Table of alleles: Mouse ( Mus musculus) TRDJ

Print of this table: Bosc, N. et al., Exp. Clin. Immunogenet., 18, 51-58 (2001). PMID:11150853

IMGT numbering and description of alleles for germline J-REGIONs start with the first nucleotide of the first codon. The accession number of a reference sequence is given for each allele.

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gene name
allele name
Strain Accession number Confirmed
by genetics
and/or data
Description of mutations
TRDJ1 F TRDJ1*01 BALB/c AF019412 +  
TRDJ2 F TRDJ2*01 BALB/c X64903 + t24     |
F(1) TRDJ2*02 Std:ddY X17179   t24>del#|

IMGT note:
(1) Nucleotide T, at position 24 (according to the IMGT allele mutation numbering) of TRDJ2 in X64903, is deleted in X17179. This DELETION leads to a frameshift downstream of codon 8. However it is not excluded that V-D-J rearrangements allow to reestablish the normal ORF (see alignment of alleles). For these reasons the TRDJ2*02 is considered as functional.

Created: 15/02/2000
Last updated: Wednesday, 12-Jun-2024 16:02:42 CEST
Author: Nathalie Bosc