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The human IGK locus is located on the chromosome 2 [1], on the short arm, at band 2p11.2 [2].
The list of human IGK genes is available at IMGT/GENE-DB.

Human IGK locus at 2p11.2


Twenty-five IGKV orphons have been identified and sequenced corresponding to 5 chromosomal orphon sets: two on the short arm of chromosome 2 but outside of the main IGK locus, 12 on the long arm of chromosome 2, 5 on chromosome 22, one on chromosome 1, one on chromosome 15, and 4 outside of chromosome 2 [9].

Total number of human IGK genes

If both the proximal and distal IGKV clusters are present, the total number of human IGK genes per haploid genome is 82 (107 genes, if the orphons are included) of which 37-42 are functional [14]. If only the proximal IGKV cluster is present, the total number of genes per haploid genome is 46 (71 genes, if the orphons are included) of which 23-26 genes are functional.

IG and TR number of genes: Human
Nomenclature and overview of the human immunoglobulin genes (IMGT Education)


IGKV gene nomenclature

IMGT and HUGO gene nomenclatures

Links between IMGT and Entrez Gene

The complete list of the human immunoglobulin and T cell receptor IMGT gene names (symbols) provides the IMGT definition (full name), the gene functionality, the IMGT accession number of the reference sequence, the number of alleles per gene, and Entrez Gene accession ID. The table below reports entries which concern the IGK locus or groups and are found in the OMIM and Entrez Gene genome databases, and in HUGO:

IMGT name IMGT definition (a) OMIM Entrez Gene HUGO
IGK locus Immunoglobulin kappa locus - - IGK@
IGKJ group Immunoglobulin kappa joining group 146970 7842 IGKJ@
IGKV group Immunoglobulin kappa variable group 146980 3519 IGKV@

(a) The locus definition is identical in IMGT, Entrez Gene and HUGO. The IMGT 'group' concept comprises genes of the major locus and of the chromosomal orphon sets, whereas the HUGO IG group symbols only refer to genes of the major locus.


Proteins encoded by the IGK locus are the immunoglobulin kappa chains. They result from the recombination (or rearrangement), at the DNA level, of two genes: IGKV and IGKJ, with deletion of the intermediary DNA to create a rearranged IGKV-J gene. The rearranged IGKV-J gene is transcribed with the IGKC gene and translated into an immunoglobulin kappa chain. Translation of the variable germline genes involved in the IGKV-J rearrangements are available at Protein displays. Compared to the germline genes, the rearranged variable genes will acquire somatic mutations during the B cell differentiation in the lymph nodes, which will considerably increase their diversity. These somatic mutations can be analysed using the IMGT/V-QUEST tool. The junctions can be analysed with IMGT/JunctionAnalysis.

Alleles and mutations

Mutations which correspond to allelic polymorphisms of the functional germline IGKV, IGKJ and IGKC genes are described in Alignments of alleles [14] and Tables of alleles.


Translocations in which the human IGK locus is implicated frequently result from errors of the recombinase enzyme complexe (RAG1, RAG2, ...), which is responsable of the Immunoglobulin and T cell receptor V-J and V-D-J rearrangements. IGKV or IGKJ recombination signals or isolated heptamer are observed at the breakpoints.


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