Table of alleles: Mouse (Mus musculus) TRAV

Print of this table: Bosc, N. and Lefranc, M.-P., Dev. Comp. Immunol., 27, 465-497 (2003). PMID:12697305
UPDATE: 30/04/2003

Functionality is shown between parentheses, (F) and (P), when the accession number refers to rearranged genomic DNA or cDNA and the corresponding germline gene has not yet been isolated.

The IMGT allele table refers to the V-REGION polymorphism. It does not include polymorphisms in the other parts of the V-GENE. V-REGION alleles are only described for genes which have at least one Functional or ORF allele. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.
Nucleotide mutations and amino acid changes in CDR3-IMGT of rearranged sequences are not taken into account for the description of polymorphism.

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In this Table of alleles and in Alignments of alleles: TRAV, are reported V-REGION alleles from the 10 TRAV/DV genes identified so far:
- Eight TRAV/DV genes (TRAV4-4/DV10, TRAV6-7/DV9, TRAV13-4/DV7, TRAV14D-3/DV8, TRAV15D-1/DV6D-1, TRAV15-1/DV6-1, TRAV16D/DV11 and TRAV21/DV12) which have been found rearranged to TRAJ genes and to (D)J-GENEs of the TRD locus.
- TRAV15-2/DV6-2 and TRAV15D-2/DV6D-2, which are assigned to the TRAV15 subgroup on the basis of sequence alignment, although they have not yet been found rearranged to TRAJ genes.

gene name
allele name
Strain Accession
by genetics
and/or data
Description of mutation (1)
TRAV1 TRAV1 F TRAV1*01 129/SvJ AF259072 + c9  |a26  ,D9  |c30  ,N10  |a42  |t93  |c144  ,H48  |c150  |a243  |
(F) TRAV1*02 B10.A M22604   c9>t|a26>c,D9>A|c30>a,N10>K|a42>g|t93>c|c144>a,H48>Q|c150>t|a243>t|
TRAV2 TRAV2 F TRAV2*01 129/SvJ AF259071 +  
TRAV3 TRAV3-1 F TRAV3-1*01 129/SvJ AF259071   g55  ,A19  |
(F) TRAV3-1*02 C3H AJ311366   g55>t,A19>S|
TRAV3D-3 F TRAV3D-3*01 129/SvJ AC005402    
TRAV3-3 F TRAV3-3*01 129/SvJ AC003997 + c65  ,T22  |a145  ,S49  |g257  ,R86  |c302  ,A101  |
(F) TRAV3-3*02 C57BL/Ka X02933   c65>t,T22>I|a145>g,S49>G|g257>a,R86>Q|c302>t,A101>V|
TRAV3-4 F TRAV3-4*01 129/SvJ AC003996 +  
TRAV4 TRAV4D-3 F TRAV4D-3*01 129/SvJ AC005402 + a7  ,K3  |a13  ,K5  |g15  |c22  ,P8  |g45  |a66  |c84  |c153  ,I51  |t171  |c172  ,P58  |a244  ,T82  |c249  |a250  ,N84  |t266  ,L89  |c273  |g291  |293                      |
(F) TRAV4D-3*02 B10.A M22603 +                                                  |c84>t|c153>g,I51>M|t171>g|            |a244>g,T82>A|c249>t|a250>g,N84>D|            |c273>t|
(F) TRAV4D-3*03 A/J M73265                             |c22>g,P8>A|     |a66>g|                                                                       |t266>c,L89>P|
(F) TRAV4D-3*04 C57BL/6 M87844 +                     |g15>a|          |g45>a|                                            |a244>g,T82>A|      |a250>g,N84>D|
(F) TRAV4D-3*05   S81113                                        |g45>a|           |c153>g,I51>M|                                                                        |g291  |
(F) TRAV4D-3*06 B10.A U63776   a7>c,K3>Q|a13>g,K5>E|                            |c84>t|c153>g,I51>M|t171>g|c172>t,P58>S|a244>g,T82>A|c249>t|a250>g,N84>D|            |c273>t|      |293^294>ins^cccagctggagg#|
TRAV4D-4 F TRAV4D-4*01 129/SvJ AC005855 + g43  ,E15  |a52  ,S18  |g78  |c86  ,T29  |a91  ,g92  ,S31  |g128  ,R43  |c130  ,Q44  |c162  ,F54  |c235  |g244  ,A82  |t249  |g250  ,D84  |c253  ,t254  ,L85  |293                      |
