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Homo sapiens "activins and inhibitins" and other related ligands genes

Homo sapiens activins and inhibitins and other related ligands genes and chomosomal localizations

Gene name Chromosomal localization NC positions Orientation Gene definition and aliases Funct HGNC UniProt Gene ID mRNA and protein sequences OMIM IMGT/3Dstructure-DB
INHA 2q35 NC_000002.12 (219572232..219575713) FWD inhibin alpha F INHA P05111 3623 NM_002191.3 - NP_002182.1 147380
INHBA 7p15-p13 NC_000007.14 (41689003..41703108, complement) REV inhibin beta A, activin A, activin AB alpha polypeptide F INHBA P08476 3624 NM_002192.2 - NP_002183.1 147290 2arv, 1s4y
INHBB 2q14.2 NC_000002.12 (120346143..120351807) FWD inhibin beta B, activin AB beta polypeptide F INHBB P09529 3625 NM_002193.2 - NP_002184.2 147390
INHBE 12q13.2 NC_000012.12 (57455313..57458008) FWD inhibin beta E F INHBE P58166 83729 NM_031479.3 - NP_113667.1 612031
GDF2 10q11.22 NC_000010.11 (47322490..47327594) FWD growth differentiation factor 2, GDF-2, bone morphogenetic protein 9, BMP9, BMP-9 F GDF2 Q9UK05 2658 NM_016204.2 - NP_057288.1 605120 4mpl, 4yci, 4ycg
BMP10 2p13.2 NC_000002.12 (68865481..68871517, complement) REV bone morphogenetic protein 10 F BMP10 O95393 27302 NM_014482.1 - NP_055297.1 608748
GDF11 12q13.13 NC_000012.12 (55743278..55757466) FWD growth differentiation factor 11, BMP-11 F GDF11 O95390 10220 NM_005811.3 - NP_005802.1 603936
MSTN 2q32.1 NC_000002.12 (190055700..190062729, complement) REV myostatin, growth differentiation factor 8, GDF8, GDF-8 F MSTN O14793 2660 NM_005259.2 - NP_005250.1 601788 3hh2, 3sek


Representation of the Homo sapiens activins and inhibitins and other related ligands genes on chromosomes

Arrows show genes with a reverse (REV) orientation on the chromosome (IMGT Index > Genomic orientation)


Souphatta Sasorith and Marie-Paule Lefranc
Marie-Paule Lefranc