CDR1-IMGT 3D structures: Human IGLV M3C65

CDR1-IMGT length: 9 amino acids
Human IGLV7 subgroup

- IMGT/3Dstructure-DB: 1dl7
-Collier de Perles: Human IGL V-J REGION: 1dl7

Five representations are shown:
  • backbone: a virtual representation which links the C alpha (CA) of the main chain
  • wireframe
  • sticks
  • balls and sticks: atoms represented with spheres
  • spacefill.
  • Click on the representations of the CDR1-IMGT for detailed and widened pictures.




    Balls and Sticks


    This page has been generated with the program RASMOL version 2.6 from the PDB file 1dl7, containing the atomic coordinates of the immunoglobulin lambda light chain dimer M3C65.
    Only the CDR1-IMGT loop of the V-DOMAIN of the Ig-Lambda chain (1dl7_L) is displayed here.

    Created: 17/04/2001
    Last updated: Friday, 17-Jan-2020 21:00:32 CET
    Author: Elodie Foulquier