Table of alleles: Llama (Lama glama ) IGHV

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.

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gene name
allele name
Accession numbers Confirmed by
and/or data
Description of mutations
3 IGHV3S1 F V1S1*01 AF305944    
IGHV3S2 F V1S2*01 AF305945    
IGHV3S3 F V1S3*01 AF305946    
IGHV3S4 F V1S4*01 AF305947    
IGHV3S5 F V1S5*01 AF305948    
IGHV3S6 F V1S6*01 AF305949    
IGHV3S7 P V1S7*01 AF305950    
IGHV3S8 P V1S8*01 AF305951    

Created: 05/02/2002
Author: Dominique Scaviner