Table of alleles: Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) IGHV

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.

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Germline genomic sequences are needed to confirm if the nucleotide substitutions result from somatic mutations or correspond to allelic polymorphisms.

IGHV gene name Fct IGHV allele name Accession
Description of mutations
1 1S1 (F) V1S1*01 X58870   a118  ,S40  |c142  ,Q48  |a246  |g288  ,E96  |t312  |
(F) V1S1*02 AJ279353   a118>g,S40>G|c142>a,Q48>K|      |g288>c,E96>D|
(F) V1S1*03 AJ274705   a118>g,S40>G|c142>a,Q48>K|a246>g|            |t312>c|
1S2 (F) V1S2*01 AJ279354    
2 2S1 (F) V2S1*01 X76510   g176  ,G59  |
(F) V2S1*02 AJ274709   g176>a,G59>E|
2S2 (F) V2S2*01 AJ279362   g146  ,G49  |
(F) V2S2*02 AJ279363   g146>a,G49>D|
3 3S1 (F) V3S1*01 AJ274715   t263  ,I88  |
(F) V3S1*02 AJ274742   t263>c,I88>T|
3S2 (F) V3S2*01 AJ274722   a23  ,E8  |a71  ,Q24  |c99  |t163  ,Y55  |g244  ,g245  ,c246  ,G82  |t247  ,S83  |g300  |
(F) V3S2*02 AJ274729   a23>g,E8>G|a71>g,Q24>R|c99>t|t163>g,Y55>D|g244>a,g245>a,c246>g,G82>K|t247>g,S83>A|g300>t|
3S3 (F) V3S3*01 AJ279366   t60  |a91  ,c92  ,T31  |t94  ,Y32  |c99  |c118  ,a119  ,H40  |a126  |
(F) V3S3*02 AJ279365   t60>c|a91>g,c92>g,T31>G|t94>g,Y32>D|c99>t|c118>g,a119>c,H40>A|a126>c|
3S4 (F) V3S4*01 AJ279368   t1  ,C1  |g18  |a21  |g23  ,G8  |g37  ,V13  |a51  |c52  ,P18  |g65  ,R22  |c66  |g92  ,S31  |a95  ,Y32  |g99  |a124  ,I42  |g144  ,K48  |g170  ,G57  |c286  ,P96  |
(F) V3S4*02 AJ279369                                                                             |c66>t|                                                                    |c286>t,P96>S|
(F) V3S4*03 AJ279367   t1>a,C1>S|g18>a|a21>c|g23>a,G8>E|g37>a,V13>I|a51>g|c52>t,P18>S|g65>a,R22>H|     |g92>c,S31>T|a95>t,Y32>F|g99>c|a124>t,I42>F|g144>c,K48>N|g170>a,G57>E|
3S5 (F) V3S5*01 AJ274745   t45  |g47  ,G16  |a289  ,R97  |t308  ,F103  |
(F) V3S5*02 AJ274755   t45>c|g47>c,G16>A|a289>g,R97>G|t308>a,F103>Y|
(F) V3S5*03 AJ274726                    |a289>g,R97>G|t308>a,F103>Y|
3S6 (F) V3S6*01 AJ274718   t1  ,C1  |t251  ,V84  |
(F) V3S6*02 AJ274736   t1>a,C1>S|t251>g,V84>G|
3S7 (F) V3S7*01 AJ274748    
3S8 (F) V3S8*01 AJ279370    
3S9 (F) V3S9*01 AJ274750   g97  ,c98  ,A33  |a175  ,g176  ,t177  ,S59  |t211  ,F71  |a215  ,N72  |a259  ,t260  ,a261  ,I87  |a297  |
(F) V3S9*02 AJ274719   g97>t,c98>t,A33>L|a175>g,g176>c,t177>g,S59>A|t211>c,F71>L|a215>g,N72>S|a259>g,t260>g,a261>c,I87>G|a297>t|
(F) V3S9*03 AJ274731   g97>t,c98>t,A33>L|a175>g,g176>c,t177>g,S59>A|t211>c,F71>L|a215>g,N72>S|a259>g,      ,a261>c,I87>V|a297>t|
(F) V3S9*04 AJ279371   g97>t,c98>t,A33>L|a175>g,g176>c,t177>g,S59>A|t211>c,F71>L|a215>g,N72>S|a259>g,      ,a261>c,I87>V|
3S10 (F) V3S10*01 AJ274721   c226  ,L76  |
(F) V3S10*02 AJ274730   c226>t,L76>F|
3S11 (F) V3S11*01 AJ274737   g65  |c69  |c70  ,a71  ,g72  ,Q24  |g73  ,t74  ,V25  |a170  ,Y57  |g178  ,D60  |t216  |g272  ,G91  |
(F) V3S11*02 AJ279375        |c69>t|                                                                          |g272>a,G91>E|