(F) TRAV4D-4*02 B10.A X02968 +            |a52>g,S18>G|     |c86>t,T29>M|a91>g,g92>c,S31>A|g128>a,R43>A|                         |c235>t|g244>a,A82>T|t249>c|g250>a,D84>N|c253>a,t254>g,L85>S|
(F) TRAV4D-4*03 B10.A X03860 +            |a52>g,S18>G|g78>t|c86>t,T29>M|a91>g,g92>c,S31>A|            |c130>a,Q44>K|                                                           |t254>g,L85>R|
(F) TRAV4D-4*04 DBA/2 M73264   g43>a,E15>K|a52>g,S18>G|g78>t|           |a91>g,g92>c,S31>A|                                                                                     |t254>g,L85>R|
(F) TRAV4D-4*05 B10.A U63758 +            |a52>g,S18>G|g78>t|c86>t,T29>M|a91>g,g92>c,S31>A|            |c130>a,Q44>K|c162>g,F54>L|                                              |t254>g,L85>R|293^294>ins^cccagctggagg#|
TRAV4-2 F TRAV4-2*01 129/SvJ AC004407   c54  |a91  ,S31  |
(F) TRAV4-2*02 C57BL/6 M87848 + c54>g|a91>g,S31>G|
TRAV4-3 F TRAV4-3*01 129/SvJ AC003997   a53  ,N18  |c136  ,P46  |
(F) TRAV4-3*02 BALB/c nu/nu M27351   a53>g,N18>S|c136>t,P46>S|
TRAV4-4/DV10 F TRAV4-4/DV10*01 129/SvJ AC004102 +  
TRAV5 TRAV5-1 F TRAV5-1*01 129/SvJ AF259071    
TRAV5D-4 ORF TRAV5D-4*01 129/SvJ AC005855   g9  |c71  ,T24  |g78  |a79  ,N27  |a146  ,N49  |a199  ,K67  |
(F) TRAV5D-4*02 SWR x NZB (F1) U07877       |c71>g,T24>S|g78>a|a79>g,N27>D|            |a199>g,K67>E|
(F) TRAV5D-4*03 SWR x NZB (F1) U07876                                     |a146>g,N49>S|
(F) TRAV5D-4*04 NOD U80816   g9>a|c71>g,T24>S|g78>a|a79>g,N27>D|
TRAV5-4 ORF TRAV5-4*01 129/SvJ AC003995 +  
TRAV6 TRAV6-1 F TRAV6-1*01 129/SvJ AF259071   g12  |c138  |a250B  ,R84B  |
(F) TRAV6-1*02 C57BL/6 X14387   g12>a|c138>t|a250B>g,R84B>G|
TRAV6-2 F TRAV6-2*01 129/SvJ AF259071   g198  |a288  |
(F) TRAV6-2*02 C57BL/6 x DBA/2 (F1) X03669         |a288>g|
(F) TRAV6-2*03 BALB/c U21455   g198>a|
TRAV6D-3 F TRAV6D-3*01 129/SvJ AF259073 + c37  ,L13  |t53  ,F18  |
(F) TRAV6D-3*02 C57BL/6 M16675   c37>t,L13>F|t53>c,F18>S|
TRAV6D-4 F TRAV6D-4*01 129/SvJ AC005403    
TRAV6D-5 F TRAV6D-5*01 129/SvJ AC003994 +  
TRAV6D-6 F TRAV6D-6*01 129/SvJ AC004101 + a29  ,Q10  |g33  |c36  |c39  |t40  ,S14  |a49  ,K17  |c92  ,A31  |t135  |c137  ,P46  |t149  ,a150  ,L50  |a250C  ,T84C  |a291  |t312  |
F TRAV6D-6*02 C57BL/6 X05187 + a29>c,Q10>P|                             |a49>g,K17>E|
(F) TRAV6D-6*03 C57BL/10 M16676                    |c36>t|                             |c92>G,A31>G|t135>c|c137>t,P46>L|t149>c,a150>g,L50>P|a250C>g,T84C>A|a291>g|t312>c|
(F) TRAV6D-6*04 BALB/c U21397              |g33>t|c36>t|c39>t|t40>a,S14>T|           |c92>G,A31>G|                                       |a250C>g,T84C>A|      |t312>c|
TRAV6D-7 F TRAV6D-7*01 129/SvJ AC005855   t76  |t126  |g147  |a305  ,Y102  |t312  |
(F) TRAV6D-7*02 PL x SJL (F1) M21205 +                                  |t312>c|
(F) TRAV6D-7*03 DBA/2 X55823   t76>a|t126>c|g147>t|a305>g,Y102>C|t312>c|
TRAV6-3 F TRAV6-3*01 129/SvJ AC004407    
TRAV6-4 F TRAV6-4*01 129/SvJ AC004407 + t167  ,V56  |a251A  ,K84A  |
(F) TRAV6-4*02 BALB/c M84653   t167>a,V56>E|a251A>g,K84A>R|
TRAV6-5 F TRAV6-5*01 129/SvJ AC004405 + g39  |g206  ,S69  |
(F) TRAV6-5*02 BALB/c M34202   g39>a|
(F) TRAV6-5*03 BALB/cJ U05046        |g206>a,S69>N|
TRAV6-6 F TRAV6-6*01 129/SvJ AC005240 + c27  |c28  ,Q10  |c36  |c39  |c77  ,S26  |c92  ,A31  |a253  ,c255  ,T85  |a285  |g288  |t312  |
(F) TRAV6-6*02 BALB/c U21448   c27>a|c28>a,Q10>K|     |c39>t|                       |      ,c255>g,     |a285>g|g288>a|
