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Uncertain nucleotides


Probably C 1 Probably A/G R
T 2 C/T Y
A 3 A/C 5
G 4 G/T 6
A/T 7
G/C 8
Probably C, Possibly CC D C X K
Probably T, Possibly TT V T X L
Probably A, Possibly AA B A X M
Probably G, Possibly GG H G X N

'/' means 'or'.

International Union of Biochemistry (IUB) codes

        Code      Base Description
        ----      --------------------------------------------------------------
        G         Guanine
        A         Adenine
        T         Thymine
        C         Cytosine
        R         Purine               (A or G)
        Y         Pyrimidine           (C or T or U)
        M         Amino                (A or C)
        K         Ketone               (G or T)
        S         Strong interaction   (C or G)
        W         Weak interaction     (A or T)
        H         Not-G                (A or C or T) H follows G in the alphabet
        B         Not-A                (C or G or T) B follows A
        V         Not-T (not-U)        (A or C or G) V follows U
        D         Not-C                (A or G or T) D follows C
        N         Any                  (A or C or G or T)
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