttctaa actacaccac agtttaatat    247920
     ttataacttt gtggtatttt acatatattc attgtgttgt taaaccatca ttatatttcc    247980
     caaaaagttt ttatctgtag ccaattaggc agtaactatt ttttattagg atcccgatct    248040
     tccctatttt agcaagtctt tatttagaat tataatattt ttccctttgt gtcttatttt    248100
     tcactagcat gtatatgtat tgttacattt tgatatgtat aagaacttta cttgtagtat    248160
     ttcattgtat taaaatatta tacttccttt acataattta atgttgtgtc catctctaag    248220
     ttatatatct tatatttttt taatgtgggc tcagtcttta atggttgagc tcccctccag    248280
     tcctctaagt tctatatctg tctttgttaa agtctgaaaa gagcaacaac tatctgctag    248340
     gaatagctct gatttctatt tctcaatgac ttaagcacat tgcagaataa acctacaagt    248400
     ctattaataa gaaaactatg ggatatagaa caccaaaaca taaaatatac tgtttggcat    248460
     ctaataaaaa atttagagct tttccaagaa gcaggaaaat aggacttgtc agtgggggaa    248520
     aaaaaaaatc agtcactaga aaccaaccta cttctgataa attggctggc agtgacaatg    248580
     aacagtgtaa atgcagcaca ttaaacagtt tgtagaaatg agagagacac acacaaatcc    248640
     aaatccaact cctagaagtg aaattgtagt gtttgtgatg aaaatgccct aagtgtaggt    248700
     aatcatacac tggaggctcc agaaggaagg ataaatgaat ttggaaatgg tattcataag    248760
     gaaacatgga gaaaatgaga aaaggtatag atgaactaag tataactgca gagtaaaaaa    248820
     tgcaatccga attcacttaa aattttaata tataaacttt ttaaagactt gttaggtgtc    248880
     taaaacaata atttcatcat tctacccttc caggttttct cttccttaga ccagttgttt    248940
     tttcaaatgt gtttagaaga cttctccatt gacagaattc acagtctgtg catcataaaa    249000
     attcacttag actagagggt attttgccta ggtccactcc ttctaaaggc atctgatacc    249060
     tagtgactcg tctatgtctc cctaccacac tgtgatagga attagagatt attctttcct    249120
     aagtgagttt cctttaggtt tctctcactg ggacaggtaa tatttgagat ttaggtgggc    249180
     aaactatacc tgacaacaac tctgtggtgt gctctggctc accacagatg tctgattttg    249240
     agagcttcta gcctcaacca taccttgtgg gggtatagcc cagtaagtcc acactggtca    249300
     ctagggggca ttgaggaacc atctagtgaa tttctggtat tgctttagat gtcacagagc    249360
     tctggtttgg agtcacagta ggatattagc tgtggaacca gaaacagtac tggctcagga    249420
     ggctcagagc agagcagggg tggtcagtca tatgtgcaca ttaactgtgg tgaagcacag    249480
     ggagcataaa atgtagattt gaagtgtgta ttggcaatct agcctctcta ccaatccaaa    249540
     gataggtgga agaaggaagc aactgactca gagaaaagca tgaaatggac tcccccgtac    249600
     ccaaccatct tgattcagca ctgccatatc cccttccact aagcaggcta gacctaaagt    249660
     ggggagggta cagccagcag agtatgccca agtgtacaga aagcccatgt tagtgaacaa    249720
     gatcactgac ctcagaacct atcatcacag gcaacaagac aaaaggagga gagaggaagg    249780
     agaagctgac tcctgatctc tcaccaaggg gaccagcaga agaaatatgt gtaatactac    249840
     cctccttaat tttgcctggg gcaccaccct gctttcttgg attactgtct ttctcctggg    249900
     aacaagtgtg tcctgagggc aggtgagact gctcctgagc tccgctgctg ctgctgctgc    249960
     tgctgctgca tagacctact ctttctctag atgctcaccc ctgtctcctt ctccccaggt    250020
     tcagcaaatt ctggggttgt ccagtctcca agacacaaaa tcaaagaaaa gggagaaagg    250080
     ttcattctga aagttattcc cacctctctg aacatagcca tgcggtccgg taccaacaga    250140
     ctcgggatca ggaactaaag ttcctcattc agaattatga aaaagctgag ggagagaaag    250200
     gaaacctgcc tggttgattt ttaatccaac agttcaacga cttttactct gagattaacc    250260
     tgagtgcctt ggacctagag gactttactg tgtacttttg tgccagctca ccacagagct    250320
     actagctttc tgtgtcaaca tcttcctgac ccagctgacg atgtatgaga gggattgaga    250380
     gatgcctcgt agtcttatcc aaggcccaga aatgctccta gttctataac aattccccat    250440
     cgcctgggta aacccacact actgctccta aacactgggg ttggcctcaa gctctccaga    250500
     tgttctcata tctctgccaa tactttgcag cttttagcca gtggtaggaa ttctattctg    250560
     tactgggttg taggcataaa ctacatgttt taaaacaatg gtaaaaatta g             250611
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