(F) TRAV6-6*03 C57BL/6 U90513                    |c36>t|     |c77>t,S26>L|c92>g,A31>G|a253>g,      ,T85>A|             |t312>c|
TRAV6-7/DV9 F TRAV6-7/DV9*01 129/SvJ AC003995 + g3  |t40  ,S14  |c81  |c83     |g94  ,t96  ,A32  |t126  |t128  ,V43  |a141  |g147  |t154  ,F52  |c162  |g234  |c243  |c249  |a250  ,N84  |a251B  ,a252B  ,E84B  |c255  |a269  ,Q90  |c276  |a285  |g288  |g292  ,D98  |t302  ,V101  |
(F) TRAV6-7/DV9*02 C57BL/Ka X02932   g3>a|                                            |t126>c|                   |g147>t|            |c162>t|g234>t|c243>t|c249>t|a250>g,N84>D|a251B>g,a252B>g,E84B>G|      |a269>g,Q90>R|
(F) TRAV6-7/DV9*03 B10.PL M21863   g3>a|           |c81>a|                          |t126>c|                   |g147>t|            |c162>t|g234>t|c243>t|c249>t|a250>g,N84>D|a251B>g,a252B>g,E84B>G|      |a269>g,Q90>R|
(F) TRAV6-7/DV9*04 C57BL/6 X13316                                  |g94>a,t96>c,A32>T|                                 |t154>c,F52>L|c162>t|g234>t|c243>t|c249>t|a250>g,N84>D|a251B>g,a252B>g,E84B>G|      |a269>g,Q90>R|c276>t|
(P) TRAV6-7/DV9*05 B10.PL M35492   g3>a|                 |c83>del#|                 |t126>c|t128>a,V43>E|a141>g|g147>t|            |c162>t|g234>t|c243>t|c249>t|a250>g,N84>D|a251B>g,a252B>g,E84B>G|      |a269>g,Q90>R|
(P) TRAV6-7/DV9*06 C57BL/10 X52448   g3>a|                                                                       |g147>t|            |c162>t|g234>t|c243>t|c249>t|a250>g,N84>D|a251B>g,a252B>g,E84B>G|      |a269>g,Q90>R|
(F) TRAV6-7/DV9*07 BALB/c U21453       |t40>a,S14>T|                                                                                                                                                                                       |g292>t,D98>Y|
(F) TRAV6-7/DV9*08 BALB/c U21409 +     |t40>a,S14>T|                                                                                                                                              |c255>g|                   |a285>g|g288>a|
(F) TRAV6-7/DV9*09 C57BL/6 x BALB/c (F1) D12899                                                                                                                                                                                                                        |t302>g,V101>G|
TRAV7 TRAV7-1 F TRAV7-1*01 129/SvJ AF259071 +  
TRAV7D-2 F TRAV7D-2*01 129/SvJ AF259071   g3  |a243  |a251A  ,K84A  |c279  ,D93  |c282  |g285  |c301  ,L101  |
(F) TRAV7D-2*02 B10.A M38104   g3>a|a243>t|
(F) TRAV7D-2*03 BALB/c X83009              |a251A>g,K84A>R|c279>g,D93>E|c282>g|g285>a|c301>g,L101>V|
TRAV7D-3 F TRAV7D-3*01 C57BL/10 X02833 + t161  ,M54  |g264  |a267  |
(F) TRAV7D-3*02 B10.A x AKR M26423   t161>c,M54>T|g264>c|a267>g|
TRAV7D-4 F TRAV7D-4*01 C57BL/6 X56723 + g46  ,a48  ,G16  |c96  |g153  |a165  |
F TRAV7D-4*02 129/SvJ AC003994 +                               |a165>c|
(F) TRAV7D-4*03 C57BL/Ka X02928 + g46>a,a48>c,G16>S|            |a165>c|
(F) TRAV7D-4*04 C57BL/6 X56722                    |c96>t|g153>a|a165>c|
TRAV7D-5 F TRAV7D-5*01 129/SvJ AC004101    
TRAV7D-6 F TRAV7D-6*01 129/SvJ AC005855    
TRAV7-2 F TRAV7-2*01 129/SvJ AC004407    
TRAV7-3 F TRAV7-3*01 129/SvJ AC004407 + a27  ,E9  |g210  |t306  |
(F) TRAV7-3*02 BALB/c L16803             |g210>c|t306>c|
(F) TRAV7-3*03 SJL AF037038   a27>c,E9>D|
TRAV7-4 F TRAV7-4*01 129/SvJ AC004407 +  
