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IGKV clans for Homo sapiens and Mus musculus

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IGKV clans
  • Each IGKV subgroup is represented with one sequence per species chosen at random among the functional genes, except for IGKV16-102*01, IGKV7-3*01 which are pseudogene, and IGKV6-21 which is an ORF.
  • Species name abbreviations are shown with the IMGT 6 letters code.
  • Tree was generated using IMGT/PhyloGene [1,2].
  • Clans are colored using TreeDyn.
More information:

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[2] Lefranc, M.-P. and Lefranc, G., "Immunoglobulin lambda (IGL) genes of human and mouse", In: Molecular Biology of B cells (Honjo T., Alt, F. W. and Neuberger, M. S. eds), Academic Press, Elsevier Science, pp. 37-59 (2004) ISBN: 0120536412

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