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IMGT Genes on the Ensembl Genome Browser

"IMGT Genes" have been available on the Ensembl Genome Browser since October 28, 2005. The links below give access to the human IG and TR loci in Ensembl

To see "IMGT Genes":

Once "IMGT Genes" are displayed, clicking on an individual IMGT Gene opens a small window with a direct link to IMGT/GENE-DB.

Genes in the forward (FWD) orientation on the chromosome are displayed above the DNA (contigs), whereas genes in the reverse (REV) orientation are located below.

  1. Homo sapiens IGH locus at 14q32.33:
  2. Homo sapiens IGK locus at 2p11.2:
  3. Homo sapiens IGL locus at 22q11.2:
  4. Homo sapiens TRA/TRD locus at 14q11.2:
  5. Homo sapiens TRB locus at 7q34: (1)
  6. Homo sapiens TRG locus at 7p14:

"IMGT Genes" on the Ensembl Genome Browser were set up by Emmanuel-Jean Servier since 2006 (DESS de Bioinformatique, Université Montpellier 2 September 2005, and LIGM, October 2005) and has been maintained by Jérôme Lane and Patrice Duroux since 2011.

  • (1) Be aware that in the GRCh37.p2 assembly, the TRB locus had major errors (gaps, inversion). The correct sequence is available in IMGT/LIGM-DB in L36092. In GRCh38 these errors have been corrected.