TRAV7-5 F TRAV7-5*01 129/SvJ AC004406 + g140  ,G47  |t155  ,g156  ,V52  |a159  |g160  ,V54  |a234  ,R78  |c246  ,H82  |c247  ,L83  |g251C  ,S84C  |c253  |c263  ,S88  |g279  |g282  |g301  ,V101  |a316  ,M106  |
F TRAV7-5*02 C57BL/6 X56724                                   |a159>g|            |a234>t,R78>S|                                              |c263>t,S88>F|             |g301>c,V101>L|a316>g,M106>V|
(F) TRAV7-5*03 DBA/2 X55825 +             |t155>c,g156>a,V52>A|a159>g|g160>a,V54>M|            |c246>g,H82>Q|c247>g,L83>V|                                             
(F) TRAV7-5*04 C57BL/6 AF034160   g140>c,G47>A|                                                                              |g251C>a,S84C>N|c253>t|            |g279>a|g282>a|
TRAV7-6 F TRAV7-6*01 129/SvJ AC003995   c56  ,A19  |c71  ,T24  |a79  ,N27  |g151  ,E51  |a168  |g275  ,R92  |c290  ,T97  |c300  |a301  ,I101  |
(F) TRAV7-6*02 C57BL/6 X63927 + c56>t,A19>V|c71>g,T24>S|a79>g,N27>D|g151>a,E51>K|a168>c|g275>a,R92>K|c290>g,T97>S|c300>t|a301>g,I101>V|
TRAV8 TRAV8D-1 F TRAV8D-1*01 129/SvJ AC003994 + a77  ,K26  |
(F) TRAV8D-1*02 B10.BR X06773   a77>c,K26>T|
TRAV8D-2 F TRAV8D-2*01 129/SvJ AC005855   t155  ,L52  |a157  ,I53  |
(F) TRAV8D-2*02 B10.BR U46581 + t155>a,L52>Q|a157>c,I53>L|
TRAV8-1 F TRAV8-1*01 129/SvJ AC004407 + a271  ,I91  |
(F) TRAV8-1*02 C57BL/10 D16605   a271>g,I91>V|
TRAV8-2 F TRAV8-2*01 129/SvJ AC004096    
TRAV9 TRAV9D-1 F TRAV9D-1*01 129/SvJ AC003994 + g143  ,R48  |c279  |
(F) TRAV9D-1*02 C57BL/6 M16678   g143>a,R48>H|c279>t|
TRAV9D-2 F TRAV9D-2*01 BALB/c U31877   a152  ,Q51  |t210  |a263  ,c264  ,H88  |c266  ,P89  |g297>a|c299     ,t300  ,A100    |
F TRAV9D-2*02 129/SvJ AC005402               |t210>c|
(F) TRAV9D-2*03 BALB/c M33586   a152>t,Q51>L|t210>c|
(P) TRAV9D-2*04 BALB/c L16799   a152>t,Q51>L|t210>c|a263>c,c264>a,H88>P|c266>t,P89>L|g297>a|c299>del#,t300>c,A100>del|
TRAV9D-3 F TRAV9D-3*01 129/SvJ AC005402 + a154  ,M52  |t174  |g232  ,G78  |c252B  |g250C  ,D84C  |g269  ,R90  |c279  |
(F) TRAV9D-3*02 C57BL/10 X05732 + a154>c,M52>L|t174>a|g232>a,G78>S|c252B>t|g250C>a,D84C>N|g269>a,R90>Q|c279>t|
TRAV9D-4 F TRAV9D-4*01 129/SvJ AC005855 + a15  |c83  ,S28  |g90  |t172  ,c174  ,S58  |g251  ,S84  |c279  |c296  ,S99  |
(F) TRAV9D-4*02 C57BL/6 X05734 + a15>g|c83>t,S28>F|g90>a|t172>c,c174>a,S58>P|            |c279>t|c296>g,S99>W|
(F) TRAV9D-4*03 C57BL/6 X56716                                                           |c279>t|
(F) TRAV9D-4*04 C57BL/6 M87852 +                                            |g251>t,S84>I|c279>t|
TRAV9-1 F TRAV9-1*01 129/SvJ AC004405    
TRAV9-2 F TRAV9-2*01 BALB/c U26917 +  
TRAV9-3 F TRAV9-3*01 BALB/c U31878 + g15  |a131  ,Q44  |
(F) TRAV9-3*02 BALB/c M34194        |a131>t,Q44>L|
(F) TRAV9-3*03 BALB/cJ U05047   g15>a|
TRAV9-4 F TRAV9-4*01 BALB/c X02857 +  
TRAV10 TRAV10D F TRAV10D*01 129/SvJ AC003994 + c22  ,Q8  |
(P) TRAV10D*02 C57BL/6 U46077   c22>g,Q8>E|
TRAV10 F TRAV10*01 129/SvJ AC005240 + c21  |g33  |g41  ,R14  |t87  |g145  ,G49  |a200  ,K67  |c270  |
(F) TRAV10*02 C57BL/6 L34678 + c21>t|                       |g145>a,G49>S|
(F) TRAV10*03 C57BL/6 U47051   c21>t|g33>t|g41>a,R14>Q|                               |c270>t|
(P) TRAV10*04 C57BL/6 U46078                          |t87>c|g145>a,G49>S|a200>g,K67>R|
(P) TRAV10*05 C57BL/6 U46079                          |t87>c|g145>a,G49>S|
TRAV11 TRAV11D F TRAV11D*01 129/SvJ AC004101 +  
