Table of alleles: Bovine (Bos taurus) TRGV

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.
Nucleotide mutations and amino acid changes in CDR3-IMGT of rearranged sequences are not taken into account for the description of polymorphism.

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gene name
allele name
Breed Accession number confirmed
by genetics
and/or data
Description of mutations
1 TRGV1-1 F TRGV1-1*01   AY644517 +c69  |t84  D28 |a152 Q51 |                  a181, T61 |       a216, K72 
TRGV1-1 (F) TRGV1-1*02 Holstein D16119           |t84>a, D28>E| a152>g, Q51>R|a181>t T61>S |a216>t, K72N|
TRGV1-1 (F) TRGV1-1*03 Holstein D16131  c69>t 
2 TRGV2-1 F TRGV2-1*01 Holstein AY644517+  
3 TRGV3-1F TRGV3-1*01   NW_937068+ t44, V15| g65, R22| g84 |c101, T34|g139, D47|g216 |
TRGV3-1(F) TRGV3-1*02 Brown Swiss U73187  t44>c, V15>A| g65>a, R22>H| g84>a |c101>t, T34>I|g139>a, D47>N|g216>a |
TRGV3-2F TRGV3-2*01 Brown Swiss NW_937068+ t161, V54| t204, N68| c265, t267
TRGV3-2(F) TRGV3-2*02 Brown Swiss U73186  t161>c, V54>A| t204>a, N68>K| c265>t, t267>g
4 TRGV4-1 (F) TRGV4-1*01   DQ179592   
5 TRGV5-1 F TRGV5-1*01   AY644518 +c2, S1 |a30, L10 |t45 | g60 |c63, F21 |c87 |a125, |g144 |c148, c150, P50|c151 |g155, R52| c157, L53| a167, Y56|g169, D57|t231, H77| c287, A96|t312 |
TRGV5-1 (F) TRGV5-1*02   DQ179595       a125>g, Y42>C| a167>g, Y56>C|t312>c
TRGV5-1 (F) TRGV5-1*03Holstein D13653  c2>a, S1>Y |g60>c |t231>a, H77>Q|
TRGV5-1 (F) TRGV5-1*04Holstein D16125  a30>c, L10>F |c63>g, F21>L |g144>t |g155>t, R52>L|g169>t, D57>Y| 
TRGV5-1 (F) TRGV5-1*05Holstein D16130   t45>a |c87>a |c148>a, c150>a, P50>T|c151>a |c157>a, L53>I|t231>a, H77>Q|c287>a, A96>E|c287>a, A96>E
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*01  AY644518 +a30, L10| t45 | c63, F21|a71, D24| c117| g155, R52| c168 |g159, D57| g187, A63| t189 |t205, S69| c221, T74|a239 , K80 |c258, S86|a268, T90| g274, V92|c297 |c300 |  
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*02Holstein D16122   c258>g, S86>R| 
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*03Holstein D13653  g187>a, A63>T| 
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*04Holstein D16125   c63>g, F21>L|a30>c, L10>F| g155>t, R52>L|c168>t |g159>t, D57>Y| 
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*05Holstein D16127  a30>c, L10>F|g155>t, R52>L|g159>t, D57>Y|a268, T90|g274, V92| 
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*06Holstein D16127   c258, S86|c300>g | 
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*07Holstein D16127  a71>c, D24>A| c168>t | c221>g, T74>R| c300>g | 
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*08Holstein D16127  c168>t |c297>c| t45>a | c117>t| 
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*09Holstein D16127  a30>c, L10>F|t45>a | c117>t| t189>del#|237^238>inst# |a239>t, K80>M | c258>g, S86>R| 
TRGV5-2 (F) TRGV5-2*10Holstein D16127  a30>c, L10>F| t189>del# |c168>t |t205>g, S69>A|237^238>inst#| a239>t, K80>M | 
6 TRGV6-1 F TRGV6-1*01   AY644518 +a42 |a55, I19 |c61, L21|g80, R27| g139, G47| a260, Y87| g285 |t307, Y103| 
TRGV6-1 (F) TRGV6-1*02 Holstein DQ179597  a42>g |a55>c, I19>L |c61>a, L21>M|g80>a, R27>K| g139>a, G47>S| a260>g, Y87>C| g285>a |t307c, Y103>H| 
TRGV6-2 F TRGV6-2*01   AC172685+  
7 TRGV7-1 F TRGV7-1*01   NW_937068 +c315 
TRGV7-1 (F) TRGV7-1*02   AY735449  c315>t 
8 TRGV8-1 F TRGV8-1*01   AY644517 + 
TRGV8-2 (F) TRGV8-2*01   AY644517+ g42  
TRGV8-2 (F) TRGV8-2*02   DQ179600+ g42>t  
TRGV8-3 F TRGV8-3*01   AY644517+ g42 |g66, E22|t75 |g145, V49|g151, G51|c156 |c258, S86|c263, a264, T88|t265, F89| c302, T101| t315 | 
TRGV8-3 (F) TRGV8-3*02 Holstein D13648  g42>t |g66>t, E22>D|t75>c |g145>c, V49>L|g151>c, G51>R|c156>t |c258>g, S86>R|c263>g, a264>t, T88>S|t265>g, F89>V| c302>t, T101>I| t315>c | 
TRGV8-4 F TRGV8-4*01   AY644517 + 
9 TRGV9-1 F TRGV9-1*01   AY644517 + 
TRGV9-2 F TRGV9-2*01   AY644517+  
10 TRGV10-1 F TRGV10-1*01   NW_937068 + 

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