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1. Locus and genes

Chromosomal localizations

IG and TR loci (Human): Positions on chromosomes
IG, TR and MH loci (Vertebrate): Positions on chromosomes


Locus representations


Locus descriptions

Locus bornes:


Locus description:


Locus in genome assembly:

IMGT locus with NCBI TPA accession number are available here.


Locus gene repertoire:

Locus gene order:


Gene positions

IMGT Genes on Ensembl and NCBI Gene


Gene exon/intron organization


Gene exon/intron splicing sites


Gene tables

IG and TR number of genes: Human
Recombination signal sequence logos: Human, Mouse

Dynamic gene tables

Direct links to gene tables


Potential germline repertoires


Lists of human (Homo sapiens) IG and TR genes, groups, major loci and orphons and links between IMGT/GENE-DB, HGNC, NCBI Gene and OMIM


Lists of Mouse (Mus musculus) IG and TR genes, groups, major loci and links between IMGT/GENE-DB, MGI and NCBI Gene


Clans (IMGT Index)

Correspondence between chain types and C genes : IG and TR (all vertebrate species)

Correspondence between nomenclatures


Correspondence between species


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