TRAV11 F TRAV11*01 129/SvJ AC005240 + t42  |c75  ,Y25  |c156  |c172  ,t174  ,H58  |g175  ,E59  |t180  ,N60  |t207  |a251A  ,K84A  |
F TRAV11*02 B10.A AY158218 +                         |c172>g,t174>c,H58>D|g175>c,E59>Q|t180>a,N60>K|
P TRAV11*03 B10.A AY158219   t42>g|c75>g,Y25>*|c156>a|      ,t174>c,     |g175>c,E59>Q|t180>a,N60>K|t207>c|a251A>g,K84A>R|
TRAV12 TRAV12D-1 F TRAV12D-1*01 C57BL/6 X06308 + c6  |c9  |t89  ,L30  |c92  ,T31  |a132  |a163  ,a164  ,K55  |c207  ,H69  |c208  ,Q70  |a279-c281         ,A94    |
F TRAV12D-1*02 129/SvJ AC004101 +                                         |a163>c,a164>g,K55>R|
(F) TRAV12D-1*03 C57BL/Ka X02936                                    |a132>g|                                             |a279-c281>del(3nt),A94>del|
(F) TRAV12D-1*04 C57BL/6 X60320   c6>t|                                                       |c207>g,H69>Q|c208>g,Q70>E|
(F) TRAV12D-1*05 C57BL/6 U90515       |c9>a|t89>c,L30>S|c92>a,T31>N|
TRAV12D-2 F TRAV12D-2*01 C57BL/6 X04332 + t9  |c28  |g43  ,E15  |g80  ,S27  |t124  ,Y42  |t159  |t160  ,g162  ,L54  |t170  ,F57  |c199  ,P67  |c238  ,H80  |c281  ,A94  |a308  ,Y103  |
F TRAV12D-2*02 C57BL/6 X06306 + t9>a|     |g43>a,E15>K|g80>c,S27>T|            |t159>c|t160>c             |t170>c,F57>S|c199>a,P67>T|c238>t,H80>Y|c281>t,A94>V|a308>t,Y103>F|
(F) TRAV12D-2*03 C57BL/6 X04330                                                         |      ,g162>c,L54>F|
(F) TRAV12D-2*04 BALB/c M15063   t9>a|c28>t|g43>a,E15>K|g80>c,S27>T|            |t159>c|t160>c             |t170>c,F57>S|c199>a,P67>T|c238>t,H80>Y|c281>t,A94>V|a308>t,Y103>F|
(F) TRAV12D-2*05 BALB/c M98569             |g43>a,E15>K|g80>c,S27>T|t124>c,Y42>H|t159>c|t160>c             |t170>c,F57>S|c199>a,P67>T|c238>t,H80>Y|c281>t,A94>V|a308>t,Y103>F|
TRAV12D-3 F TRAV12D-3*01 C57BL/6 X06305   c41  ,a42  ,T14  |a45  |t67  ,C23  |c94  ,P32  |t98  ,F33  |a132  ,Q44  |c133  ,H45  |c151  ,R51  |a163  ,a164  ,K55  |g167  ,S56  |t170  ,F57  |t260  ,F87  |a308  ,Y103  |c316  |
F TRAV12D-3*02 129/SvJ AC005402                                      |c94>g,P32>A|           |a132>c,Q44>H|c133>t,H45>Y|c151>t,R51>W|a163>c,a164>g,K55>R|            |t170>c,F57>S|                          |c316>t|
(F) TRAV12D-3*03 BALB/c M34210   c41>a,a42>c,T14>N|a45>g|           |c94>g,P32>A|           |a132>c,Q44>H|c133>t,H45>Y|c151>t,R51>W|a163>c,a164>g,K55>R|            |t170>c,F57>S|                          
(ORF) TRAV12D-3*04 C57BL/6 U90514                          |t67>a,C23>S|           |t98>a,F33>Y|                                                          |g167>a,S56>N|            |t260>c,F87>S|a308>g,Y103>C|
TRAV12-1 F TRAV12-1*01 C57BL/6 X06307   g37  ,V13  |t59  ,M20  |g82  ,A28  |c98  ,A33  |t133  ,t135  ,Y45  |c160  |c278  ,a279  ,S93  |t281  ,V94  |c299  ,A100  |a308  ,Y103  |c316  |
F TRAV12-1*02 Std:ddY X17173                          |g82>a,A28>T|           |      ,t135>c,     |c160>t|c278>a,a279>c,S93>Y|t281>c,V94>A|c299>g,A100>G|             |c316>t|
ORF TRAV12-1*03 129/SvJ AC004406   g37>c,V13>L|t59>a,M20>K|                       |t133>c,      ,Y45>H|                                                     |a308>t,Y103>F|c316>t|
(F) TRAV12-1*04 C57BL/6 M16677                                                  |t133>c,      ,Y45>H|                                                     |a308>t,Y103>F|
(F) TRAV12-1*05 C57BL/Ka M38680                                      |c98>g,A33>G|
TRAV12-2 F TRAV12-2*01 129/SvJ AC003997 +  
