Table of alleles: Mouse (Mus musculus, Mus spretus) IGKV

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.

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For alleles only found in Mus musculus molossinus and Mus musculus castaneus subspecies and in Mus spretus specie, the subspecies and species name are added.

gene name
allele name
Strains Accession numbers Confirmed
by genetics
and/or data
Description of mutations
1 IGKV1-35 ORF V1-35*01 C3H AJ231200    
IGKV1-88 F V1-88*01 C57BL/6 AJ231206 +  
IGKV1-99 F V1-99*01 C3H AJ231207 +  
IGKV1-110 F V1-110*01 BALB/c D00080 +
c57  |t96  |c118  ,H40  |a167  ,a168  ,K56  |c314  ,S105  |a319  ,S107  |
F V1-110*02 NZB/BINJ M28132 + c57>t|t96>c|c118>t,H40>Y|a167>g,a168>g,K56>R|c314>t,S105>F|a319>g,S107>G|
IGKV1-117 F V1-117*01 BALB/c D00081 + t7  ,L3  |t204  ,F68  |t258  |
F V1-117*02 CE/J M28134 + t7>g,L3>V|t204>g,F68>L|t258>x|
IGKV1-122 F V1-122*01 BALB/c D00082 +  
IGKV1-131 ORF V1-131*01 C57BL/6 AJ231197    
IGKV1-132 F V1-132*01 C57BL/6 AJ231198 +  
IGKV1-133 F V1-133*01 129/Sv Z72382 +  
IGKV1-135 F V1-135*01 129/Sv Z72384 +  
2 IGKV2-109 F V2-109*01 C3H AJ132683 + a51  |c66  |g72  ,R24  |a97  ,N33  |a134  ,K45  |t162  |a167  ,Q56  |t255  |t258  |a232  ,S78  |a320  ,t231  ,N107  |c238  ,t239  ,t330  ,L110  |
F V2-109*02 BALB/c K02418 +                                                                     |t255>c|t258>c|
F V2-109*03 M.m.castaneus M80409 +      |c66>t|g72>t,R24>S|           |a134>g,K45>R|t162>a|a167>g,Q56>R|             |a232>g,S78>G|a320>t,t321>g,N107>M|      | t329>g,t330>c,L110>R|
F V2-109*04 M.m.castaneus M80410 + a51>g|                 |a97>g,N33>D|a134>g,K45>R|t162>a|a167>g,Q56>R|             |a232>g,S78>G|a320>t,t321>g,N107>M|c328>t,t329>g, t330>c, L110>F|
IGKV2-112 F V2-112*01 BALB/c J00562 + a135  |a144  |a160  ,I54  |t167  ,L56  |c264  |c319  ,L107  |
F V2-112*02 M.m.castaneus M80407 + a135>g|a144>g|a160>g,I54>V|t167>g,L56>W|c264>a|c319>g,L107>V|
IGKV2-137 F V2-137*01 C3H AJ231263 +
t6  |g7  ,t8  ,g9  ,V3  |t11,g12,a13,c14,t15     ,M4,T5     |c26  ,P9  |t30  |g31  ,t32  ,a33  ,V11  |c34  ,t36  ,P12  |a57  |a97  ,N33  |t116  ,L39  |c130  ,Q44  |g139  ,G47  |c142  ,Q47  |c149  ,P50  |g167  ,R56  |a169  ,M57  |g220  ,D74  |g224  ,R75  |a252  |c257  ,A86  |g285  |288^289        ,96^97      |g311  ,t312  ,C104  |a318  ,Q106  |c319  ,H107  |c322  |a318  ,E109  |
F V2-137*02 C3H M80408 +
IGKV2-a F V2-a*01 BALB/c K02417 +  
3 IGKV3-1 F V3-1*01 BALB/c X16955 +  
