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Normal rearranged repertoire

"Normal rearranged repertoire" refers to a set of human IG sequences expertly annotated in IMGT/LIGM-DB, which can be used for comparing sequences from patients. This set has been analysed in collaboration with Athanasios Andreou, Chrysoula Belessi, Kostas Stavroyianni-Stamatopoulos and Frédéric Davi (2004-2005).

To download,

  1. query IMGT/LIGM-DB via SRS
  2. Select IMGT/LIGM-DB (in Nucleotide Sequence database)
  3. Click on "Standard Query Form" (in "Search Options" left panel)
  4. On the next page:
    • select "Keywords"(instead of "Alltext" in "Fields you can search")
    • type "normal rearranged repertoire"
    • "Search"