TRAV12-3 F TRAV12-3*01 129/SvJ AC003997 + a9  |g31  ,V11  |t83  ,I28  |a91  ,N31  |t98  ,F33  |c115  ,L39  |c132  ,H44  |t133  ,Y45  |c151  |t154  |a164  ,K55  |c205-207           ,H69    |c286-g288          ,L96    |
(F) TRAV12-3*02 Std:ddY X17181   a9>c|g31>a,V11>I|t83>c,I28>T|           |t98>c,F33>S|c115>t,L39>F|c132>a,H44>Q|t133>c,Y45>H|      |t154>c|a164>g,K55>R|c205-c207>del(3nt)#,H69>del|c286-g288>del(3nt)#,L96>del|
(F) TRAV12-3*03 DBA/2 X67432                                                                                                     |t154>c|
(F) TRAV12-3*04 BALB/c U21399 +                             |a91>c,N31>H|                                                  |c151>a|      
TRAV13 TRAV13D-1 F TRAV13D-1*01 129/SvJ AC005402 + t24  |a27  |c129  |g204  ,Q68  |
(F) TRAV13D-1*02 B10.S/9R M20875   t24>c|a27>g|      |g204>t,Q68>H|
(F) TRAV13D-1*03 BALB/c M34216              |c129>t|
TRAV13D-2 F TRAV13D-2*01 Std:ddY X17178 + c54  |c86  ,A29  |c287  ,a288  ,T96  |
(F) TRAV13D-2*02 BALB/c U21415   c54>t|c86>t,A29>V|c287>t,a288>c,T96>I|
TRAV13D-3 F TRAV13D-3*01 129/SvJ AC005855    
TRAV13D-4 F TRAV13D-4*01 129/SvJ AC005855   a27  |g47  ,G16  |c63  |a246  |
(F) TRAV13D-4*02 B10.S/9R M20876 + a27>g|g47>c,G16>A|c63>g|a246>t|
TRAV13-1 F TRAV13-1*01 129/SvJ AC004406 +  
TRAV13-2 F TRAV13-2*01 129/SvJ AC003997   t21  |t25  ,S9  |
(F) TRAV13-2*02 B10.A M38102 + t21>c|t25>g,S9>A|
TRAV13-3 F TRAV13-3*01 129/SvJ AC003995   c54  |g246  |g285  ,Q95  |
ORF TRAV13-3*02 Std:ddY X17176 + c54>t|g246>c|g285>t,Q95>H|
TRAV13-4/DV7 F TRAV13-4/DV7*01 129/SvJ AC003996   c13  ,Q5  |t24  |a27  |c54  ,N18  |c91  ,Q31  |a92  ,Q31  |c133  ,R45  |c147  ,S49  |a164  ,Y55  |c204  ,H68  |c206  ,T69  |a210  |c239  ,T80  |c246  |c251A  ,T84A  |a259  ,S87  |t307  ,F103  |
(F) TRAV13-4/DV7*02 C57BL/6 M26299                                                 |a92>g,Q31>R|                         |a164>c,Y55>S|                                                                   |a259>g,S87>G|t307>c,F103>L|
(F) TRAV13-4/DV7*03 SWR x NZB (F1) U07879   c13>g,Q5>E|t24>c|a27>g|c54>a,N18>K|c91>g,Q31>E|           |c133>a,R45>S|c147>a,S49>R|            |c204>g,H68>Q|c206>g,T69>S|a210>g|c239>t,T80>I|c246>a|c251A>t,T84A>I|            |t307>c,F103>L|
TRAV13-5 F TRAV13-5*01 129/SvJ AC005938    
TRAV14 TRAV14D-1 F TRAV14D-1*01 B10.A L77149 + g123  ,W41  |c242  ,T81  |
ORF TRAV14D-1*02 BALB/c U04623 + g123>c,W41>C|c242>t,T81>I|
TRAV14D-2 F TRAV14D-2*01 BALB/c U04312 + g139  ,G47  |a142  ,K48  |
(F) TRAV14D-2*02 CBA/J M88352   g139>a,G47>R|a142>g,K48>E|
TRAV14D-3/DV8 F TRAV14D-3/DV8*01 B10.A L77152 + t22  ,S8  |g41  ,W14  |c54  |g55  ,A19  |g63  |c119  ,P40  |g163  ,c164  ,A55  |t171  |c232  ,R78  |a253  ,K85  |t258  ,N86  |a275  ,K92  |c303  |c309  |
F TRAV14D-3/DV8*02 B10.A L77151 + t22>c,S8>P|                             |g63>a|                                                                 |t258>g,N86>K|a275>c,K92>T|c303>t|
F TRAV14D-3/DV8*03 BALB/c U04624 + t22>c,S8>P|                                                                           |c232>g,R78>G|
(F) TRAV14D-3/DV8*04 C57BL/10 U07557                         |c54>a|           |g63>a|                                                                 |t258>g,N86>K|a275>c,K92>T|c303>t|
(F) TRAV14D-3/DV8*05 SWR x NZB (F1) U07872   t22>c,S8>P|                                   |c119>t,P40>L|g163>t,c164>t,A55>F|t171>a|            |a253>c,K85>Q|t258>g,N86>K|a275>t,K92>T|      |c309>t|
