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Addition of 'Score for IMGT allele confirmation' as well as NCBI TPA accession numbers.
September 20th, 2023.

Implementation of the dynamic gene table.

Gene table legend:

"+" or "-" indicates if the gene sequences have been found (+) or not been found (-) rearranged (R), transcribed (T) and/or translated into protein (Pr). Arbitrarily that information is shown on the first line of each gene, when the data have been confirmed by several studies.

Functionality is shown in parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.

IMGT allele confirmation: a scoring system is employed to signify the frequency of occurrences of a specific allele within sequence data. A single star (*) indicates that no instances of the allele have been identified in the literature. Two stars (**) indicate the discovery of one literature sequence containing the allele. If more than one literature sequence is found to contain the allele, it is designated with three stars (***). In the Excel file, the stars are represented by the plus symbol (+).

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Gene table of domestic ferret (Mustela putorius furo) TRBV IMGT group:
IMGT sub­groupIMGT gene nameIMGT allele nameFctScore for
IMGT allele
R T PrIMGT/LIGM-DB reference sequencesIMGT/LIGM-DB sequences from the literature
BreedClone namesAccession
in the sequence
or V-REGION (*)
BreedClone namesAccession
in the sequence
or V-REGION (*)
TRBV1TRBV1 TRBV1*01 ORF (1) sable ID#1420 IMGT000022 [1] 10001-10648 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 12041-12688
TRBV2TRBV2 TRBV2*01 (2) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 11001-11476
TRBV2TRBV2 TRBV2*02 (2) JIRA1106 IMGT000203 114174-114649
TRBV3TRBV3 TRBV3*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 16741-17240 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 119917-120416
TRBV4TRBV4-1 TRBV4-1*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 10001-10484
TRBV4TRBV4-1 TRBV4-1*02 F JIRA1106 IMGT000203 113173-113656
TRBV4TRBV4-2 TRBV4-2*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 19338-19830
TRBV4TRBV4-2 TRBV4-2*02 F JIRA1106 IMGT000203 122514-123007
TRBV5TRBV5-1 TRBV5-1*01 (3) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 32057-32536 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 135264-135743
TRBV5TRBV5-2 TRBV5-2*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 37484-37998 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 139051-139565
TRBV5TRBV5-3 TRBV5-3*01 (4) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 56129-56637 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 157723-158230
TRBV5TRBV5-4 TRBV5-4*01 (5) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 68972-69481 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 170569-171078
TRBV6TRBV6 TRBV6*01 ORF (6) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 43350-43836
TRBV6TRBV6 TRBV6*02 ORF (7) JIRA1106 IMGT000203 144887-145373
TRBV7TRBV7-1 TRBV7-1*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 46742-47244
TRBV7TRBV7-1 TRBV7-1*02 (8) JIRA1106 IMGT000203 148281-148786
TRBV7TRBV7-2 TRBV7-2*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 62668-63171
TRBV7TRBV7-2 TRBV7-2*02 F JIRA1106 IMGT000203 164266-164769
TRBV8TRBV8 TRBV8*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 49977-50487
TRBV8TRBV8 TRBV8*02 F JIRA1106 IMGT000203 151522-152032
TRBV10TRBV10 TRBV10*01 (8) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 73797-74276 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 175396-175875
TRBV11TRBV11 TRBV11*01 (9) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 81451-81935 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 183059-183543
TRBV12TRBV12-1 TRBV12-1*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 88235-88718
TRBV12TRBV12-1 TRBV12-1*02 F JIRA1106 IMGT000203 189843-190326
TRBV12TRBV12-2 TRBV12-2*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 96081-96566 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 197689-198175
TRBV15TRBV15 TRBV15*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 101737-102249 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 203358-203870
TRBV16TRBV16 TRBV16*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 107776-108266 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 209401-209891
TRBV17TRBV17 TRBV17*01 (10) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 110812-111274 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 212438-212900
TRBV18TRBV18 TRBV18*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 118493-119175
TRBV18TRBV18 TRBV18*02 F JIRA1106 IMGT000203 220126-220808
TRBV19TRBV19 TRBV19*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 121937-122450 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 223569-224083
TRBV20TRBV20 TRBV20*01 ORF (11) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 127149-127831 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 228780-229462
TRBV21TRBV21 TRBV21*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 134814-135311 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 236447-236944
TRBV22TRBV22 TRBV22*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 139522-140041 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 241156-241670
TRBV23TRBV23 TRBV23*01 (12) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 141392-142483 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 243021-244121
TRBV24TRBV24 TRBV24*01 (13) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 148365-148876 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 249988-250499
TRBV25TRBV25 TRBV25*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 154576-155075 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 256190-256689
TRBV26TRBV26 TRBV26*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 159580-160090 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 261194-261704
TRBV27TRBV27 TRBV27*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 168164-168661
TRBV27TRBV27 TRBV27*02 F JIRA1106 IMGT000203 269777-270274
TRBV28TRBV28 TRBV28*01 (14) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 175616-176118 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 277226-277728
TRBV29TRBV29 TRBV29*01 F sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 182140-182802 JIRA1106 IMGT000203 283773-284435
TRBV30TRBV30 TRBV30*01 (15) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] complement(227784-228529) JIRA1106 IMGT000203 complement(329482-330227)
TRBVATRBVA TRBVA*01 (16) sable ID#1420 IMGT000023 [1] 22074-22365 *
TRBVATRBVA TRBVA*02 (17) JIRA1106 IMGT000203 125263->125554 *
IMGT notes:
  1. deletions in V-REGION: 4 AA are missing in FR3-IMGT, unexpected V-SPACER length: 27 nt instead of 23 nt
  2. frameshift in V-REGION: deletion of 1 nt in FR1-IMGT
  3. frameshifts in V-REGION: several insertions and deletions in V-REGION
  4. no INIT-CODON: Leu instead of Met, frameshift in V-REGION: insertion of 1 nt in FR2-IMGT
  5. STOP-CODON at position 108 (last 3' codon of germline CDR3-IMGT) may disappear during rearrangements
  6. noncanonical DONOR-SPLICE: ngc instead of ngt
  7. noncanonical DONOR-SPLICE: ngc instead of ngt, noncanonical V-NONAMER: acaaaaaaa instead of acacaaacc
  8. frameshift in V-REGION: insertion of 1 nt in FR1-IMGT
  9. no INIT-CODON: Leu instead of Met, STOP-CODON in L-PART1, frameshifts in V-REGION: several insertions and deletions in V-REGION
  10. no INIT-CODON: Leu instead of Met, frameshift in V-REGION: several insertions and deletions in V-REGION
  11. no CONSERVED-TRP: Gly instead of Trp
  12. STOP-CODON in V-REGION: positions 6 and 108, frameshifts in V-REGION: several deletions
  13. STOP-CODON in V-REGION: positions 44 and 109
  14. STOP-CODON in V-REGION: positions 6 and 108
  16. frameshifts in V-REGION: several insertions and deletions in V-REGION, no V-RS
  17. frameshift in L-PART1: deletion of 2 nt and deletion of 1 nt, frameshifts in V-REGION: several insertions and deletions, truncated pseudogene not assigned to subgroups with functional genes, no V-RS
IMGT references:
  1. Gerritsen, Bram et al. “Characterization of the ferret TRB locus guided by V, D, J, and C gene expression analysis.” Immunogenetics vol. 72,1-2 (2020): 101-108. DOI: 10.1007/s00251-019-01142-9