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List of the species in IMGT

English names, unless indicated, are those used in NCBI Taxonomy, IMGT Repertoire and IMGT/LIGM-DB flatfiles.

The list content is automatically updated with the IMGT/LIGM-DB data content (taxonomy modifications since the last IMGT/LIGM-DB release will be available in the next release).

Mus has been added in IMGT/LIGM-DB to allow a query on all Mus sequences, including Mus sp..
Unknown genus and/or species are indicated with gen. and/or sp., respectively.

Click on the Latin name for a link to the NCBI Taxonomy Browser
Click on the English name for a link to other databases (FishBase or Primate Info Net).

Latin names English names
Amblyraja georgiana Antarctic starry skate
Amblyraja hyperborea Arctic skate
Bathyraja albomaculata white-dotted skate
Bathyraja brachyurops broadnose skate
Bathyraja eatonii Eaton's skate
Callorhinchus milii elephant shark
Eptatretus burgeri inshore hagfish
Homo sapiens human
Hydrolagus colliei spotted ratfish
Latimeria chalumnae coelacanth
Latimeria menadoensis Menado coelacanth
Leucoraja erinacea little skate
Petromyzon marinus sea lamprey
Pseudobatos productus shovelnose guitarfish
Raja eglanteria clearnose skate
Squalus acanthias spiny dogfish (In Fishbase: piked dogfish)
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