Alignment of alleles: Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) IGIJ2S1

When several alleles are shown, the nucleotide mutations and amino acid changes for a given codon are indicated in red letters. These polymorphic mutations are reported in Tables of alleles.
Dashes indicate identical nucleotides. Dots indicate gaps by comparison to the longest sequence. Blanks indicate partial sequences (blanks at the 5' and/or 3' end).

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                                      1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10  11  12
                                     D   T   G   F   G   G   G   T   E   V   I   L
  AJ293808,IGIJ2S1*01             A GAC ACC GGA TTT GGC GGC GGC ACT GAA GTC ATT CTT G   c(st)

c: cDNA sequence
(st): sterile transcript

Created: 25/03/2002
Last updated: Friday, 22-Sep-2023 18:24:46 CEST
Author: Nathalie Bosc