IGKV3-2 F V3-2*01 BALB/c X16954 +  
IGKV3-3 F V3-3*01 BALB/c K02162 +  
IGKV3-4 F V3-4*01 C57BL/6 Y15968 +  
IGKV3-5 F V3-5*01 BALB/c K02161 +  
IGKV3-7 F V3-7*01 BALB/c K02158 +  
IGKV3-9 F V3-9*01 C57BL/6 Y15972    
IGKV3-10 F V3-10*01 BALB/c K02160 +  
IGKV3-12 F V3-12*01 BALB/c K02159 +  
4 IGKV4-50 F V4-50*01 C57BL/6 AJ235938    
IGKV4-51 F V4-51*01   V01565/J00575    
IGKV4-52 ORF V4-52*01 C57BL/6 AJ239198    
IGKV4-53 F V4-53*01 C57BL/6 AJ231231 +  
IGKV4-54 ORF V4-54*01 C57BL/6 AJ231223    
IGKV4-55 F V4-55*01 C57BL/6 AJ231225 +  
IGKV4-57 F V4-57*01 C57BL/6 AJ231221 +  
IGKV4-57-1 F V4-57-1*01 C57BL/6 AC158673    
IGKV4-58 F V4-58*01 BALB/c K00884 +  
IGKV4-59 F V4-59*01 BALB/c S37664 +  
IGKV4-60 P V4-60*01 C57BL/6 AC156953    
IGKV4-61 F V4-61*01 C57BL/6 AJ231209 +  
IGKV4-62 ORF V4-62*01 C57BL/6 AJ231210    
IGKV4-63 F V4-63*01 C57BL/6 AJ231211 +  
IGKV4-68 F V4-68*01 C57BL/6 AJ231222 +  
IGKV4-69 F V4-69*01 C57BL/6 AJ235942 +  
IGKV4-70 F V4-70*01 C57BL/6 AJ235943 +  
IGKV4-71 F V4-71*01 C57BL/6 AJ231218    
IGKV4-72 F V4-72*01 C57BL/6 AJ231219 +  
IGKV4-73 F V4-73*01 C57BL/6 AJ231216    
IGKV4-74 F V4-74*01 C57BL/6 AJ231217 +  
IGKV4-78 F V4-78*01 C57BL/6 AJ231212    
IGKV4-79 F V4-79*01 C57BL/6 AJ231214 +  
IGKV4-80 F V4-80*01 C57BL/6 AJ231213 +  
IGKV4-81 F V4-81*01 C57BL/6 AJ231215    
IGKV4-86 F V4-86*01 BALB/c X05555 +  
IGKV4-90 F V4-90*01 C57BL/6 AJ231224 +  
IGKV4-91 F V4-91*01 C57BL/6 AJ231229 +  
IGKV4-92 F V4-92*01 C57BL/6 AJ231226    
5 IGKV5-37 F V5-37*01 C57BL/6 AJ235963 +  
IGKV5-39 F V5-39*01 C57BL/6 AJ235964 +  
IGKV5-43 F V5-43*01 C3H AJ235973 +  
IGKV5-45 F V5-45*01 C57BL/6 AJ235974 +  
IGKV5-48 F V5-48*01 BALB/c V01564 +  
6 IGKV6-13 (F) V6-13*01   J00569 +  
IGKV6-14 F V6-14*01 C57BL/6 Y15975 +  
IGKV6-15 F V6-15*01 C57BL/6 Y15976 +  
IGKV6-17 F V6-17*01 C57BL/6 Y15978 +  
IGKV6-20 F V6-20*01 C57BL/6 Y15981 +  
IGKV6-23 F V6-23*01 C57BL/6 AJ235961 +  
IGKV6-25 F V6-25*01 C57BL/6 AJ235962 +  
IGKV6-29 F V6-29*01 C57BL/6 AJ235967    
IGKV6-32 F V6-32*01 C57BL/6 AJ235968 + c51  ,D17  |
F V6-32*02 BALB/c M14360   c51>g,D17>E|
IGKV6-b F V6-b*01 C58 M14361 +  
IGKV6-c F V6-c*01 SK M24937 +  
IGKV6-d F V6-d*01 PERA L36249 +  
7 IGKV7-33 F V7-33*01 BALB/c AF044198 +  
8 IGKV8-16 F V8-16*01 C57BL/6 Y15977 +  
IGKV8-18 ORF V8-18*01 C57BL/6 Y15979    
IGKV8-19 F V8-19*01 C57BL/6 Y15980 +  
IGKV8-21 F V8-21*01 C57BL/6 Y15982 +  
IGKV8-23-1 ORF V8-23-1*01 C57BL/6 AC155332    
IGKV8-24 F V8-24*01 C57BL/6 AJ235944 +  
