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In the IGK locus, rearrangements occur between a recombination signal (RS) localized in the J-C-INTRON ans a RS localized in the kappa-deleting element (Kde) dowstream of the IGKC gene.
The RS are designated as:
KJI-RS: recombination signal in the IGK J-C-INTRON
KDE-RS: recombination signal of the kappa-deleting element

The KJI-RS (CACAGTG positions 2567-2573 in X67858) and the KDE-RS [1] are recombination signals that are involved in IGKV-KDE or KJI-KDE rearrangements. These rearrangements lead to the IGKC gene deletion and therefore to the functional inactivation of the IGK locus.

The rearranged sequences are used as markers in leukemia [2] and in B lymphocyte differenciation analysis [3].

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