(F) TRAV14D-3/DV8*06 SWR x NZB (F1) U07875   t22>c,S8>P|                                   |c119>t,P40>L|                   |t171>a|            |a253>c,K85>Q|t258>g,N86>K|a275>t,K92>T|      |c309>t|
(F) TRAV14D-3/DV8*07 C57BL/6 x DBA/2 (F1) AF126457   t22>c,S8>P|g41>c,W14>S|     |g55>a,A19>T|                                                                       |t258>g,N86>K|a275>c,K92>T|
TRAV14-1 F TRAV14-1*01 B10.A L77150 + c54  |g132  ,Q44  |c169  ,R57  |t300  |
F TRAV14-1*02 BALB/c U04622   c54>a|            |c169>a,R57>S|t300>c|
(F) TRAV14-1*03 BALB/c AJ311368   c54>a|g132>c,Q44>H|c169>a,R57>S|t300>c|
TRAV14-2 F TRAV14-2*01 B10.A L77148 + t127  ,g128  ,g129  ,W43  |a131  ,Q44  |a139  ,R47  |c259  ,L87  |a274  ,T92  |t300  |
F TRAV14-2*02 B10.A L77153 + t127>c,g128>a,g129>t,W43>H|            |a139>g,R47>G|c259>t,L87>F|a274>g,T92>A|t300>c|
F TRAV14-2*03 BALB/c U04625 + t127>c,      ,g129>t,W43>R|a131>t,Q44>L|a139>g,R47>G|
TRAV14-3 F TRAV14-3*01 B10.A L77154 + g41  ,W14  |g55  ,A19  |g181  ,D61  |
F TRAV14-3*02 BALB/c U04626 +                        |g181>a,D61>N|
(F) TRAV14-3*03 C57BL/6 x DBA/2 (F1) AF126459   g41>c,W14>S|g55>a,A19>T|
TRAV15 TRAV15D-1/DV6D-1 F TRAV15D-1/DV6D-1*01 BALB/c X07878   c4  ,Q2  |a17  ,Q6  |g19  ,V7  |c31  ,P11  |g52  ,E18  |c60  |c66  |g76  ,E26  |t84  ,S28  |t137  ,L46  |c156  ,F52  |t170  ,g171  ,M57  |t172  ,S58  |t178  ,S60  |c182  ,T61  |a197  ,K66  |a205  ,g206  ,S69  |t251C  ,L84C  |g268  ,V90  |g277  ,A93  |c279  |c291  |g297  |
F TRAV15D-1/DV6D-1*02 129/SvJ AC005402 +                                |c31>g,P11>A|
(F) TRAV15D-1/DV6D-1*03 C57BL/Ka X02935   c4>g,Q2>E|                     |c31>g,P11>A|                                                                         |t170>c,      ,M57>T|                                                                                      |g268>a,V90>I|            |c279>t|
(F) TRAV15D-1/DV6D-1*04 C57BL/6 X17225 + c4>g,Q2>E|                     |c31>a,P11>T|g52>a,E18>K|c60>a|c66>t|g76>a,E26>K|                        |c156>g,F52>L|                   |t172>c,S58>P|t178>a,S60>T|c182>t,T61>I|a197>t,K66>I|a205>g,g206>a,S69>D|t251C>g,L84C>R|            |g277>a,A93>T|
(F) TRAV15D-1/DV6D-1*05 DBA/2 U66666   c4>g,Q2>E|                     |c31>g,P11>A|                                                                         |t170>c,g171>a,M57>T|                                                                                                                       |c291>t|
(F) TRAV15D-1/DV6D-1*06 DBA/2 U66667            |a17>g,Q6>R|g19>a,V7>I|c31>g,P11>A|                                   |t84>a,S28>R|t137>a,L46>H|            |t170>c,      ,M57>T|                                                                                                                              |g297>a|
(F) TRAV15D-1/DV6D-1*07 DBA/2 U66668                                  |c31>g,P11>A|                                                                         |t170>c,      ,M57>T|
TRAV15D-2/DV6D-2 F TRAV15D-2/DV6D-2*01 129/SvJ AC005402 + c25  ,P9  |g32  ,c33  ,G11  |t60  |t92  ,F31  |t97  ,g98  ,C33  |a118  ,I40  |a169  ,T57  |c174  |t180  |a206  ,N69  |c250C  ,L84C  |
(F) TRAV15D-2/DV6D-2*02 B10.A AJ271435             |g32>c,c33>g,G11>A|t60>c|           |t97>c,     ,C33>R|a118>t,I40>F|a169>c,T57>P|c174>t|t180>c|a206>g,N69>S|c250C>T,L84C>F|
