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Domain directory (IMGT)

The IMGT domain directory is the set of reference domain sequences. These sequences were extracted from the Functional and ORF allele from the IMGT reference sequences from (IMGT/GENE-DB, for the human and mouse IG and TR, and from IMGT/HLA-DB, for the human MHC. The IMGT domain directory also contains domain sequences extracted from other sources (MGI, GenBank, UniProt/Swiss-Prot) for MHC alleles other than human and RPI from human and other species.

By definition, the IMGT domain directory contains one sequence per domain (that is one sequence for each domain of each allele if this allele contains several domains). IMGT domain directory is used in IMGT/3Dstructure-DB, IMGT/DomainDisplay and IMGT/DomainGapAlign.