IGKV8-26 ORF V8-26*01 C57BL/6 AJ235945    
IGKV8-27 F V8-27*01 C57BL/6 AJ235946 +  
IGKV8-28 F V8-28*01 C57BL/6 AJ235947 + g51  ,E17  |g97  ,G33  |t102  |g139  ,G47  |t157  |c255  |t267  |c322  ,H108  |
F V8-28*02 MRL L17135   g51>t,E17>D|g97>a,G33>R|t102>c|g139>t,G47>W|t157>c|c255>a|t267>c|c322>t,H108>Y|
IGKV8-30 F V8-30*01 C3H AJ235948 +  
IGKV8-34 F V8-34*01 129/Sv AJ235958    
9 IGKV9-120 F V9-120*01 C57BL/6 V00804 +  
IGKV9-123 F V9-123*01   AF003295 +  
IGKV9-124 F V9-124*01   AF003294 +  
IGKV9-129 F V9-129*01 BALB/c K00880 +  
10 IGKV10-94 F V10-94*01 A/J M54906 + c43  |c63  |t72  ,S24  |c79  ,Q27  |g83  ,c84  ,G28  |a134  ,K45  |c156  |t165  |a169  ,T57  |t198  ,S66  |t247     |c273  |t288  |t312  |g315  |t319  ,Y107  |g327  ,K109  |t129  ,L110  |
F V10-94*02 PERU M54908   c43>t|                                                                   |t165>c|            |t198>a,S66>R|                                                   |g327>t,K109>N|
F V10-94*03 AKR M54904 +            |t72>g,S24>R|           |g83>a,c84>t,G28>D|                   |t165>c|            |t198>a,S66>R|
F V10-94*04 CZECHII/Ei AF441453              |t72>g,S24>R|           |g83>a,     ,G28>D|            |c156>a|t165>c|            |t198>a,S66>R|
F V10-94*05 WSB/Ei AF441462              |t72>g,S24>R|           |g83>a,c84>t,G28>D|                   |t165>c|            |t198>a,S66>R|                                                                 |t129>g,L110>R|
F V10-94*06   AF441455        |c63>t|t72>g,S24>R|           |g83>a,     ,G28>D|                   |t165>c|            |t198>a,S66>R|         |c273>t|t288>g|t312>c|g315>a|t319>g,Y107>D|
F V10-94*07 M.m.castaneus AF441452              |t72>g,S24>R|           |g83>a,c84>t,G28>D|a134>g,K45>R|      |t165>c|            |t198>a,S66>R|
F V10-94*08 M.m.molossinus AF441457              |t72>g,S24>R|           |g83>a,c84>t,G28>D|                   |t165>c|            |t198>a,S66>R|
F V10-94*01 M.spretus AF441461              |t72>g,S24>R|c79>g,Q27>E|g83>a,     ,G28>D|                          |a169>g,T57>A|
IGKV10-95 F V10-95*01 BALB/c AF029261 +  
IGKV10-96 F V10-96*01 A/J M15520 + a24  |a75  |t121  ,W41  |c127  ,Q43  |c156  |g225  |a252  |c270  |g285  |g320  ,G107  |a323  ,N108  |c326  ,T109  |t329  ,L110  |
F V10-96*01 M.spretus AF441451 (2)                                                                    |g285>a|             |a323>g, N108>S|
