Table of alleles: Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) IGHV

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.

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gene name
allele name
Accession numbers Confirmed
by genetics
Description of mutations
IGHV1 IGHV1S1 F IGHV1S1*01 U09719    
IGHV1S2 F IGHV1S2*01 AF068137    
IGHV1S3 (F) IGHV1S3*01 AF068137    
IGHV1S4 (F) IGHV1S4*01 M27230    
IGHV1S5 (F) IGHV1S5*01 M58673    
IGHV1S6 (F) IGHV1S6*01 U67437    
IGHV1S7 (F) IGHV1S7*01 U67439    
IGHV1S8 (F) IGHV1S8*01 AF161275    
IGHV1S9 (F) IGHV1S9*01 AF161276    
IGHV1S10 (F) IGHV1S10*01 AF161278    
IGHV1S12 (F) IGHV1S12*01 AY238358    
IGHV2 IGHV2S2 (F) IGHV2S2*01 M58671    
IGHV2S3 (F) IGHV2S3*01 M58670    
IGHV2S4 (F) IGHV2S4*01 M58675    
IGHV2S5 (F) IGHV2S5*01 U67441    
IGHV2S6 (F) IGHV2S6*01 AF161279    
IGHV2S7 (F) IGHV2S7*01 AY238359    
IGHV3 IGHV3S1 F IGHV3S1*01 U09721    
IGHV3S2 F IGHV3S2*01 AF068137    
IGHV3S3 (F) IGHV3S3*01 M58672    
IGHV3S4 (F) IGHV3S4*01 M58699    
IGHV3S5 (F) IGHV3S5*01 U67442    
IGHV3S6 (ORF) IGHV3S6*01 AF161272    
IGHV3S7 (F) IGHV3S7*01 AF161273    
IGHV3S8 (F) IGHV3S8*01 AF161274    
IGHV3S9 (F) IGHV3S9*01 AF161277    
IGHV3S10 (F) IGHV3S10*01 AY238360    
IGHV4 IGHV4S1 F IGHV4S1*01 U09722    
IGHV4S2 (F) IGHV4S2*01 M58668    
IGHV4S3 (F) IGHV4S3*01 U67443    
IGHV4S4 (F) IGHV4S4*01 AF161282    
IGHV5IGHV5S2 (F) IGHV5S2*01 M58674    
IGHV5S3 (F) IGHV5S3*01 U67444    
IGHV5S4 (F) IGHV5S4*01 AF161281    
IGHV5S5 (F) IGHV5S5*01 AY238361    
IGHV6 IGHV6S1 F IGHV6S1*01 U09724    
IGHV6S2 (F) IGHV6S2*01 M64400    
IGHV6S3 (F) IGHV6S3*01 U67445    
IGHV6S4 (F) IGHV6S4*01 AF161271    
IGHV6S5 (F) IGHV6S5*01 AF161280    
IGHV6S6 (F) IGHV6S6*01 AY238362    
IGHV7IGHV7S2 (F) IGHV7S2*01 U34411    
IGHV7S3(F) IGHV7S3*01 U34410    
IGHV7S4(F) IGHV7S4*01 U67446    
IGHV7S5 (F) IGHV7S5*01 AY238363    
IGHV7S6 (F) IGHV7S6*01 AY238364    
IGHV7S7 (F) IGHV7S7*01 AY238375    
IGHV8IGHV8S1 F IGHV8S1*01 AY238377    
IGHV8S2 (F) IGHV8S2*01 AY238365    
IGHV8S3 (F) IGHV8S3*01 AY238366    
IGHV8S4 (F) IGHV8S4*01 AY238376    
IGHV9IGHV9S1 F IGHV9S1*01 AY238378    
IGHV9S2 (F) IGHV9S2*01 AY238367    
IGHV9S3 (F) IGHV9S3*01 AY238368    
IGHV10IGHV10S1 P IGHV10S1*01 AY238379    
IGHV10S2 (F) IGHV10S2*01 AY238369    
IGHV10S3 (F) IGHV10S3*01 AY238370    
IGHV11IGHV11S2 (F) IGHV11S2*01 AY238371    
IGHV11S3 (F) IGHV11S3*01 AY238372    
IGHV12IGHV12S1 F IGHV12S1*01 AY238381    
IGHV12S2 (F) IGHV12S2*01 AY238373    

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