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Homo sapiens toll-like receptors (TLR) genes

Homo sapiens toll-like receptor (TLR) genes and chromosomal localizations

Gene name Chromosomal localization NC positions Orientation Aliases Funct HGNC UniProt Gene ID mRNA and protein sequences MIM IMGT/3Dstructure-DB
TLR1 4p14 NC_000004.12 (38796255..38805193, complement) REV toll-like receptor 1, CD281, TIL F 11847 Q15399 7096 XM_005262662.2 - XP_005262719.1 601194 1fyv, 2z7x
TLR2 4q32 NC_000004.12 (153684256..153706091) FWD CD282, TIL4 F 11848 O60603 7097 NM_003264.3 - NP_003255.2 603028 1fyw, 1fyx, 1o77, 2z7x, 2z80
TLR3 4q35 NC_000004.12 (186069155..186085098) FWD CD283, IIAE2 F 11849 O15455 7098 NM_003265.2 - NP_003256.1 603029 1zyw, 2a0z, 2mk9, 2mka, 3ulu, 3ulv
TLR4 9q33.1 NC_000009.12 (117704175..117717491) FWD ARMD10, CD284, TLR-4, TOLL F 11850 O00206 7099 NM_003266.3 - NP_003257.1 603030 2z62, 2z63, 2z65, 2z66, 3fxi, 3ul7, 3ul8, 3ul9, 3ula, 4g8a
TLR5 1q41-q42 NC_000001.11 (223109404..223143282, complement) REV MELIOS, SLE1, SLEB1, TIL3 F 11851 O60602 7100 NM_003268.5 - NP_003259.2 603031 1p95, 3j0a
TLR6 4p14 NC_000004.12 (38823704..38857711, complement) REV CD286 F 16711 Q9Y2C9 10333 NM_006068.4 - NP_006059.2 605403 4om7
TLR7 Xp22.3 NC_000023.11 (12867083..12890361) FWD TLR7-like F 15631 Q9NYK1 51284 NM_016562.3 - NP_057646.1 300365
TLR8 Xp22 NC_000023.11 (12906620..12923169) FWD CD288 F 15632 Q9NR97 51311 NM_016610.3 - NP_057694.2 300366 3w3g, 3w3j, 3w3k, 3w3l, 3w3m, 3w3n, 3wn4, 4qbz, 4qc0, 4r07, 4r08, 4r09, 4r0a
TLR9 3p21.3 NC_000003.12 (52221080..52226163, complement) REV CD289 F 15633 Q9NR96 54106 NM_017442.3 - NP_059138.1 605474
TLR10 4p14 NC_000004.12 (38772238..38782990, complement) REV CD290 F 15634 Q9BXR5 81793 NM_001017388.2 - NP_001017388.1 606270 2j67

Representation of the Homo sapiens toll-like receptor (TLR) genes on chromosomes

Arrows show genes with a reverse (REV) orientation on the chromosome (IMGT Index > Genomic orientation)


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