Table of alleles: Bovine (Bos taurus) TRGJ

IMGT numbering and description of alleles for germline J-REGIONs start with the first nucleotide of the first codon. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.

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allele name
Accession number confirmed by
and/or data
Description of mutations
TRGJ1-1 F TRGJ1-1*01 AY644518 + 
TRGJ1-2 F TRGJ1-2*01 AY644518 + a16  ,N6  |c32, A11|
(F) TRGJ1-2*02 D16127             |c32>t, A11>V|
(F) TRGJ1-2*03 D16129   a16>g, N6>D |
TRGJ2-1 F TRGJ2-1*01 AC172685 + t10, a21, t22, W4, F8
(F) TRGJ2-1*02 D16120   t10>g, W4>G
(F) TRGJ2-1*03 D16118              t22>c, F8>L
TRGJ2-2 F TRGJ2-2*01 AY644518   t20,   F7    | g31, A11| |
(F) TRGJ2-2*02 D16121   t20>a, F7>Y|
(F) TRGJ2-2*03 D16128                 |g31>t, A11>S
TRGJ3-1 F TRGJ3-1*01 AY644517 +                |c32, A11
(F) TRGJ3-1*02 D13648                  |c>32>g, A11>G
TRGJ4-1 F TRGJ4-1*01 AY644517 + 
TRGJ4-2 F TRGJ4-2*01 AY644517 + 
TRGJ5-1 F TRGJ5-1*01 NW_937068 + 

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Last updated: Friday, 22-Sep-2023 18:30:59 CEST
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