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IMGT RFLP allele nomenclature

IMGT RFLP allele nomenclature for IG and TR of all vertebrates

IMGT general rules

Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) alleles are described for the conventional genes of any species and for the germline V-GENE, D-GENE and J-GENE, and for the C-GENE from immunoglobulins (IG) and T cell receptors (TR) of all vertebrates with jaws (gnathostomata).

IMGT RFLP allele names

RFLP allele names of the conventional genes and of the V-GENE, D-GENE, J-GENE and C-GENE comprise the IMGT gene name followed by an asterisk, a capital letter and a number. The letters are given chronologically, in alphabetic order. A given letter corresponds to (a) defined enzyme(s) and a defined probe, with the numbers corresponding to the different RFLP alleles.

IMGT RFLP allele representations

RFLP allele representations

RFLP alleles and frequencies are reported in Probes and RFLP of the IMGT Repertoire.