CDR2-IMGT 3D structures: Human IGLV B7-15A2

CDR2-IMGT length: 3 amino acids
Human IGLV1 subgroup

- IMGT/3Dstructure-DB: 1aqk
-Collier de Perles: Human IGL V-J REGION: 1aqk

Five representations are shown:
  • backbone: a virtual representation which links the C alpha (CA) of the main chain
  • wireframe
  • sticks
  • balls and sticks: atoms represented with spheres
  • spacefill.
  • Click on the representations for detailed and widened pictures




    Balls & Sticks


    This page has been generated with the program RASMOL version 2.6 from the PDB file 1aqk, containing the atomic coordinates of the Fab fragment of the antibody B7-15A2.
    Only the CDR2-IMGT loop of the V-DOMAIN of the Ig-Lambda chain (1aqk_L) is displayed here.

    Created: 23/07/2001
    Authors: Hanane El Jamali, Elodie Foulquier