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Announcement: December 2001

A new freely available tool - IMGT/JunctionAnalysis

The IMGT/JunctionAnalysis tool, freely available at IMGT, allows for the identification and analysis of the P, N, and D regions of the junctions of the rearranged immunoglobulin and T cell receptor genes in human and mouse.
The analysis provides, in addition to the P, N, et D regions, the number of somatic mutations for immunoglobulin V, D and J at the junction, the GC nucleotide content of the N regions, and the translation of the junction with the IMGT numbering of the CDR3 amino acids.
This programm can analyze many sequences at a time (several hundreds). Each entry in FASTA format must include:

The IMGT nomenclature for human immunoglobulin and T cell receptor genes [1,2] has been approved by HUGO in 1999 and links have been made to GDB (Toronto) and Entrez Gene (NCBI).

[1] The Immunoglobulins FactsBook, M.-P. Lefranc and G. Lefranc, 458 pages, ISBN:012441351X, Academic Press, Hartcourt, 2001
[2] The T cell Receptor FactsBook, M.-P. Lefranc and G. Lefranc, 398 pages, ISBN:0124413528, Academic Press, Hartcourt, 2001

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