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The mouse (Mus musculus) major histocompatibilité (MH) genes are localized on chromosome 17p (18.43-20.43cM). Genes are listed by alphabetic order in this table.

MH group MH subgroup IMGT gene name (1) Other designations from the literature (1)
MH2 MH2-A MH2-AA H2-AA, H2-Aa, H-2Aa, H2-IA-alpha, I-A D-A, I-A K-A, I-Aa, Ia1, Ia-1, I-A-alpha, I-A alpha, IA alpha, Aalpha, A-alpha, A alpha
MH2-B MH2-AB H2-AB (2), H2-Ab, H-2Ab, H2-Ab1, H2-IA-beta, H2 I-A beta, I-A D-B, I-A K-B, I-Ab, Ia2, Ia-2, I-A-beta, I-A beta, IA beta 1, Iab, Abeta, A beta
MH1 MH2-D MH2-D1 H2-D1, H-2 D-B, H-2 D-D, H-2D, Db, Dd
MH2-D2 H2-D2, D2d
MH2-D3 H2-D3, D3d
MH2-D4 H2-D4, D4d
MH2 MH2-MA MH2-MA H2-DMA, H2-DMa, H-2Ma, Ma [2], H2-M alpha
MH2-MB MH2-MB1 H2-DMB1, H2-DMb1, H-2Mb1, Mb1 [2] (8), H2-M beta1
MH2-MB2 H2-DMB2, H2-DMb2, H-2Mb2, Mb2 [2], H2-M beta2
MH2-EA MH2-EA H2-EA, H2-Ea, H-2E alpha, H2-IE-alpha, I-E K-A, I-Ea, IE alpha, Ia-3, Ia3, E alpha
MH2-EB MH2-EB1 H2-EB1, H2-Eb1, H2-Eb, H-2E beta, H2-IE-beta, I-E K-B, I-Eb, I-E beta, I-E-beta-1, Ia-4, Ia4, E beta
MH2-EB2 H2-EB2, H2-Eb2, E-beta 2, I-Eb2, Ia-5, Ia5
MH1 MH1-K MH1-K1 MH1-K1, H2-K, H-2K, H-2 K, H-2K1, H2K
MH1-K2 H2-K2, H-2K2
MH1-L MH1-L H2-L, H-2L
MH1-M (3) MH1-M1 H2-M1, H-2M1, Mb1 [3] (8)
MH1-M2 H2-M2, H-2M2, Thy19.4 [4]
MH1-M3 H2-M3, H-2M3, R4B2 [5]
MH1-M4 H2-M4, H-2M4, C3R1 [5]
MH1-M5 H2-M5, H-2M5, CRW2 [5]
MH1-M6 H2-M6, H-2M6, CRW3 [5]
MH1-M7 H2-M7, H-2M7, M7 [6]
MH1-M8 H2-M8, H-2M8, M8 [6]
MH1-M9 H2-M9, H-2M9, M9 [7]
MH1-M10-1 H2-M10-1, H2-M10.1, H-2M10, 9.5H [7]
MH1-M10-2 H2-M10-2, H2-M10.2, 4.7H
MH1-M10-3 H2-M10-3, H2-M10.3, 5.3H
MH1-M10-4 H2-M10-4, H2-M10.4, 15H
MH1-M10-5 H2-M10-5, H2-M10.5, 6.9H
MH1-M10-PS1 H2-M10-PS1, H2-M10-ps1, 13H
MH1-M10-PS2 H2-M10-PS2, H2-M10-ps2, 5.4H
MH1-M10-PS3 H2-M10-PS3, H2-M10-ps3, 7.2H
MH2 MH2-O MH2-OA (6) H2-OA, Oa, H2-Oa, H-2Oa
MH2-OB H2-OB, Ob, H2-Ob, H-2Ob, H2-IA-beta-2, H2-Iab2, H2-Ab2, A-beta-2, A beta2
MH2-P MH2-PA H2-PA, H2-Pa
MH2-PB H2-PB, Pb, H2-Pb, H-2Pb, H2-Ab3, Ia7, A beta3
MH1 MH1-Q (4) MH1-Q1 H2-Q1, H-2Q1, Q1b, Q1d, Q1k
MH1-Q2 H2-Q2, H-2Q2, Q2b, Q2d, Q2k
MH1-Q3 H2-Q3, H-2Q3, Q3b
MH1-Q4 H2-Q4, H-2Q4, Q4b, Q4d, Q4k
MH1-Q5 H2-Q5, H-2Q5, Q5B, Q5b, Q5d, Q5d, Q5/9k
