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IMGT description of mutations

Reference to be quoted for IMGT description of mutations:
Lefranc, M.-P. "IMGT Locus on Focus: A new section of Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics", Exp. Clin. Immunogenet., 15, 1-7 (1998) pdf

IMGT description of mutations

Nucleotide mutations

Substitutions of nucleotides
Deletions of nucleotides
Insertions of nucleotides

Amino acid mutations

Substitutions of amino acids
Deletions of amino acids
Insertions of amino acids
IMGT notes:
'#' means frameshift.
^ The carret indicates an insertion.
- The hyphen signifies a range.
* Stop codons are designated by an asterisk.
In Tables of alleles, mutations affecting the same codon are described between two vertical lines.
Examples of complex mutations are described in Somatic hypermutations by insertion or deletion in rearranged cDNA.