Tissue Antigen cover

The V-DOMAIN shown is from an immunoglobulin heavy chain variable domain (three dimensional structure 1aqk_H extracted from IMGT/3Dstructure-DB, http://www.imgt.org). The C-LIKE-DOMAIN shown is the domain [D1] of Homo sapiens FCGR3B*02 (PDB: 1e4k_C). BC (red) , C'C" (orange) and FG (blue) loops correspond to the complementarity determining regions in the V-DOMAIN. The CD transversal strand (green) is characteristic of the C- and C-LIKE-DOMAINs. Anchor positions are shown by spheres in the ribbon representations and by squares in the IMGT Colliers of Perles. Standardization based on the IMGT unique numbering and IMGT Colliers de Perles allows to compare alleles and mutations whatever the receptor, the chain and the domain, as demonstrated with the FCGR3B allele characterization. The figure is from Quentin Kaas."