(F) TRAV15D-2/DV6D-2*03 C57BL/6 AF085009                               |t60>c|           |t97>c,     ,C33>R|a118>t,I40>F|a169>c,T57>P|c174>t|t180>c|a206>g,N69>S|c250C>T,L84C>F|
(F) TRAV15D-2/DV6D-2*04 DBA/2 AF085006   c25>t,P9>S|                 |t60>c|           |t97>c,     ,C33>R|                                       |a206>g,N69>S|
(F) TRAV15D-2/DV6D-2*05 DBA/2 AF085008   c25>t,P9>S|                 |t60>c|t92>c,F31>S|t97>c,g98>t,C33>L|a118>c,I40>L|a169>c,T57>P|c174>t|      |a206>g,N69>S|c250C>T,L84C>F|
TRAV15-1/DV6-1 F TRAV15-1/DV6-1*01 129/SvJ AC004406 + c48  |
(F) TRAV15-1/DV6-1*02 BALB/c X63939 + c48>a|
TRAV15-2/DV6-2 F TRAV15-2/DV6-2*01 129/SvJ AC003997 + a8  ,K3  |t60  |c64  ,H22  |t92  ,F31  |g97  ,V33  |a128  ,K43  |a169  ,T57  |c174  |a206  ,N69  |a208  ,S70  |g233  ,R78  |c250C  ,L84C  |
(F) TRAV15-2/DV6-2*02 C57BL/6 AF085010   a8>g,K3>R|t60>c|c64>g,H22>D|t92>c,F31>S|g97>c,V33>L|a128>g,K43>R|a169>c,T57>P|c174>t|a206>g,N69>S|a208>g,S70>G|g233>a,R78>H|c250C>t,L84C>F|
TRAV16 TRAV16D/DV11 F TRAV16D/DV11*01 129/SvJ AC005855 + a40  ,M14  |a83  ,Q28  |t206  ,g207  ,V69  |c276  |
(F) TRAV16D/DV11*02 C57BL/6 M16118 + a40>g,M14>V|a83>g,Q28>R|
(F) TRAV16D/DV11*03 C57BL/6 M16119              |a83>g,Q28>R|t206>a,g207>a,V69>E|c276>t|
TRAV16 F TRAV16*01 129/SvJ AC004096 + c29  ,S10  |a83  ,Q28  |c87  ,D29  |t98  ,F33  |g145  ,E49  |a160  ,I54  |t165  |a176  ,Y59  |a178  ,K60  |t238  ,S80  |g277  ,A93  |
(F) TRAV16*02 SWR x NZB (F1) U07873                                                  |g145>a,E49>K|
(F) TRAV16*03 NOD S69341              |a83>g,Q28>R|c87>a,D29>E|t98>a,F33>Y|g145>a,E49>K|a160>c,I54>L|t165>c|a176>g,Y59>C|a178>g,K60>E|t238>c,S80>P|g277>a,A93>T|
(F) TRAV16*04 CBA S73533              |a83>g,Q28>R|c87>a,D29>E|t98>a,F33>Y|g145>a,E49>K|                                                          |g277>a,A93>T|
(F) TRAV16*05 C57BL/6 x DBA/2 AF118105   c29>t,S10>L|a83>g,Q28>R|c87>a,D29>E|t98>a,F33>Y|
TRAV17 TRAV17 F TRAV17*01 129/SvJ AC005938 + c30  |a41  ,Y14  |g181  ,A61  |
(F) TRAV17*02 C57BL/6 X60319   c30>t|a41>c,Y14>S|g181>a,A61>T|
TRAV18 TRAV18 ORF TRAV18*01 129/SvJ AC005938    
TRAV19 TRAV19 F TRAV19*01 129/SvJ AE008686 + c4  ,Q2  |a15  |c26  ,P9  |g37  ,V13  |t56  ,g57  ,L19  |t72  |g78  ,E26  |g139  ,D47  |c149  ,P50  |c165  |c169  ,R57  |g180  |g200  ,R67  |t235  ,F79  |g249  ,L83  |c252B  |t260  ,F87  |t262-t272           ,S88-I91          |c312  ,C104  |g320  ,G107  |
P TRAV19*02 BALB/c X72903   c4>t,Q2>*|a15>g|c26>t,P9>L|g37>a,V13>I|t56>c,g57>t,L19>S|t72>c|g78>t,E26>D|g139>t,D47>Y|c149>g,P50>R|c165>t|c169>t,R57>C|g180>a|g200>a,R67>K|            |g249>c,L83>F|c252B>t|t260>g,F87>C|t262-t272>del(11nt)#,S88-I91>del(4AA)#|c312>a,C104>*|g320>t,G107>V|
(F) TRAV19*03 C57BL/6 AF171639                                         |t56>c,     ,L19>S|t72>c|                                                                             |t235>c,F79>L|
TRAV21 TRAV21/DV12 F TRAV21/DV12*01 BALB/c M94080 + c156  |t266  ,L89  |a274  ,T92  |
(F) TRAV21/DV12*02 C57BL/Ka X02934   c156>t|t266>c,L89>S|a274>c,T92>P|

IMGT note:
(1)A, B or C are indicated as a superscript for the positions of the additional amino acids 84A, 84B and 84C. The A, B and C superscripts are also used to characterize the positions of the mutated nucleotides in the corresponding codons (ex: 250A, 251A and 252A for 84A codon).

Created: 29/03/2001
Last updated: Wednesday, 12-Jun-2024 16:02:42 CEST
Author: Nathalie Bosc