(F) V3S11*03 AJ274756   g65>t|     |c70>g,a71>g,g72>c,Q24>G|g73>c,t74>g,V25>R|a170>c,Y57>S|g178>a,D60>N|t216>c|
3S12 (F) V3S12*01 AJ274741   g278  ,S93  |
(F) V3S12*02 AJ279385   g278>a,S93>N|
3S13 (F) V3S13*01 AJ279378    
3S14 (F) V3S14*01 AJ274754    
3S15 (F) V3S15*01 AJ274740   t1  ,C1  |g98  ,g99  ,W33  |
(F) V3S15*02 AJ279376   t1>a,C1>S|g98>a,g99>c,W33>Y|
3S16 (F) V3S16*01 AJ279377    
3S17 (F) V3S17*01 AJ279380   g9  ,Q3  |c10  ,L4  |c39  |a42  |c43  ,P15  |c66  |
(F) V3S17*02 AJ279381   g9>c,Q3>H|c10>g,L4>V|c39>t|a42>c|c43>a,P15>T|c66>t|
3S18 (F) V3S18*01 X76508   a1  ,c2  ,a3  ,T1  |c4  ,Q2  |g172  ,A58  |
(F) V3S18*02 AJ279382   a1>t,c2>g,a3>t,T1>C|c4>g,Q2>E|g172>a,A58>T|
3S19 (F) V3S19*01 X76509   a88  ,a89  ,N30  |t93  |g129  |c130  ,Q44  |t144  |a164  ,H55  |g177  |g179  ,S60  |g197  ,a198  ,R66  |a262  ,I88  |g273  |g276  |g290  ,G97  |
(F) V3S19*02 X76515   a88>g,a89>t,N30>V|t93>c|g129>a|c130>a,Q44>K|t144>c|a164>g,H55>R|g177>a|g179>a,S60>N|g197>a,a198>t,R66>N|            |g273>a|g276>a|g290>t,G97>V|
(F) V3S19*03 AJ274749         a89>g,N30>S|                         |t144>c|            |g177>a|                                |a262>c,I88>L|g273>a|g276>a|
3S20 (F) V3S20*01 X76513    
3S21 (F) V3S21*01 AJ279386   t53  ,L18  |t77  ,F26  |c257  ,T86  |
(F) V3S21*02 AJ279387   t53>c,L18>P|t77>c,F26>S|c257>t,T86>I|
3S22 (F) V3S22*01 AJ279389    
3S23 (F) V3S23*01 AJ279391    
3S24 (F) V3S24*01 AJ274735   a236  ,D79  |
(F) V3S24*02 AJ279392   a236>t,D79>V|
3S25 (F) V3S25*01 AJ274751    
3S26 (F) V3S26*01 AJ274728    
3S27 (F) V3S27*01 X76507   g21  |t26  ,F9  |t33  |a37  ,I13  |t75  |t94  ,Y32  |g138  |t144  |c162  |a163  ,t164  ,M55  |a168  |a169  ,a170  ,g171  ,K57  |t174  |c196  ,a197  ,c198  ,H66  |c199  ,a200  ,Q67  |c207  |t210  |a255  ,K85  |a276  |a280  ,M94  |
(F) V3S27*02 AJ279393   g21>c|t26>c,F9>S|t33>g|a37>g,I13>V|t75>c|t94>c,Y32>H|g138>a|t144>c|c162>a|a163>t,t164>g,M55>W|a168>t|a169>g,a170>t,g171>t,K57>V|t174>c|c196>a,a197>g,c198>a,H66>R|c199>g,a200>t,Q67>V|c207>t|t210>c|a255>c,K85>N|a276>g|a280>c,M94>L|
3S28 (F) V3S28*01 AJ279394   t159  |g164  ,R55  |
(F) V3S28*02 AJ274744   t159>c|g164>a,R55>Q|
3S29 (F) V3S29*01 X76512   g18  |c19  ,P7  |a34  ,c36  ,T12  |t82  ,S28  |a91  ,S31  |a98  ,c99  ,Y33  |
(F) V3S29*02 X76514   g18>a|c19>g,P7>A|a34>g,c36>t,T12>A|t82>g,S28>A|a91>g,S31>G|a98>g,c99>g,Y33>W|
(F) V3S29*03 X76511                   |a34>g,c36>t,T12>A|t82>g,S28>A|a91>g,S31>G|a98>g,c99>g,Y33>W|
3S30 (F) V3S30*01 AJ274724    
3S31 (F) V3S31*01 AJ274723   g8  ,R3  |c159  |
(F) V3S31*02 AJ274725   g8>a,R3>Q|c159>t|
3S32 (F) V3S32*01 AJ279395   c63  |a141  |t144  |a182  ,K61  |t216  |g259  ,V87  |t310  ,C104  |
(F) V3S32*02 AJ274746   c63>t|                                              |t310>c,C104>R|
(F) V3S32*03 AJ274753        |a141>t|t144>c|
(F) V3S32*04 AJ274720                      |a182>g,K61>R|
(F) V3S32*05 AJ274743                                   |t216>c|g259>a,V87>I|
3S33 (F) V3S33*01 AJ274717    
3S34 (F) V3S34*01 AJ274716    
4 4S1 (F) V4S1*01 AJ274711   g40  ,E14  |t93  |
(F) V4S1*02 AJ274712   g40>a,E14>K|
(F) V4S1*03 AJ274713   g40>a,E14>K|t93>c|

Created: 21/01/2002
Author: Nathalie Bosc