MH1-Q6 H2-Q6, H-2Q6, Q6b, Q6b, Q6d
MH1-Q7 H2-Q7, H-2Q7, Q7b, Q7d
MH1-Q8 H2-Q8, H-2Q8, Q8b, Q8/9d
MH1-Q9 H2-Q9, H-2Q9, Q9b
MH1-Q10 H2-Q10, H-2Q10, Q-10, Q10b, Q10d, Q10k
MH1-T (5) MH1-T1 H2-T1, H-2T1, T1b, T1c, T1d
MH1-T2 H2-T2, H-2T2, T2b, T2c, T2d, T2Aa
MH1-T3 H2-T3, H-2T3, T3b, T3c, T3d
MH1-T4 H2-T4, H-2T4, T4b, 5'c, T4d
MH1-T5 H2-T5, H-2T5, T5b, T4c, T5d
MH1-T6 H2-T6, H-2T6, T6b, T5c, T6d
MH1-T7 H2-T7, H-2T7, T7b, T6c, T7d
MH1-T8 H2-T8, H-2T8, T8b, T7c, T8d
MH1-T9 H2-T9, H-2T9, T9b, T8c, T9d
MH1-T10 H2-T10, H-2T10, T10b, T9c, T10d, H2-TL-T10-129, H2-TL-T10-b, H2-TL-T9-c
MH1-T11 H2-T11, H-2T11, T11b, T10c, T11d, T10-c
MH1-T12 H2-T12, H-2T12, T12b
MH1-T13 H2-T13, H-2T13, T13b, T13-b
MH1-T14 H2-T14, H-2T14, T14b
MH1-T15 H2-T15, H-2T15, T15b
MH1-T16 H2-T16, H-2T16, T11c, T16d
MH1-T17 H2-T17, H-2T17, T12c, T17d
MH1-T18 H2-T18, H-2T18, T13c, T18d, T13-c
MH1-T19 H2-T19, H-2T19, T14c, T19d
MH1-T20 H2-T20, H-2T20, T15c, T20d
MH1-T21 H2-T21, H-2T21, T21d, T16c, 26b
MH1-T22 H2-T22, H-2T22, T22b, T17c [8], T22d, 27b [9,10], 27129, H2-TL-27-129, H2-TL-27-b, H2-TL-17-c
MH1-T23 (7) H2-T23, H-2T23, T23b, T23d, 37b [9] , 37c, T18c, T18c(37) [11]
MH1-T24 H2-T24, H-2T24, T24d
  MH1 classical   MH2 classical
  MH1 nonclassical   MH2 nonclassical
IMGT notes:
  1. (1) IMGT gene names are according to the IMGT-ONTOLOGY concepts of classification. The MH1- or MH2- prefixes define the MH1 and MH2 groups and, therefore, the MH1 and MH2 classes. They replace the "H-2" [1] or "H2-" prefixes used indifferently for the two groups and classes.
  2. (2) In MGD: H2-Ab1.
  3. (3) MH1-M genes encode Hmt antigens.
  4. (4) MH1-Q4 encodes the Qb-1 antigen. MH1-Q6 to MH1-Q9 genes encode the Qa-2 antigen. MH1-Q10 gene encodes the Q10 antigen [11].
  5. (5) MH1-T3b, MH1-T3c and MH1-T13c genes encode TL antigens [11]. MH1-T23 encodes the Qa-1 antigen.
  6. (6) Murine equivalent of the human MH2-OA (HLA-DOA) gene.
  7. (7) MH1-T23, which encodes the Qa-1 antigen, is probably orthologous to human MH1-E (HLA-E) [12].
  8. (8) In the literature, two different genes were previously designated as Mb1. These genes were MH2-MB1 and MH1-M1 [13].
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