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Unproductive transcript from MOPC21 cell line

Frequent amplification of the unproductive rearranged kappa variable IGKV-J gene from MOPC21, is observed during PCR of V genes from hybridomas.

References and accession numbers for the sequence of the unproductive rearranged IGKV-J from MOPC21:

This unproductive rearranged IGKV-J transcript is found in the MOPC21-derived fusion partners (mouse myeloma cells) such as NS-1, P3-X63-Ag8.653, SP2/0 and P3U1 (P3X63Ag8U.1).


H+ and L+ indicate the expression of the productive Ig heavy and light transcripts in MOPC1 and P3-X63-Ag8. H- and L- indicate the absence of expression of the endogenous productive transcripts in the MOPC1 derived fusion partners. However the unproductive rearranged kappa transcript is still found.

In NS0, a non-IG secreting H-L- cell line, derived from NS-1, a frameshift mutation in the L-KAPPA mRNA is responsible of the loss of the kappa chain expression. Hybridomas made with NS0 contain this unproductive transcript.

Different approaches have been proposed to eliminate the unproductive transcript:

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