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IG groups: Mouse

IG groups and links with NCBI Gene.

There are 10 IMGT groups for the mouse immunoglobulin (IG) genes:

Portail to gene content in Gene tables

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IMGT group name IMGT group definition MGI NCBI Gene
IGHC Immunoglobulin heavy constant group MGI:96456 111672
IGHD Immunoglobulin heavy diversity group MGI:96457 111695
IGHJ Immunoglobulin heavy joining group MGI:96461 16033
IGHV Immunoglobulin heavy variable group MGI:96477 16049
IGKC (1) Immunoglobulin kappa constant group (1) MGI:96495 16071
IGKJ Immunoglobulin kappa joining group MGI:96497 16073
IGKV Immunoglobulin kappa variable group MGI:96499 16080
IGLC Immunoglobulin lambda constant group - -
IGLJ Immunoglobulin lambda joining group MGI:99545 111700
IGLV Immunoglobulin lambda variable group - -
IMGT notes:
(1)Group containing a single gene.
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