BPRC Biomedical Primate Research Centre

RIJSWIJK (The Netherlands)

Organisation background

The Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) has a long-standing experience in characterising the Major Histocompatibility Complexes (MHC) of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) and rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta). The BPRC is a unique setting since it is the only centre in the world that possesses alloantisera that define MHC Class I and II polymorphisms in non human primates. As a result, the chimpanzee and rhesus macaque colonies have been pedigreed for more than three generations based upon the segregation of MHC specificities.

Responsible scientist

Dr. Ronald E. Bontrop (bontrop@bprc.nl)
Biomedical Primate Research Centre
Departments of Immunobiology
Lange Kleiweg 151
PO Box 3306
2280 GH RIJSWIJK (The Netherlands)
Phone : +31 15 284 2688
Fax : +31 15 284 3987

Other personnel

Natasja de Groot


Dr. Steven G.E. Marsh (marsh@ebi.ac.uk)
James Robinson (jrobinso@ebi.ac.uk)
Anthony Nolan Research Institute (ANRI)
Royal Free Hospital
Pond Street
Tel : +44 171 284 8321
Fax : +44 171 284 8331

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