F V10-96*02 PERU M54907 + a75>c|                                             |a252>g|      |g285>a|             |a323>g,N108>S|
F V10-96*03 AKR M54903                                                      |a252>g|c270>t|g285>a|g320>a,G107>D|a323>g,N108>S|c326>a,T109>K|t329>a,L110>H|
F V10-96*03 M.m.molossinus AF441448 (1)                                                      |a252>g|c270>t|g285>a|g320>a,G107>D|a323>g,N108>S|c326>a,T109>K|t329>a,L110>H|
F V10-96*04 CZECHII/Ei AF441444                                        |c156>a|      |a252>g|c270>t|g285>a|g320>a,G107>D|a323>g,N108>S|c326>a,T109>K|t329>a,L110>H|
P V10-96*05   AF441445   a24>t|                  |c127>t,Q43>*|c156>a|g225>a|a252>g|c270>t|g285>a|g320>a,G107>D|a323>g,N108>S|c326>a,T109>K|t329>a,L110>H|
F V10-96*06 M.m.castaneus AF441443              |t121>g,W41>G|                          |a252>g|c270>t|g285>a|g320>a,G107>D|a323>g,N108>S|c326>a,T109>K|t329>a,L110>H|
11 IGKV11-125 F V11-125*01 129/Sv AJ231256 +  
12 IGKV12-38 F V12-38*01 C57BL/6 AJ235951 +  
IGKV12-41 F V12-41*01 C57BL/6 AJ235953 + t48  |
F V12-41*02 BALB/c J00545 + t48>a|
IGKV12-44 F V12-44*01 C3H AJ235955 +  
IGKV12-46 F V12-46*01 C57BL/6 AJ235956 +  
IGKV12-89 F V12-89*01 C57BL/6 AJ235950 +  
IGKV12-98 F V12-98*01 C3H AJ235949 +  
IGKV12-e F V12-e*01 BALB/c J00546    
13 IGKV13-84 F V13-84*01 C57BL/6 AJ231273 +  
IGKV13-85 F V13-85*01 C57BL/6 AJ231274 + a29  ,Y10  |g50  ,G17  |c81  ,D27  |a92  ,N31  |g132  |g239  ,G80  |c276  |
F V13-85*02 BALB/c M35154                          |c81>g,D27>E|a92>g,N31>S|                   |c276>t|
F V13-85*03 AKR M35155   a29>c,Y10>S|g50>a,G17>D|c81>g,D27>E|a92>g,N31>S|g132>a|g239>c,G80>A|c276>t|
14 IGKV14-100 F V14-100*01 C3H AJ231243 +  
IGKV14-111 F V14-111*01 BALB/c V01563 +  
IGKV14-130 F V14-130*01 C57BL/6 AJ231241 +  
15 IGKV15-103 ORF V15-103*01 C3H AJ231269 +  
16 IGKV16-104 F V16-104*01 C3H AJ235936 +  
17 IGKV17-121 F V17-121*01 C57BL/6 AJ231258 +  
IGKV17-127 F V17-127*01 C57BL/6 AJ231259 +  
18 IGKV18-36 F V18-36*01 C3H AJ235966    
19 IGKV19-93 F V19-93*01 C57BL/6 AJ235935 +  
F V19-93*02   S65298 +                                          g153>a, t237>c

IMGT notes
(1): AF441448 from Mus mus molossinus has been assigned to IGKV10-69*03, instead of *07 (26-05-2007, by Joumana Jabado-Michaloud and Marie-Paule lefranc)
(2): AF441451, IGKV10-96*01 allele is from Mus spretus.

Created: 09/10/2003
Last updated: Monday, 20-Jan-2020 21:03:59 CET
Authors: Delphine Guiraudou and Joumana Jabado-Michaloud