Reagents monoclonal antibodies: anti-human TRDV

This table lists reagents monoclonal antibodies, specific for the T cell Receptor Delta Variable regions (TRDV), which are commercially available.
Companies are encouraged to inform us of commercially available antibodies.

Only functional TRDV genes and alleles are listed.

The reactivities of the reagents monoclonal antibodies for different variable regions are shown between parentheses in the 'Clone name and Specificity' column.

% of peripheral CD3 positive cells in normal blood are from the Coulter, Serotec or BD Biosciences Web sites.

The reactivities as described in this table are not exhaustive. For more information on the products and their reactivity, please contact the companies.

For antibodies quoted in the table: ThermoFisher Scientific (Pierce Endogen antibodies), Bio-rad (Serotec antibodies), Beckman Coulter (Coulter antibodies), and BD Biosciences

TRDV gene name   TRDV allele name   Reagents monoclonal antibodies
Clone name Isotype Company % of peripheral CD3 positive
cells in normal blood
TRDV1 TRDV1*01 R9.12   (TRDV1) Serotec V DELTA 1
Coulter Vdelta1
Mouse IgG1  
TRDV2 TRDV2*01 IMMU389   (TRDV2)

B6.1   (TRDV2)

Coulter Vdelta2 Mouse IgG1 0.5-10
TRDV2*03 BD Biosciences Vdelta2 Mouse IgG1
TRDV3 TRDV3*01 P11.5B   (TRDV3) Serotec V DELTA 3
Coulter Vdelta3
Mouse IgG1  

Created: Friday, 22-Sep-2023 18:31:09 CEST
Author: Géraldine Folch