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IMGT/MHC-NHP [1], a component of IMGT/MHC-DB is part of IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system® [2].

IMGT/MHC-NHP is the database of non-human primate MHC sequences. IMGT/MHC-NHP is the reference for the alleles of the non human primate MHC sequences. IMGT/MHC-NHP has been on the Web since April 2002. IMGT/MHC-NHP has been implemented in the frame of the European programmes BIOTECH2 (BIO4CT960037) and 5th PCRDT (QLG2-2000-01287) and is hosted on the EBI server. IMGT/MHC-NHP data are maintained by Natasja de Groot and Ronald Bontrop (BPRC, Netherlands).

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