Gene exon/intron organization: Human T cell receptor constant genes TRAC, TRBC, TRGC, TRDC

For more information, see Gene and allele tables: Human TRAC, TRBC, TRGC, TRDC and Protein display: Human TRA, TRB, TRG and TRD C-REGIONs

c: cDNA sequence


IMGT notes:
(1)Note that the STOP-CODON which precedes the g nucleotide of the DONOR-SPLICE is included in EX3.
(2)EX4 is untranslated.
(3)Accession number used for the intron lengths.

Lefranc, M.-P. and Lefranc, G., The T cell receptor FactsBook, Academic Press, 398 pages (2001) ISBN:0124413528

Created: 10/09/2003
Authors: Laurent Douchy and Elodie Duprat