Table of alleles: Human TRGC

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gene name
Exons Fct TRGC
allele name
Accession numbers Confirmed
Description of mutations
TRGC1 EX1 F TRGC1*01 M14996 + a30  |g45  |t90  |g100  ,V34  |c124 , Q42|c252.3 |a280  ,K94  |a378 |g343  ,V115  |
TRGC1*02 M14999 + a30>g|g45>a|t90>a|g100>a,V34>I|a280>g,K94>E|g343>a,V115>I|
(F) TRGC1*03 BC072396 +                               |c124>g,Q42>E|c252.3>t| 
(F) TRGC1*04 AF151103                                                          |a378>g|
EX2 F TRGC1*01 M14997 + |a13, M5|
(F) TRGC1*05 BC062761   |a13>g,M5>V| 
EX3 F TRGC1*01 M14998 + t44, M15| 
(F) TRGC1*03 BC072396 + t44>c,M15>T| 
TRGC2 EX1 F TRGC2*01 M15002 + a30  |c63  |
F TRGC2*02 M15001 + a30>g|
(F) TRGC2*03 M17324   a30>g|
F TRGC2*04 AF159056    
(F) TRGC2*05 M17323 + a30>g|c63>t|
(F) TRGC2*06 Y00790   a30>g|
(F) TRGC2*08 M27332   a30>g|
EX2T F TRGC2*01(2x) M13231   g25  ,D9  |g29  ,S10  |a39  |
EX2R F TRGC2*02(2x) M15004 + g25>t,D9>Y|g29>a,S10>N|a39>g|
EX2R (F) TRGC2*03(2x) M17324   g25>t,D9>Y|g29>a,S10>N|a39>g|
EX2R F TRGC2*04(2x) AF159056   g25>t,D9>Y|g29>a,S10>N|a39>g|
EX2T F TRGC2*05(3x) M25318 +  
EX2R (F) TRGC2*05(3x) M17323 + g25>t,D9>Y|g29>a,S10>N|a39>g|
EX2R (F) TRGC2*06(2x) Y00790   g25>t,D9>Y|g29>a,S10>N|a39>g|
EX2R F TRGC2*07(2x) M27331   g25>t,D9>Y|g29>a,S10>N|a39>g|
EX2R (F) TRGC2*08(2x) M27332   g25>t,D9>Y|g29>a,S10>N|a39>g|
EX2 F TRGC2*01 M13231   a47  ,N16  |
F TRGC2*02 M15005 +  
(F) TRGC2*03 M17324   a47>t,N16>I|
F TRGC2*04 AF159056   a47>t,N16>I|
(F) TRGC2*05 M17323 +  
EX3 F TRGC2*01 M13231   c13,t>14,g>15, L5| t44, M15 |t71  ,g72  ,V24  |g106  ,G36  |
F TRGC2*02 M15007 +  
(F) TRGC2*03 M17324             t71>g,g72>t,V24>G|g106>a,G36>R|
F TRGC2*04 AF159056     
(F) TRGC2*05 M17323 +   
(F) TRGC2*06 Y00790   t44>c, M15>T|  g106>a,G36>R|
(F) TRGC2*08 M27332   c13>.,t14>.,g15>., L5>.|

Created: 17/02/2003
Author: Nathalie Bosc and Joumana Jabado-Michaloud.