Table of alleles: Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius ) IGHV

Functionality is shown between brackets, [F] and [P], when the accession number refers to genomic DNA, but not known as being germline or rearranged.

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.

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gene name
allele name
Accession numbers Confirmed
Description of mutations
3 3S1 F V1S1*01 AF000603   t45  |a240  |g301  ,V101  |
[F] V1S1*02 AJ245149               |g301>a,V101>M|
[F] V1S1*03 AJ245161   t45>c|      |g301>a,V101>M|
[F] V1S1*04 AJ245163        |a240>g|g301>a,V101>M|
3S2 [F] V1S2*01 AJ245151    
3S3 [F] V1S3*01 AJ245152    
3S4 [F] V1S4*01 AJ245153    
3S5 [F] V1S5*01 AJ245154    
3S6 [F] V1S6*01 AJ245155    
3S7 [F] V1S7*01 AJ245157    
3S8 [F] V1S8*01 AJ245158    
3S9 [F] V1S9*01 AJ245159    
3S10 [F] V1S10*01 AJ245160    
3S11 [F] V1S11*01 AJ245164    
3S12 [F] V1S12*01 AJ245165   t51  |
[F] V1S12*02 AJ245166   t51>g|
3S13 [F] V1S13*01 AJ245167    
3S14 [F] V1S14*01 AJ245168    
3S15 [F] V1S15*01 AJ245170    
3S16 [F] V1S16*01 AJ245171    
3S17 [F] V1S17*01 AJ245173    
3S18 [F] V1S18*01 AJ245174    
3S19 [F] V1S19*01 AJ245156    
3S20 [F] V1S20*01 AJ245177    
3S21 [F] V1S21*01 AJ245178    
3S22 [F] V1S22*01 AJ245183    
3S23 [F] V1S23*01 AJ245185    
3S24 [F] V1S24*01 AJ245186    
3S25 [F] V1S25*01 AJ245187    
3S26 [F] V1S26*01 AJ245189    
3S27 [F] V1S27*01 AJ245191    
3S28 [F] V1S28*01 AJ245192    
3S29 [F] V1S29*01 AJ245193    
3S30 [F] V1S30*01 AJ245194    
3S31 [F] V1S31*01 AJ245195    
3S32 [F] V1S32*01 AJ245179    
3S33 [F] V1S33*01 AJ245180    
3S34 [F] V1S34*01 AJ245182    
3S35 [F] V1S35*01 AJ245190    
3S36 [F] V1S36*01 AJ245196    
3S37 [F] V1S37*01 AJ245197    
3S38 [F] V1S38*01 AJ245181    
3S39 [F] V1S39*01 AJ245198    
3S42 [F] V1S42*01 AJ245148    
3S43 [F] V1S43*01 AJ245115    
3S44 [F] V1S44*01 AJ245118    
3S45 [F] V1S45*01 AJ245114    
3S46 [F] V1S46*01 AJ245116    
3S47 [F] V1S47*01 AJ245117    
3S48 [F] V1S48*01 AJ245135    
3S49 [F] V1S49*01 AJ245137    
3S50 [F] V1S50*01 AJ245134    
3S51 [F] V1S51*01 AJ245112    
3S52 [F] V1S52*01 AJ245113    
3S53 [F] V1S53*01 AJ245122    
3S54 [F] V1S54*01 AJ245124    
3S55 [F] V1S55*01 AJ245126    
3S56 [F] V1S56*01 AJ245127    
3S57 [F] V1S57*01 AJ245128    
3S58 [F] V1S58*01 AJ245132    
3S59 [F] V1S59*01 AJ245133    
3S60 [F] V1S60*01 AJ245119    
3S61 [F] V1S61*01 AJ245129    
3S62 [F] V1S62*01 AJ245130    
3S63 [F] V1S63*01 AJ245131    
3S64 [F] V1S64*01 AJ245138    
3S65 [F] V1S65*01 AJ245136    
3S66 [F] V1S66*01 AJ245140    
3S67 [F] V1S67*01 AJ245139    
3S68 [F] V1S68*01 AJ245141    
3S69 [F] V1S69*01 AJ245142    
3S70 [F] V1S70*01 AJ245143    
3S71 [F] V1S71*01 AJ245144    
3S72 F V1S72*01 AF000604   g301  ,V101  |
[F] V1S72*02 AJ245107   g301>a,V101>M|
3S73 [F] V1S73*01 AJ245110    
3S74 [F] V1S74*01 AJ245111    

Created: 05/02/2002
Author: Nathalie Bosc